Why Palestine will lose the unfair trade war with Israel | Opinion


12-02-20 07:36:00,




Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh’s strategy of economic disengagement from Israel is likely to fail, but not before it does a lot of damage

Okay, it s a sniffle compared to the coronavirus, but Israel and the Palestinian Authority are now engaged in their very own trade war, though it isn’t a “fair one” comparable to the United States and China….

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    Israel, Palestine, and Torture


    05-01-20 10:06:00,

    Palestinian Detainees torture 30a4b

    There is something quite unseemly in the sordid public spectacle of Benjamin Netanyahu trying so desperately to maintain a failing grasp of prime ministerial power in Israel. As long as he stays in public office Mr. Netanyahu can apparently hold at bay the criminal charges against him for bribery and such.

    The crimes threatening to engulf Netanyahu call attention to a broad array of more heinous crimes that so far have yet to be formally reckoned with in the arena of international jurisprudence. The top tier of Israel’s leadership, including prominently Netanyahu himself, has so far been shielded from legal accountability for war crimes and crime against humanity. This unchecked crime spree has as its goal the violent replacement of the indigenous Palestinians with Jewish settlers whose proliferating settlements have become Greater Israel’s dominant emblem.

    The virtual immunity from criminal prosecution protecting those responsible for a Palestinian version of the Trail of Tears is contributing to the Israelification of ethnic cleansing in the Western Hemisphere. Wayne Madsen writes, “Israel’s genocide advisers and technicians” are “returning to Latin America in force.” He continues,

    Fascist-oriented regimes in Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Honduras, Paraguay, and Chile, eager to displace Indigenous peoples, have invited the Israelis back to their nations to provide advice on depopulating indigenous regions as systematically as Israel has done to Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. 

    In Israel a complex network of officials has conspired together to deploy torture as a key expression of the dominant group’s power over the group targeted for repression, displacement and elimination. The jurisprudence concerning the practice of torture in Israel is replete with loopholes and exceptions. The result is that Shin Bet agents and others are afforded wide discretionary powers to torture Palestinians on the grounds of “necessity” and “ticking-bomb” scenarios.

    It has come to light that many medical doctors and other health professionals are deeply involved in falsifying evidence to downplay accusations of torture.

    Since 2001 the Israeli agency, Shin Bet, has received over 1200 complaints that the torture of Palestinians has taken place in Israeli prisons. This large body of complaints did not result in even a single indictment.

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    21 nov. Leiden: Palestine, Challenges of the Future and the Role of Europe – DocP


    13-11-19 09:34:00,

    The Lutfia Rabbani Foundation celebrates its 40th Anniversary with a lecture to commemorate its Founder: Mahmoud S. Rabbani (1934-2002). This year’s lecture which will be delivered by Dr. Mustafa Barghouti is entitled ‘Palestine: Strategic Challenges of the Future and the Role of Europe’.

    Dr. Mustafa Barghouti is an active participant in the building of a democratic Palestinian civil society. His lecture will also address the need to continue the dialogue and further develop mutual understanding between Europe and the Arab World.

    Following the lecture, a discussion about the role of Europe and the role of entrepreneurship will take place with Mouin Rabbani and Josette Dijkhuizen.

    The event will include a live music performance featuring the Syrian soprano Mireille Bittar, a short exhibition by Disarming Design Palestine and will conclude with a reception.

    Seats are limited – please register as soon as possible here

    Registration via Eventbrite is compulsory.

    Location: Academy Building | Groot Auditorium | Leiden

    Academiegebouw Universiteit Leiden

    Rapenburg 73, 2311GJ

    Time: 14 hrs till 16:45 hrs

    For more information here

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    The Annexation of Palestine – PaulCraigRoberts.org


    02-09-19 05:03:00,

    The Annexation of Palestine

    Over the past 60 years the Zionist Israelis with the help of the “freedom-loving, peace-loving Democratic Western nations” have stolen Palestine and removed the Palestinians from their homes, villages, towns, and country.  Yet if a person says anything about this massive crime against humanity—essentially a holocaust of the Palestinians— the person is threatened with demonization as an anti-semite. For calling attention to a holocaust, the person is called a holocaust denier.


    Remember, when the Russian government accepted the 97% vote of Crimeans to be reunified with Russia of which Crimea was a constituent part for 300 years, Putin was accused of “annexing Crimea.”  When Germany annexed Austria with the approval of a large percentage of the population, Hitler was accused of a massive crime.  

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    US Removes Palestine Authority from List of Countries – Global Research


    28-08-19 02:45:00,

    “Cancelling Palestine (Palestinian Authority or Palestinian Territories) from the U.S. State Department’s list is not related to American national interests,” PLO Secretary-General Saeb Erekat said. 


    Palestinian officials slammed the United States Sunday for removing it from its list of countries. The U.S. State Department removed the Palestinian Authority (PA) from its list of countries on its website.

    Nabil Abu Rudaineh, spokesperson for the PA presidency said that the removal is  “consistent with the ideas of the Israeli extreme Right and an unprecedented descent in American foreign policy.”

    He also said that the move by the U.S. “comes in the context of desperate attempts to wipe out the Palestinian cause and people.”

