The Murder of the First Amendment –


25-09-20 07:41:00,

The Murder of the First Amendment

Paul Craig Roberts

The illegal and unwarranted prosecution of Julian Assange by the US Government in a British court, if court it is and not a Star Chamber, is in fact the prosecution of the First Amendment. It will prevent journalists in the future from informing the public of criminal activity by government. This is already the case in a number of countries, and the US and UK are about to join them.  Washington, working through a British judge and a British prosecutor, is murdering the First Amendment and, thereby, accountable government. 

The US government’s case for Assange’s extradition to the US that is working its way through a CIA-suborned British court redefines journalists who hold government accountable as spies.  In other words, journalists who reveal criminal actions of governments are quilty of espionage.  If this were in fact the case, the New York Times would have been prosecuted for publishing the Pentagon Papers.

Once upon a time when law still ruled a person had to spy on his own country in order to have committed a crime.  Julian Assange is an Australian citizen, but he is accused of  committing espionage against the United States while living in Europe.  If this were a crime under law, all the Israeli Mossad spies spying on the United States would be arrested and treated as Assange.  Indeed, all spies of all countries spying on other countries, including the CIA and the British MI6, could be arrested and tried for espionage in the countries that they are spying on. Generally speaking, countries prosecute their own citizens who spy on their own country for foreign governments, but send foreign spies caught spying on them home ( ).

In other words, both the US and British governments are hypocrites and lawless.  As the Australian government is just another Washington puppet state, Australia has done nothing to protect its citizen from false prosecution. 

Neither have the journalists whose profession is being destroyed by the illegal prosecution of Assange.  What is happening to Assange is worse than a Stalnist show trial, but no presstitute has raised a voice. 

Journalists long ago ceased to be journalists and became propagandists for the CIA and the ruling elites. 

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In this Bedouin town, murder wasn’t the only crime | Opinion


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The murder of Yakub Abu al-Kiyan was not the only crime committed by the State of Israel against his village, Umm al-Hiran, and it may not even be the worst. Of course, killing is killing. Abu al-Kiyan, a beloved math teacher and the first Bedouin Ph.D. in chemistry, was executed by incited policemen who were too quick on the trigger, who also let him bleed to death without giving him medical assistance that could have potentially saved him.

But anyone who thinks that wraps up Israel’s crimes against Umm al-Hiran is deluding himself. The hollow apology by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t even begin the series of apologies that Israel owes the people of that village.

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The difficult images after the killing and destruction don’t fade: Raba al-Kiyan, a thin woman in black, wandering among the ruins of her house as she remains silent, her gaze fixed on the ground. Her nephew, a medical student in Moldova, explains that this is how she repeatedly recreates her last moments with her husband.

At the same time, in the nearby town of Hura, the second widow was mourning – Dr. Amal al-Kiyan. She had married Yakub after her husband died, as Bedouin tradition obligated her to marry his brother. By the age of 24, she was already lecturing at Kaye Academic College of Education in Be’er Sheva. When we paid a condolence call she had earned a doctorate in education from Ben-Gurion University.

The two widows and the entire village were in shock. A gas station attendant in Hura told us how much he had admired his math teacher at Yitzhak Rabin High School. Then-Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan – don’t ever forget this – and Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich and many others were competing for who could besmirch the teacher more.

Israeli policemen stand guard next to a vehicle that rammed into a group of policemen, killing one, in the Bedouin village of Umm al-Hiran in the Negev in southern Israel, Jan. 18, 2017.Israel Police officers next to the vehicle driven by Yakub Abu al-Kiyan in Umm al-Hiran on January 18, 2017. Tsafrir Abayov / AP

His brother-in-law said that Yakub had put his personal computer and other items into his jeep – the one ostensibly used in the “terror” ramming attack – to save them from the demolition of his home. That’s not how a terrorist leaves his home before an attack.

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US Murder of General Soleimani Is a War Crime, UN Special Rapporteur


13-07-20 04:24:00,

Mrs. Agnes Callamard the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial Killing and Arbitrary Execution speaks about her report on the United States murder of the Iranian top official General Qasim Soleimani in Iraq on the night of the 3rd of January this year.

The UN Special Rapporteur also speaks about the Iranian retaliation to the murder of General Soleimani on the 8th of the same month. Mrs. Callamard considers both the act and the retaliation not in line with the United Nations Charter and the International Law, the USA should not have carried out the bombing and Iran should have refrained from retaliating for the reasons she clarified, had Iran had trust in the United Nations Security Council and had the United Nations had special powers to enforce its charter on all parties.

Mrs. Callamard added: If a similar attack was carried out against an official of any ‘democratic western’ country it would have considered the attack as an aggression and a declaration of war.

The interview conducted by Mr. Moussa Assi for the Lebanese based Al Mayadeen News Channel:

The video is also available on BitChute.

The United States carried out a cheap heinous attack on an Iraqi official convoy receiving the Iranian most reverred top official General Qassim Soleimani outside Baghdad International Airport. General Soleimani was invited officially by the Iraqi government and was due to meet with the Iraqi Prime Minister at the time Adil Abdul Mahdi the next day on a peace mission to ease the tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Iraqi top commander Abu Mahdi Muhandiss of the official PMU forces was also killed by the USA in the same attack, he was in the same car with General Soleimani, along with a number of other commanders of both Iraq and Iran.

