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You see them everywhere. Men and women walking down the street, all of them with masks on their faces and cell phones in their hands. People jogging, with masks covering their faces and cell phones in their hands. Mothers wheeling their babies with one hand, holding a cell phone in the other hand, with a mask covering their face.

The world has gone insane.

Back in May, the President of Tanzania announced that a goat, a quail, and a papaya had tested positive for COVID-19. People did not stop eating papayas. But when farmed minks began testing positive, the response has been to kill them all.

After a few minks in the Netherlands tested positive in April, 570,000 minks were slaughtered. Minks started testing positive and being killed in Denmark in June, and on November 4, Denmark announced it would destroy the rest of its 17 million minks. Sanity finally broke out in that country, and the eradication campaign stopped after only 2.5 million minks were slaughtered. But minks have also been killed in Spain, Sweden, Greece, France, and the United States.

Lions, tigers and leopards in zoos have tested positive.

People have been testing their dogs and cats, and lo and behold, some of them have tested positive, and on May 6, the Centers for Disease Control created a webpage titled “What to Do if Your Pet Tests Positive for the Virus that Causes COVID-19.”

This is what you are supposed to do: “Isolate the pet from everyone else, including other pets.” “Keep your pet at least 6 feet away from other pets and people.”

“If you have a private backyard where your dog can go to the bathroom, do not take them for walks.” But, the CDC warns, “Do not wipe or bathe your pet with… hand sanitizer,” and “Do not try to put a mask on your pet.”

It is becoming obvious that no matter what you test — minks, lions, dogs, papayas, people, or anything else — you will get positive results, and that the results mean nothing. Just wait until someone tests a cow. Kill all the cows, and no more meat or dairy products! Vaccinate every pet and farm animal in the world!

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The real pandemic is an outbreak of PCR testing « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

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And you can do something about this

by Jon Rappoport

December 17, 2020

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I keep hammering on the test because it is the main piece of public fakery that holds this whole pandemic illusion in place.

If it falls, the illusion disappears.

In numerous past articles, I’ve shown the PCR test is useless and deceptive, from several angles.

Recently, I wrote about a Florida directive, issued by the governor and his department of public health: it forces labs to reveal the number of cycles at which each PCR test is run. [1]

A cycle is a quantum leap in amplification of the original sample taken from the patient.

Anthony Fauci himself has asserted that 35 cycles or higher makes the test result useless. Yet the FDA and the CDC recommend running the test at up to 40 cycles. This has opened the door to millions of false positives. [2] [3]

The cherry on the cake? Test labs never tell doctors or their patients how many cycles are deployed in the test. [4]

My first point today is this: if other states wake up and follow Florida’s lead, the whole false edifice of the test would collapse.

My second point: at labs all over the country (and the world), thousands and thousands of PCR tech employees understand the con, the hustle, and the crime—because they are participating in it EVERY DAY.

They are all silent.

If 20 of them stepped forward and told the truth, we would see the PCR test wobble and the fakery called “case numbers” and “pandemic” and “lockdowns” start to crumble.

These PCR techs would confess that they’re running the test at 40 cycles and therefore the results are MEANINGLESS.

So we need pressure on these PCR techs. Lots and lots of pressure. From us. From court cases. From every source we can muster.

The PCR techs are good Germans. They’re complicit and silent. THIS HAS TO END.

In 1992, strategist James Carville helped Bill Clinton win the presidency by suggesting that, coming out of a recession,

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Pandemic, ‘Great Reset’ and Resistance – Global Research

30-11-20 10:53:00,

According to the Center for Systems Science at Johns Hopkins University, as of November 29th, there have been 62,150,421 COVID-19 cases, including 1,450,338 deaths. According to the latest ILO reports, as job losses escalate due to lockdowns, nearly half of the global workforce is at risk of losing livelihoods, access to food and the ability to survive. The World Economic Forum states that

‘With some 2.6 billion people around the world in some kind of lockdown, we are conducting arguably the largest psychological experiment ever.’

As governments and corporations tighten political authoritarianism and technological surveillance, curtailing privacy and democratic protest, much of humanity is succumbing to anxiety, depression and a sense of powerlessness. Countries with some of the harshest lockdowns, such as India, have seen significant increases in suicides.

Pandemic Narrative and Dissent

Dominant global political and economic institutions and the media present their pandemic narrative as based on scientific authority. However, there is increasing dissension on the origin and prevention of the virus within the biomedical profession. Many physicians and scientists are questioning if COVID-19 is a natural occurrence or the product of a leak from a lab experimenting with coronaviruses and bioweapons.

There is concern over the accuracy of PCR tests and false positives, as well as the classification of deaths simply as COVID-19 deaths when an overwhelming number of deaths are related to pre-existing illnesses or comorbidities, such as diabetes and heart disease.

Even according to November 25, 2020 CDC statistics, COVID-19 was the sole cause of death mentioned in only 6% of the deaths. The disproportionately higher rates of Covid deaths among American Indians and Alaska Natives, for example, are due to higher rates of obesity, diabetes, asthma, and heart disease than among more privileged U.S. communities.

The Covid pandemic has not been the ‘Great Equalizer’ as suggested by the likes of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and members of the World Economic Forum. Rather, it has exacerbated existing inequalities along gender, race and economic class divides across the world. Just as unemployed and uninsured Americans are pleading for support,

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“This Pandemic Was The Final Blow To Our Collective Notion Of Money As Something Real”

16-11-20 10:22:00,

By Eric Peters, CIO of One River Asset Management

“The shift to digital forms of currencies is inevitable,” declared PayPal CEO, Dan Schulman, introducing crypto trading to all his US customers, ahead of his payments roll-out to 26mm global merchants.

“Bringing with it, clear advantages in terms of financial inclusion and access; efficiency, speed and resilience of the payments system,” he added, talking his book. “And providing the ability for governments to disburse funds to citizens quickly,” concluded PayPal’s CEO, saving the most important bit for the end – classic Steve Jobs style.

You see, there will be many legacies of this pandemic, which miraculously “ended” with Pfizer’s announcement. Daily life will return to something more normal, perhaps even euphoric, as has been the case throughout human history when our plagues subside.

But what will never return is the way that we once looked at money. This coronavirus was the final blow to our collective notion of money as something real. After agonizing for years about multi-hundred billion-dollar deficits, America’s Treasury more or less borrowed $3 trillion from our central bank. We gave that money to ourselves.

But the world didn’t end. The dollar didn’t collapse. Interest rates remained low. Inflation did too. Stock naturally surged. The rich got richer, the poor got poorer. From this blow-off top in inequality, we begin the next stage of a transition that started with the 2016 election and surely has a decade to run.

And while no one knows precisely what will happen, we can be quite sure that governments will disburse funds to citizens quickly. Digitally. And we can be certain that a dollar in a decade’s time will be worth a fraction of what it’s worth today.


Britain was first to devalue in Sept 1931. Others followed. The 1929 market crash had worked through the system, grinding insidiously, turning what had been a roaring boom to bust. Back then, currencies were backed by metal. Governments understandably feared that without an anchor like gold, of which there was limited supply, the nation’s citizens would easily lose faith in the value of a piece of colorful paper. And it is likely that governments also had little faith in their own prudence when it came to deficit spending,

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