Norway Drops US-NATO Missile Defense Program. Normalization of Relations with Russia? – Global Research


11-10-19 05:56:00,

Just weeks before meeting Russian officials in the northern city of Kirkenes, to celebrate how the former Soviet Union liberated Finnmark from Nazi German occupation n 1944, Norwegian government officials have made a concession to their neighbours. They won’t be going along with the US- and NATO-backed missile defense program after all.

Norway was under pressure by its US and NATO allies to evaluate and accept sensors that would identify any incoming missiles and fire back if necessary. Russia views the US’ missile defense program as a provocation.

After what it called a “broader security policy evaluation,” the Norwegian government announced that even though it’s significantly boosting its defense budget for 2020 because of Russia’s own military activity in the Arctic, it won’t include acquisition of the sensors or anti-ballistic missiles. As newspaper Klassekampen reported this week, the evaluation clearly presented a dilemma for Norway, putting it in a squeeze between its biggest ally (the US) and its mighty neighbour in the north, Russia, which also has complained bitterly about installation of the missile defense system in both Romania and Poland.

Russia’s foreign minister will visit Norway later this month to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Finnmark, when Soviet soldiers crossed occupied Norway’s northern border and forced Nazi German forces into retreat. Finnmark residents remain grateful and want to stay on good terms with their Russian neighbours. Liberation ceremonies will be attended by King Harald V, Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Norwegian Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide.


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Electric Cars Make Norway A Climate Champ – But It’s All A Sham


20-09-19 09:55:00,

Authored by Sarah Cowgill via Liberty Nation,

Norwegians may be taking the lead in “green” car sales, but they’re keeping their gas hogs, too…

When cornered by curious free-thinking types, political climate zealots often point to the beautiful, progressive country of Norway as the standard to achieve. And what a tremendous record they have in combating the fossil fuel spouting carbon emissions. In the past year, 49.8 % of all cars purchased in the country are electric vehicles (EVs) – not hybrid.

Norway, with a population of only five million people, is now the world’s third-largest electric car market.

And Norway smokes the countries one would expect to lead the charge. For instance, only 2.1% of new cars registered in the US last year were EVs and, scraping the bottom of the barrel, our climate justice warriors across the pond –  the European Union – are showing a depressing sales number of 0.9 %.

The Greenbacks In Green Politics

The real scoop is not all as favorable for eliminating fossil fuels as it is nuanced for public viewing.  It seems that the government in Oslo is re-appropriating billions of oil export dollars to offset weight, Co2 taxes, and fees of Tesla cars entering the country for purchase.  By comparison, the typical Audi entering Norway after government add-ons costs the consumer about $35,000.  The Tesla – a $75,000 vehicle – is selling for less.

A major part of this gig is that purchasers are elevated to near super special road warriors – buy an electric car and receive the benefits of lower road tax, zip through toll roads without tossing a kroner into the change basket, and land free parking spots on ferries – well, pretty much free parking everywhere.

Yet this $2 billion yearly “incentive” isn’t taking regular combustion engines off the roads.  Instead, folks with gas guzzlers are taking advantage of the government program to add a vehicle to their collection.  Two-thirds of purchasers haven’t unloaded their carbon belching climate destroyers – they are still on the roads.  As for Norwegians opting for the one-car garage, well, they stick to the good old-fashioned fossil fuel models.

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Norway’s electric car miracle is a smug national fraud built on subsidizing rich people with Teslas


08-09-19 10:28:00,

The government in Oslo spending billions of oil export dollars to help the affluent buy an electric second car they wouldn’t otherwise want is European environmentalism at its phoniest and most hare-brained.

It’s not that you can’t financially encourage societies to be more planet-conscious, but this charade of perverse incentives, inefficiencies, and negative side effects is not it.

Norway’s electric car miracle is primarily one of numbers.

Last year, EVs accounted for 49.8 percent of all cars purchased in the country, and so far this year three in five new cars bought in Norway are electric. For comparison, 2.1 percent of new cars registered in the US last year were EVs, while for the EU the figure is even lower – 0.9 percent.

Thus, with a population of only 5 million, Norway has become the world’s third biggest electric car market in the world.

