Media Hit-Job Continues As Colbert Ambushes Tulsi Gabbard


15-03-19 08:50:00,

Authored by Caitlin Johnstone via,

Hawaii Congresswoman and Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard recently appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where instead of the light, jokey banter about politics and who she is as a person that Democratic presidential candidates normally encounter on late night comedy programs, the show’s host solemnly ran down a list of textbook beltway smears against Gabbard and made her defend them in front of his audience.

Normally when a Democratic Party-aligned politician appears on such a show, you can expect jokes about how stupid Trump is and how badly they’re going to beat the Republicans, how they’re going to help ordinary Americans, and maybe some friendly back-and-forth about where they grew up or something. Colbert had no time to waste on such things, however, because this was not an interview with a normal Democratic Party-aligned politician: this was a politician who has been loudly and consistently criticizing US foreign policy.

After briefly asking his guest who she is and why she’s running for president, Colbert jumped right into it by immediately bringing up Syria and Assad, the primary line of attack employed against Gabbard by establishment propagandists in American mainstream media.

Colbert: Do you think the Iraq war was worth it?

Gabbard: No.

Colbert: Do you think that our involvement in Syria has been worth it?

Gabbard: No.

Colbert: Do you think that ISIS could have been defeated without our involvement and without our support of the local troops there?

Gabbard: There are two things we need to address in Syria. One is a regime change war that was first launched by the United States in 2011, covertly, led by the CIA. That is a regime change war that has continued over the years, that has increased the suffering of the Syrian people, and strengthened groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS, because the CIA was using American taxpayer dollars to provide arms and training and equipment to these terrorist groups to get them to overthrow the government. So that is a regime change war that we should not have been engaging.

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The Media’s 6 Biggest Lies about North Korea


12-03-19 08:40:00,

Here are six of the media’s biggest lies about North Korea:

1–Did North Korea end the negotiations in Hanoi because Trump refused to lift sanctions?

No. That’s not what happened at all. Kim Jong un made a serious offer to permanently halt all long-range rocket and nuclear tests and to “completely dismantle all the nuclear production facilities” at Yongbyon (the DPRK’s primary nuclear enrichment facility) in exchange for the partial lifting of sanctions that targeted North Korean civilians. Kim did not present his offer as an ironclad demand from which he was unwilling to budge, but as a starting point for discussions just as one would expect during negotiations. But the Trump team never seriously considered Kim’s offer, instead–at the advice of neocon warlord, John Bolton — the Trump delegation surprised Kim with a take-it-or-leave-it ultimatum that included the “elimination of the DPRK’s “chemical and biological weapons, “their ballistic missile program” along with complete denuclearization. Bolton said that no sanctions would be lifted until this comprehensive disarmament plan was implemented and verified by Washington’s weapons inspectors. These unrelated demands were not part of previous discussions nor were they contained in the earlier agreements in Singapore. They were concocted with the clear intention of sabotaging the summit and ensuring that no agreement between the sides would be reached.

2–Has the Trump administration honored the agreement it made at the Singapore Summit?

No. On June 12, 2018 President Trump signed a joint declaration agreeing to the following:

  • The United States and the DPRK commit to establish new US-DPRK relations in accordance with the desire of the peoples of the two countries for peace and prosperity.
  • The United States and DPRK will join their efforts to build a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean Peninsula.
  • Reaffirming the April 27, 2018 Panmunjom Declaration, the DPRK commits to work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula
  • The United States and the DPRK commit to recovering POW/MIA remains, including the immediate repatriation of those already identified.

While Kim has taken a number of steps to normalize US-DPRK relations (including the cessation of all ballistic missile and nuclear weapon tests, the destruction of one former nuclear testing site, returning the remains of 55 US servicemen who were killed during the Korean War back to US custody,

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Here’s Why The Media Is Lying About “Reconstruction” At North Korea’s Sohae Launch Facility


11-03-19 09:58:00,

Authored by William Craddick via Disobedient Media,

In the aftermath of the Hanoi Summit, President Trump has been barraged with attempts to undermine his confidence in the good faith of Kim Jong Un and his intentions to deal fairly with the United States in the negotiation process concerning denuclearization and de-escalation of tensions on the Korean Peninsula. One of the primary causes of concern has been a series of reports from NBC News claiming that “commercial” satellite footage shows that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has been engaging in fresh construction at their Sohae Launch Facility in preparation for an alleged missile launch or test.

Not only is the use of the term “commercial” misleading in nature, but analysis of the photos indicates that the activity at the Sohae facility is related to deconstruction. The reports are driven by a number of entities with connections to the Central Intelligence Agency and a number of other special interests which call into credibility both the veracity of the reports and the journalistic integrity of NBC News.

I. Satellite Footage Of Sohae Launch Facility Is Misrepresented

The NBC report, written by Courtney Kube, Carol E. Lee and Andrea Mitchell, concerns satellite imagery released by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) purported to have been taken on March 2, 2019. The imagery suffers from two defects – the fact that the images show two different facilities being attributed as one by the media, and that the purported construction activity indicates dismantling of the Sohae site rather than fresh additions or repairs. Side by side comparisons of the photos show that they are in fact taken from two different locations. This discrepancy might be apparent to an analyst with knowledge of North Korea’s Sohae Launch Facility, but not to an average member of the public.

Analysis of the photos indicates deconstruction for a number of reasons which are outlined below:

  • The positioning of the two cranes in the photo is not advantageous for construction of a tower since they cannot efficiently raise material to it from the ground level. The cranes are so close together that their arms are at risk of colliding during construction.

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Me, Myself and Media 50 – Massenmanipulation, Massenmedien und Machterhalt |

07-03-19 07:27:00,

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Nichts ist für den Status quo des Geld-Adels so gefährlich, wie unabhängiges Denken. Wer unabhängig denkt und die Strukturen der Macht analysiert, stößt nicht nur permanent auf Untaten und Verbrechen, sondern auch auf Täter und Verbrecher.

Um zu verhindern, dass Ross und Reiter benannt werden können, wurde eine ganze Branche aus der Taufe gehoben. Sie definiert sich selbst als freie Presse, obwohl es ehrlicher wäre, sich Bewusstseinsindustrie zu nennen.

Kein lohnabhängiger Angestellter eines öffentlich-rechtlichen oder privaten Pressemediums kann wirklich frei publizieren. Wo die rote Linie verläuft, bestimmen die Besitzer oder von Think Tanks installierte Alpha-Journalisten.

Wer sich an die ungeschriebenen Spielregeln hält, kann ein gut situiertes Leben als Steigbügelhalter der Macht führen, gilt unter Umständen sogar als Intellektueller und tingelt von Talk-Show zu Talk-Show. Wer dagegen die Verlogenheit des Systems offenlegt, wird gesellschaftlich geächtet und verleumdet. Mit Framing-Begriffen wie Verschwörungstheoretiker, Putin-Versteher oder Neu-Rechte sollen ganze Themengebiete nachhaltig vermint werden. Besonders unter Feuer genommen wird jeder, der der Friedensbewegung nahesteht und sich kritisch gegenüber der Rüstungsindustrie äußert.

Spätestens seitdem herauskam, dass die ARD 120.000 Euro in ein Framing-Gutachten investierte, um ihr angeschlagenes Image als neutrale Staatspresse wieder auf Vordermann zu bringen, sollte es jedem Menschen, der noch bei Verstand ist, dämmern.

Wir haben es mit einer gigantischen Propagandaindustrie zu tun, deren Ziel es ist, permanent Feindbilder und Sündenböcke zu erschaffen. Mit diesen soll dann davon abgelenkt werden, dass die oberen 10% auch in einer sogenannten demokratischen Gesellschaft den politischen Kurs einer Nation diktieren und sich unbegrenzt bereichern. Auf Kosten der Mehrheit.

Permanentes mediales Einseifen ist daher die Regel und nicht die Ausnahme und erfährt nur dadurch eine Form der Süffisance, wenn man sich klarmacht, dass das Wort „Lügenpresse“ 2014 zum Unwort des Jahres gewählt wurde, während im selben Jahr die Auszeichnung „Journalist des Jahres“ an Claas Relotius ging.

