Palestinian FM urges sanctions on Israel if it starts ‘to annex’ parts of occupied West Bank


10-06-19 06:50:00,

The Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki on Monday called for sanctions on Israel if it starts to annex parts of the occupied West Bank, AFP reported.

The minister was talking to reporters in Poland after a US envoy’s comments that Israel had the right to annex at least some of the territory captured in 1967.

US ambassador to Israel David Friedman said in a New York Times interview published on Saturday: “Under certain circumstances, I think Israel has the right to retain some, but unlikely all, of the West Bank.”

“Friedman with his statement is trying to help [Israeli PM Benjamin] Netanyahu to have the courage to take such a decision” to annex, said Maliki. The minister added that international sanctions should be imposed if Israel resorts to annexation.

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The “Deal of the Century”: The Palestinian Cause Is behind Iran and Hezbollah’s Success – Global Research


20-04-19 05:27:00,

Israel is not preparing a military adventure against Gaza, Syria, Hezbollah or Iran because it is in fact already attaining its objectives both internationally and domestically. 

Its military apparatus regularly hits targets in Syria with a calculated risk of retaliation from Damascus and its allies. Israel willingly risks a Syrian reprisal. If Syria were to respond to Israel’s continuous violations of its sovereignty, it would help Israel attract world attention.

The world powers would then do their best to try and stop an escalation between Israel and all its enemies gathered in one place in the Levant, rather than looking in meticulous detail at Israel’s wrongdoing in Palestine, and its violations of UN and Oslo agreements. Israel is aware that its enemies will evaluate the timing, benefits and reaction to any military response. Syria and its allies believe a war will slow its recovery from 8 years of war. The potential consequences of a war with Israel on the Syrian economy – at a time of ongoing economic crisis – would be devastating. Syria’s allies are not willing to be dragged into a confrontation at Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s whim. They are also aware of Trump’s unlimited support for Israel at all costs and by any means. An Israeli-US war on Syria would be disastrous.

Netanyahu feels very confident, given Trump’s unlimited support and the confirmation of his domestic support in recent legislative elections. He holds the initiative and has managed to concentrate global attention on Iran rather than Palestine. Demonization of Iran as the head of the “Axis of Evil” diverts attention from the Jewish Nationalist law, the dislodging of the Palestinians from the West Bank-Zone C, and the Israeli attempt to wipe out any trace of Palestinians in the occupied Israeli territory.

Saudi Arabia’s record of militant hatred against Iran’s wide influence in the region is nothing new. It dates back to 1981 when Saddam Hussein declared war on Iran. Moreover, Saudi’s extremist Wahhabite Islamic doctrine leaves little room for tolerance towards any other practice of Islam or towards any other religion. Saudi’s takfiri Wahhabist doctrine is the same creed as that of al-Qaeda and ISIS, who consider secular, Shia, Druse, Isma’ili and Zaidi men, women and children as deserving to be killed at sight,

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Palestinian family attacked with stones as Israeli settlers storm village in West Bank (VIDEO)


16-04-19 01:41:00,

A Palestinian family was forced to flee under a barrage of stones when an angry mob of Israeli settlers stormed the village during tension in the West Bank. None of them were detained, human rights groups say.

Human rights groups Yesh Din and B’Tselem said that around 50 Israeli settlers from Yitzhar in the West Bank entered the neighboring Palestinian village of Urif on Saturday, smashing windows of cars and hurling stones at houses.

Security camera footage from Urif shows a group of masked men run down the road and throw stones at a family as they were about to get into a car. The father and the hijab-clad mother rush to grab their children and then flee in the house, while several of the stones hit the vehicle’s roof. The mob then proceeds to attack another car, parked nearby.

B’Tselem released photos of masked men roaming the area, some holding stones, while the IDF soldiers are standing at the background. The rights group reported that the soldiers used tear gas and live rounds against the Palestinians and didn’t detain any settlers.