This has burnished the Scandinavian country’s credentials as a land populated by uniquely-ethical people.

Also on
Clean energy dream fuels a dirty mineral rush

But how has this incredible outlying result been achieved? Pure shameless bribery from the state.

By dropping VAT, CO2 tax and weight tax a Tesla imported for $70k becomes cheaper than an Audi that cost $35k when it crossed the Norwegian border. Add in the lowered road tax and free passage through toll roads, free places on ferries and free parking, as well as the difference in the fuel price, such cars are 75 percent cheaper to operate.

Norway is spending about $2 billion each year on the subsidies – as much as it expends on parental leave pay – and with the current uptake rate and existing rules the current figure will balloon into the tens of billions.

Surely, to cost so much it must be the most efficient way of fighting CO2. But it isn’t, because there are tens of different practical means of reducing carbon output that give more bang for the buck, while buying the equivalent carbon credits – which could then go unused – is, without exaggeration, thousands of times cheaper.

At least you are taking conventional cars off the road… Well,

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No to mind control! Norway minister who trusts adults to decide if they drink fighting bigger battle


08-05-19 04:21:00,

Westerners are now so used to being nannied by the state that when an official tells us it’s our choice how much to drink and smoke, we are shocked – and many are outraged. But maybe it’s time to push back against all the nudging.

This is what the new Norwegian Health Minister Sylvi Listhaug said that led to calls for her immediate resignation for “setting public welfare back decades.”

“People should be allowed to smoke, drink and eat as much red meat as much as they want,” Listhaug said on national radio.

“I do not plan to be the moral police, and will not tell people how to live their lives, but I intend to help people get information that forms the basis for making choices.”

Note, Listhaug, who has enough enemies as it is for her anti-immigrant views, did not say “Drink more akvavit, it’s great!” nor that smoking or obesity do not cause cancer, nor did she promise that she was going to do nothing to help public health – on the contrary, she announced a new anti-smoking strategy. She merely reaffirmed adults’ rights to consume substances that are perfectly legal, adding that “people know pretty much what is healthy and what is not healthy” and expressed a trust in most citizens to act responsibly towards their own health.

Yet her words are anathema to how public policy is conducted.

“Nudging” has existed as a term since 2008, but some of the underlying theories date back to the mid-20th century, and are aimed at manipulating you into being a better citizen. There are thousands of different ways to nudge – from placing that HPV poster in a prominent spot, to reframing a lung cancer statistic to sound scarier (three times the risk!) to asking an NHS doctor to bring up an unrelated subject during your next routine appointment, to lowering the “acceptable” amount of units of alcohol to be consumed on the basis of little scientific evidence, to making cigarette packaging unattractive and ostracizing smokers in little enclosures that make them feel like social lepers, something Listhaug mentioned specifically.

Nudge explained by Richard H. Thaler, the man who made it mainstream:

The democratic social contract with the state has never been as simple as “you pay your taxes and follow the laws,

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Norway to Track Cars GPS to Tax Per KM (Mile) – Your Govt is Next | Armstrong Economics


17-01-19 05:29:00,


The Norwegian Data Protection Authority is now arguing that GPS based taxation, for the amount of kilometers driven by car, can be done within 5-6 years! Norwegians trust the government way too much, because they believe that this system will eliminate the need for road tax, fuel tax, toll roads and reduce the cost of car insurance.

No way will the tax be reduced! GPS based taxation is a governments dream! Who is to stop them from issuing parking fees or speeding tickets?

Norway also has a high number of electric cars, and an electric car is sold without any tax or VAT, has reduced road tax, free of reduced toll road passage and does not contribute to fuel taxation. With GPS active, the government can finally collect taxes from electric cars without the messy environmentalists meddling.

In the worst case, a corrupt government can use the system against its people to create implications, push the burden of proof over to a troublesome citizen, in court.

Norway may be a great country regards to statistics, but will be some kind of self-imposed totalitarianism if this nonsense continues. Stay away from Norway if you cherish your hard-earned cash!

And as always, thank you, Mr. Armstrong, for your service and enlightenment.


