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11-04-19 08:55:00,

What “Honor”???

Last time I looked the national currency of La Republica Del Ecuador…….was the US Dollar!

The Sucre , Ecuador’s national currency for at least a century or two (named after an independence hero General Antonio Jose de Sucre………


was buried at the end of the 1990’s …..


The bully will use your own insecurities and complexes against you, encourage incompetence and corruption… and selectively pick off any decent leadership…………as John Perskins detailed in the case of assassinated Ecuadorian President Jaime Roldos:


It is the predicament of peoples too small and weak to overcome their underdevelopment and enslavement….some say by British Empire design that Simon Bolivar later rued falling for.

Since Sucre was “Venezuelan” but an Ecuadorian hero, perhaps there might be a revival of a larger entity that was just an idea, never a formally established nation: Gran Colombia:


I take that back: Gran Colombia existed for 12 years 1819-1831 I just learned!

With a little bit of jump started modernization such a new, larger, less vulnerable nation, might stand a chance of escaping its prostitution by its Alma Moreno.

Which refers to his black soul, in my usage….not his skin color.

“Moreno” in Spanish = dark skinned……as “Moros” are the Moors en Espanol.

No offense intended to Arabs or Melanin-Richly Hued Human Beings anywhere.

Just the facts, ma’am.

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