In der 50. Ausgabe von MMM decodieren wir die Techniken der Gehirnwäsche-Profis und lassen damit ihre Tarnung auffliegen.

„In Zeiten universeller Täuschung ist das Aussprechen von Wahrheit ein revolutionärer Akt.“ George Orwell


00:04:16 Verhaltensforschung: Wie funktioniert Gehirnwäsche?

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Media: Venezuela Protests Good. Yellow Vests Bad.


07-03-19 07:17:00,

The author is a well-known UK pundit who writes frequently on Russia.  He is currently running a crowdfunding to raise money to fund his legal costs for his court case against Oliver Kamm, a writer for the Times newspaper, who he has sued for libel and harassment. If you like this article, please consider supporting this writer. He is one of the best out there on Russia.

For more info about that see: The Times, RT and Oliver Kamm, an Obsessed Neocon Stalker and Creepy London Times Moron Cyber-Stalks Leading UK Russia Expert (Video)

The ‘Yellow Vest’ anti-government protests in France have received limited coverage in Western media and what coverage there has been has been quite hostile to the protestors.

In Venezuela though it’s a very different story. Here the street demonstrations are a major news event, despite the country being thousands of miles away. Furthermore, the coverage is very sympathetic to the protestors and extremely hostile to the government.

Why are angry street protestors in France bad, but in Venezuela very good?

The answer has to do with the stances and international alliances of the respective governments. It’s inaccurate to call President Emmanuel Macron of France the President of the rich. He is, as his predecessor Francois Hollande admitted on French television, the President of the very rich.

Macron is an unashamed globalist, committed to carrying out neoliberal reforms at home, and following a ‘liberal interventionist’ ie imperalist foreign policy abroad, which means keeping French forces —illegally- in Syria.  No wonder the elites are mad about the boy.  The toppling of Macron, in a French Revolution 2.0, would be a huge blow to the most powerful people in the world. It cannot be allowed to happen.

The French authorities have responded to the street protests with force; one activist was even sentenced to prison for six months — but this has largely been ignored by Western ‘liberals’ who would be so quick to denounce similar actions in other countries, whose government they don’t approve of. Instead, the message is ‘law and order must be maintained’.

The Yellow Vests protestors have been relentlessly traduced.

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Media Serve the Governors, Not the Governed


05-03-19 09:04:00,

Since 2006 WikiLeaks has been censuring governments with governments’ own words. It has been doing the job the U.S. constitution intended the press to do, says Joe Lauria.

By Joe Lauria
in Sydney, Australia

In his 1971 opinion in the Pentagon Papers case, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black wrote: “In the First Amendment the Founding Fathers gave the free press the protection it must have to fulfill its essential role in our democracy. The press was to serve the governed, not the governors. The Government’s power to censor the press was abolished so that the press would remain forever free to censure the Government.”

That’s what WikiLeaks and Julian Assange have been doing since 2006: censuring governments with governments’ own words pried from secrecy by WikiLeak’s sources—whistleblowers. In other words, WikiLeaks has been doing the job the U.S. constitution intended the press to do.

One can hardly imagine anyone sitting on today’s U.S. Supreme Court writing such an opinion. Even more troubling is the news media having turned its back on its mission. Today they almost always serve the governors—not the governed.

Lauria: Media serve governors–not the governed. (Cathy Vogan)

The question is why.

Consolidation of media ownership has increased obedience of desperate journalists; entertainment divisions have taken over news departments; and careerist reporters live vicariously through the power of those they cover, rejecting the press’ unique power to hold those officials to account.

It comes down ultimately to lifestyles. Men go to war to protect and further their lifestyles. The press cheers them on for residual material betterment and increase in status.

Millions of lives erased for lifestyles.

It used to be accepted in television that news departments would lose money and would be supported by the entertainment division. That’s because news was considered a public service. TV newsmen—they were almost all men in those days—were former wire service and newspaper reporters. But greed has put the presenters’ personalities before public service,

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How The Media Manufactures Consent For Regime Change In Venezuela


12-02-19 08:21:00,

Authored by Alan MacLeod via,

The latest extraordinary chapter in the bizarre world of Venezuelan politics is playing out before our eyes. After winning the 2018 presidential elections, Nicolás Maduro was inaugurated in January, only for the head of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó — a man whom, at the time, less than 20 percent of the country had even heard of — to declare himself President.

Guaidó was immediately backed by the governments of the U.S. and U.K., with Vice President Mike Pence stating, “Nicolás Maduro is a dictator with no legitimate claim to power. He has never won the presidency in a free and fair election, and has maintained his grip of power by imprisoning anyone who dares to oppose him.”

I’ve previously cataloged how the media has been quick to echo the ideathat Maduro is completely illegitimate and has been eager to position America’s stance towards Venezuelan politics as one of a neutral arbiter.

Why do mainstream media outlets, who resist Trump at home, neatly align themselves with his administration’s Venezuela policy? And why has there so little criticism of what is essentially an ongoing U.S.-backed coup attempt?

In a recent study, I analyzed how the media presented the 2018 elections in Colombia and Venezuela. Looking at how these two elections were covered can help us understand why there’s so little nuance in the media coverage of U.S.-Venezuela relations.

A seminal study inspires

To study the 2018 elections, I used the propaganda model media scholars Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky outlined in their book Manufacturing Consent. Their propaganda model contends that mainstream, corporate media is not a neutral venue for truth. Instead, it is a vehicle that advances the interests of media owners and their advertisers.

The authors argue that, in contrast to the top-down censorship of authoritarian states, these outlets achieve uniform opinions through the pre-selection of “right-thinking” editors and reporters who have been trained at the “right” schools. They then disseminate information – or, at the very least, self-censor – in a way that protects or advances the ideology of ownership,

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Western Media Fall In Lockstep For Cheap Trump/Rubio Venezuela Aid PR Stunt


10-02-19 08:23:00,

Authored by Adam Johnson via Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting,

The Trump administration’s now completely overt effort to overthrow Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro had a very successful public relations effort this week, as major Western media outlets uniformly echoed its simplistic, pre-packaged claim that the Venezuelan government was heartlessly withholding foreign aid:

All of the above articles – and scores more like it – repeated the same script: Maduro was blocking aid from the US “out of refusal to relinquish power,” preferring to starve “his own people” rather than feed them. It’s a simple case of good and evil—of a tyrannical, paranoid dictator not letting in aid to feed a starving population.

Except three pieces of key context are missing. Context that, when presented to a neutral observer, would severely undermine the cartoonish narrative being advanced by US media.

  1. Both the Red Cross and UN warned the US not to engage in this aid PR stunt.

  2. The bridge in question is a visual metaphor contrived by the Trump administration of little practical relevance.

  3. The person in charge of US operations in Venezuela has a history of using aid as a cover to deliver weapons to right-wing mercenaries.

(1) Not only has the international aid community not asked for the “aid,” earlier this week, both the International Red Cross and United Nations warned the US to explicitly not engage in these types of PR stunts.

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How the Media Uses Venezuela’s Poverty to Demonize Leftist Leaders


09-02-19 07:21:00,

The weapon’s effectiveness can only be sustained through a media in lockstep with the government’s regime-change goals. That the media is fixated on the travails of a relatively small and unimportant country in America’s “backyard,” and that the picture of Venezuela is so shallow, is not a mistake. Rather, the simplistic narrative of a socialist dictatorship starving its own people provides great utility as a weapon for the establishment to beat back the domestic “threat” of socialism, by associating movements and figures such as Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jeremy Corbyn with an evil caricature they have carefully crafted.