Ex-social democrat

(see source #1)

REPLY: The political-economic system post-World War II has been a socialist driven agenda. “Vote for me and I will give you other people’s money.” This system cannot be sustained when those in power have promised themselves pensions. As government workers retire, they need to be replaced. The growth rate of government has started to explode. Instead of looking at the problem objectively, they are simply looking from paycheck to paycheck on how to meet the next payroll. This leads them to become more and more aggressive in hunting things to tax. Any rational person would look at this economic model and see it leads to massive civil unrest. They pretend that socialism is to help people, but they come first. As this gets far worse,

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‘Making Norway less safe’: 50,000 troops engage in largest NATO drills in decades (VIDEOS)


29-10-18 09:26:00,

Massive NATO drills called Trident Juncture 2018 are underway in Norway, involving thousands of troops and vehicles. While the exercise is supposed to make allies feel safe, some believe it only turns the country into a target.

Trident Juncture 2018 is the largest exercise hosted by Norway since the 1980s and the largest NATO has held in decades. Some 50,000 troops from 31 countries, about 10,000 combat vehicles, 65 ships and some 250 aircraft are taking part in the drills that kicked off last week and will go on till November 7, with the troops honing their skills on the land, in the air and at the sea.

The exercise is supposedly intended to send “a clear message” to both the alliance’s member states and potential “adversaries” that NATO is “ready to defend all allies against any threat,” its secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said last week.

Read more

 © Reuters/ Nguyen Huy Kham

The massive drills come shortly after Vostok-2018 exercise in Russia’s Far East was held in September. NATO bigwigs eagerly seized on the large-scale military maneuvers as proof of Moscow’s “aggressive” stance.

“Vostok demonstrates Russia’s focus on exercising large-scale conflict. It fits into a pattern we’ve seen over some time – a more assertive Russia significantly increasing its defense budget and its military presence,” NATO’s spokesman Dylan White said at the time.

While Vostok 2018 indeed showed Russia’s “military presence” – on its own territory – the official somehow missed the fact that Moscow has been actually steadily decreasing its military spending over the past few years.

Not everyone seems to be convinced by NATO’s rhetoric about the “defensive” nature of its exercises – and it’s not just Russia’s Defense Ministry. Trident Juncture 2018 was greeted in Oslo by protesters, who argued that such activities effectively turn Norway into a target and not contribute to country’s safety by any means.

“The Trident Juncture I think is a very unnecessary provocation towards Russia, although they say it’s not meant to be, but I think that’s what it is,” one of the protesters told RT’s Ruptly agency.

On Saturday,

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Norway NATO, Killer Robots, Free Libraries – New World Next Week : The Corbett Report

Norway NATO, Killer Robots, Free Libraries – New World Next Week : The Corbett Report

21-09-18 09:56:00,

The Corbett Report


Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed

This week on the New World Next Week: Norway admits they made a terrible mistake in Libya; ready or not, killer robot black markets are on the way; and Little Free Libraries take the world by storm.

CLICK HERE for mp3 audio and show notes for this video

Watch this video on BitChute / DTube / YouTube

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Norway Officials Admit They Knew Nothing About Libya But Joined Regime Change Efforts Anyway

Norway Officials Admit They Knew Nothing About Libya But Joined Regime Change Efforts Anyway

19-09-18 08:41:00,

A new official report produced by the Norwegian government illustrates the continuing absurdity of NATO expansion and foreign adventurism in places very far away from the “North Atlantic” explicit in the name North Atlantic Treaty Organization places like Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine or Syria. 

Top Norwegian officials have now admitted they “had very limited knowledge” of events unfolding in Libya during 2010 and 2011, prior to NATO’s military intervention on behalf of anti-Gaddafi rebels a war that resulted in regime change and a failed state ruled by competing governments and extremist militias to this day. Norway enthusiastically joined the US, UK, and French led bombing of the country initiated in March 2011 even knowing full well its military knew next to nothing of what was unfolding on the ground. 

But what did decision-makers have to go on? Consider this absurd admission from the official report“In such situations, decision-makers often rely on information from media and other countries,” the report reads.

Battle for Sirte, Libya after it was bombed by NATO jets. Via EPA

The commission that produced the report was chaired by former Foreign Minister Jan Petersen, and ultimately concluded that politicians in Oslo dragged the nation into the US-led bombing campaign with no regard for what could come next. 