    The Palestinians rejected and condemned the move which according to Rudaineh “shows that the US administration is biased in favor of the Israeli occupation.” and it “reflects the content of the so-called American Deal of the Century.”

    He also warned that “there will be no peace, security, and stability in the region without the establishment of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital on the June 4, 1967 borders.”

    The Palestinian Liberation Organization Secretary-General Saeb Erekat also condemned the move.

    “Cancelling Palestine (Palestinian Authority or Palestinian Territories) from the U.S. State Department’s list is not related to American national interests,” he said. “The decision aims to support the schemes of the Israeli Council of Settlements.”

    The PA severed its ties with the U.S. after President Donald Trump announced Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in 2017 and moved its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in 2018.

    “The current US government implements the Israeli vision of destroying the two-state solution and escaping from its entitlements,” the PA Foreign Ministry said in a statement after the latest move by the U.S.


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    Disclaimer: The contents of this article are of sole responsibility of the author(s). The Centre for Research on Globalization will not be responsible for any inaccurate or incorrect statement in this article.

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    Palestine’s Abbas suspends ALL agreements with Israel


    25-07-19 07:34:00,

    Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has announced that all standing agreements with the state of Israel will be suspended indefinitely, following the bulldozing of homes in the occupied West Bank.

    President Abbas announced the decision on Thursday afternoon, and said it would take effect by Friday. The move comes in response to the Israeli government’s demolition of homes in Wadi Hummus, a Palestinian community in southeast Jerusalem.

    “We will not obey the dictatorship and reject attempts to impose accomplished facts, particularly in East Jerusalem,” Abbas said, following a meeting with senior Palestinian leadership in Ramallah, according to the WAFA news agency.

    Palestine and East Jerusalem cannot be a subject of bargaining.

    “The hands of the Palestinians are still stretched out towards a just and comprehensive peace, … but this does not mean that we are ready to capitulate and coexist with the occupation,” he added.

    Tel Aviv recently announced plans to clear the way for new settlements in Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem. The move was slammed by the European Union as “an obstacle to peace” which “continues to undermine the possibility of a viable two state solution.”

    Also on rt.com
    Israeli forces laugh and cheer as they blow up West Bank building (VIDEO)

    Moreover, during his latest bid for the prime ministership, Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to “extend sovereignty” over, or annex, the existing settlements in the West Bank. That promise is reportedly reflected in Washington’s peace plan, dubbed in the media the “deal of the century” even though its contents have not yet been revealed. Reports claim it would offer to formally place the settlements under Israeli legal control as part of the deal, a condition vocally contested by the Palestinians.

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    Palestine won’t sell its ‘land & rights’ for Trump’s skewed ‘deal of the century’ – ambassador


    28-05-19 04:15:00,

    Palestine will not accept the “deal of the century” with Israel which is in the works in Washington and rejects all of the recent ‘peacemaking’ proposals, the Palestinian ambassador to Russia has said.

    Abdelhafiz Nofal, speaking at a press conference in Moscow, has referred to the upcoming peace “deal of the century” advertised by US President Donald Trump, as a “strange agenda.”

    They are suggesting turning Palestinian refugee camps into some new cities, they are offering us money for our land, for our rights, but we will never accept that.

    He said the Palestinian authorities stand firm in their rejection of all of Israel’s and the US’ recent initiatives ostensibly aimed at promoting peace. Jerusalem, which the US under Trump recognized as the Israeli capital, belongs to all religions and “is not a bargaining chip,” he said.

    No specific details of the “deal of the century,” which has been in the making for over two years, have been officially released, but its various reported premises show a string bias in Israel’s favor. One recent report claims the deal envisions enforcing Israeli civil law over its settlements in the occupied West Bank, effectively annexing the territory.

    Also on rt.com
    Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ will give Israel control over West Bank settlements – report

    Trump has made his allegiance to Israel abundantly clear by recognizing Jerusalem, which Palestine also claims as its holy city, as the Israeli capital. The move sparked a wave of mass protests across the entire Arab world, including in US-allied countries like Saudi Arabia, and prompted Palestine to reject any role Washington may play in mediating with Israel. Palestinian authorities have rejected all of Washington’s proposals since then.

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    Palestine Report: Israeli Elections 2019 | The Vineyard of the Saker


    10-04-19 07:40:00,

    by Lynda Burstein Brayer for The Saker Blog

    In Israel today, April 9, 2019, out of a population of approximately 8,452,841 million people, 6.3 million people have the right to vote at one of the 10,000 voting stations prepared for their convenience. The voting is executed with paper votes with voting slips and envelopes already prepared in the private voting booths. After exiting the booth the envelope is slid into a sealed box. Several people from different parties man each voting station and the possibility of cheating at this level is nil unless a box is lost or destroyed. This year voting cards were not distributed to the population but rather the information regarding the voting station for each person was to be found on line after entering one’s ID number. All Israelis carry identity cards which are used to access any and all information that the authorities or they themselves might need, particularly services provided by the state, such as national insurance, health insurance, driving licenses and any and all sundry services provided within the private sector, particularly subscriptions, and credit card services, and voting stations! In America the obligatory carrying of an ID card is a hugely controversial issue concerning freedom and privacy discussed under the rubric of “big brother is watching you,” but after Snowden it surely must have less traction. Be that as it may, ID’s are a matter of course in Israel and for many services provides a short cut towards availability. In addition, and probably not surprisingly, seeing as Israel is at the forefront of this field and the fact that its army is totally dependent on such services, the digital networks and services available in Israel are not only extensive but extremely efficient, providing instant information the access to which can be made by individuals without having to go to government offices or any other public office. There is also no discrimination whatsoever in these services.

