New Normal: Chinese Citizens Have to Scan a Tracking App to Re-Enter Their Own Homes

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“In an era of privacy concerns, this is an astoundingly high percentage”


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14 January, 2021

Steve Watson

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A poll has found that 74% of Americans say they are willing to get a COVID vaccination passport, should they be introduced in the U.S.

Travel news website The Vacationer revealed the findings after polling 520 Americans over the age of 18, with a error margin of under 5%.

Those surveyed were asked “If required for travel, would you agree to a COVID-19 Vaccine Passport or App so airlines and border authorities can check your vaccination status and COVID-19 test results?”

Almost three quarters responded that they would be willing to submit to having such a document in order to travel and gain access to basic services.

The poll found that men are almost 8% more likely than women to agree to a COVID-19 vaccine passport, with 77.73% of males willing to get one, compared to 69.96% of women.

The Vacationer notes that “based on the current census, the 74% figure represents nearly 188 million Americans aged 18 or older.”

“Three out of every four people would agree to documentation telling airlines and authorities their vaccine status and test results,” the websites notes, adding that “in an era of privacy concerns, this is an astoundingly high percentage.”

Following up, the poll asked if Americans were willing to take the vaccine if it was a requirement to do things specifically related to travel.

In each instance a majority said they would take the shot if being allowed to engage in the following activities depended on it:

However, when asked if they trust the vaccination enough to travel to high risk areas, a majority of 56% said no:

The spectre of so called ‘immunity passports’ is looming globally.

Several European countries have already announced the rollout of vaccine passports, with the EU considering a bloc wide ‘standardised’ program.

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The New Normal: One Step Closer to Dystopia. New Covid Outbreaks, People are “Living in Extreme Fear” – Global Research

13-12-20 07:58:00,

On September 11th, 2001, terrorist attacks took place on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon allegedly orchestrated by Al Qaeda led by Osama bin Laden, and subsequently blamed it on Saddam Hussein and the Baath Party and then the war on Iraq began.

The Middle East became the prime target of increased Western and Israeli conflicts and interventions. Guantanamo bay, Cuba became a torture center.

Surveillance of the Muslims became normalized, then so did surveillance of the entire world. That was phase 1 of Western-led global tyranny, now on to phase 2, with a new disease, the Corona Virus aka Covid-19, appeared on the world stage. 

Medical bureaucrats from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) including the longtime medical bureaucrat-in-charge, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Big Tech billionaire nerd, Bill Gates along with the rest of the establishment view everyone as a potential carrier a danger, therefore, they must vaccinate everyone to fight this new disease with an emphasis on treating the situation as a national security threat so Operation Warp Speed was announced. 

At the same time, the U.S. government and its allies are fighting continuous wars that they themselves start on the rest of the world and on top of everything else, the world’s global economy is on the brink of the Greatest Depression along with a collapsing global reserve currency, the U.S. dollar.

Just imagine this sometime in the near future, you wake up one morning, you brush your teeth and then you turn on the television and on the screen is the ‘emergency broadcast system’ flashing in red, alerting people about new Covid infection rates spiking in your area and it’s declared a red zone.

With a disarmed populace in place who has no rights to self-defense, military personnel in hazmat suits wearing masks will be making door to door visits with mandated vaccines in hand, and if you resist, well, you can paint a picture for yourself. The streets are empty and businesses you once visited are now permanently closed making it increasingly difficult to get your basic necessities.

Public and private schools are open on the condition that each child is fully vaccinated under government mandates regardless of the health risks associated with the vaccines and in many cases if a child is not vaccinated,

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Into the “New Normal”? Part 2 |

