Mirror, Mirror In The Sky

Mirror, Mirror In The Sky

14-06-18 09:52:00,

By Irene Parousis

“We’re going to build a mirror factory first and put out nothing but mirrors for the next year and take a long look in them.” – Fahrenheit 451 (1953)

The revelation of the climate engineering nightmare couldn’t come to me at a worse time in my life as I was physically and emotionally depleted.   At the age of forty four I felt like I was being put through yet another test and my choice was fight or flight. 

GeoengineeringWatch.org 334e

Alberta, Canada. Photo credit: Greg Bourgeois

I first noticed the anomaly of the sky in 2011.  On days when the sky was heavily sprayed, as I’d soon learn to identify it, I suffered from a racing heart, severe palpitations and shortness of breath.  That’s when I started connecting the dots.  When I finally realized that the persistent white trails were not normal I somehow, almost miraculously, discovered researcher and activist Dane Wigington’s website, Geoengineering Watch, and all my suspicions were confirmed.  Initially I was extremely angry at the government’s involvement in and deception of these lethal covert programs, albeit not surprised.  I was so overwhelmed and felt I couldn’t take on this battle as most of my life had been a trial; I was exhausted and unmotivated, compounded by poor health.  But somehow, with Dane Wigington’s words of encouragement to not give up, I started to make baby steps in pulling myself out of the quicksand.  I started by trying to inform all those closest to me about geoengineering and believed that they would have the same reaction as I did, I was, however, shocked to discover that they did not.  Rather, I was labeled and ostracized by them.  Thankfully my daughter Christina didn’t need any convincing and together we embarked by taking on the role of ‘awakeners‘.  We considered the different possibilities of why geoengineering was being done and we tried to comprehend the bigger picture.  This meant, first and foremost, to observe our own selves.  Being a seeker of truth, I dove into the rabbit hole.

Tracing back to my first steps in this awakening, my initial instinct was that the planet is very sick and that I needed to slow down,

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