Masks Are a Political Agenda, Not a Protection Against Covid or Flu –


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Masks Are a Political Agenda, Not a Protection Against Covid or Flu

Paul Craig Roberts

This 39-minute interview with two experts is the best information available on the efficacy and dangers of masks.  As I have reported from the beginning, unless the mask is N95 it provides zero protection against inhalation and exhalation of viruses:  

All masks raise C02 levels, reduce oxygen levels, and, if you are infected, increase the viral load that you are breathing.  If a N95 mask has an exhalation valve, the C02 and contaminant levels are lower, but if you are infected the mask does not protect others from your exhalation of the virus: 

A N95 provides a tight fit unlike the masks people are wearing.  Without an exhalation valve, a N95 would build up C02 and contaminant levels quicker and higher.  I find it impossible to wear a N95 mask for more than one hour. According to OSHA standards, people are supposed to be individually tested before being assigned a mask as some are more damaged by masks than others.

These facts are well known by experts, so why are masks being imposed by political authorities and why has OSHA turned its back on its own scientifically based requirements?  

The answer is that masks are a political agenda and have been weaponized against the people.  The same for lockdowns.

Moreover, there is no basis in law for the mask and lockdown mandates.  These are arbitrary illegal actions.  In Michigan the state supreme court has overturned the tyrannical governor’s lockdown/mask mandates.

The American people have paid a high price for being uninformed or misinformed by presstitutes and the agendas being served by the Covid virus.

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More on masks


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Some updates on the lacking effectiveness of facemasks:

  1. The much-cited WHO meta-study on facemasks, which claimed an 80% risk reduction and was instrumental in the global facemask policy shift, has turned out to be seriously flawed and “essentially useless”. The WHO meta-study fooled health authorities, “experts” and the media around the world. Read more about this latest health policy fiasco.
  2. In the US state of Kansas, the 90 counties without mask mandates had lower coronavirus infection rates than the 15 counties with mask mandates. To hide this fact, the Kansas health department tried to manipulate the official statistics and data presentation.
  3. Austrian professor Franz Allerberger found that the introduction, removal and re-introduction of mandatory facemasks in Austria had no influence at all on the coronavirus infection rate.

Given the rather clear evidence against the effectiveness of facemasks in the general population, health authorities should no longer assume or suggest that facemasks will reduce the rate or risk of infection.

Read more: WHO mask study seriously flawed and Face Masks – The Evidence

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Face Masks Are Going Through An Electronic Revolution


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LG Electronics announced Thursday, a new line of wearable air purifying masks are likely to gain traction, as the next-generation in face masks are set to be unveiled in the coming months. 

“LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier resolves the dilemma of homemade masks being of inconsistent quality and disposal masks being in short supply. The PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier employs two H13 HEPA filters, similar to the filters used in the company’s home air purifier products,” an LG press release read. 

By now, readers have the understanding that face masks or face coverings are required in almost every brick and mortar store, restaurant, and social gathering event, no matter the state.

While out in public, everyone mainly uses face masks and coverings of some sort that haven’t changed designed in decades, if not more than half a century. That is why, in the ‘war against covid’ – a lot of money is being plowed into research, and with that comes innovation, such as LG’s wearable air purifying masks. 

LG breaks down the technology within the masks: 

Employing LG’s latest advancements in air purification, high-performance replaceable filters enable PuriCare Wearable to supply fresh, clean air indoor and out. With its Dual Fans and patented Respiratory Sensor, LG’s wearable air purifier allows users to take in clean, filtered air while the Respiratory Sensor detects the cycle and volume of the wearer’s breath and adjusts the dual three-speed fans accordingly. The fans automatically speed up to assist air intake and slow down to reduce resistance when exhaling to make breathing effortless.