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What the Mainstream Media Doesn’t Tell You About Venezuela – Global Research


05-02-19 06:16:00,

The corporate media is wholeheartedly behind the federal government’s push for regime change in Venezuela. The propaganda is thick and, as per usual, it is as much about what they don’t, as what they do, report. Here are some important developments that have largely been ignored by Canada’s dominant media:

  • At the Organization of American States meeting called by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on January 25 the Canadian-backed interventionist resolution was defeated 18-16.
  • The “Lima Group” of governments opposed to Venezuela’s elected president was established 18 months ago after Washington, Ottawa and others failed to garner the votes necessary to censure Venezuela at the OAS (despite the head of the OAS’s extreme hostility to Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro).
  • Most of the world’s countries, with most of the world’s population, have failed to support the US/Canada push to recognize National Assembly head Juan Guaidó as president of Venezuela.
  • The UN and OAS charters preclude unilateral sanctions and interfering in other countries’ affairs.
  • UN Human Rights Council Special Rapporteur for sanctions, Idriss Jazairy, recently condemned US/Canadian sanctions on Venezuela.

As well, here are some flagrant double standards in Canadian policy the media have largely ignored:

  • “Lima Group” member Jair Bolsonaro won the recent presidential election in Brazil largely because the most popular candidate, Lula Da silva, was in jail. His questionable election took place two years after Lula’s ally, Dilma Rousseff, was ousted as president in a ‘parliamentary coup’.
  • Another “Lima Group” member, Honduras president Juan Orlando Hernandez, defied that country’s constitution a year ago in running for a second term and then ‘won’ a highly questionable
  • “At the same time”as Canada and the US recognized Juan Guaidó, notes Patrick Mbeko, “in Democratic Republic of Congo they refuse to recognize the massive recent victory of Martin Fayulu in the presidential election, endorsing the vast electoral fraud of the regime and its ally Félix Tshisekedi.”

Beyond what the media has ignored, they constantly cite biased sources without offering much or any background. Here are a couple of examples:

  • The Globe and Mail has quoted Irwin Cotler in two recent articles on Venezuela.

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Me, Myself and Media 49 – Nächster Halt: Selber denken! |

04-02-19 07:53:00,

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Massenmedien haben weniger die Aufgabe, Menschen zu informieren, sondern eher das Denken der Mediennutzer in die „richtigen“ Bahnen zu lenken. „Was wichtig und was richtig ist, kann der einfache Bürger gar nicht wissen, dazu ist er im Industriezeitalter viel zu beschäftigt. Von daher ist es die Aufgabe der Eliten, sich für das Volk, die „Schafherde“, den Kopf zu zerbrechen, um diese Herde vor größerem Schaden zu bewahren.“

Zu dieser elitären Ansicht kamen vor Jahrzehnten Menschen wie Edward Bernays oder Walter Lippmann. Beide schrieben Bücher, die dem Meinungsmanagement dienten und bis heute als Standardwerke gelten, z. B. „Propaganda“ oder „Die Öffentliche Meinung“. Credo:

Da die Eliten, die sich als Besitzer der Herde verstehen, nicht auf alle Schafe persönlich aufpassen können, setzen sie Schäfer und Schäferhunde ein. Diese werden in unzähligen Förderprogrammen auf ihre zukünftige „Führungsrolle“ vorbereitet. Generell gilt: Wer vor den Eliten buckelt, sich einer entsprechenden Gehirnwäsche unterzieht, wer im Anschluss auch das selbstständige Denken der restlichen Menschen unterbindet und bekämpft, der kann im gesamten „Kommunikations-Sektor“ mit einer steilen Karriere rechnen, in etwa als Alpha-Journalist, Regierungssprecher oder „geförderter“ Wissenschaftler.

Durch die freien Medien im Internet ist das System der vollständigen Kontrolle durch Meinungsmanagement schwer durcheinander geraten. Wie über Nacht wissen die Menschen plötzlich mehr, als den Eliten recht ist. Wer als Medien-Konsument im Internet fremdgeht und im Anschluss Zweifel an der publizierten Wahrheit der Massenmedien äußert, wird nicht sofort unter Feuer genommen. Das geschieht aber umso heftiger, wenn er selber über soziale Netzwerke zum Massenmedium wird. Je größer seine Reichweite und damit sein Einfluss auf die öffentliche Meinung, je heftiger der Gegenwind durch die staatlich lizensierten Verkünder der Wahrheit.

Der Geist ist längst aus der Flasche und jeder, der sehen will, kann erkennen: Der Kaiser ist nicht nur nackt, er ist vor allem kein Kaiser, sondern Teil eines Geldadels, dessen Macht vorrangig daraus resultiert, dass er das Wissen der Massen massiv einschränkt, indem er die Massenmedien kontrolliert.

Was tun, wenn unter dem Einfluss der Alternativ-Medien langsam das eigene Bewusstsein erwacht? Selber denken! Das mag für viele neu sein,

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Mainstream Media is Literally Making People Sick


26-01-19 11:50:00,

Mainstream Media is Literally Making People Sick


new, updated data set is now available on a psychological phenomenon that has been labeled “Trump Anxiety Disorder” or “Trump Hypersensitive Unexplained Disorder,” and it says that the phenomenon only got worse in 2018. The disorder is described as a specific type of anxiety in which symptoms “were specific to the election of Trump and the resultant unpredictable sociopolitical climate,” and according to the 2018 surveys Americans are feeling significantly more stressed by the future of their country and the current political environment than they were last year.

Pacific Standard reports as follows:

“As the possibility of a Hillary Clinton victory began to slip away—and the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency became more and more certain—the contours of the new age of American anxiety began to take shape. In a 2017 column, Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank described this phenomenon as “Trump Hypertensive Unexplained Disorder”: Overeating. Headaches. Fainting. Irregular heartbeat. Chronic neck pain. Depression. Irritable bowel syndrome. Tightness in the chest. Shortness of breath. Teeth grinding. Stomach ulcer. Indigestion. Shingles. Eye twitching. Nausea. Irritability. High blood sugar. Tinnitus. Reduced immunity. Racing pulse. Shaking limbs. Hair loss. Acid reflux. Deteriorating vision. Stroke. Heart attack. It was a veritable organ recital.

Two years later, the physiological effects of the Trump administration aren’t going away. A growing body of research has tracked the detrimental impacts of Trump-related stress on broad segments of the American population, from young adults to women, to racial and LGBT communities.

The results aren’t good.”

I do not for one second doubt that Americans are feeling more stressed and suffering more health-degrading symptoms as a result than they were prior to Trump’s election. But Pacific Standard and its “growing body of research” ignore the most obvious and significant culprit behind this phenomenon which is tearing people’s health to shreds: the mass media which has been deliberately fanning the flames of Trump panic.

The always excellent Moon of Alabama blog has just published a sarcasm-laden piece documenting the many, many aggressive maneuvers that this administration has made against the interests of Russia,

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‘Western media has become cheerleader for war’ – analyst on Estonian journo’s ‘bomb Russia’ article


23-01-19 05:49:00,

A recent Estonian op-ed calling for capability to shell St.Petersburg and sink Russian ships in case of conflict may be hypothetical, but the pressure on Tallinn to buy missiles from NATO is real, a British journalist told RT.

“Just several limited strikes” on St. Petersburg could be enough to change Russia’s mind if it ever decides to attack Estonia, an opinion piece in Delfi, one of the top online news outlets in the Baltics, suggested. Its author, Estonian journalist Vahur Koorits, also urged the country to become capable of sinking or hijacking Russia ships in order to disrupt trade in the Baltic Sea.

Also on
Bomb Putin’s bridge, US commentator bizarrely advises Ukraine

Koorits’s article is part of a wider trend that signals “a sad decline in journalism” in Europe and the US, according to UK journalist Neil Clark.

“A lot of journalists in the West have become cheerleaders for military confrontations and wars… Instead of being skeptical, looking at issues objectively and actually trying to hold power to account, they’re doing the opposite. This is very worrying,” he said.

READ MORE: ‘Russians will die in Tallinn if they invade’: Estonian commander launches bizarre rant

The publication in Delfi was “the latest in a number of similar articles, basically calling for aggression against Russia,” Clark noted. He recalled another example in the Washington Examiner last year, in which US political commentator Tom Rogan advised Ukrainian authorities to bomb the newly built 19km bridge connecting Crimea with mainland Russia.