04-11-20 01:24:00,

This article was first published in New View magazine Issue 97 Oct-Dec 2020

IS it not obvious to everyone that COVID-19 is not just a temporary, unexceptional public health crisis, after which, once we have all taken the vaccine which is apparently due to be rolled out sometime next year (or this autumn in Russia), we can all go “back to normal”? Is it not obvious that “going back to normal” was never the intention of those who, around much of the world, have imposed upon populations such harsh authoritarian measures, such as quarantining a country’s entire population in their own homes? From almost the very beginning of the lockdown, were we not told repeatedly by the mainstream media that we would not be going back to normal, but rather, forward to a “new normal”? How did they know? First the media were awash with enthusiastic talk of the “new normal” that would come after the pandemic, but recently, they have been telling us there will be no “new normal”. There will be no normal at all, they say, because we shall have to get used to constant abnormality, constant change and new measures. Why did they decide that this pandemic was going to be very different from those that had occurred in recent years – A/H5N1 (avian flu, since 1997 in humans), SARS (2003), the H1N1 influenza pandemic (2009, “swine flu”), MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) in 2012, Ebola (2014) – and that this SARS-CoV-2 pandemic should be the one that would change the world?  Very soon, we were also told  – by the World Economic Forum (WEF), which hosts the annual meetings of the world’s business elite and other alleged ‘luminaries’ in Davos, Switzerland – that the COVID crisis had made possible something called “the Great Reset”, which, the WEF assured us, would mean no less than the total transformation of our society and economy. As if acting in synch, the BBC promptly started an open-ended series of programmes called “Rethink” across its entire network, which assumed that indeed, this particular health crisis would be the spur to radical changes in society.

Isolation and quarantine have since ancient times been measures taken to tackle epidemics, but it was always the sick who were kept in isolation,

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World Doctors Alliance: Better Normal, not New Normal – Berlin, 10.10.2020 – |

15-10-20 01:38:00,

Eine Gruppe internationaler Ärzte und Wissenschaftler, darunter auch die ÄRZTE FÜR AUFKLÄRUNG, sprechen sich gegen die aktuellen Corona-Maßnahmen aus. Sie fordern eine Untersuchung und eine Aufkärung der Hintergründe, die im Zusammenhang mit der ausgerufenen Pandemie stehen.


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New Normal Gleichschaltung | Door Mathias Bröckers |

10-09-20 07:13:00,

Een commentaar van Mathias Bröckers.

„New Normals“ of „Corona totalitarianists“ is wat de in Berlijn gevestigde Amerikaanse satiricus CJ Hopkins de overgrote meerderheid van zijn tijdgenoten noemt, „wiens ideologische programma niets meer te maken heeft met een huidig virus of een huidig gevaar voor de volksgezondheid“. Want het is nu volkomen duidelijk voor iedereen die zijn verstand nog niet heeft verloren dat de apocalyptische ‚coronavirus pandemie‘ een Trojaans paard was voor de introductie van de ’nieuwe normaliteit’…“


Geen vriendelijke woorden en ronduit ketterij in tijden waarin de Kerk van de Angst onvoorwaardelijk pandemie predikt van alle mediapreekstoelen en geen enkele twijfel of zelfs tegenstrijdigheid tolereert. Hopkins heeft deze „New Normal Gleichschaltung“ laten zien aan de hand van het voorbeeld van de recente „Reichstag Storm“, waarvan ik hier al heb aangegeven dat het een onhandige enscenering is. Onhandig, want zelfs een enkele foto maakt duidelijk hoe een Reich Citizen Mosquito (linksboven op de gekoppelde luchtfoto) hier in een nazi-olifant werd veranderd, maar uiterst effectief, omdat de wereldpers de olifant in het regeringsdistrict, de vreedzame massaprotesten tegen de noodverordeningen, eenvoudigweg kon verbleken. Of – omdat het formaat gewoonweg niet over het hoofd te zien was – kon het in een zak worden gestopt met de nazistische enscenering, die dan prachtig kon worden geslagen. Tot het punt dat de vraag waarom eigenlijk honderdduizenden de straat op gaan en of en in hoeverre hun eisen en zorgen gerechtvaardigd zijn, niet eens gesteld hoefde te worden.

Vragen zijn gevaarlijk, ze kunnen het ware geloof ondermijnen door de duivelse, dodelijke gevaren te bagatelliseren waartegen alleen de geboden en rituelen die door de Kerk van de Angst zijn ingevoerd, kunnen beschermen.  Evenals de strijd tegen het gevaarlijke verkeerde geloof dat de waarschuwing voor een apocalyptisch groot gevaar inmiddels een vals alarm blijkt te zijn. Dergelijke valse alarmen komen altijd en overal voor en zijn geen schande, zeker niet voor degenen die erop reageren en passende maatregelen nemen om gevaar af te wenden. Nadat de Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie (WHO) de pandemie had uitgeroepen en internationale deskundigen een exponentiële groei en miljoenen doden hadden voorspeld, hadden de regeringen geen andere keuze dan uit te gaan van dit „ergste geval“ en passende noodmaatregelen te nemen.

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