Major banks, food & cosmetics brands linked to massive abuses in palm oil industry – report


27-09-20 06:23:00,

Renowned food and cosmetics firms could have used palm oil produced by workers suffering from various abuses – from threats to rape – while global lenders finance the exploiting companies, AP reported, citing its investigation.

According to the report, based on accounts of over 130 current and former workers from two dozen palm oil companies in Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as rights activists’ claims and journalists’ first-hand experiences, millions of people may be exploited at the palm oil plantations. The long list of alleged mistreatment includes threats and being held against one’s will, while the most severe abuses include child labor, slavery and allegations of rape.

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While palm oil is widely used in a long list of daily products, it is sometimes hard to trace as it can be found under various names on labels. However, the most recent data from producers, traders and buyers of palm oil, cited in the investigation, indicate that the tainted product made its way to the supply chains of such industry giants as Unilever, L’Oreal, Nestle and Procter & Gamble. It could be used by the producers of Oreo cookies, Lysol cleaners and Hershey’s chocolate treats, the report claims.  

“We gave our sweat and blood for palm oil,” said Zin Ko Ko Htwe, who was enslaved at one of the plantations for several years, but eventually managed to escape. He added that when European and US consumers see palm oil on a label, they should understand that “it’s the same as consuming our sweat and blood.”

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Some big-name banks and financial institutions across Asia and beyond were mentioned in the report as financiers of the palm oil industry, which mainly relies on supplies from Malaysia and Indonesia. Out of $12 billion worth of investment inflows over in the last five years, around $3.5 billion reportedly came from the US’ BNY Mellon, Charles Schwab, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and Citigroup, along with Europe’s HSBC, Standard Chartered, Deutsche Bank,

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Major explosion rocks southern Lebanon (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)


22-09-20 07:28:00,

A powerful explosion has occurred in the southern Lebanese village of Qana. Footage from the scene shows a large plume of smoke and dust emerging from the site of the blast, which reportedly hit a Hezbollah-owned property.

The explosion rocked the village on Tuesday, multiple videos emerging online show.

According to preliminary reports, the explosion occurred near the village’s gas station and cemetery.

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— sheeth ztrماحد يتفلسف بسقرط وبأفلط وبأرسط اكبرنيفة (@TitoZtr) September 22, 2020

The blast apparently occurred at a house owned by Hezbollah, local media reported. The group has set up a security cordon around the explosion site.

The explosion was likely caused by a “technical error” at an arms stockpile, unnamed security sources told local media. Imagery from the scene suggests the explosion caused heavy damage to buildings nearby.

Several people were injured by the blast, Reuters is reporting, citing security sources. Exact figures were not immediately available.

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Major Case Filed Against Governor And The State of Ohio For Restricting Freedom Without Legitimate Justification – Activist Post


15-09-20 10:14:00,

By Jon Rappoport

Ohio attorney, Thomas Renz, on behalf of plaintiffs, has filed a case against the state of Ohio and Governor Mike DeWine. Renz is asking for a jury trial.

(Press release posted here; plaintiff’s document submitted to the court posted here)

This case, in the current climate, should provoke intense interest from the public, and from every lawyer within hailing distance.

Here is the impressive opening salvo in the court filing:

In recent months, entire states have been imprisoned without due process and with the clear threat to impose such lockdowns again, interstate travel has been severely restricted, privacy rights have been devastated, numerous business takings without compensation, and many regulations being implemented without statutory process requirements under the guise of a health emergency that is roughly as dangerous as a seasonal influenza outbreak. The plaintiffs in this case have all been injured in various capacities by these unconstitutional actions, and without action by the Court, will be left without redress. More terrifying, without action by the Court, the Court will be setting future precedent that will allow states to withhold fundamental Constitutional rights, in violation of US Supreme Court precedent, circumventing the various levels of scrutiny applied to such rights, and justify such actions under public health emergency orders without subjecting those orders to any real review—just trust the bureaucrats because they are the experts.

Here is the most important point:

We humbly ask the Court in this case to…Recognize that the political process and operative orders are invalid if based on false or misleading information… and recognize the criticality that all future emergency orders be based and maintained on clear, honest facts—particularly when such orders are infringing on Constitutional rights.

