Nobel geht die Welt zugrunde – Massenentlassungen kein Grund, auf Edel-Shopping zu verzichten


10-07-19 07:06:00,

Zynischer könnte es nicht sein: Am Tag, an dem die Deutsche Bank mit der Massenentlassung ihrer Mitarbeiter beginnt, lassen es sich die Bosse richtig gut gehen und bestellen teure Maßanzüge.

Wie die britische Zeitung „Guardian“ berichtet, wurden am Montag in der Londoner Filiale der Deutschen Bank Angstellte der Nobel-Schneiderei „Fielding & Nicholson“ gesichtet. Ein Foto zeigt, wie sie mit Kleidertaschen aus einem Büro der Bank kommen. Die beiden Männer – Ian Fielding-Calcutt, der Gründer der Schneiderei, und sein Mitarbeiter Alex Riley – waren für die Spitzen-Manager zu ihrem Anprobe-Termin gekommen.

Mitarbeiter der Deutschen Bank in New York am 08. Juli 2019


Während in den oberen Etagen teure Anzüge bestellt wurden, mussten unten die weniger Glücklichen ihre Sachen packen. Weltweit will die Deutsche Bank 18.000 Stellen streichen, in London werden voraussichtlich 3000 Menschen ihre Arbeit verlieren. „Unser Timing war nicht besonders gut“, sagte Schneider Fielding-Calcutt den „Financial News“. „Ich glaube, viele der Menschen, die entlassen wurden, waren so etwas wie Händler, die nicht einmal Anzüge tragen. Wir haben einfach mit unseren Kunden weitergemacht, die offenbar nicht von den Stellenstreichungen betroffen waren.“

Anzüge von Fielding & Nicholson gehören nicht unbedingt zu der erschwinglichen Sorte. Die edlen Stücke gibt es ab 1200 Britische Pfund, nach oben ist das Preisspektrum offen.

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The Nobel Peace Prize in Support of War


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Published on Dec, 6, 2018 
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The Nobel Peace Prize in Support 
of War

Terje Maloy

On December 10, the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony will be held in Oslo, the capital of Norway. This analysis will try to look at how the prize fits in the bigger picture, but first, some general background is appropriate:
Norway is a member of NATO and has close ties to the United States and Great Britain. The political, economic and bureaucratic elites are firmly integrated in transatlantic networks, a nexus of economic connections, think tanks, international institutions, media and a thousand other ties that bind. They tend to identify with the liberal wing of the empire, (i.e. the Democrats, not the Republicans), but will work with any US administration. The members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee are selected by the Norwegian parliament, and the Committee is nominally independent.
Despite being considered – and where the population considers itself – a ‘peace nation’, there are few countries that have eagerly joined more wars than Norway, from the attack on Yugoslavia in 1999, Afghanistan 2001, the occupation of Iraq, Mali, Libya 2011 and the ongoing occupation of Syria. Norway spends large sums of money supporting the joint Western effort to control the rest of the world through comprador intermediaries in non-governmental organizations.
This analysis will discuss some (overlapping) points about the Nobel Peace Prize:

  1. The prize reinforces certain grand narratives, the most important one being We are the good, and thus have the right to decide the fate of the rest of the world.
  2. It creates symbols for regime change operations. It beatifies modern day ‘good natives’ complaining about cruel treatment and pleading for the West to do something to liberate them (but are often remarkably unable to see Western abuses).
  3. It reinforces general reasons to start wars, by making specific themes very important at the same time they are being used to justify military action.
  4. It reinforces the narrative that enemy fights with illegal and cruel weapons. The focus on chemical weapons, as opposed to napalm or sanctions, is one example.
  5. It sanctifies peace treaties that are more like unilateral surrenders, advantageous to Western imperialism and capitalist interests.