The commission report states that there were “no written sources” that so much as attempted to assess the nature of the conflict Norway was about to join. The officials failed to “assess the type of conflict Norway was taking part in” it finds. 

NATO’s name for the operation was the US code name ‘Operation Odyssey Dawn,’ and Norway flew 596 strike missions during the first five months of the NATO intervention, dropping 588 bombs on Libyan targets, according to the report. Norway had provided six F-16 fighter jets and its pilots were reported to have conducted 10 percent of all coalition strikes against pro-Gaddafi forces.

Norway’s former Center Party leader Liv Signe Navarsete said of the final report: “When you look at what happened next,

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Norway undertakes massive technologically advanced highway

Norway undertakes massive technologically advanced highway

26-08-18 07:23:00,

Authored by German foreign minister Heiko Maas, op-ed via Handelsblatt Global:

Henry Kissinger was recently asked if Donald Trump could not unintentionally become the force behind the birth of a new western order. His answer: It would be ironic but not impossible. Instead of narrowing our view across the Atlantic to the ever-changing whims of the American President, we should adopt the idea that this could be the start of something new. We can’t not hear what’s going on across the Atlantic every day via Twitter. But a tunnel view into the Oval Office distracts from the fact that America is more than Trump. “Checks and balances” work, as US courts and Congress demonstrate almost daily. The Americans are debating politics with new passion. That too is America in 2018.

The fact that the Atlantic has widened politically is by no means solely due to Donald Trump. The US and Europe have been drifting apart for years. The overlapping of values and interests that shaped our relationship for two generations is decreasing. The binding force of the East-West conflict is history. These changes began well before Trump’s election — and will survive his presidency well into the future. That is why I am skeptical when some ardent trans-Atlanticist simply advises us to sit this presidency out.

Since the end of the Second World War, the partnership with the US has brought Germany a unique phase of peace and security. America became a place of longing. For me too, when I traveled from New York to LA over a few months as a high-school graduate, with Paul Auster’s “New York Trilogy” in my pocket and Bruce Springsteen’s music in my ears. But looking back does not lead to the future. It is high time to reassess our partnership — not to leave it behind, but to renew and preserve it.

Europe United

Let’s use the idea of a balanced partnership as a blueprint, where we assume our equal share of responsibility. In which we form a counterweight when the US crosses the line. Where we put our weight when America retreats. And in which we can start a new conversation.

If we go it alone, we will fail in this task.

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To defend the NHS we need a Norway Plus Brexit deal for the UK

To defend the NHS we need a Norway Plus Brexit deal for the UK

05-02-18 09:33:00,

The main argument against my Norway Plus proposal is that such an agreement would jeopardise the capacity of the UK government to strike out into the world to bring home a variety of tailor-made trade deals with the US, China etc. At the same time, hard Brexiteers continue with their disingenuous promises of daily millions that will flow to the NHS, money saved from the UK’s contribution to the EU budget. Now, here are two excellent reasons to back Norway Plus! Let’s look at them briefly:

Any trade deal with the United States with include stringent clauses which force the UK government to ‘open up’ the NHS to the predatory behaviour of Big Pharma and give them the right to sue the London government in tribunals controlled by private law firms in the employ of Big Pharma. This is no criticism of the Trump administration per se. Looking at the manner in which the Obama administration negotiated both TTP and TTIP, it is obvious that any UK-US trade deal will be detrimental to the NHS’s autonomy from the predatory medical-industrial complex.

As for the Brexit dividend for the NHS, it is a figment of Boris Johnson’s imagination: Setting aside the tax decline due to slower growth in the long term (following any Brexit that take Britain out of the single market), the sheer administrative post-Brexit costs will overwhelm any net gains from not contributing to the EU budget.

In short, Norway Plus offers the NHS a shield from the lurking predatory medical-industrial complex and minimises the pressures for further cuts on the NHS due to Britain’s stressed fiscal position.

This is one of four short articles extracted from the debate that followed this meeting at the House of Commons, in which I presented the left-wing case for a Norway Plus Brexit agreement. To read/listen to that presentation, click here.

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