Read more

Bombing St. Pete & sinking trade ships: ‘Deterrence’ plan of Estonian journo

“Just imagine a Russian writer saying a similar thing about America or Britain, saying that infrastructure in the US should be bombed. It would be seen as outrageous… hailed as evidence that Russia is aggressive; threatening the West,” Clark said.

However, when a Western journalist is calling for the use of force against the countries that have been labeled as “bad guys” by Washington and London, “there is silence,” he added.

Moscow, of course, has “zero reasons” to attack Estonia and Tallinn would never dare to attack Russia,

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«CH Media»-Zeitungen entdecken die WEF-Reserven


17-01-19 11:00:00,

«Ostschweiz am Sonntag» vom 13. Januar 2019: «Kürzlich wurde bekannt»
© –

«Ostschweiz am Sonntag» vom 13. Januar 2019: «Kürzlich wurde bekannt»

Kurt Marti / 17. Jan 2019 –

Vier Monate nach der Debatte im Nationalrat und in Davos merken die Zeitungen der «CH Media»: Das WEF hat gigantische Reserven.

«WEF knausert bei Kosten für Sicherheit» titelten am letzten Sonntag die «Ostschweiz am Sonntag», die «Zentralschweiz am Sonntag» und die «Aargauer Zeitung online». Und am Montag erschien der Artikel auch in der Printausgabe der «Aargauer Zeitung» und weiteren Kopfblättern der AZ Nordwestschweiz. Alle diese Zeitungen sind Teil des neuen «CH Media»-Joint Venture von NZZ-Mediengruppe und AZ Medien.

Im Artikel heisst es weiter: «Kürzlich wurde bekannt, dass die Genfer Stiftung, die das Forum in Davos durchführt, über ein Eigenkapital von 321 Millionen Franken verfügt. Diese Reserven sind überdies in den vergangenen Jahren munter gewachsen».

Fakt ist: Die gigantischen WEF-Reserven von 285 Millionen Franken plus 36 Millionen Stiftungskapital wurden nicht erst «kürzlich» bekannt. Bereits im Herbst sorgten sie in Davos und Bern für Gesprächsstoff und zwar im Hinblick auf die Frage, wieviel sich die SteuerzahlerInnen die Sicherheit am WEF künftig kosten lassen wollen. Hinzu kommt, dass Infosperber seit Anfang Februar 2018 im Zusammenhang mit den öffentlichen Subventionen für das steinreiche WEF insgesamt sieben Mal kritisch über die massiv gewachsenen WEF-Reserven berichtet hat (siehe Chronologie unten).

Abstimmung in Davos

Im September 2018 fanden zwei wichtige Abstimmungen zu den künftigen öffentlichen Millionen-Subventionen für das WEF statt: Am 23. September in Davos und am 26. September im Nationalrat über insgesamt 42,75 Millionen Franken (Bund: 39,375 Millionen; Kanton Graubünden: 2,25 Millionen; Gemeinde Davos: 1,125 Millionen) jährlich für den Einsatz der Sicherheitskräfte und der Armee.

Obwohl die Fakten zu den gigantischen WEF-Reserven damals längst publiziert waren und damit die Frage auf dem Tisch lag, ob sich das WEF nicht stärker an den Sicherheitskosten beteiligen müsste, schwiegen sich die oben genannten Zeitungen der «CH Media», aber auch die nationalen Blätter NZZ, «Tagesanzeiger» und «Blick» über die WEF-Reserven aus.

Grösser war das Interesse an den WEF-Reserven in den Bündner Medien. In Davos lancierte die «Davoser Zeitung» bereits Anfang Februar die Debatte, indem sie den Infosperber-Artikel «‘Wucher‘-Vorwurf trotz prallvollem WEF-Tresor» integral abdruckte,

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The US Media has Lost One of Its Sanest Voices on Military Matters


15-01-19 10:22:00,

I hate television “experts”, the infamous “analysts” who know all – and support all – about the military, the televisual ex-generals with vain presidential ambitions and the infamous American “think tank” personnel whose right-wing, pro-Israeli beliefs are carefully shielded from viewers by the US networks who employ them. I always characterise the antiseptic and pseudo-academic institutions to which they belong as the “Institute for Preposterous Affairs”.

The Fisk “IPA” contains hundreds of robotic folk who will churn out claptrap about “key players”, “stakeholders” and “moderate allies” and, of course, “world terror”. They turn up on CNN, Fox and Russia Today. And, of course, the BBC.

But William Arkin was always a bit different. This ex-US marine intelligence author of ground-breaking work on secret CIA “black sites” and equally secret US weapons dumps (nuclear and non-nuclear) has a respectful audience at both Harvard and Maxwell US Air Force Base. And when he quits, I take notice.

Here’s a guy the Reagan administration wanted to send to prison for revealing the location of US and Soviet nuclear weapons, and who – in his own words – “had to fight editors who couldn’t believe that there would be a war in Iraq”. He’s just resigned his job as a talking head. Goodbye NBC News. That’s what I call a real story.

And here’s what Arkin told his colleagues about the American military when he left NBC last week. “There is not a soul in Washington,” he wrote to them, “who can say that they have won or stopped any conflict. And though there might be the beloved perfumed princes in the form of the [David] Petraeuses and Wes Clarks, or the so-called warrior monks like James Mattis and HR McMaster, we’ve had more than a generation of national security leaders who have sadly and fraudulently done little of consequence.

Arkin’s draw – for me, at least – is that he doesn’t suck on the rubber tube of Wikileaks or social media whistle-blowers. He prefers to dig down through the pages of dull, boring real military information available in serious army and air force journals and official government documents. I came across his work when a reader in Japan sent me pages from Arkin’s book Code Names: Deciphering US Military Plans,

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Why Are the Media So Eager to Declare Trump’s Syria Withdrawal Dead?


12-01-19 01:52:00,

Corporate media have converged around a narrative that the president has been forced to walk back his decision. But while a withdrawal will undoubtedly prove more challenging than the president originally anticipated, this verdict simply does not reflect the facts on the ground.

When John Bolton spoke in Jerusalem earlier this month, leading news outlets reported that Trump’s national security adviser had declared that withdrawal would not be completed unless and until specific conditions had been met or objectives achieved. The New York Times announced that “Bolton Puts Conditions on Syria Withdrawal, Suggesting a Delay of Months or Years,” claiming that he “told reporters that American forces would remain in Syria until the last remnants of the Islamic State were defeated and Turkey provided guarantees that it would not strike Kurdish forces allied with the United States.”

The Associated Press story, which was picked up by The Washington Post, proved similarly categorical. “U.S. troops will not leave northeastern Syria until Islamic State militants are defeated and American-allied Kurdish fighters are protected,” a top White House aide is quoted as saying. The article also notes that Bolton was “signaling a pause to a withdrawal abruptly announced last month and initially expected to be completed within weeks.”

Those stories were written on the assumption that Bolton was enunciating yet another policy on Syria withdrawal. There is now good reason to believe that no such new policy decision has been made. The Wall Street Journal has quoted a defense official as saying, “Nothing has changed. We don’t take orders from Bolton.”

The Times and AP failed to provide the actual text of Bolton’s statement, much less any analysis of it in context of his statements.

Bolton’s statement was extraordinarily indirect and didn’t necessarily mean what it appeared to mean at first glance. As quoted in The Wall Street Journal, one of the few places where the text could be found, Bolton said, “Timetables or the timing of the withdrawal occurs as a result of the fulfillment of the conditions and the establishment of the circumstances that we want to see. It’s not the establishment of an arbitrary point for the withdrawal to take place as President Obama did in the Afghan situation … the timetable flows from the policy decisions that we need to implement.”

