The Democratic Party Exists To Co-Opt And Kill Authentic Change Movements


09-06-20 06:23:00,

ESTRAGON: Well, shall we go?

VLADIMIR: Yes, let’s go.

[They do not move.]


So ends both acts of the Samuel Beckett play Waiting for Godot. One of the two main characters suggest leaving, the other agrees, followed by the stage direction that both remain motionless until curtain.

This is also the entire role of the Democratic Party. To enthusiastically agree with American support for movements calling for real changes which benefit ordinary people, while making no actual moves to provide no such changes. The actors read the lines, but remain motionless.

Barack Obama made a whole political career out of this. People elected him because he promised hope and change, then for eight years whenever hopeful people demanded changes he’d say “Yes, we all need to get together and have a conversation about that”, express sympathy and give a moving speech, and then nothing would happen. The actors remain motionless, and Godot never comes.

Democratic Party leaders are currently under fire for staging a ridiculous performative display of sympathy for George Floyd by kneeling for eight minutes while wearing Kente cloth, a traditional African textile. The streets of America are filled with protesters demanding a total overhaul of the nation’s entire approach to policing. The Democratic Party’s response is to put on a children’s play using black culture as a prop, and advance a toothless reform bill whose approach we’ve already established is worthless which will actually increase funding to police departments.

Meanwhile it’s blue states with Democratic governors and cities with Democratic mayors where the bulk of the police brutality people are objecting to is occurring. The Democrats are going out of their way to spin police brutality as the result of Trump’s presidency, but facts in evidence say America’s violent and increasingly militarized police force would be a problem if every seat in every office in America were blue.

I don’t know what will happen with these protests. I don’t know if the demonstrators will get anything like the changes they are pushing for, or if their movement will be stopped in its tracks.

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UK Labour Party leader candidates all call themselves ‘Zionist’ or sympathetic to Zionism, get blasted by the Left


14-02-20 02:55:00,

The four Labour leader hopefuls all claimed to be Zionist – or sympathetic to the movement – at a special event held by a Jewish wing of the party, drawing outrage from party supporters on pro-Palestinian grounds.

When answering questions posed at the Jewish Labour Movement hustings on Thursday, Lisa Nandy, Rebecca Long-Bailey, and Emily Thornberry unequivocally called themselves Zionist. Their fellow Labour leader candidate Keir Starmer qualified his answer, saying “I don’t describe myself as a Zionist, but I understand, sympathize, and support Zionism.” The pronouncements quickly ignited the ire of many Labour members who took to Twitter to vent their anger – with some even threatening to leave the party altogether.

“Zionism is racism,” one wrote. “In good faith, I will be cancelling my membership. I am Jewish. I am anti-Zionist.” Meanwhile, former Labour MP Chris Williamson tweeted that previous party leaders had “condemned apartheid S. Africa,” but that “today’s would-be leaders condone apartheid Israel!” 

Every single LABOUR Leader Candidate tonight said they were Zionist at Jewish Hustings. Zionism is racism. In good faith, I will be cancelling my membership. I am Jewish. I am anti Zionist. I refuse to take the rights away from my Palestinian brothers and sisters.

— NY JEW IN UK #NOTMEUS🌹🕎✊🏼 (@EnglandYankin) February 14, 2020

Whatever: all Zionism is racist. Palestine between the river and the sea is majority non-Jewish. Therefore attempts to impose a “Jewish state” are by definition racist, and inevitably violent.

— Asa Winstanley (@AsaWinstanley) February 14, 2020

Many highlighted the plight of the Palestinian people in their criticism of the remarks, with one commenter asking: “Is Labour a safe space for (meaningful) Palestine solidarity activism? The answer, shamefully, is no.” Others queried even asking the Zionism question of the leadership contenders in the first place.

What if standing up for something that is right is standing up for the people of Palestine. who are being murdered and displaced by the Israeli government?

— Fanxxxxtastic-Trada (@Fanxxxxtastic) February 14, 2020

Imagine if there was a Labour Leadership hustings for the British Hindu community and the final question was “Are you a Hindu Nationalist?”

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The Democratic Party’s AIPAC Candidates | The Vineyard of the Saker


28-07-19 06:23:00,

by Eric Zuesse for The Saker Blog

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris might as well be Israelis, though they’re both running for the Presidency of America.

