Mossad False Flag Attacks on Jews


14-04-20 02:53:00,

Even though distracted by the havoc resulting from the coronavirus, the United States and much of Europe is engaged in a frenzied search for anti-Semitism and anti-Semites so that what the media and chattering class are regarding as the greatest of all crimes and criminals can finally be extirpated completely. To be sure, there have recently been some horrific instances of ethnically or religiously motivated attacks on synagogues and individual Jews, but, as is often the case, however, quite a lot of the story is either pure spin or politically motivated. A Jewish student walking on a college campus who walks by protesters objecting to Israel’s behavior can claim to feel threatened and the incident is recorded as anti-Semitism, for example, and slurs written on the sides of buildings or grave stones, not necessarily the work of Jew-haters, are similarly categorized. In one case in Israel in 2017, the two street swastika artists were Jews.

Weaponizing one point of view inevitably limits the ability of contrary views to be heard. The downside is, of course, that the frenzy that has resulted in the criminalization of free expression relating in any but a positive way to the activity of Jewish groups. It has also included the acceptance of the dishonest definition that any criticism of Israel is ipso facto anti-Semitism, giving that nation a carte blanche in terms of its brutal treatment of its neighbors and even of its non-Jewish citizens.

Jewish dominated Hollywood and the entertainment media have helped to create the anti-Semitism frenzy and continue to give the public regular doses of the holocaust story. Currently there are a number of television shows that depict in one form or another the persecution of Jews. Hunters on Amazon is about Jewish Americans tracking and killing suspected former Nazis living in New York City in the 1970s. The Plot to Destroy America on HBO is a retro history tale about how a Charles Lindbergh/Henry Ford regime installs a fascist government in the 1930s. One critic describes the televisual revenge feast “as one paranoid Jewish fantasy after another advocating murder as the solution to what they perceive as the problem of anti-Semitism.”

But, as always, nothing is quite so simple as such a black and white portrayal where there are evil Nazis and Jewish victims who are always justified when they seek revenge.

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After Mossad Targeted Soleimani, Trump Pulled the Trigger


05-01-20 10:31:00,

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khameini and Quds Force commander Qasem Soleimani, right (Credit: Wikimedia Commons).

Last October Yossi Cohen, head of Israel’s Mossad, spoke openly about assassinating Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, the head of the elite Quds Force in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

“He knows very well that his assassination is not impossible,” Cohen said in an interview. Soleimani had boasted that the Israel’s tried to assassinate him in 2006 and failed.

“With all due respect to his bluster,” Cohen said, “he hasn’t necessarily committed the mistake yet that would place him on the prestigious list of Mossad’s assassination targets.”

“Is Israel Targeting Iran’s Top General for Assassination?” I asked on October 24. On Thursday, Soleimani was killed in an air strike ordered by President Trump.

Soleimani’s convoy was struck by U.S. missiles as he left a meeting at Baghdad’s airport amid anti-Iranian and anti-American demonstrations in Iraq. Supporters of an Iranian-backed militia had agreed to withdraw from the U.S. diplomatic compound in return for a promise that the government would allow a parliamentary vote on expelling 5,000 U.S. troops from the country.

The Pentagon confirmed the military operation, which came “at the direction of the president” and was “aimed at deterring future Iranian attack plans.” The Pentagon claimed in a statement that Gen. Soleimani was “actively developing plans to attack American diplomats and service members in Iraq and throughout the region.”

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, under indictment for criminal charges, was the first and only national leader to support Trump’s action, while claiming that that Trump acted entirely on his own.

“Just as Israel has the right to self-defense, the United States has exactly the same right,” Netanyahu told reporters in Greece. “Qassem Soleimani is responsible for the deaths of American citizens and other innocents, and he was planning more attacks.”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani vowed retaliation for the general’s death,  tweeting that “Iran will take revenge for this heinous crime.”

Capable Foe

Soleimani was the most capable foe of the United States and Israel in the region. As chief of the Al-Quds force,

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Mossad Asset Jeffrey Epstein Made Sex-tapes to Blackmail Powerful Americans


18-10-19 08:15:00,

I have long argued that pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was clearly an intelligence agent and that he was most likely working for the Israeli external service Mossad. My belief was based on the nature of his activity, which suggested that he was able to blackmail important Americans using the sex tapes that he had been able to make at his Manhattan mansion. Put that together with the existence of his fake Austrian passport, as well as former Miami federal attorney Alexander Acosta’s comments  and it would seem that an intelligence connection is a sine qua non.