On closer examination,

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How Mainstream Media Join the US Government Offensive Against Iran: Case Study of Reuters


11-01-19 04:42:00,

This article is republished in full with the author’s permission.  First published by Consortium News and the Strategic Culture Foundation

Ever since the beginning of the Iranian Islamic Revolution, the United States has been leading a propaganda campaign against Iran, minimizing own harmful role in key historical events, justifying an ousted monarchist regime, and demonizing the new political system. Frequently it is done in lighter forms, for example by claiming that new government is far from perfect or even the same as a previous one, but the methods can sometimes be so radical that the characteristics of the two systems are completely inverted.

While the Reuters claims Iran is active in spreading disinformation online, the history of the agency’s reports about Iran shows the opposite. The latest of such reports is a false report about Iran’s missile program. The falsehood of the article has been dissected here. The case which I have dissected is a 2013 article authored by Steve Stecklow, Babak Dehghanpisheh, and Yeganeh Torbati. The article represents a perfect example of such radicalism and disinformation reporting about Iran.

The Reuters report has been cited by at least four books published one after another, the most recently in 2018. The books are “Iran’s Political Economy since the Revolution” by Suzanne Maloney (2015); “Democracy in Iran: Why It Failed and How It Might Succeed”by Misagh Parsa (2016); “Challenging Theocracy: Ancient Lessons for Global Politics” by David Tabachnick, Toivo Koivukoski, and Herminio Meireles Teixeira (2018); and “Losing Legitimacy: The End of Khomeini’s Charismatic Shadow and Regional Security” by Clifton W. Sherrill (2018).

The chorus doesn’t stop there and it’s not limited to academic publishing or book industry. The 2013 report lays the ground for an ongoing war of words and decisions to impose more sanctions on Iran. Speaking at Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library in July 22, 2018, Secretary of State Mark Pompeo used the ­2013 Reuters report to attack Iran; he said:

And not many people know this,

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Media not covering Integrity Initiative scandal because they might be ‘involved’ – Labour MP to RT


10-01-19 11:00:00,

The revelations about UK government-funded propaganda outfit the Integrity Initiative are a “real scandal” and more questions need to be asked about its activities and motives, Labour MP Chris Williamson has told RT.

British media has been reluctant to cover the Anonymous leaks which exposed the Scotland-based organization in November 2018, revealing that it had used its hefty government funding to interfere in the domestic politics of other European countries and to engage in a smear campaign against Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn at home.

Speaking to RT’s Afshin Rattansi on Going Underground, Williamson said that the media might be hesitant to cover the leaks because they themselves are implicated.

One has to ask the question, therefore, is it because of their involvement that [journalists] are not covering this real scandal?

The leaks named a number of high-profile journalists, academics, politicians and military personnel, claiming they were part of special ‘clusters’ of influencers based in various countries around Europe. The documents showed that these so-called clusters are particularly interested in ensuring certain ‘narratives’ about Russia remain prominent in the mainstream media.

Williamson said the Integrity Initiative revelations were reminiscent of Operation Mockingbird in the United States in the 1950s, during which the CIA paid journalists at the New York Times, the Washington Post and other major trusted outlets to “put out propaganda and misleading stories” about the US government and its adversaries. The idea that something similar could be happening in British media is very troubling, Williamson said.

We value a free press in this country and I think it’s really important, therefore, that we are confident that people aren’t in the pay of some shady organization.

Lacking interest from mainstream media, Williamson himself made an effort to investigate the Integrity Initiative, traveling to its registered address in Scotland, which he found at the end of a “remote dirt track” in a “semi-abandoned mill” where nobody had heard of the organization. He then went back to London and visited the address of the Institute for Statecraft (IfS), the parent organization of the Integrity Initiative, where he was “met with a very hostile reception; I mean, shouted at and the door slammed in my face.”

It is odd,

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Western Media Takes Aim at China’s OBOR | New Eastern Outlook


31-12-18 09:06:00,


In recent months, American, Commonwealth and European media have taken aim at China. From fabricated stories of interment camps with “1 million” Uyghir Muslims being detained in them to a more recent New York Times article claiming to have “secret plans” revealing the military dimension of its One Belt, One Road initiative (OBOR), the barrage has been heavy on innuendo and accusations but lacking concrete evidence.

Considering the scale of each accusation, it would be assumed a huge wealth of evidence existed to accompany them. After all, how would China hide a detention network detaining, torturing and executing a “million” people? Or develop complex defence systems with international partners in complete secret?

Yet these stories circulating the West’s most prominent newspapers, television networks and online portals aren’t simply lacking in a wealth of evidence, they lack any evidence at all.

NYT Cites “Secret Plans,” Provides no Evidence They Exist 

The New York Times in its article, “China’s ‘Belt and Road’ Plan in Pakistan Takes a Military Turn,” would claim China is pursing decidedly military objectives as part of its wider OBOR initiative. In the article’s subtitle, it mentions a “secret plan to build new fighter jets.”

The article itself claims:

Just two weeks later, the Pakistani Air Force and Chinese officials were putting the final touches on a secret proposal to expand Pakistan’s building of Chinese military jets, weaponry and other hardware. The confidential plan, reviewed by The New York Times, would also deepen the cooperation between China and Pakistan in space, a frontier the Pentagon recently said Beijing was trying to militarize after decades of playing catch-up. 

All those military projects were designated as part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, a $1 trillion chain of infrastructure development programs stretching across some 70 countries, built and financed by Beijing.

Yet, upon reading the entire article, no evidence, whatsoever, substantiates the claim that the OBOR initiative has taken a “military turn.” There is also no evidence at all presented by the NYT that it has any sort of “secret plan” in its possession.

Repackaged Old News Conflated with OBOR = Smear    

China and Pakistan have longstanding military ties.

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Me, Myself and Media 48 – Matrix-Medien-Märchenstunde. Willkommen im digitalen Aufwachzimmer |

24-12-18 03:30:00,

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Als der STERN 1983 die Hitler-Tagebücher veröffentlichte, glaubte man in Hamburg an eine Weltsensation. Wochen später erwies sich dieser Jahrhundertfund als plumpe Fälschung, von dem sich der STERN bis heute nicht wieder erholt hat. Die Glaubwürdigkeit war zerstört.

Ähnlich könnte es jetzt dem ehemaligen Nachrichtenmagazin DER SPIEGEL gehen. Über Jahre hatte man Claas Relotius unter Vertrag und brüstete sich mit dem Talent dieses Star-Reporters. Relotius wurde vor allem für seine SPIEGEL-Geschichten mit Journalistenpreisen überhäuft. Jetzt stellt sich heraus, der Mann war ein Hochstapler, vergleichbar mit dem Fälscher der Hitler-Tagebücher. Relotius war weniger Reporter, er war mehr Märchenonkel. Seine Enthüllungsgeschichten waren entweder komplett erfunden oder massiv ausgeschmückt.

Dass sie dennoch über Jahre ungehindert immer wieder im SPIEGEL, aber auch der WELT, der TAZ etc., als exklusive Enthüllungsgeschichten abgedruckt wurden, hatte einen simplen Grund. Sie passten ins geforderte Narrativ. Sie passten in die jeweilig geforderte Agenda.

Der SPIEGEL versucht jetzt alles, um Relotius zu einem Einzelfall herunterzuspielen, aber das zeigt, wie mies es um die Branche in wirklich steht. Spätestens seit dem 11. September 2001 laufen den Konzern-Medien die Kunden weg. Sie spüren, dass man sie chronisch belügt, indem man die offenkundigen Fragen nicht stellt.

Die Massenmedien sind nicht zu Gate-Keepern und Ausspielkanälen der Herrschenden verkommen, sie waren es immer. Mit dem Internet haben sich nur die Spielregeln geändert. Es gibt jetzt ein Datenleck, eine Gegenöffentlichkeit und die macht jede Form des Durchregierens immer unmöglicher. Der Staat hat sein Meinungsmonopol verloren, was erklärt, dass es zu jedem Beschluss immer massiveren Widerstand aus der Bevölkerung gibt. Die Bürger wissen zu viel und Wissen ist Macht, da sie Ohnmacht enttarnt.

