The Magnitsky Act Is Coming To Europe – New Sanctions Law Soon Be Implemented


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Natalia Magnitskaya (the Widow of Sergei Magnitsky) and her son, Bill Browder (r), Belgium former Prime Minister Guy Verhofstad left of Bill Browder,at the EU parliament in Brussels

Without hesitation and without investigation the EU reports: “Ten years ago, on 16 November 2009 in a jail cell in Moscow, guards strapped Sergei Magnitsky, a 37-year old father of two, to a bench and lashed him with rubber batons”. He died shortly after!

What is the Magnisky act?

The Magnitsky Act, formely known as the Russia and Moldova Jackson–Vanik Repeal and Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012, is a bill passed by the U.S. Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama in December 2012, intending to punish Russian officials responsible for the death of Russian tax accountant Sergei Magnitsky in a Moscow prison in 2009. Since 2016 the bill, which applies globally, authorizes the US government to sanction those who it sees as human rights offenders, freeze their assets, and ban them from entering the U.S.

Magnitsky Acts in other countries; Estonia, United Kingdom, Canada, Lithuania, Australia , Ukraine and the European Union. The EU Parliament passed a resolution in March 2019 to urge the EU and it’s 28 member states to legislate the resolution similar with the Magnitsky Act.

The Netherlands, was the first to propose the new sanctions’ regime and was the initiator to get the unanimity it needs from the 28 EU states for the sanctions to go ahead “in the coming months”. Bill Browder was on a tour through Europe to get support for a”European Magnitsky Act Law”.

“There seems to be broad support … but there are still some outstanding issues and questions,” According to the Dutch initiators’ “Hungary, one of the most pro-Russian EU states, had earlier said that no such sanctions or Magnitsky Act were needed”.

The Magnitsky law must make targeted penalties possible
according to various Dutch political parties who see the Russian Sergei Magnitsky as an important symbol for all people who are oppressed and seek their rights. “The law should make it possible to punish people in a very targeted way.

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Filmtipp: Der Fall Magnitsky


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Der britisch-amerikanische Finanzier Bill Browder war in den 90er Jahren der größte ausländische Investor Russlands. In der Krise von 1998 verlor er quasi über Nacht rund eine Milliarde Dollar. 2005 wurde er als »Sicherheits­risiko« des Landes verwiesen. 2009 ereignete sich der »Fall Magnitsky«.

Laut Browder wurde sein Unternehmen von russischen Beamten und Kriminellen entwendet und für einen 230 Millionen Dollar Steuerbetrug missbraucht. Sein Anwalt Magnitsky habe dies aufgedeckt, sei deshalb verhaftet und in einem Moskauer Gefängnis ermordet worden.

Browder lobbyierte in der Folge für den amerikanischen »Magnitsky Act«, der im Jahre 2012 russische Offizielle mit Sanktionen belegte. Der Europarat verabschiedete einen Bericht – verfasst von einem Schweizer Parlamentarier – der Russland ebenfalls verurteilte.

Regisseur Andrei Nekrasov, ein bekannter Putin-Kritiker, wollte diese Geschichte verfilmen. Doch während der Dreharbeiten kamen ihm Zweifel, denn: Magnitsky war nicht Anwalt, sondern Buchhalter Browders, und er wurde nicht als Whistleblower, sondern als Verdächtiger im Steuerbetrugsfall verhaftet, den Browder mithilfe der Mafia selbst organisiert haben soll.

Der finale Film zeichnet diese überraschende Wende nach. ARTE, das den ursprünglichen Film in Auftrag gegeben hatte, wollte den fertigen Film nicht mehr ausstrahlen. Eine Vorführung im Europaparlament, am Tag der Pressefreiheit 2016, wurde kurzfristig abgesagt, und ein Buch zum Fall von Amazon zensiert. Diesen Sommer ist der Film schließlich eher unbemerkt geleaked worden.

Woran starb Magnitsky im Moskauer Gefängnis wirklich, und wohin flossen die entwendeten Steuergelder? Durch ein Aluminiumgift im Auftrag Browders, und unter anderem in den Wahlkampf von Hillary Clinton – behauptet die Putin-Regierung nun. Russische Propaganda?

Zum Film: Der Fall Magnitsky (YouTube, 120m, EN)

Ein aktueller, kritisch-positiver NZZ-Beitrag zu Bill Browder.

