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08-10-19 07:57:00,

A comment by Albrecht Müller.

In his new book „Glaube wenig, hinterfrage alles, denke selbst“ Albrecht Müller explains manipulation techniques and shows how to arm oneself against opinion-making.

Democracy sounds nice. In fact, it is hollowed out every day. We are all constantly pressed to think what others tell us. But one can free oneself from the undergrowth of manipulations. In my new book I describe numerous common methods of manipulation as well as cases of successful or attempted opinion-making and analyse the strategies behind them. It is time to become more sceptical, to believe little and to question everything. It is time to think for yourself again and to join forces with others.

Knowing the methods of manipulation that are common today helps to prevent oneself from becoming victims of opinion-making. Some approaches are old acquaintances, while others are based on more recent experiences. Often two or more methods are used simultaneously. One of these methods of influencing our thinking and feeling is to tell short stories. I would now like to go into this in more detail using a few examples.

Telling stories in a shortened way: Using the „shortened story telling method“, many people are constantly led astray. It determines the public debate in a significant way. On the basis of these manipulations, a series of political mistakes are made and covered up. Typical examples are:

When in Germany the relationship between the West and Russia is reported and spoken about, the fact that West and East agreed together in 1990 not to threaten each other any more and to base the relationship on the idea of common security is often forgotten. It had been agreed to disarm. It is now being acted as if these agreements did not exist, as if the whole policy of detente and peace did not exist.

And, of course, nothing is said about the breach of mutual promises. Nothing about the fact that even the expansion of NATO to the Russian border was a bad breach of trust. Nothing of the fact that and how the West tried to govern Russia’s internal affairs during the term of office of Russian President Yeltsin.

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