In der aktuellen Ausgabe von MMM geht es natürlich um die relevanten Themen der letzten Wochen. Migrationspakt und Gelbwesten spielen selbstverständlich eine Rolle. Im Kern aber geht es darum, nachhaltig zu vermitteln, dass die Medien die Realität nicht beschreiben, sondern diese erst erschaffen. Wir alle leben und beziehen uns auf eine Medien-Realität. Ein unnatürlicher Kunst-Stoff.

Wer sich heute einer Nachrichtensendung aussetzt, tut gut daran, eine Haltung einzunehmen, die der eines Kinobesuchers vergleichbar ist.

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Media’s hyping of Russia threat a ‘grotesque absurdity’ – John Pilger on RT’s Going Underground


19-12-18 08:59:00,

Investigative journalist John Pilger has called out the “grotesque absurdity” of those in the Western media who hype the so-called threats from Russia and China to Cold War levels, in an interview with RT’s Going Underground.

Pilger told RT’s Afshin Rattansi that he finds it “difficult to believe” how some journalists “should go along, should allow themselves to be indulged by the British government at a time when there is a litany of lies about Russia, about China — about so many issues that endanger us.”

“I’ve never known such a grotesque absurdity as the elevation of Russia and China and the perceived enemies to the kind of Cold War status they had when I was a child,” he said.

Pilger also discussed the growing scandal around the UK government-funded Integrity Initiative which had posed as a charity fighting disinformation, but had been conducting secret influence campaigns across Europe and working hand-in-glove with selected journalists to maintain high levels of anti-Russian sentiment within the mainstream media.

The full interview with Pilger will air on Saturday on RT.

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US Media Claims that American Citizen was “Tortured Then Executed” by Syrian Government – Admits No Evidence – Global Research


15-12-18 04:14:00,

A particularly scurrilous op-ed appeared in the pages of the Washington Post accusing the Syrian government of detaining, torturing, then executing an American citizen, Layla Shweikani.  

Considering US attempts to establish various pretexts to justify its ongoing military occupation of Syria and its attacks on Syrian forces – such an accusation could dangerously escalate the conflict if not checked and exposed.

The Accusation

Last month the U.S. government confirmed that an American citizen had died in Syrian captivity. Sources concluded that Layla Shweikani, a U.S. citizen with Syrian roots, had been tortured and then executed.

The article claims that the Syrian government’s civil registry recorded her death in late 2016. Claims that she died in Syrian government custody come from James Jeffery, the US special envoy for Syria Engagement, but the factual basis of this claim was not provided in the article, nor during recent testimony (video) provided by Jeffery to the US House Foreign Affairs Committee. US Representative Adam Kinzinger – who during the hearing suggested the US military “target Assad” – would be quoted in the Washington Post’s op-ed, claiming:

I understand there are some classified details, but it is disappointing that Ambassador Jeffrey was unable to say more on behalf of the administration about what happened to Layla and what the repercussions will be when he testified before the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee. … I’m still waiting on an answer.

The op-ed would end by claiming:

Unless we begin to demand answers for the detention and death of Americans around the world, I don’t see any incentive for Assad or other thugs to stop targeting our citizens.

It is clear that Jason Rezaian among the pages of the Washington Post is accusing the Syrian government of detaining, torturing, and executing Layla Shweikani – and demanding accountability.

Completely absent from Rezaian’s Washington Post op-ed – however – was any actual evidence the Syrian government did “torture then executed” Layla Shweikani.

Washington Post Columnist Admits There’s No Evidence

Josh Rogin – a Washington Post columnist and political analyst for CNN – would eagerly promote Rezaian’s op-ed on social media. When pressed for evidence that the Syrian government “tortured then executed” Shweikani,

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Media Ignore Largest Foreign Military Aid Package in US History …. To Israel – Global Research


30-11-18 06:53:00,

In an astounding case of media negligence, U.S. news media are failing to tell Americans that Congress is about to enact legislation for the largest military aid package to a foreign country in U.S. history.

This aid package would likely be of interest to Americans, many of whom are cutting back their own personal spending.

The package is $38 billion to Israel over the next ten years, which amounts to $7,230 per minute to Israel, or $120 per second, and equals about $23,000 for each Jewish Israeli family of four. A stack of 38 billion one-dollar bills would reach ten times higher than the International Space Station as it orbits the earth.

And that’s the minimum – the amount of aid will likely go up in future years.

The package was originally negotiated by the Obama administration in 2016 as a “memorandum of understanding (MOU),” which is is an agreement between two parties that is not legally binding.

The current legislation cements a version of that package into law – and this version is even more beneficial to Israel. Among other things, it makes the $38 billion a floor rather than a ceiling as the MOU had directed.

While U.S. media did report on the MOU two years ago, we could not find a single mainstream news report informing Americans about this new, even more extravagant version – and that it is about to become law, if constituents do not rise up in opposition.

And many Americans likely would oppose the legislation, if they knew about it. Surveys show that 60 percent of Americans feel the U.S. already gives Israel too much money. Many oppose Israel over its systemic human rights violations.

While U.S. media are inexplicably ignoring this massive aid legislation, Israeli media and Jewish publications are covering it regularly, and Israel lobbying organizations are calling on their members to support it. AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, reportedly pioneered the legislation.

The Legislation

The current aid package is divided between two bills. The first part – $5.5 billion over 10 years – is in the 2019 military spending bill

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Media laten elke kritische inbreng varen als het over Rusland gaat | Uitpers


28-11-18 07:32:00,

Van media verwacht je een objectieve informatie, dat is toch het verhaal dat ze van zichzelf verspreiden. In hoeverre dat zelfverklaard imago klopt blijkt uit de uniforme berichtgeving over Rusland. Er is heel wat mis intern met dit land, maar dit gaat over iets heel anders.

Van media verwacht je een objectieve informatie, dat is toch het verhaal dat ze van zichzelf verspreiden. In hoeverre dat zelfverklaard imago klopt blijkt uit de uniforme berichtgeving over Rusland. Er is heel wat mis intern met dit land, maar dit gaat over iets heel anders. De NAVO moet ons blijkbaar beschermen tegen Russische buitenlandse ‘agressie’.

Laat ik beginnen met een aantal nuchtere feiten die door elke NAVO-deskundige worden bevestigd en tegelijk worden weggelachen als niet relevant. Het Russische militaire apparaat in al zijn componenten (behalve de nucleaire) heeft de slagkracht van het Britse en Duitse leger samen (of van het Britse en Franse of het Franse en Duitse samen).

Alleen kernwapens maken het verschil

Het gaat dan over de drie grootste militaire mogendheden in de NAVO na de VS, dé militaire grootmacht die dertien maal groter is dan de tien volgende militaire grootmachten op de wereldranglijst samen, waarvan slechts twee géén bondgenoten zijn en meerderen NAVO-bondgenoten zijn. Kortom, de NAVO heeft als geheel een militaire slagkracht die tien maal groter is dan de Russische.

De enige reden waarom de NAVO er niet aan denkt een echte oorlog te beginnen met Rusland is door hun kernwapens. Daarvan heeft Rusland er zelfs iets meer dan de VS, terwijl ze qua explosieve kracht aan elkaar gewaagd zijn.

De VS heeft alleen of met andere bondgenoten samen (meestal NAVO-lidstaten) ongeveer 200 grote en kleine militaire legerbasissen aan de grenzen van China en Rusland. China is bezig met de vestiging van één mogelijke basis in Afrika en Rusland heeft exact twee basissen buiten zijn eigen grenzen, drie als je de zeemachtbasis in Sebastopol op de Krim meetelt als ‘buitenlands’. Een van die basissen is in Syrië, de andere in Centraal-Azië dicht bij zijn eigen grenzen.

Het bruto nationaal product van Rusland is ongeveer gelijk aan dat van Duitsland. Rusland produceert met 144 miljoen inwoners dus slechts zoveel als Duitsland met 82 miljoen. Rusland heeft een verouderd industrieel apparaat, een enorm groot en dun bevolkt achterland met duizenden kilometers grenzen.

