How To Awaken From The Matrix Using Self-Enquiry


23-08-19 09:12:00,

I talk about the power of self-enquiry a fair bit in my musings about enlightenment and human consciousness, so I thought it might be good to tap out a simple how-to on the subject in case anyone finds it useful.

Self-enquiry, or self-inquiry, is a practice popularized in the west by the circulation of nondualist teachings from the renowned Indian sages Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj. It requires no faith in any teacher, teaching or tradition, nor even in the practice itself. Self-enquiry is a method for inquiring for yourself into your own nature and discovering in your own firsthand experience what lies at the end of that investigation.

Most of our suffering and confusion (which is what the propagandists I write about rely upon to manipulate us into believing establishment narratives) stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of the way our experience is actually happening. Partly due to culture, partly due to language, and partly due to the fact that we begin life as helpless little things at the mercy of an often terrifying world, we develop mistaken notions about ourselves, about our minds, and about the world, and we form conditioning patterns around those mistaken notions. Self-enquiry works to correct those fundamental errors and habits of perception, which allows for the possibility of a serene mind and an efficacious way of functioning.

Self-enquiry is a practice that you can engage in all day, every day, to whatever extent that you’ve got attention at your disposal for the endeavor. You can do it at work, while driving, while eating, in the shower, whenever. There are many different approaches to the practice, but here’s the way I’ve found useful, broken down into its five distinct steps. If it speaks to you, bookmark it and refer to it as often as you find useful:

Step 1: Begin with the premise that nothing you believe is true.

Since our suffering is premised on a misapprehension of reality, it’s necessary to first abandon all our beliefs about what’s real before beginning a sincere investigation.

The goal of self-enquiry is to come to a clear and present understanding of the real that is true beyond a shadow of a doubt. This means you need to abandon all your prior assumptions about what you are,

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Der Riss in der Matrix


25-05-19 12:52:00,

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen dem YouTuber Rezo und deutschen Spitzenpolitikern? Für den einen ist ein Kapuzenpullover Alltagskleidung, für die anderen Wahlwerbung.

Dieses Gleichnis steht sinnbildlich für den gähnenden Schlund, der die heutige Jugend Deutschlands von der amtierenden Regierung trennt. Eine Jugend, die digital aufwächst und trotzdem für unseren Planeten einsteht, eine Jugend, die sich ihre Freiheit im Internet nicht durch fehleranfällige und missbrauchbare Uploadfilter nehmen lässt – und eine Jugend, die sich seit Jahren aus Politik und Medien hat vorwerfen lassen müssen, sie sei politisch desinteressiert. Das ändert sich jetzt:

Über die Fridays for Future, über die Debatte um die Urheberrechtsreform – Artikel 13 respektive 17 – und auch über dieses Video von Rezo politisiert sich die deutsche Jugend gerade!

Besonders angesichts dessen, wie plötzlich diese politische Welle unsere Klassenzimmer flutet, ist es kaum verwunderlich, dass die digital untalentierten Politiker unseres Landes eine Jugend nicht abzuholen imstande sind, die ihnen erklären muss, weshalb ein Kohleausstieg bis 2030 zwar Konzerninteressen bedient, aber unseren Planeten dahinrafft. Gegen solche unbequemen Wahrheiten wehren sich diejenigen, die politisch in der Verantwortung stehen – allemal angenehmer ist es da, mit althergebrachten Phrasen à la „alternativlos“ oder auch mit politischen Reflexen zu reagieren, für die das Hirn nicht angeschaltet werden muss: „Fake News“, hallt es immer wieder aus den Hälsen der Unions-Marktschreier.

Wie soll man aber unseren steuergeldschluckenden Volksrepräsentanten, die für uns gerne immer neue Diäten testen, begreiflich machen, dass wir alle die Gürtel enger schnallen müssen, wenn es keine Kursänderung gibt?

Auf indirekte Art hat das der YouTuber Rezo geschafft. Mit seinem aktiven Zweitkanal erreicht der Informatiker und Musiker Menschen von jung bis alt, und er hat gerade einen viralen Video-Hit gelandet: „Die Zerstörung der CDU“ lautet der Titel, der aktuell Millionen anlockt und Deutschlands Jugend politisiert. Ich spreche übrigens von Millionen Klicks, nicht von dem Geld, das in Rezos Kassen klingelt. Denn das gesamte Video ist werbefrei – und damit in der heutigen YouTube-Landschaft eine Koryphäe.

Dabei richtet sich Rezos Video nicht an die amtierende Regierung. Es ist kein verzweifelter, machtloser Appell an „die da oben“, doch bitte mal etwas zu ändern. Rezo hat verstanden, dass das so nicht funktioniert. Stattdessen spricht er seine Zuschauerschaft direkt an. Und das findet Anklang in einer jungen Generation,

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“You Are Well Inside The Matrix Now…”


27-11-18 09:52:00,

Authored by Raul Ilargi Meijer via The Automatic Earth blog,

Our politicians and media are not going to allow us to see Russia, and any incidents the country can be linked to, in any other way than black and white, in which we are the good party and they are the black, evil and guilty ones. So we’ll have to do that ourselves.

More than enough has been said about why NATO should have been dismantled when the reason for its existence, the Soviet Union, was dissolved, but nobody listened and NATO has kept expanding eastward and demanding more money, more members, more weapons.

NATO demands an enemy, and their chosen enemy is Russia. This has nothing to do with anything Russia has done or is doing at the moment. We can only hope that people are willing to accept that simple fact. And not passively go along with the flow of badmouthing and smear that decides what our picture of the country is.

