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26-03-20 11:34:00,

Listening to music can be enjoyable, but is it also good for your heart? Patients who suffered episodes of chest pain soon after a heart attack, known as early post-infarction angina, had significantly lower levels of anxiety and pain if they listened to music for 30 minutes a day, according to a study presented at the American College of Cardiology’s Annual Scientific Session Together with World Congress of Cardiology (ACC.20/WCC).

Nearly 700,000 people survive a heart attack in the U.S. each year, and it is estimated that roughly 1 in 9 heart attack survivors experience subsequent episodes of chest pain and anxiety within the first 48 hours. The new research suggests music, combined with standard therapies such as medications, could be a simple, accessible measure that patients can do at home to potentially reduce these symptoms and help prevent subsequent cardiac events.

“There have been very few studies analyzing the effects of music on heart conditions,” said Predrag Mitrovic, MD, PhD, professor of cardiology at the University of Belgrade School of Medicine and the study’s lead author. “Based on our findings, we believe music therapy can help all patients after a heart attack, not only patients with early post-infarction angina. It’s also very easy and inexpensive to implement.”

The researchers recruited 350 patients diagnosed with heart attack and early post-infarction angina at a medical center in Serbia. Half were randomly assigned to receive standard treatment while half were assigned to regular music sessions in addition to standard treatment. For most patients, standard treatment included a variety of medications such as nitrates, aspirin, clot-preventing drugs, beta blockers, statins, calcium channel blockers, blood pressure-lowering medications and the angina-reducing drug ranolazine.

Patients receiving music therapy first underwent a test to determine which musical genre their body was likely to respond to positively. Participants listened to nine 30-second samples of music they found soothing, while researchers assessed each participant’s body for automatic, involuntary responses to the music samples based on dilation or narrowing of the pupils. Researchers then fine-tuned the selection by working with the patient to determine the optimal music tempo and tonality.

Participants were asked to listen to their designated musical selection for 30 minutes each day whenever it was convenient for them to sit,

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‘Music is best medicine’: Italian musicians join flash mob to cheer up nation amid coronavirus scare (VIDEOS)


14-03-20 08:52:00,

Italian musicians have banded together in a flash mob to banish fear and despair with some cheerful musical tones as the nation struggles to beat the deadly coronavirus pandemic that has claimed more than 1,200 lives nationwide.

With a nationwide quarantine in place since March 10 in the wake of a severe Covid-19 outbreak, Italy is still seemingly trying to do its best to beat the disease in every possible way – healing not just bodies, but souls as well. At least that is what a music band from Rome said as they encouraged fellow citizens to join their “resonant” musical flash mob and “break the silence” in a powerful display of unity and solidarity.

“Music is the best medicine to cure the soul and that is what we need at the moment,” an 18-strong band wrote on the event’s Facebook page as it called on people to open their windows and play an instrument, sing a song, or just make noise in any way they feel appropriate.

Although the flash mob was not directed solely at professional musicians and in fact stated quite the opposite, it did strike a chord with instrumentalists and singers performing in various genres not just in Rome but throughout Italy. Many of them then uploaded videos of their musical exploits to social media.

Opera singer Laura Baldassari, Turin harp player Federica Magliano, and singer Federico Sirianni were among the participants who took to their balconies and windows to add some music to Friday evening. There was also no shortage of pianists, saxophonists, flutists and guitar players, who followed suit.

Some people formed improvised bands as they performed together on the rooftops of their houses, while others used the occasion to demonstrate their mastery of some unusual instruments.

Ordinary citizens also took part, joining the improvised nationwide chorus and singing songs to each other in heartwarming scenes. 

Italy remains the country hardest hit by the novel coronavirus outside of China, where the deadly disease originated. The national death toll linked to the virus officially known as Covid-19 had reached 1,266 by Friday evening as 250 people died in just one day, according to the latest reports.

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Polls Show People Aren’t Buying Establishment B.S. – #PropagandaWatch


Polls show that 100% of people love #PropagandaWatch and the vast majority of the viewing public thinks this is an excellent episode of the series. A recent survey found that everyone you know subscribes to The Corbett Report (and so should you!). What, you’re not one of those non-Corbett Report loving weirdos, are you?!

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Music in mayhem: Artists hit the streets with Yellow Vest protesters (VIDEOS)


09-12-18 05:03:00,

As the Yellow Vest protests continue to rage across Paris and beyond, lighter moments and artistic gestures can be found amidst the chaos, tear gas, and violence.

READ MORE: 100+ injured in Paris & over 1.7k detained across France in latest Yellow Vest chaos (VIDEO)

One enterprising rap artist took advantage of the dramatic scenes playing out on the streets of Paris and decided to use it as an edgy backdrop for his next music video.

The protests appear to be inspiring a wide range of musicians, as a woman was seen playing a melancholy song on a violin as protesters and police clashed mere feet away from her in Lyon. At one stage, a man in a yellow jacket begins to sing along with the tune.

Meanwhile, another musician was seen walking through the city’s streets, playing the bagpipes as a marching tune for protesters.

READ MORE: Kneeling protester: A new symbol of the Yellow Vests? (PHOTOS)

Over 1,700 people were arrested on Saturday as the yellow vest demonstrators continue to protest against President Emmanuel Macron.

One man took a risk when he left his Ford Mustang parked in Paris, complete with a sign inside reading, “I love Macron.” Luckily, his car was left untouched by protesters.  

In a more bizarre moment caught on camera, one man was filmed standing on top of a column with a large dummy Macron head, fresh from a ‘guillotine’. He held the head aloft as he danced and dabbed for the crowd below, before throwing the head down to the ground, where protesters kicked it around like a football.

A bakery in Poissy, outside Paris, is both cashing in on the protests and providing sustenance for protesters working up an appetite on the streets, by selling yellow vest-themed cakes.

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Meditation No. 2, “Freedom”, by Charlie Porter

So many people are indifferent to the fact that we are being systematically stripped of our freedoms here in the U.S. and abroad. The truth is, we are completely allowing it to happen to us and unless we stand up to tyranny, we will fall victim to our own indifference.

I recommend watching these films, which bring a lot of interesting things to light:


Thrive Movement

From Freedom To Fascism:

Mad As Hell:

There are so many great documentaries out there, but don’t take their word for the truth. Look at the government documents…such as HR 1617 and The Patriot Act…check out the subject of Asset Forfeiture. Open your eyes to the corruption which we tolerate and continue to allow to exist…and tell others.

Also, if you have not, consider signing the following petitions to help protect our liberties:

Audit the Fed (to create a more transparent Federal Reserve):

Internet Declaration of Freedom (to help prevent government censorship of the internet):