MANIFESTO of MeRA25 – the new party set up by DiEM25 in Greece to revive the spirit of the Greek Spring

MANIFESTO of MeRA25 – the new party set up by DiEM25 in Greece to revive the spirit of the Greek Spring

03-04-18 12:38:00,

The state of permanent debt bondage, which threatens Greece with desertification, is in the mind of every Greek. Imposing emigration on our young, and indignity to those who stay behind, it hangs over the country like a thick, dark cloud. Unable to discern any light in the long night of our Great Depression, the Greeks’ humiliation is reinforced every time they hear the powers-that-be tell them, gleefully, that the crisis will come to an end as a result of the enthusiastic implementation of the policies that caused it.
Their discontent rises to new heights as they witness the degeneration of our courts and the disgrace of our Parliament – with prosecutors unable to prosecute blatant corruption, government parliamentarians voting in favour of laws they disagree with (coerced to do so by Brussels and Frankfurt), and opposition MPs voting against, while promising to implement these same laws!
Nothing threatens a country, a people, more than the sense that there is no alternative to a path leading nowhere.
No hope can take root in a land where those who were elected to break away from a non-viable past are reproducing it daily.
No relief can be had from an opposition issuing promises whose delivery necessitates the rupture with the European Union that they are committed against!
Our long night has lasted long enough. This is why we are, now, inaugurating MeRA25 – the European Realistic Disobedience Front: We are stepping to the fore so that hope, and a feeling that realistic alternatives do exist, can return to Greece’s arid political landscape.

Why a front?

  • Because Greece is suffocating and in a process of desertification within a Europe that is rudderless and in a process of deconstruction.
  • Because, as long as countries like Greece are suffocating, Europe will remain rudderless – thus reinforcing our country’s suffocation.

Only a broad, unifying, paneuropean front against the dominant oligarchy-without-borders, which is responsible for our debt bondage, can allow Greece to breathe and return hope to its citizens.
This is precisely what MeRA25 represents: the Greek patriotic front of responsibly disobedient Europeanists – an indivisible part of DiEM25, the first in history transnational paneuropean movement to democratise Europe in general and each of our countries in particular.  » Lees verder