Loadsmart And Starsky Make First Start-to-Finish Autonomous Truck Delivery

12-08-19 05:01:00,

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk,

Loadsmart and Starsky make first fully-autonomous truck delivery from start to finish.

TruckingInfo reports Loadsmart and Starsky Robotics Make First-Ever Digital Freight Delivery Via Autonomous Truck

According to the two companies, the integration of Loadsmart’s AI-powered pricing and load matching technology with Starsky’s API meant no human intervention was required. The historic initiative is part of a larger strategic partnership which paves the way for the future of trucking: autonomous brokerages dispatching freight to autonomous trucks without human involvement.

Loadsmart said it was able to connect its network of customers with Starsky’s fleet of regular and self-driving trucks by integrating Loadsmart’s Automated Dispatch API with Starsky’s Hutch API.

As a result of the partnership, Starsky is able to dispatch its trucks automatically without human intervention, while Loadsmart can expand its ability to automate the shipping process from quoting to booking to delivery to help its clients move more with less.

“For the first time ever, the advances that seem obvious for the ride-sharing services are coming to trucking,” said Stefan Seltz-Axmacher, CEO and founder of Starsky Robotics. “It’s not uncommon for a traditional trucking company to have five full-time employees involved in dispatching each truck for each load. By integrating e-brokers like Loadsmart, we are eliminating all back office human intervention and making the shipment process seamless, while focusing on ensuring the safety of driverless trucks. With Starsky’s Hutch API, which was also announced today, we will be able to autonomously dispatch autonomous loads on a regular basis.”

Delivery Details

Trucks.Com has additional details on the delivery.

Digital freight broker Loadsmart and self-driving truck developer Starsky Robotics completed what they say is the first autonomous dispatch and delivery of freight. The team paired in late July to book and deliver a load of corn in Texas with minimal human involvement.

Loadsmart digitally priced, tendered and booked the shipment. A Starsky self-driving truck picked up and delivered the raw corn to a customer in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Such partnerships are likely to expand as freight and logistics becomes increasingly digital, said Cathy Morrow Roberson of Atlanta-based Logistics Trends &

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