    The Israeli electoral system is proportional in practice to reflect proportional representation. There are no constituencies nor is there division of the country into separate voting areas. It is national and unified in its scope. The problem with this system is that it gives rise to a multiplicity of parties because there is never a clear-cut winner, such as in the two-party system.

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    Palestine: the Middle Eastern Equation with Many Unknowns | New Eastern Outlook


    03-03-19 09:17:00,


    In the middle of February 2019, one of the main Israeli newspapers Haaretz published an article, which reported that, according to official Israeli statistics, 6.7 million Jews and 6.7 million Arabs lived in Israeli territories (including the occupied Palestinians lands) at the beginning of 2019.

    In the eyes of the opposition forces in Israel, these numbers yet again highlight the intensity of the Arab-Israeli conflict, and underscore the need to resolve this issue as quickly as possible using a two-State solution, described in numerous UN documents. It is worth noting at this point that the nation state of Israel itself was born of the decision made by the United Nations Organization, which over the past 70 years has adopted more than 3,000 resolutions on creating two states, an Arab one and a Jewish one in the former Palestinian territory.

    Leftist forces in Israel have consistently supported the idea of demography being a key factor, which should compel the Israeli government to find such means of resolving the conflict that will be acceptable to the Palestinian population. Otherwise Israel will embark on a path towards establishing a system of apartheid to control those who live in the Israeli-occupied territories in Palestine.

    Another common argument is that birth rates among Palestinians are higher than those in Israel, hence it will become difficult to maintain a Jewish majority in the state in the future.

    The situation in Israel ahead of its upcoming legislative elections is far from simple. For instance, Benjamin Netanyahu was even forced to reschedule his visit to Moscow since his political opponents were making serious efforts to ally together in order to weaken his position. But, at the very beginning of the year it seemed that Netanyahu’s victory was assured.

    Accordingly, there has been a lot of talk about the so-called deal of the century, meant to resolve the Middle East situation, that the U.S. President Donald Trump promised to publicize in the next few months.

    Based on the already available leaks, Palestinians have already, by and large, rejected this plan, as it does not include any mention of East Jerusalem being the capital of the potential Palestinian state, and it almost completely ignores the refugee problem. According to Palestinian sources,

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    Preventing Palestine: A Must Read History of Failed Peace-Making – Global Research

    Preventing Palestine: A Must Read History of Failed Peace-Making – Global Research

    23-09-18 07:45:00,

    Seth Anziska’s Preventing Palestine: A Political History From Camp David to Oslo is a deeply insightful and profoundly disturbing book that traces the tortuous path of Middle East peace-making during the past four decades. It was quite painful to read.

    Having been a close observer and sometimes participant in many of the developments that have unfolded since the end of the 1973 War, Anziska opened old wounds while shedding new light on the painful events and acts of betrayal that have shaped recent Palestinian history.

    Through all of the twists and turns of this period, the brutal wars and the diplomatic initiatives, the one constant that emerges is the Israeli determined refusal to recognize the Palestinian right to self-determination and statehood and the self-serving acquiesce to their intransigence by successive American administrations and key Arab leaders.

    The culprits are many. In Anziska’s telling of this history, we can find fault with most of the parties to the conflict—all of the US administrations that were involved during this period: Israeli Prime Ministers, whether from Labor or Likud; Egyptian Presidents Sadat and Mubarak; Lebanon’s Phalange Party; and, in the end, even the PLO’s Yasser Arafat.

    Digging deep into the official records of the Israelis, Egyptians, Americans, Palestinians, and others who participated in the region’s wars and various diplomatic endeavors, Anziska mines government and research center archives unearthing revealing contemporaneous accounts, minutes of meetings, and official communiques—providing the story behind the story of events as they unfolded.

    Especially fascinating were: the internal debates that took place in Israeli cabinet meetings and how, at times, they would don a diplomatic mask of accommodation, while clinging to their firm refusal to surrender sovereignty of Palestinian lands or recognize the existence of a Palestinian nation; the discussions that occurred between President Carter and his aides; the frustrations expressed by Egyptian President Anwar Sadat’s various Foreign Ministers over his betrayal of the Palestinian cause; the way Israel’s Ariel Sharon rudely manhandled US emissaries and their cowering in the face of his belligerence; the way Israel’s Menachem Begin initially sought to pose as the savior of the Christians of Lebanon only to “turn on a dime” after they refused to sign a peace agreement on Israel’s terms; the insidious plotting of a Phalange leader with the Israelis to end the Palestinian presence in Lebanon;

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