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Did Browder Have Magnitsky Killed? | Armstrong Economics


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The Russian prosecutors on Monday allegedly charged Bill Browder of ordering the murder of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky and several other business associates. Anyone who has watched the banned film on Magnitsky is left with that very impression that something is not quite right. It really made no sense for Putin to kill Magnitsky who was in prison for the way prosecutors function worldwide is to put pressure on a person to testify against others. That is precisely how Mueller is operating in his attempt to go after Trump by charges anyone he can around Trump. Magnitsky would have been a witness against Browder and Edmond Safra of Republic National Bank which would have exposed a lot more behind the truth involving Hermitage Capital. If we ask who would have benefited by the murder of Magnitsky it certainly would NOT have been Putin or the Russian government. Since Magnitsky was not Browder’s lawyer but his accountant, then he would have been able to testify about Hermitage Capital which was the company that Safra’s operation was trying to get me to invest in $10 billion to “control” Russia. I rejected the proposal but I believe that if anyone would have had an incentive to eliminate Magnitsky if we follow the money, it does not lead to Putin.

It has bee speculated that for Browder to get the Magnitsky Act passed in Washington, he allegedly donated money to the bill’s sponsor’s “Institute” – John McCain.

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The ‘Magnitsky Trio’ Pushes for War With Russia With New Sanctions

The ‘Magnitsky Trio’ Pushes for War With Russia With New Sanctions

06-08-18 09:21:00,

‘The proposed sanctions by the Graham bill are so insane that even the Treasury department thinks they are a bad idea.  But, at this point there is nothing Graham won’t do for his owners’

If half of what I have come to understand about the Curious Case of Bill Browder is true, then the “Magnitsky Trio” of Senators John McCain, Lindsay Graham and Ben Cardin are guilty of espionage, at a minimum.

Why?  Because they know that Browder’s story about Sergei Magnitsky is a lie.  And that means that when you tie in the Trump Dossier, Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS, the Skripal poisoning and the rest of this mess, these men are consorting with foreign governments and agencies against the sitting President.

As Lee Stranahan pointed out recently on Fault Lines, Cardin invited Browder to testify to Congress in 2017 to push through last year’s sanctions bill, a more stringent version of the expiring Magnitsky Act of 2011, which has since been used to ratchet up pressure on Russia.

Cardin knew there were problems with Browder’s story about Magnitsky’s death and yet brought him into Congress to testify to secure the vote.

That’s suborning perjury, as Lee points out.

Just the holes in Browder’s story about Magnitsky’s death are alone enough to warrant a perjury charge on him.  If you haven’t read Lucy Komisar’s detailed breakdown of Browder’s dealings then you owe it to yourself to do so.

I’d read it a few times, because it’s about as murky as The Swamp gets. And, still my eyes glaze over.

The Magnitsky Act and its sequel have been used to support aggressive policy actions by the U.S. against Russia and destroy the relationship between the world’s most prominent militaries and nuclear powers.

The new bill is said to want to put ‘crushing sanctions’ on Russia to make ‘Putin feel the heat.’   In effect, what this bill wants to do is force President Trump to enforce sanctions against the entire Russian state for attempting to do business anywhere in the world.

The new financial penalties would target political figures, oligarchs, family members and others that “facilitate illicit and corrupt activities” on behalf of Putin.

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Why Has the Magnitsky Film Been Banned in USA & Europe? | Armstrong Economics

Why Has the Magnitsky Film Been Banned in USA & Europe? | Armstrong Economics

06-08-18 06:51:00,

The Magnitsky Act Behind the Scenes has been pulled from everywhere. You do not ban a film in Europe and the United States if it is wrong. This is perhaps a huge cover-up that goes really beyond comprehension. The film was funded by ZDF TV in Europe and they have the power to prevent it from being shown despite the fact that they are taking a huge loss. They would not do that unless there was political pressure behind it.

Trump canceled his meeting with Putin he said until this “Russian witchhunt is over.” The Magnitsky Act is being expanded throughout the West. Canada in 2017 passed its version of the Magnitsky Act. Denmark and Sweden moved for versions of the Magnitsky Acts. Estonia voted to ban entry to foreigners deemed guilty of human rights abuses in a law targeting Russia and inspired by the Magnitsky case. We also have versions of the Magnitsky Act adopted in Britain, Lithuania, and Latvia. This is clearly not to help Browder get his money back. This is the start of a narrative that is trying to convince everyone in the West that Russia is the dark enemy and then we MUST go to war to annihilate them once and for all. This is the script that is being sold to justify war.

There is NO WAY that Russia or Putin killed Magnitsky. He would have been a witness against Hermitage Capital and everyone behind the entire case. The way prosecutions are carried out is always to get a witness from inside the case to testify against everyone else.  I do not believe the story being spun that Magnitsky was a whistleblower on government. He would have been the PERFECT witness to build a case against those in the shadows that may have gone back to the theft of money from the IMF and the Bank of New York ordeal. Putin even said that this goes to the SOVEREIGNTY of Russia – the attempted takeover.

The Magnitsky film never investigated who started Hermitage Capital with the seed capital. It is absurd that Putin would have wanted to kill Magnitsky when he would have exposed how and why the corruption,

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