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Media laten elke kritische inbreng varen als het over Rusland gaat


26-11-18 05:53:00,

Van media verwacht je een objectieve informatie, dat is toch het verhaal dat ze van zichzelf verspreiden. In hoeverre dat zelfverklaard imago klopt blijkt uit de uniforme berichtgeving over Rusland. Er is heel wat mis intern met dit land, maar dit gaat over iets heel anders. De NAVO moet ons blijkbaar beschermen tegen Russische buitenlandse ‘agressie’.

Laat ik beginnen met een aantal nuchtere feiten die door elke NAVO-deskundige worden bevestigd en tegelijk worden weggelachen als niet relevant. Het Russische militaire apparaat in al zijn componenten (behalve de nucleaire) heeft de slagkracht van het Britse en Duitse leger samen (of van het Britse en Franse of het Franse en Duitse samen).

Alleen kernwapens maken het verschil

Het gaat dan over de drie grootste militaire mogendheden in de NAVO na de VS, dé militaire grootmacht die dertien maal groter is dan de tien volgende militaire grootmachten op de wereldranglijst samen, waarvan slechts twee géén bondgenoten zijn en meerderen NAVO-bondgenoten zijn. Kortom, de NAVO heeft als geheel een militaire slagkracht die tien maal groter is dan de Russische.

De enige reden waarom de NAVO er niet aan denkt een echte oorlog te beginnen met Rusland is door hun kernwapens. Daarvan heeft Rusland er zelfs iets meer dan de VS, terwijl ze qua explosieve kracht aan elkaar gewaagd zijn.

De VS heeft alleen of met andere bondgenoten samen (meestal NAVO-lidstaten) ongeveer 200 grote en kleine militaire legerbasissen aan de grenzen van China en Rusland. China is bezig met de vestiging van één mogelijke basis in Afrika en Rusland heeft exact twee basissen buiten zijn eigen grenzen, drie als je de zeemachtbasis in Sebastopol op de Krim meetelt als ‘buitenlands’. Een van die basissen is in Syrië, de andere in Centraal-Azië dicht bij zijn eigen grenzen.

Het bruto nationaal product van Rusland is ongeveer gelijk aan dat van Duitsland. Rusland produceert met 144 miljoen inwoners dus slechts zoveel als Duitsland met 82 miljoen. Rusland heeft een verouderd industrieel apparaat, een enorm groot en dun bevolkt achterland met duizenden kilometers grenzen. Een deel van zijn militair industrieel apparaat bevindt zich bovendien nog steeds in Donbass, het oosten van Oekraïne.

Van Sebastopol…

In 2008 heeft president Poetin op een internationale conferentie met de NAVO-lidstaten gewaarschuwd dat hij een tweede Oranje-revolutie in zijn buurland niet zou dulden en dat er geen sprake van is dat Rusland zijn zeemachtbasis in de Krim ooit zou opgeven.

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How Social Media Is Becoming An Arm Of The State


25-11-18 10:05:00,

Authored by José Niño via The Mises Institute,

Say the wrong things and you might get kicked off of your favorite social media platform.

Tech titans Apple, Facebook, and YouTube have wiped out talk-show host Alex Jones’s social media presence on the Internet. But the social media crusades weren’t over.

Facebook recently took down popular pages like Liberty Memes and hundreds of other prominent libertarian-leaning pages . In the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, social media network Gab was on the receiving end of suspensions from payment processors like PayPal and Stripe and cloud hosting company Joyent. Although these companies did not provide clear explanations for their dissociation with Gab, the media had a field day when they learned that the synagogue shooter, Robert Bowers, had an account with the social media network.

Should libertarians fear social media de-platforming? Or is this a case of private actors exercising their legitimate property rights by excluding those they wish to no longer do business with?

The Blurring Lines of the Public & Private Sector

Since the question of de-platforming has popped up, some conservatives have proposed state-based solutions to solve this problem. In a role reversal, conservative commentator Ann Coulter suggested that the governmentpass anti-discrimination laws to prevent social media platforms from de-platforming conservatives. Ideological consistency is a lot to ask for from seasoned veterans of Conservative Inc these days.

Nevertheless, Coulter expanded on why the 1st Amendment protections must be extended to social media:

We need to apply the First Amendment to social media companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Google, because it is a public square, and there is precedent for that and it’s gotta be done, because this is really terrifying, and talk about chilling speech when they’re just throwing people off right and left.

Although private entities are within their rights to decide with whom they do business, libertarians should not completely dismiss concerns about social media censorship. The first question we must ask: How separate from the State are these social media giants in the first place?

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Me, Myself and Media 47 – Die große Demokratie-Rückrufaktion! |

18-11-18 08:48:00,

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Machtergreifung 4 Democracy

Dem Verfasser der amerikanischen Unabhängigkeitserklärung, Thomas Jefferson, wird der Satz zugeschrieben:

„Wenn ich zu wählen hätte zwischen einem Land mit einer Regierung, aber ohne Zeitung, und einem Land mit Zeitung, aber ohne Regierung, dann würde ich mich für das Land ohne Regierung entscheiden.“

Wer bereit ist genau hinzusehen, muss erkennen, dass wir bald beides nicht mehr haben werden: Weder eine freie Presse noch ein Land, in dem die Bürger etwas zu sagen haben.

Denn der Demokratie geht es wie dem Dieselmotor: Sie muss zurück in die Werkstatt. Auch die Demokratie arbeitet mit einer Schummelsoftware. Immer wenn Wahlen anstehen, verhindert diese Software, dass es sauber zugeht, so dass wir es nie über die Repräsentative Demokratie hinaus schaffen. Zufall oder politisches Kalkül eines politischen Kartells, das sich nie in die Karten schauen lässt?

Wer nur die Ereignisse der letzen Wochen richtig zusammensetzt, erkennt was hier läuft.

Da hätten wir den UN-Migrationspakt:

Der einzelne Staat soll in Zukunft nicht mehr selber über seine Einwanderungspolitik bestimmen können. Fragen zu diesem Pakt werden von der Merkel-Regierung im Keim erstickt. Der souveräne Nationalstaat soll auf den Schrotthaufen der Geschichte.

Artikel 13:

Das neue Urheberrecht des Europaparlaments sieht vor, YouTube möge in Zukunft einen Uploadfilter verwenden. Damit bestimmt Silicon Valley, ob und welche Inhalte der Bürger in der EU überhaupt noch im Netz zu sehen bekommt. Pressefreiheit geht anders.

Doppelter Vertragsbruch der USA:

Erst wurde der Iran-Deal gebrochen, um das Land wirtschaftlich zu strangulieren, auf dass es zu einer kriegerischen Überreaktion kommt.

Und es ist Schluss mit dem INF-Vertrag. Nach 33 Jahren bekommt Europa wieder neue Atomraketen, die uns noch näher an einen Atomkrieg „aus Versehen“ heranbringen.

Geld regiert die Welt:

Die Hochfinanz greift mit Friedrich Merz derart dreist nach dem Kanzleramt, dass es einem den Atem verschlägt. Über zehn Jahre hat der Mann als Lobbyist in der „Finanzbranche“ minutiös den Weg zur Machtergreifung des Geldadels vorbereitet und jetzt als Cheflobbyist bei BlackRock, dem größten Vermögensverwalter der Welt,

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Western Media “Discovers” Saudi Atrocities in Wake of Khashoggi Fallout | New Eastern Outlook


10-11-18 08:54:00,

It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching, or one of the links below, can help.

Recent Posts

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Western Media Make One Death A Tragedy, Millions A Statistic


01-11-18 07:34:00,

Authored by Finian Cunningham, via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

The Western media coverage devoted to the murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi proves the cynical adage that one person’s death is a tragedy, while millions of deaths are a mere statistic.

During the past four weeks since Khashoggi went missing at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, the case has been constantly in the news cycle. Contrast that with the sparse coverage in Western news media of the horrific Saudi war in Yemen during the past four years.

The United Nations has again recently warned that 16 million in Yemen were facing death from starvation as a result of the war waged on that country by Saudi Arabia and its Gulf Arab partners, with the crucial military support of the US, Britain and France. That imminent death toll hardly registered a response from Western media or governments.