Iran vowed to retaliate to the attack directly by a counter stirke which it carried out one week after the assassination of General Soleimani as the late general was buried. The Iranian retaliation was against multiple US positions in Iraq, mainly Ain Asad air base. The US forces sustained a very high number of casualties from the precision Iranian missiles cross-borders retaliation attack,

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‘Collateral Murder’ und das Massaker von Mỹ Lai


14-06-20 08:28:00,

Der Journalist, der das Massaker von Mỹ Lai mitaufdeckte, wurde von der New York Times übernommen. Julian Assange, der die Morde an irakischen Zivilisten mitaufdeckte, sitzt – genau so wie die Whistleblowerin Chelsea Manning – in Haft. Der Vergleich der Reaktionen auf die Beweise zweier Kriegsverbrechen offenbart, wie sehr sich die USA in den letzten 50 Jahren verändert haben, schreibt Joe Lauria. Übersetzung aus dem Englischen: Susanne Hofmann.

‘Collateral Murder’ und das My-Lai-Massaker

Um den Wandel der Reaktionen vonseiten des US-Militärs, der Mainstream-Medien und der Öffentlichkeit auf ein US-Kriegsverbrechen abzuschätzen, muss man nur die Reaktion auf zwei der abscheulichsten amerikanischen Verbrechen vergleichen: das My-Lai-Massaker in Vietnam und das Abknallen unschuldiger Iraker auf einer Straße in Bagdad im Jahr 2007.

Von letzterem gibt es ein Video, das vom Cockpit des angreifenden Apache-Helikopters aus aufgenommen wurde und vor zehn Jahren von WikiLeaks veröffentlicht wurde. WikiLeaks erhielt das Video von der gewissenhaften Nachrichtendienst-Analytikerin Chelsea Manning.

Der My-Lai-Vorfall wurde im November 1969 durch die Berichterstattung des investigativen Journalisten Seymour Hersh öffentlich bekannt gemacht. Ein Whistleblower, der ehemalige Vietnam-Soldat Ronald Ridenhour, hatte Anfang 1969 zunächst an das Weiße Haus, das Pentagon, das Außenministerium und an Kongressmitglieder geschrieben und glaubwürdige Details zu dem Massaker enthüllt. Dies führte zu einer Untersuchung des Vorfalls durch das Militär.

Die ergab, dass Soldaten der US-Armee am 16. März 1969 im Dorf My Lai 504 unbewaffnete Menschen getötet haben, Männer, Frauen und Kinder. Einige Frauen wurden Opfer von Massenvergewaltigungen durch Soldaten. Die militärischen Ermittlungen führten dazu, dass 26 Soldaten angeklagt wurden. Nur einer, Leutnant William Calley Junior, ein Kommandant des ersten Platoon der C-Kompanie, wurde verurteilt. Er wurde des vorsätzlichen Mordes an 109 Dorfbewohnern für schuldig befunden. Von seiner lebenslänglichen Haftstrafe verbüßte er letztlich nur dreieinhalb Jahre unter Hausarrest.

Doch Calleys Verurteilung wurde vom Militär weitgehend vertuscht. Die New York Times brachte am 7. September 1969 lediglich einen kurzen Artikel der Nachrichtenagentur Associated Press mit wenigen Angaben. Hersh jedoch hörte von dem Vorfall durch eine Quelle im Militär und begann herumzustochern. Schließlich gelang es ihm, Calley in Georgia aufzuspüren und durfte sogar Notizen zu seinem Fall lesen, die unter Verschluss waren. Hersh hatte seine Story beisammen. Er bot sie den Zeitschriften Look und Life an,

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Mysterious Murder of Coronavirus Chinese Scientist in US Leaves Many Questions Unanswered – Global Research


13-05-20 02:00:00,

Last week, Chinese scientist Bing Liu was shot and killed inside his home in Ross Township, Pennsylvania, USA. The researcher was a doctor of computer science at the National University of Singapore and lived and worked in the US, more specifically at the University of Pittsburgh, where he developed a research project on the new coronavirus. Recently, the scientist had announced some “important discoveries” about the virus, but he did not reveal the real nature of the topic. The researcher’s unexpected and violent murder in his own home brought some questions about such discoveries.

The identity of Bing Liu’s killer is already known: Hao Gu, a 46-year-old man whose body was found in the surrounding area shortly after the crime, indicating the occurrence of a suicide. According to reports of preliminary investigations by the American police, the crime has a passionate nature and a deeply intimate reason, showing no relation to the theme of the virus or his research. Following protocol by the American police, due to the fact that Gu and Liu were not American citizens, the case was transferred to US federal authorities for investigation.

The University of Pittsburgh issued a statement saying it “is deeply saddened by the tragic death of Bing Liu, a prolific researcher and admired colleague of Pitt.” According to the institution, the researcher was trying to understand “the cellular mechanisms underlying the SARS-CoV-2 infection and the cellular basis of complications”.

The whole dynamics of the crime seems to be surprising. It is minimally curious that a personal relationship of the researcher has led to such a tragic result, taking the lives of two men, precisely in the midst of promising laboratory investigations that would lead to discoveries about the new coronavirus. A truly tragic coincidence that, by itself, cannot lead to any conclusion outside the police reports themselves, but, when taken in its proper global context, can lead to legitimate suspicions. For reasons far less convincing and absolutely unfounded, the American government formally accuses China of having produced and developed the new coronavirus in laboratory as a biological weapon. Such a speech is no longer identified as a “conspiracy theory”. So, what is the reason for considering “conspiracy” the suspicion of a political nature behind the crime against Professor Bing Liu?

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