Russia ‘invaded’ Crimea? Russia ‘downed’ MH17? Russia sent two hapless and inept blokes to kill the Skripals? Russia launched an unprovoked attack on three Ukrainian vessels in the Sea of Azov? Russia colluded with the Trump campaign against Hillary Clinton? And collaborated with Julian Assange to make that happen?

What all these allegations have in common is that there is no evidence any of them are true.

Oh, and that nobody’s really trying to prove them anymore. Because you’ve already accepted them as gospel.

90% or so of Crimeans voted to be part of Russia, after the west had tried their hand at regime change in Kiev, with John McCain and Victoria Nuland opening the gates for various neo-nazi groups to enter government.

The MH17 investigation is led by the Netherlands, the main victim. As I told Jim Kunstler in our recent podcast, you try and find a detective story where the main victim leads the investigation. Aided by Ukraine, one of the suspects, but not Russia, the designated suspect from the get-go. We’re over 4.5 years later and there is no proof -not that that keeps anyone from assigning blame.

The Skripals were allegedly attacked with the most deadly nerve gas ever,

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Connected To The Matrix: Americans Spend Most Of Their Waking Hours Staring At A Screen

Connected To The Matrix: Americans Spend Most Of Their Waking Hours Staring At A Screen

02-08-18 03:38:00,

Authored by Michael Snyder via The American Dream blog,

Before televisions and computers were invented, Americans didn’t spend any time staring at television and computer screens. They worked hard, raised their families, personally interacted with their communities (remember that?), and generally tried to make the world a better place.

But now for many of us, the “virtual world” actually seems more real than the “real world” does. In fact, as you will see below, average Americans now spend most of their waking hours staring at a screen. We have willingly connected ourselves to “the matrix”, and the amount of time spent connected is rising with each passing year. A report that was just put out by Nielsen found that we spend an average of 11 hours per day interacting with media

Americans now spend most of their waking hours watching TV, listening to music, using apps on their smartphones, or otherwise consuming media, a new study finds.

US adults are spending more than 11 hours a day on average—or about two-thirds of their waking time—consuming media in some form, Nielsen showed in its first-quarter 2018 report on US media consumption today (July 31). It measured, based on its representative panels of TV, radio, and digital households and consumers, activities like watching TV and DVDs, listening to the radio, visiting apps on a smartphone or tablet, and using the internet and game consoles.

No wonder we don’t have time to do anything else.

The time Americans spent interacting with various forms of media was up 19 minutes over the previous quarter, and here is how it broke down…

  • Watching live television: 4 hours, 10 minutes

  • Watching time-shifted television: 36 minutes

  • App/Web on a smartphone: 2 hours, 22 minutes

  • App/Web on a tablet: 47 minutes

  • Internet on a computer: 39 minutes

  • Listening to the radio: 1 hour, 46 minutes

  • Internet connected device: 26 minutes

  • Game console: 14 minutes

  • DVD/Blu-Ray device: 6 minutes

It really surprised me how little time Americans spend watching DVDs.

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Het ware gezicht van de Matrix..

Het ware gezicht van de Matrix..

14-06-18 09:08:00,



Het ware gezicht van de Matrix

2018 © Harriet Algra | deze versie


harriet algra

De beerput opent zich met de dag verder. Er komt zoveel horror naar boven dat het af en toe nauwelijks te bevatten is. We mogen niet langer onze kop in het zand steken, want de enige manier om ons leven in een positieve stroom te krijgen, is dat we ons bewust worden van wat er gaande is. Door ons bewustzijn op deze onderwerpen te richten, veranderen we de uitkomst. Dit is kwantum fysica, getriggerd door ons intentionele bewustzijn. Het is belangrijk dat we ons gaan realiseren dat we, puur met onze waarneming, een hele nieuwe wereld kunnen gaan neerzetten.

De machten achter de schermen zijn zich hier terdege van bewust en proberen deze kennis op allerlei mogelijke manieren te verbergen. De New Age die afkomstig is van de zelfde machthebbers, is in het leven geroepen om ons juist bij de negativiteit vandaan te houden en ons geheel op het positieve te richten waardoor zij met hun afschuwelijke praktijken door kunnen gaan.

In mijn eerdere artikel ‘Wat écht achter de schermen gebeurt..? En wie is Trump?’ (HIER) heb ik de kinder- en organenhandel, een van de meest winstgevende praktijken van de Deep State,  aangetipt. Dit is een onderwerp waar de meeste mensen voor weglopen omdat het onvoorstelbaar is dat er mensen op deze aarde rondlopen die zich met dit soort gruwelijkheden bezighouden. Wat we ons dienen te realiseren is dat wij hier gevangen zitten in een ‘cyber’–lichaam in een wereld die niet de onze is. Het is de wereld van de Archontische machten.

Dit is de reden dat ze niet te herkennen zijn omdat ze er exact uit zien zoals jij en ik. Wij zijn in essentie ‘Bronwezens’ uit een wereld waarin alles in harmonie is. De Deep State kan zich niet veroorloven zonder onze toestemming te werk te gaan. Die toestemming verkrijgen ze door recht onder onze neus het bewijs aan te leveren. Vervolgens wordt dat dan niet door ons wordt opgemerkt omdat we worden afgeleid door angst, stress, gedachten en verlangens. Komen wij niet in opstand dan is dat voor hen het signaal dat ze door mogen gaan met hun afschuwelijke praktijken.

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