Acosta was particularly damning. When asked “Is the Epstein case going to cause a problem [for confirmation hearings]?” he replied “…that I had just one meeting on the Epstein case.” He’d cut the non-prosecution deal with one of Epstein’s attorneys because he had “been told to back off,” that Epstein was above his pay grade. “I was told Epstein belonged to intelligence and to leave it alone.”

The answers to those remaining questions about Epstein are still lacking even though he is gone, but one fears that the authorities will be disinclined to further investigate a dead man. It appears that no one in the various investigative agencies or the mainstream media has been interested in what Acosta meant, even though it would be simple enough to ask him. Who told him to back off? And how did they explain it? And then there is Epstein’s Austrian passport. Was the document fake or real, with a real name and photo substitution or alternation of both picture and name? How did he get it? Austrian passports are highly desirable in intelligence circles because the country is neutral and its holders can travel just about everywhere without a visa.

What Epstein did and how he did it was an intelligence operation in support of Mossad. There is no other viable explanation for his filming of prominent politicians and celebrities having sex with young girls. Recruiting and running American movers and shakers like Bill Clinton, with his 26 trips on the Lolita Express, former Governor Bill Richardson, or former Senator George Mitchell are precisely the types of “agents of influence” that the Mossad would seek to coerce or even blackmail into cooperation.

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Webb: How The CIA, Mossad, & “The Epstein Network” Are Exploiting Mass Shootings To Create An Orwellian Nightmare


08-09-19 08:43:00,

Authored by Whitney Webb via,

Following the arrest and subsequent death in prison of alleged child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, a little-known Israeli tech company began to receive increased publicity, but for all the wrong reasons. Not long after Epstein’s arrest, and his relationships and finances came under scrutiny, it was revealed that the Israeli company Carbyne911 had received substantial funding from Jeffrey Epstein as well as Epstein’s close associate and former Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Barak, and Silicon Valley venture capitalist and prominent Trump backer Peter Thiel. 

Carbyne911, or simply Carbyne, develops call-handling and identification capabilities for emergency response services in countries around the world, including the United States, where it has already been implemented in several U.S. counties and has partnered with major U.S. tech companies like Google. It specifically markets its product as a way of mitigating mass shootings in the United States without having to change existing U.S. gun laws.

Yet, Carbyne is no ordinary tech company, as it is deeply connected to the elite Israeli military intelligence division, Unit 8200, whose “alumni” often go on to create tech companies — Carbyne among them — that frequently maintain their ties to Israeli intelligence and, according to Israeli media reports and former employees, often “blur the line” between their service to Israel’s defense/intelligence apparatus and their commercial activity. As this report will reveal, Carbyne is but one of several Israeli tech companies marketing themselves as a technological solution to mass shootings that has direct ties to Israeli intelligence agencies.

In each case, these companies’ products are built in such a way that they can easily be used to illegally surveil the governments, institutions and civilians that use them, a troubling fact given Unit 8200’s documented prowess in surveillance as a means of obtaining blackmail and Israel’s history of using tech companies to aggressively spy on the U.S. government. This is further compounded by the fact that Unit 8200-linked tech companies have previously received U.S. government contracts to place “backdoors” into the U.S.’ entire telecommunications system as well as into the popular products of major American tech companies including Google, Microsoft and Facebook, many of whose key managers and executives are now former Unit 8200 officers

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Der Mossad kann es nicht lassen


29-08-19 09:39:00,

Bild: © Le Pacte / Weltkino Filmverleih

  1. Der Mossad kann es nicht lassen

  2. Das Unbewusste männlicher Psychologie

  3. Auf einer Seite lesen

“Die Agentin” zeigt ein ambivalentes Bild des israelischen Geheimdienstes

“You are very talented. How do you feel about a long assignement in Teheran” – eines Tages macht ihr Verbindungsoffizier der jungen Rachel ein Angebot, das sie nicht ablehnen kann. Wenn man Agentin des israelischen Geheimdienstes Mossad ist und sich hochgearbeitet hat, dann ist die Möglichkeit, im Iran zu arbeiten, so etwas wie ein Jackpot im Lotto.