Ergonomically designed based on extensive facial shape analysis, LG PuriCare Wearable fits snugly on the user’s face to minimize air leakage around the nose and chin. The design also makes it possible to wear the unit comfortably for hours on end. The efficient and lightweight 820mAh battery offers up to eight hours of operation in low mode and two hours on high.*

What’s more, LG’s innovative personal air solution comes with a case that helps maintain hygiene between uses. Equipped with UV-LED lights that kills harmful germs,

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Masks Aren’t Helpful in Beating COVID-19: Europe’s Top Health Officials – Global Research


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Denmark boasts one of the lowest COVID-19 death rates in the world. As of August 4, the Danes have suffered 616 COVID-19 deaths, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University.

That’s less than one-third of the number of Danes who die from pneumonia or influenza in a given year.

Despite this success, Danish leaders recently found themselves on the defensive. The reason is that Danes aren’t wearing face masks, and local authorities for the most part aren’t even recommending them.

This prompted Berlingske, the country’s oldest newspaper, to complain that Danes had positioned themselves “to the right of Trump.”

“The whole world is wearing face masks, even Donald Trump,” Berlingske pointed out.

This apparently did not sit well with Danish health officials. They responded by noting there is little conclusive evidence that face masks are an effective way to limit the spread of respiratory viruses.

“All these countries recommending face masks haven’t made their decisions based on new studies,” said Henning Bundgaard, chief physician at Denmark’s Rigshospitale, according to Bloomberg News. (Denmark has since updated its guidelines to encourage, but not require, the use of masks on public transit where social distancing may not be possible.)

Denmark is not alone.

Despite a global stampede of mask-wearing, data show that 80-90 percent of people in Finland and Holland say they “never” wear masks when they go out, a sharp contrast to the 80-90 percent of people in Spain and Italy who say they “always” wear masks when they go out.

Dutch public health officials recently explained why they’re not recommending masks.

“From a medical point of view, there is no evidence of a medical effect of wearing face masks, so we decided not to impose a national obligation,” said Medical Care Minister Tamara van Ark.

Others, echoing statements similar to the US Surgeon General from early March, said masks could make individuals sicker and exacerbate the spread of the virus.

“Face masks in public places are not necessary, based on all the current evidence,” said Coen Berends,

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Masks aren’t enough! Fauci says eye protection ‘MIGHT’ BE REQUIRED for ‘perfect’ Covid-proof set


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Top US immunologist Dr Anthony Fauci is now saying citizens are not “complete” in protecting themselves from the Covid-19 pandemic unless they go beyond wearing a mask and add in eye protection like goggles, too.

In an interview with Dr Jennifer Ashton, ABC News’ chief medical correspondent, Fauci was asked if we might reach a point where masks are not only mandated, but eye protection as well.

“It might,” he replied, going on to explain that the only way to have “perfect protection” from the virus is by protecting the eyes, as well as the mouth and nose.

“If you have goggles or an eye shield, you should use it,” he said. “It’s not universally recommended, but if you really want to be complete, you should probably use it.”

Masks have already become a highly contentious topic in the US, with numerous viral videos showing citizens across the country getting into shouting matches over people refusing to wear face coverings. Those arguments have even bled into politics as both the Bill Barr and Big Tech congressional hearings this week included moments where colleagues shamed one another for daring to remove their masks when it wasn’t their turn to speak.

Fauci’s recommendation for going beyond mere masks already has critics rolling their collective eyes on social media.

While many businesses and various states have mask mandates, there has been no federal requirement on the issue, something many Democrats have called on the president to do.

READ MORE: Project Fear’s success: If face coverings are so effective, why weren’t maskists advocating them during 2018 killer flu epidemic?

Donald Trump himself has endorsed wearing masks to impede the transmission of Covid-19, but the recommendation came only this month, and critics have blasted his timing as too late. Despite tweeting an image of himself wearing face protection and calling the act “patriotic,” Trump also retweeted a video of a group of doctors claiming masks do not protect from the virus and instead it needs to be treated with hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malaria drug Trump has spoken positively about in the past, but one which has yet to produce concrete results in research. 

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