Last week, some 21 Yemeni workers at a vegetable packing plant near the Red Sea port of Hodeida were killed after US-backed Saudi warplanes launched air strikes. Again, hardly any condemnation was registered by Western governments and media pundits.

Admittedly, some politicians in the US and Europe are lately expressing disdain over the Saudi-led war and the possible culpability of Western governments in crimes against humanity.

Nevertheless, in proportion to the public concern devoted to the killing of Jamal Khashoggi there is a staggering indifference in relation to Yemen. How is possible that the fate of one man can provoke so much emotion and angst, while millions of children in Yemen appear to be shrugged off as “collateral damage”.

Partly, the circumstances of Khashoggi’s murder by a Saudi death squad are more easily visualized. His connections as a journalist working for the Washington Post also ensures ample interest from other media outlets. Photos of the 59-year-old Saudi dissident and his personal story of going to the consulate in Istanbul to obtain official papers for an upcoming wedding to his Turkish fiancée also provided a human identity, which then garners public empathy.

Another factor is the macabre plot to trap him, torture and dismember his body by a Saudi hit team who appear to have been acting on orders from senior Saudi regime officials.

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De reguliere media vertelt niet de waarheid over Libanon en Syrië. – FREESURIYAH


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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor lies about Lebanon Syria and Iraq cartoon

Cartoon: Jerenberg Blogspot

De mensen die de alternatieve media lezen, wisten dit al, maar voor de mensen die alleen het reguliere nieuws volgen zoals NOS, RTL etc.. kan het een shock zijn, dat wat bijna alles wat zij lezen een leugen blijkt te zijn, propaganda of eigen interpretaties van de waarheid.

Dit komt voornamelijk om de MSM (Main Stream Media), gefinancieerd is door door de overheid, of onderdeel zijn van een grote media corporatie met een eigen “gekleurde” politieke bril, of al jarenlang niet meer in het land geweest waar hun nieuws eigenlijk over gaat. De grote bron voor Nederlands (gekleurd) nieuws is bijna altijd ANP.

Het Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau BV (ANP) is het grootste  Nederlandse persbureau. Jaarlijks levert het ANP ruim 160.000 nieuwsberichten en 600.000 foto’s.Het persbureau verzorgt dagelijks tientallen radio-uitzendingen en videoreportages. Het beeldarchief van het ANP omvat 2,5 miljoen dia’s en een digitaal archief met 2 miljoen beelden. Ook is het persbureau eigenaar van de beeldarchieven van KIPPA en Benelux Press.
Het ANP is gevestigd in Rijswijk en heeft redacties in Amsterdam (economie, stad en entertainment), Den Haag (politiek), Rotterdam (stad), Utrecht (regio), Eindhoven (regio) en Brussel (politiek). Het persbureau heeft ruim 250 medewerkers in dienst, onder wie 160 journalisten en gebruikt daarnaast nieuws en foto’s van internationale persbureaus . In Nederland vertegenwoordigt het ANP de persbureaus Agence France Presse (AFP), Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA), EFE (Spanje) en Belga (België). In de beginjaren van de radio in Nederland werd de nieuwsvoorziening verzorgd door het Persbureau M.S. Vaz Dias. De Nederlandse dagbladen maakten zich in die tijd zorgen over het feitelijke monopolie dat de grote particuliere persbureaus hadden, en streefden naar het opzetten van een nationaal persbureau zoals dat in vele andere Europese landen gebruikelijk was. Daarop werd op 11 december 1934 de stichting Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau opgericht door de Nederlandse Dagbladpers (NDP). In 2000 werd de stichting omgezet in een BV. In 2003 kocht NPM Capital, de participatiemaatschappij van het familiebedrijf SHV, een belang van 70 procent in het persbureau van onder meer de krantenuitgevers PCM Uitgevers, Telegraaf Media Groep en Wegener. De investeerder verkocht in 2004 daarvan 15 procent weer door aan investeringsmaatschappij Halder,  » Lees verder

Western Media and Elites Supported the Bolsheviks in the Russian Civil War – the Ugly Truth Emerges

Western Media and Elites Supported the Bolsheviks in the Russian Civil War – the Ugly Truth Emerges

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The White armies in the Russian Civil War received not a cent from the west. Not a shell, not a rifle reached any faction of the White forces from the west. The west was not anti-Bolshevik. Furthermore, the western powers actively supported the Red forces during and after the Civil War.

While the western financial and technical support for the building of socialism has been treated in another paper, it begins with the subject of this one: the western backing of the Red forces consistently from 1918-1921.

The sole and exclusive reason for western intervention is to ensure that no aid would ever be given to Germany from Russia and that assets owned by western powers not fall into the hands of Germany.

The Elites in Favor of the Reds

Famously, Colonel Edward House, the main adviser to Woodrow Wilson, wrote:

That day Colonel House asked me to call upon him. I found him worried both by my criticism of any recognition of the Bolshevists and by the certainty, which he had not previously realized, that if the President were to recognize the Bolshevists in return for commercial concessions his whole “idealism” would be hopelessly compromised as commercialism in disguise.

I pointed out to him that not only would Wilson be utterly discredited but that the League of Nations would go by the board, because all the small peoples and many of the big peoples of Europe would be unable to resist the Bolshevism which Wilson would have accredited (Quoted from Bolton, 2010).

General William Graves was a firm backer of the Red cause. In an excellent article on the subject, Kerry Bolton states that Graves and many others actively sought to destroy the White movement. He refused to deliver 14,000 rifles ordered and paid for by Kolchak. Another 15,000 rifles were blocked from the White Cossack forces by this same General. Most of all, Graves, in full communication with the economic elite in the US, had the Japanese stand down from their attacks on Red forces in the east.

In November of 1918, the Allies signed an agreement with the Reds for full support in exchange for financial concessions. While the Allies initially sought only Russia’s continual action in the war,

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What the Mainstream Media Aren’t Telling You About Jamal Khashoggi

What the Mainstream Media Aren’t Telling You About Jamal Khashoggi

20-10-18 08:00:00,

What follows is a conversation between Professor As`ad AbuKhalil and Sharmini Peries of the Real News Network. Read a transcript of their conversation below or watch the video at the bottom of the post.

SHARMINI PERIES: It’s the Real News Network. I’m Sharmini Peries, coming to you from Baltimore.

We are just learning that Saudi Arabia will admit that it had something to do with the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and that he was killed in a botched up interrogation. Apparently, the plan was to interrogate and then abduct him from Turkey. CNN is reporting that the Saudis claim that the operation took place without clearance and transparency, and that those involved will be held responsible. Well, who is responsible? This was a rather quick investigation on the part of the Saudi investigative team that arrived in Istanbul only on the weekend. How did they so quickly come to such a conclusion? It appears that Saudis want this dealt with quickly, perhaps a part of their damage control plan.

This is now an opportunity for us here at The Real News to look further into Jamal Khashoggi. Who is he, who does he represent, why was he murdered? Our next guest writes: “It’s been odd to read about Khashoggi in Western media. David Hirst in The Guardian claimed Khashoggi merely cared about absolutes such as ‘truth, democracy, and freedom.’ Human Rights Watch’s director described him as representing ‘outspoken and critical journalism.’ ” With me is As’ad AbuKhalil. He’s a professor of political science at California State University. He’s the author of Bin Laden, Islam & America’s New “War on Terrorism” and The Battle for Saudi Arabia. He also runs a popular blog, titled The Angry Arab News Service. As’ad, good to have you with us.

AS’AD ABUKHALIL: Thank you for inviting me.

SHARMINI PERIES: All right, As’ad. Let’s start off with you telling us about Jamal Khashoggi, and what he stood for as far as journalism and ethics of journalism is concerned.

AS’AD ABUKHALIL: Well, I mean, he’s close to my age, so his name has been familiar to me since my early youthful days back in Lebanon. And in our progressive left-wing Marxist circles, he was always a symbol of reactionary advocacy on behalf of the Saudi regime and militant Salafi Islam.

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