Denn der Iran ist nicht nur für Israel das Reich des Bösen. Und als Heldin will man doch das Böse bekämpfen, oder? Schließlich soll sie dort das Atomprogramm ausspionieren.

Die Agentin (21 Bilder)

Bild: © Kolja Brandt / Weltkino Filmverleih

Ganz so einfach liegen die Dinge aber eben nicht. Nach ein paar Jahren im Iran ist der Auftrag erfolgreich beendet und zu aller Überraschung will Rachel nun aussteigen. Aber aus dem Mossad, zumindest darin ist er der Mafia sehr ähnlich, steigt man nicht so einfach aus… Dass Rachel trotzdem darauf beharrt und raus will und zudem für ihre Kontaktleute unerreichbar ist, verursacht beim Mossad Panik: Ist sie etwa übergelaufen? Sie scheint die komplette Operation zu gefährden.

“Dies ist ein Krieg. Im Krieg sterben Unschuldige”

In seinem zweiten Spielfilm nach “Betlehem” erzählt der israelische Regisseur Yuval Adler die Geschichte einer Mossad-Agentin. Vorlage ist der Roman “The English Teacher” vom ehemaligen Geheimdienstoffizier Yiftach Reicher Atir, einem der Helden von Entebbe. Im Film wird daraus ein wilder, ohne Frage sehr unterhaltsamer Genremix aus Spionage-Thriller à la James-Bond und einem Psychogramm realer Geheimdienste.

Dazu gehören auch “Aktionen” und Gegenschläge, kaltblütige Blicke und abgeklärte Sprüche oder Plattitüden, wie der tausend Mal variierten Satz: “Dies ist ein Krieg. Im Krieg sterben Unschuldige.”

Der Film springt wild in der Zeitchronologie hin und her und ist darin zumindest formal anspruchsvoll, auch wenn es den etwas onkelhaften Kommentar ihres Offiziers Thomas (Martin Freeman) bedarf, um aus dem Off alles zusammen zu halten.

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La Danse Mossad: Robert Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein


19-08-19 06:51:00,

Photograph Source: Dutch National Archive – CC0

Media tycoon and former Labour MP Robert Maxwell (father of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s partner in crime) was given a state funeral in Jerusalem after *accidentally* falling off his yacht – the unluckily named “Lady Ghislaine”. Later it was revealed Maxwell Sr was a Mossad asset who used his vast network of connections and publishing platforms to run editorial interference over his purchased assets to influence enemies and friends alike, ensuring their fealty to the foreign government that had enlisted him for its espionage work.

His tabloid empire was the piss-colored propaganda organ of the interests he served, overseeing its rapid growth and tentacled reach across the globe. More ominously, he was behind the spy agency’s successful attempt to install a trapdoor in software intended for government use, allowing the Israelis a direct pipeline into a vast network of computers installed with undectable malware.

At the time of his death, the disgraced magnate was under investigation for raiding his companies’ pension funds to cover the losses incurred from his multiple and reckless takeovers, and finance a luxury lifestyle he enjoyed sharing with high profile pals like Henry Kissinger and Barbara Walters. Curiously, many of these fossilized specimens from Robert Maxwell’s roster of friends from the Reagan era would circle around Epstein, most notably Donald Trump whose Mar-a-Lago resort would later become a recruiting center for employer Epstein’s underage “massage therapists”.

Fast forward a couple of decades since the days a casino mogul was gobbling down canapés with the old guard denizens of the ‘swamp’. Notice a similar, if not identical MO in both Maxwell and Epstein’s role in procuring technology for the Israelis, who in turn sold it with undisclosed add-ons, providing an open window into its users’ databases.

Like his predecessor, Epstein had a financial stake in a startup (headed by former Israeli Defense Minister and later Prime Minister Ehud Barak) connected to Israel’s defense industry that provides infrastructure for emergency services as a call handling platform. Considering the company’s connection to military intelligence, it wouldn’t be a stretch to speculate on some of this software’s other ‘special’ features. A variation of the early technology that Maxwell was able to procure for his Israeli bosses was later sold to the Saudis,

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CIA, MI6, Mossad etc.: Satans aardse rechterhand..

CIA, MI6, Mossad etc.: Satans aardse rechterhand..

16-09-18 11:58:00,

Alles wat wij zien is een schaduw,

die geworpen is door wat wij niet zien.

– Martin Luther King, Jr.


