Russia offers to set up ‘grain OPEC’ to ensure stability & solve problem of world hunger


07-10-19 12:00:00,

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Aleksey Gordeyev has suggested creating an organization of grain exporters similar to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

The offer to create an OPEC-type organization for grain exporters aims to ensure “the stability of the grain market, coordinate grain prices, and solve the problem of world hunger,” according to a statement from Gordeyev’s press service.

The idea was raised during Gordeyev’s meeting with German Minister of Food and Agriculture Julia Klockner and Minister-President of North Rhine-Westphalia Armin Laschet. They met on the sidelines of ANUGA-2019, the international trade fair for food and beverages, in Cologne.

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According to Gordeyev, the future organization could “include Russia, the European Union, the United States, Canada, Argentina, [and] other nations.” He suggested discussing coordination among the world’s biggest grain exporters during the Green Week exhibition in Berlin.

Russian agricultural production has surged by 20 percent over the past five years. Grain harvests are projected to grow by five percent this year to 118 million tons, including around 78 million tons of wheat.

Russia has managed to capture more than half of the global wheat market in recent years, becoming the world’s biggest exporter of grain, thanks to bumper harvests and attractive pricing. Since the early 2000s, Moscow’s share of the global wheat market has quadrupled.

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President Vladimir Putin said recently that the country has ensured its independence on the global wheat market. Russia’s enormous natural resources should serve as a guarantee for high-quality food production and should be used specifically to increase the production of organic, non-GMO food products, Putin said.

The president predicted Russia’s agriculture exports will double by 2024 to reach $45 billion.

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Orban Offers Lifetime Tax Amnesty To Hungarian Mothers Who Have 4 Or More Children


12-02-19 09:32:00,

Hungarian President Viktor Orban delivered his state of the nation speech on Sunday, and for supporters of his nationalist, anti-immigration Fidesz Party, it did not disappoint.

Because, in a policy revelation that is sure to agitate George Soros, the European Commission (and Parliament) and every other supporter of the pro-immigration globalist policies that Orban opposes, the Hungarian leader declared that, from now on, all Hungarian women who give birth to four or more children will be permanently exempt from income tax…for life.

In his speech, Orban portrayed the policy as necessary for bolstering Hungary’s faltering birth rate without adopting more lax immigration policies, which other Western democracies see as the answer to their own demographic issues.

“There are fewer and fewer children born in Europe,” Mr Orban said during his annual State of the Nation address. “For the west, the answer is immigration. For every missing child there should be one coming in and then the numbers will be fine. But we do not need numbers. We need Hungarian children.”

The birth-rate tax plan was one of several initiatives unveiled by Orban, whose party won re-election last year by a wide margin. His policies enjoy broad support in Hungary, particularly in the countryside, though they have also encountered vociferious opposition from those whose political views are more closely aligned with Soros. Earlier this year, protesters nearly sacked the Hungarian Parliament after political opponents accused Fidesz of a blatant power grab by creating a new federal court that many feared would be used to crack down on political dissidents.


Other initiatives unveiled by the anti-immigration premier included an investment in healthcare worth Ft700bn ($2.4 billion); loans to newly-weds worth that could be partially, or fully, forgiven if the couple has two or three children in the years after the ceremony, and money for purchases of family cars – as well as increased funding to expand child-care facilities. Orban also promised mortgage-forgiveness tied to childbirth, and paternity or maternity leave tied to grandparents.

According to the FT, Hungary, like many of its neighbors in central and eastern Europe, struggles with some of the lowest fertility rates in the world, while many of its best-educated workers have traveled elsewhere on the Continent in search of better employment prospects.

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Louisiana Offers Fossil Fuel Exporter Largest Local Tax Giveaway in History


02-01-19 04:45:00,

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Louisiana Offers Fossil Fuel Exporter Largest Local Tax Giveaway in History

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LNG tanker Arctic Princess.Radosław Magiera / Flickr

Louisiana plans to collect no industrial property tax from the $15.2 billion Driftwood liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminal planned for its southwest corner, state officials announced in December.

Critics say this tax break is worth $1.4 to $2.4 billion, making it one of the largest local corporate tax exemptions in American history — even larger than those offered to Amazon for its much sought-after second headquarters.

Proposed by the natural gas firm Tellurian, the Driftwood terminal, which would liquefy and export 4 billion cubic feet of natural gas a day, is one of over a dozen gas export terminals proposed around the U.S. and fueled by a glut of shale gas released by fracking. The final investment decision for Driftwood is expected in early 2019, as are decisions on two other proposed Gulf Coast export terminals.

The move comes as a group of investors and insurers have called on the U.S. and all other G20 nations to end fossil fuel subsidies entirely by 2020, citing the risk that climate change poses to the global economy.

From 2012 to 2016, fossil fuel subsidies were slashed in half, falling from a peak of nearly $500 billion, according to the International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook 2018. However, in 2017, global subsidies began to rise again, edging up to $300 billion. (The IEA report looked only at subsidies for energy consumption and left out the costs borne by the public of health impacts and environmental harms.)

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Macron offers crumbs to protestors in bid to save his globalist agenda (Video)


12-12-18 02:12:00,


Amazing moment in which the President exhibits “transparency in government” and shows the world who the Democrat leaders really are.

Seraphim Hanisch


4 hours ago


December 12, 2018

One of the reasons Donald Trump was elected to the Presidency was because of his pugnacious, “in your face” character he presented – and promised TO present – against Democrat policy decisions and “stupid government” in general.

One of the reasons President Donald Trump is reviled is because of his pugnacious, “in your face” character he presented – and promised TO present – in the American political scene.

In other words, there are two reactions to the same characteristic. On Tuesday, the President did something that probably cheered and delighted a great many Americans who witnessed this.

The Democrats have been unanimous in taking any chance to roast the President, or to call for his impeachment, or to incite violence against him. But Tuesday was President Trump’s turn. He invited the two Democrat leaders, presumptive incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, and then, he turned the cameras on:

As Tucker Carlson notes, the body language from Schumer was fury. The old (something)-eating grin covered up humiliation, embarrassment and probably no small amount of fear, as this whole incident was filmed and broadcast openly and transparently to the American public. Nancy Pelosi was similarly agitated, and she expressed it later after this humiliation on camera, saying, “It’s like a manhood thing for him… As if manhood could ever be associated with him.”

She didn’t stop there. According to a report from the New York Daily News, the Queen Bee took the rhetoric a step below even her sense of dignity:

Pelosi stressed she made clear to Trump there isn’t enough support in Congress for a wall and speculated the President is refusing to back down because he’s scared to run away with his tail between his legs.

“I was trying to be the mom. I can’t explain it to you. It was so wild,” Pelosi said of the Oval Office meet,

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