Palestinian residents of the village ‘Urif suffer from frequent incidents of settler violence. Earlier today, following yet another settler’s attack, Israeli soldiers arrived to the scene and threw teargas canisters at the Palestinians . Photos: ‘Adel Ammar

— B’Tselem בצלם بتسيلم (@btselem) April 13, 2019

The IDF confirmed that there was “friction” between the Israelis and the Palestinians that day, with soldiers and the Border Police dispersing the crowd. The army didn’t provide additional details of the incident.

The settlers offered a different account of what happened. The spokesperson for Yitzhar told reporters that the conflict began when the Palestinians approached the community and threw stones, lightly injuring a settler. The IDF arrived at the scene and pushed the Palestinians back to Urif, where they were followed by a group of settlers, the spokesperson said.

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Yitzhar and the surrounding area remains one of the hotspots for settler violence in the West Bank. Just between January 2017 and March 2018,

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Largest Palestinian Displacement Project Since 1967 Underway in West Bank, Galilee – Global Research


02-03-19 01:56:00,

New plans to ramp up the largest wave of forced displacement in Palestine since 1967 are currently underway.

In response to pressure from far-right Nahala groups, a number of Israeli senior lawmakers agreed to the terms of an early February petition pushed forth by groups rallying in support of settling two million settlers in the West Bank, or ‘Judea and Samaria.’ 

The Nahala Movement, campaigning on an end to the two-state solution through a rapid settlement of all West Bank territory, joined the rightist factions in modeling a settlement vision pushed by former Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, also an early member of the Lehi paramilitary organization.

Their statement read:

“I hereby commit to be loyal to the land of Israel, not to cede one inch of our inheritance from our forefathers. I hereby commit to act to realize the settlement plan for the settlement of 2 million Jews in Judea and Samaria in accordance with Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir’s plan, as well as to encourage and lead the redemption of all the lands throughout Judea and Samaria. I commit to act to cancel the declaration of two states for two peoples and replace it with the stately declaration: The land of Israel: One country for one people.”

The plan, upheld by New Right and Likud members, seeks to annex 61 percent of West Bank territory, threatening 297,000 Palestinians by the settlements.

In comparison, the 1967 mass exodus saw the displacement of between 280,000 and 325,000 Palestinians from their homes and lands.

The main proponents of the plan include former Jewish Home and now New Right members Naftali Bennett, the current Education Minister of the Zionist entity who recently accused Donald Trump of planning a “Palestinian state over our heads,” and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked.

While mobilization of the most recent settlement project went into full force this week, it followed a trajectory that took root far before early February.

This plan falls under the framework of last summer’s Jewish nation-state law, the Section 7 of Israel’s Nation-State Law, which where “developing Jewish communities” was legitimized as a “national value” and that the Zionist entity would “act to encourage, promote, and establish them.”

Last October,

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‘We’re afraid’: Palestinian villagers speak to RT as Israel prepares to destroy their homes (VIDEO)


22-11-18 04:03:00,

Residents of a Palestinian village are dealing with constant uncertainty, terrified of the moment when Israeli bulldozers come in to destroy their homes. Villagers spoke to RT about being scared for the fate of their families.

Khan al-Ahmar in the occupied West Bank is facing demolition by Israel, which says the residents haven’t obtained building permits. Some of the villagers spoke about the psychological and emotional toll that the situation is having on them.

“We’re afraid for our families, for our children. How we’re living is very hard psychologically,” local resident Sheikh Yousef told RT Arabic.

Even some of the village’s youngest residents are aware of the impending demolition.

“We know that Israel wants to destroy our home, I don’t want that to happen; it’s home. We were born here, we live here,” one schoolgirl said.

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A Palestinian Bedouin Village Braces for Forcible Transfer as Israel Seeks to Split the West Bank in Half

A Palestinian Bedouin Village Braces for Forcible Transfer as Israel Seeks to Split the West Bank in Half

13-08-18 09:15:00,

A picture shows the interior of a house at the Khan Al-Ahmar village on July 26, 2018

The interiors of homes in Khan al-Ahmar on July 26, 2018.

Photo: Samar Hazboun for The Intercept

On August 1, Israel’s Supreme Court confirmed an

earlier ruling authorizing the village’s razing

but temporarily delayed demolition, giving the Israeli government five days to come up with more suitable relocation plans than those it had previously offered — near a dump, and without any land the Bedouins could use to graze their animals.