CIA/MI6/Mossad en de rest:
‘Satans aardse rechterhand’

2018 © Arend Zeevat deze versie


Arend Zeevat

Het leven met geheimen.. We leven in een wereld vol van geheimen en geheimzinnigheid. Het maakt ons leven mysterieus. Maar goed ook! Want wat is een leven zonder mysterie, waarin niets nieuws meer te ontdekken valt? Het is saai en voorspelbaar. Een natuurlijke houding ten aanzien van het leven houdt altijd een ontdekkingsreis in ten aanzien van onverkende en mysterieuze levensgebieden, zij het innerlijk of uiterlijk, of misschien wel beide. Het is een intrinsiek gegeven van de menselijke natuur, dat er een zekere mate van nieuwsgierigheid aanwezig is.

Een nieuwsgierigheid die het groeiende potentieel aan kennis en eventueel daaruit voortkomende wijsheid wil vormgeven. Het is de eeuwige zoektocht naar het mysterie van het leven en zelfs de dood, die de mens drijft op zijn weg naar bewustzijnsverruiming. Deze zoektocht is een essentieel bestanddeel van de menselijke evolutie. Geen genoegen willen nemen met de door vorige generaties ogenschijnlijk als vaststaand geïnterpreteerde gegevenheden, doet mensen op zoek gaan naar hun eigen interpretatie van die gegevenheden.

Wat zij op die zoektocht ontdekken willen zij graag met anderen delen. Dit maakt hen echter uiterst kwetsbaar. Daar het machtssysteem waarin zij leven en hun onderzoek verrichten tot een vaststaande gegevenheid is verworden, die zich tegen andersoortige interpretaties heeft gewapend door verdedigingsmuren om het bestaande geloofssysteem op te bouwen. Alle afwijkende visies worden verketterd, gemarginaliseerd en zelfs gecriminaliseerd. Waardoor er een afsplitsing wordt geschapen van andersdenkenden en andersvoelenden.

Zij hebben zich te verantwoorden voor hun eigen individuele beleving van de werkelijkheid. Is dit echter rechtvaardig??? Ervan uitgaand dat er in onze aan de fysieke zintuigen gebonden beperkende realiteit geen absolute waarheid bestaat, wie zijn zij dan die menen deze wel aan de meerderheid der wereldbevolking op te kunnen dringen?

Geopolitieke overheersingstrategie en daarmee samenhangende geheimen
Op het vlak van politiek en geopolitiek zijn geheimen de enige manier om een al lang van tevoren geplande overheersingagenda uit te kunnen voeren en voor iedereen tot een dagelijkse realiteit te maken.

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Iran’s top general now in Mossad’s crosshairs

Iran’s top general now in Mossad’s crosshairs

02-01-18 03:04:00,

US President Donald Trump has just lectured NATO on it member’s commitment performance and held a controversial meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin and is next week to receive EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, with trade matters being high up on the agenda.

Juncker is expected to present Trump with a package of proposals to help smooth relations and potentially heal areas of division, particularly those surrounding Europe’s trade relationship with America. Those proposals are precisely what is cropping up as another area of divergence between some members of the EU, specifically France and Germany, just after a major contention on migration has been driving discord within the Union.

This gets down to whether Europe should offer concessions to Trump on trade while Trump is admittedly describing the Union as a ‘foe’ and has initiated a trade spat with the Union by assessing trade tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Europe, spurring retaliatory tariff measures from the EU Commission.

France, specifically, is opposed to any sort of compromise with Trump on the matter, where Trump is perceived as an opponent to the Union and its unity, whereas Germany is economically motivated to seek an end to the trade dispute under the threat of a new round of tariffs emanating from the Trump administration, and is therefore seeking to find some sort of proposal that Trump will accept and therefore back down on his protectionism against the EU, and Germany in particular.

Politico reports:

Only a week before European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker flies to Washington, France and Germany are divided over how much he should offer to U.S. President Donald Trump to end a deepening trade war, say European diplomats and officials.

But, they add, Germany has the upper hand. Berlin is shaping Juncker’s agenda, suggesting three offers that he could take to Trump on July 25 to resolve the dispute, according to people familiar with the plans.

The French are uneasy about the wisdom of such a conciliatory approach, however, and publicly accuse Trump of seeking to splinter and weaken the 28-member bloc, which he has called his “foe.”

Despite Paris’ reservations about giving away too much to the increasingly hostile U.S.

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