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Nobel Prize is Not Handed Out For Accomplishment but for Politics | Armstrong Economics

Nobel Prize is Not Handed Out For Accomplishment but for Politics | Armstrong Economics

11-10-18 09:41:00,

QUESTION:  Hello Martin,

It would be very interesting to hear your thoughts about this year Nobel Prize winners in Economics and their work. I insist it should be you and your team that gets such prize, but will that ever happen?..

Much appreciation for your great contribution to humanity, best wishes from Scandinavia,


ANSWER: They gave Obama the Nobel Prize for just being the first Black president before he even did anything. The Yale economist William D. Nordhaus won the Nobel Prize in economics as always not for actually proving something, but for supporting something they just want to hear. Nordhaus has spent the better part of four decades trying to persuade governments to address climate change, preferably by imposing a tax on carbon emissions. Many countries had adopted his views and used it to justify imposing taxes such as Canada right down to every home.

Economics is a “SOCIAL SCIENCE” which means you do not have to actually produce anything and prove it is true as in physics. Every year we have disappointment after disappointment because there are no actual criteria to warrant a Nobel Prize in Economics. All you have to do is paint a pretty picture like Karl Marx that Utopia is just around the corner and all we have to do is surrender more if not all our rights to the government.

The fundamental idea upon which Nordhaus has based his proposition is that government can alter and manipulate society by punishing them with taxes. Nobody advocates smaller government and more freedom to the people. That is simply heresy in Economics. There is NEVER any study of the past. There is also just the assumption that we are sheep to be herded and slaughtered. There is no belief in the rights of the individual. It is always that the good of the whole (government) takes precedence over God, Family, or human rights.

I will NEVER win a Nobel Prize because I believe in human rights, free markets, non-governmental interference, and that the best of civilization has been created by individuals and not by governments. Handing power to governments to manipulate the economy opens the door to corruption for then special interests will bribe the politicians for favors – i.e.

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Nobel Nonsense: Nominating Donald Trump for the Peace Prize | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

Nobel Nonsense: Nominating Donald Trump for the Peace Prize | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

04-05-18 10:24:00,

It seems like rich nonsense, but should peace be attained on the Korean peninsula, with arrangements entrenched to ensure durability as opposed to unconvincing window dressing, President Donald Trump might well join the list of frauds and charlatans who have obtained the Nobel Peace Prize.

The nomination for the 2019 prize came in a letter from 18 of Trump’s Republican supporters in the House of Representatives to the Nobel Committee chair Berit Reiss-Andersen, which starkly resembled the narrative of fakery the President delights in. Trump, went the signers, should receive the prize “in recognition of his work to end the Korean War, denuclearize the Korean peninsula, and bring peace to the region.”

The Republicans seem to have things the wrong way around.  Rather than incite instability, Trump supposedly calmed the waters.  Rather than creating teeth-chattering fear amongst allies, he brought accord where there was disagreement.  “Since taking office, President Trump has worked tirelessly to apply maximum pressure on North Korea to end its illicit weapons programs and bring peace to the region.” He was the great unifier, bringing on powers such as China “to impose one of the most successful international sanctions regimes in history.” (Never let history get in the way of a good tale.)

All this, despite sketchy details of a as yet unplanned summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un to take place at the end of this month or early June.  Agendas are also in their infancy: where to with the actual issue of denuclearisation, and what lasting security guarantees might be put in place.

There have been some howlers in the hall of Nobel Peace Prize recipients, and Trump’s addition to the role would be perversely fitting.  Henry Kissinger retains the mantle of the manifest absurd, despite being the blood spatted Iago of US foreign policy. Under his sagaciously poisonous direction, democracies were withered in favour of murderous regimes.  Countries – Laos and Cambodia – were subjected to illegal bombings.  Murdering high officials was condoned.

Importantly, he was given the Nobel for supposedly concluding the war in Vietnam despite frustrating the Johnson administration’s efforts to do so in 1968.  (Fun if cruel fact: the Vietnam War would only conclude in 1975, two years after Kissinger’s award.)  Along with that dark lord of mendacity and cunning Richard Nixon,

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