A day after the deadline, on August 7, the government proposed moving Khan al-Ahmar residents to temporary tents before relocating them again to a new site south of Jericho along with other Bedouin communities facing demolition — but only on the condition that they would leave Khan al-Ahmar voluntarily. Israel forcibly removed other Jahalin Bedouin communities in the late 1990s, and while violent evictions of individual Palestinian families have continued since then, Israeli officials have tried to steer clear of large forcible transfers — an ugly spectacle, as well as a war crime.

In a statement, Tawfiq Jabareen, an attorney representing Khan al-Ahmar, rejected the proposal, which he said proved that “the plan of the state of Israel is to evacuate all Palestinian Bedouin and move them near Area A,” closer to areas under the Palestinian Authority, “in order to expand the Jewish settlements in places that will be emptied of Palestinians.” Khan al-Ahmar residents have made clear that they have no plans to leave their homes, making forcible eviction a likely outcome.

“The Bedouins are used to being in the sun, they have lived their whole life in the sun. If Israel demolishes their homes, they’ll stay here anyway,” Eid Abu Khamis, Khan al-Ahmar’s leader, told The Intercept. “If they put up a boundary — a meter away from it, this is where all the women and all the children of the community will stay.”

“If the children die from the heat, I didn’t demolish their homes, they did.”

A picture shows a the outside of a Palestinian Bedouin house at the Khan Al-Ahmar village on July 26, 2018

The outside of a Palestinian Bedouin house in Khan al-Ahmar on July 26, 2018.

Photo: Samar Hazboun for The Intercept

A Strategic Wedge

Israeli authorities routinely demolish homes built without permits — which are nearly impossible for Palestinians to obtain — and often use demolitions as collective punishment against the families of Palestinians who attempt attacks against Israelis.

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Palestinian Truth-Telling Criminalized by Israel | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

Palestinian Truth-Telling Criminalized by Israel | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

26-07-18 03:19:00,

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Palestinian journalists daring to expose Israeli high crimes face extrajudicial arrest and imprisonment on the phony pretext of threatening national security.

Israeli violations against Palestinian media freedom are rampant. According to the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA), violations occur regularly, 62 reported in June alone – including by PA authorities acting as Israel’s enforcer.

Earlier in July, Israel shut down Al-Quds TV, banning its operations, prohibiting journalists from working with it on the phony pretext of inciting terrorism – code language for truth-telling the Netanyahu regime wants suppressed.

MADA denounced what’s going on, saying the latest “assault comes within a systematic and aggravated Israeli policy to suppress media freedoms and silencing journalism in Palestine by all forms of assaults, particularly, shutting down media institutions.”

Since 2017, Israel shut down 17 Palestinian media operations. Assaulting, arresting and otherwise abusing Palestinian journalists continues, virtually none of this reported in Israeli and Western media.

MADA “expressed its concern about the Israeli assaults against media freedoms and renews its call addressed to legal and international organizations interested with media freedoms to make a serious move and force the occupation authorities to reduce and eliminate these assaults targeting media freedoms in Palestine.”

Women are abused like men, some assaulted sexually. Palestinian journalists are beaten and arrested, some shot with live fire, others with rubber-coated steel bullets. At times, tear gas canisters are fired directly at them, risking serious injuries or death.

Military censorship prohibits publishing information about Israeli high crimes against peace.

Jewish journalists risk mistreatment if expose what the IDF wants concealed. Palestinians have most to fear.

On Tuesday, Israeli occupation forces arrested Palestinian journalist Lama Abu Khater and others in numerous West Bank raids.

Police dogs attacked a Palestinian youth’s mother while her son was abusively and unlawfully arrested.

According to the Addameer Prisoner Support group, 5,900 Palestinian political prisoners languish in Israel’s gulag, including 60 women and 291 children – for the crime of praying to the wrong god, for wanting their fundamental rights upheld, for wanting brutalizing occupation harshness ended.

Like others, journalist Lama Khater was brutally arrested pre-dawn for daring to expose important truths about Israeli high crimes the Netanyahu regime wants suppressed.

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