In other words, a declared State of Emergency cannot stand on the mere basis of arbitrary edict.

Facts matter. Actual science matters. Reasons why an Emergency is declared matter.

People can’t be locked down and restrained from earning a living and having contact with other humans simply because a state authority decides to issue such orders.

If this case goes to trial, the door will open to the presentation of fact and science.

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Major Hollywood Studio Orders “AI-Driven” Face-Mask Detection Robots


24-07-20 08:12:00,

A major Hollywood studio ordered face mask detection robots this week that mount on walls in public areas. 

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc., published a press release Wednesday morning, revealing a major studio in the Holywood area (whose name cannot be disclosed due to non-disclosure agreements in place) purchased two Robotic Observation Security Apparatus Units (ROSA) from its wholly-owned subsidiary Robotic Assistance Devices’ (RAD) dealer GSG Protective Services, Inc. in Los Angeles.


According to RAD, ROSA is an “AI-driven security system including both human and vehicle detection, license plate recognition, and complete integration with the RAD Software suite notification and response library.” 

Described as the “ultimate autonomous response device,” ROSA uses powerful AI software and sensors in “a 180° field of view” to enforce mask-wearing. 

“This is a game-changer for us,” said Corey English, COO of GSG Protective Services, the RAD dealer who sold both ROSA devices. 

“Face mask enforcement in this environment is challenging, and the RAD lineup allows reinforcement of critical regulations that are in place for everyone’s safety – without bias and without confrontation,” English said. 

Steve Reinharz, Founder and CEO of RAD, said ROSA records violators and repeat offenders of those who fail to wear masks. 

“The ability to record violators, and particularly repeat violators, gives high profile end-users such as this one options for enforcement and general security,” said Reinharz. “It’s great to see the first order specifically for this technology come within a very short period of time from when we announced it.”

As ROSA gains popularity in Hollywood, a much wider release of the wall robot is expected, due mostly because half of the country is now under mask requirement orders as virus cases and deaths soar

Corporations and local authorities cannot dedicate their time to mask-wearing enforcement as hot pockets of social unrest continue around the country. That is why elites will resort to AI technology to monitor Americans, and in some cases, make sure they’re wearing masks.

The press release didn’t state if there were any consequences for mask offenders at the studio. 

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Now Even Major Defense Firms Are Pushing For COVID Stimulus Money


08-07-20 07:03:00,

Major defense firms which have for years especially since the post-9/11 so-called war on terror raked in billions in lucrative (and very often wasteful) government contracts are begging the federal government for more COVID-related stimulus. 

Ultra-wealthy CEOs of the these major defense contractors are citing the potential for record job loss among their massive work force, though it’s likely few among the American public will sympathize with the idea of bailouts and taxpayer handouts to names like Lockheed Martin or Raytheon.

Brazen and unbelievable as it sounds, Bloomberg reports Wednesday that “CEOs of major defense companies, including Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Boeing and Raytheon, urge the Pentagon’s acquisitions chief and the White House’s acting budget director to press for stimulus money as the Senate is poised to consider another rescue package to ease damage caused by coronavirus pandemic.”

The Pentagon, AFP file image.

Without the stimulus, the defense firm execs say, the end result will be “significant job losses in pivotal states just as we are trying to recover from the pandemic,” Bloomberg continues. 

The July 7 letter also detailed there would be a serious setback in development of cutting edge technologies, also given continuing layoffs, making it “of the highest urgency”. Additionally a letter was send to the Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment Ellen Lord urging action, after Lord estimated pandemic disruptions could see up to a $10 billion setback.

A little over two weeks ago, the Pentagon acquisitions chief announced what she described as a devastating “three-month slowdown to all programs due to COVID-19.”

She said the hardest hit defense areas beset by delays include aviation, shipbuilding and small space launch sectors.

Other major names like the execs of Huntington Ingalls, Textron Inc., L3Harris Technologies and BAE Systems are also lobbying for stimulus.

“I won’t discuss any programs specifically, but we have seen inefficiencies across most programs. COVID-19 is shutting down defense manufacturing facilities and production lines, disrupting supply chains and distressing the financial stability of the companies DoD relies on to protect the nation,” Lord said during her June comments.

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