The PAC (officially a “lobbying organization”) called AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee, instead of “American Israel Political Action Committee”) represents some American Jews and Christian evangelicals — it represents the ones who place Israel’s Government above America’s Government, and who therefore lobby in the U.S. Congress for continuation of the $3.8 billion per year that America’s taxpayers, of all faiths and beliefs, must continue to pay to fund Israel’s annual purchases of weaponry from Lockheed Martin and other U.S. weapons-makers, a welfare program for America’s armaments-firms and for the billionaires who own them. And it’s welfare also for the taxpayers of Israel, who don’t have to pay that $3.8 billion per year to fund those purchases, of American weapons, to use against Palestinians, and against Syrians, and against Iranians — against Israel’s enemies, perhaps, but certainly not against America’s enemies. It’s instead for this particular enemy of America, an enemy not only because Israel is an apartheid state (which is supposed to be unAmerican), and not only because this apartheid state sucks $3.8 billion each year out of America’s taxpayers, but also because Israel is militarily an enemy of Americans — see this, for example; and also because the hostility that America’s subservience to Israel produces, throughout the Islamic world, is an even bigger loss for the American people, though America’s billionaires don’t lose anything, at all, from it — and the ones who invest in firms such as Lockheed Martin and ExxonMobil gain considerably from it. But are those  corporations America?

America’s public suffers from AIPAC, but Israel’s Jews in that supremacist-Jewish apartheid land gain greatly from it, at Palestinians’ expense. America has many Jewish and other pro-Israeli billionaires (they buy ‘our’ political winners), but no billionaires that are Palestinian or even pro-Palestinian. However, the American Christian billionaire Tom Gores, who was born in Israel and whose family moved to the U.S. “when he was still a toddler”, is sometimes listed as being an “Arab” from “Palestine”, because he’s not a Jew and because some wealthy Arabs want to call him an “Arab” from “Palestine,” and not an American Catholic who had been born in Israel.

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The « American Party » within the institutions of the European Union, by Manlio Dinucci


20-03-19 09:10:00,

The European Parliament has just adopted a resolution which requires that the Union stop considering Russia as a strategic partner, but rather as an enemy of humanity. At the same time, the Commission sent a warning about the Chinese threat. Everything is unfolding as if the United States were manœuvering the Union into playing a part in their own supremacist strategy.

JPEG - 36.3 kb
Latvian ex-Minister for Foreign Affairs and ex-European Commissioner for Agriculture, Sandra Kalniete, began working against the Soviet Union as soon as her country gained its independence. She is one of the authors of the Prague Declaration (2008), which condemned the crimes of Communism. She assimilates Nazism with Communism via the Reconciliation of European Histories Group. And today, she is pursuing her work against Russia.

« Russia can no longer be considered as a strategic partner, and the European Union must be ready to impose further sanctions if it continues to violate international law » – this is the resolution approved by the European Parliament on 12 Mars with 402 votes for, 163 against, and 89 abstentions [1]. The resolution, presented by Latvian parliamentarian Sandra Kalniete, denies above all any legitimacy for the Presidential elections in Russia, qualifying them as « non-democratic », and therefore presenting President Putin as a usurper.

She accuses Russia not only of « violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine and Georgia », but also the « intervention in Syria and interference in countries such as Libya », and, in Europe, of « interference intended to influence elections and increase tensions ». She accuses Russia of « violation of the arms control agreements », and shackles it with the responsibility of having buried the INF Treaty. Besides this, she accuses Russia of « important violations of human rights in Russia, including torture and extra-judicial executions », and « assassinations perpetrated by Russian Intelligence agents by means of chemical weapons on European soil ».

After these and other accusations, the European Parliament declared that Nord Stream 2 – the gas pipeline designed to double the supply of Russian gas to Germany across the Baltic Sea – « increases European dependence on Russian gas, threatens the European interior market and its strategic interests […] and must therefore be ended ».

The resolution of the European Parliament is a faithful repetition,

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‘We’re having a party’: Court releases VIDEO of IDF soldiers beating bound Palestinian detainees


13-03-19 11:40:00,

An Israeli court unsealed chilling footage of ultra-Orthodox IDF soldiers laughing as they beat a handcuffed Palestinian father and his teenage son, who were captured in a raid. The video was evidence in a detainee abuse trial.

A court in Jaffa lifted the gag order on the video on Tuesday following requests from Israeli media. The footage shows soldiers from the ultra-Orthodox 97th Netzah Yehuda Battalion with the IDF abusing two handcuffed and blindfolded Palestinian detainees inside a military vehicle.

“We’re having a party,” the laughing soldiers can be heard saying as they repeatedly hit the detainees on the head, demanding that they “say hello” to the camera. One of the bound men was injured so badly that investigators couldn’t question him immediately afterwards.

After striking a plea deal, the five IDF soldiers were found guilty of abuse and sentenced to serve between two and six-and-a-half months in prison. They were all demoted in rank and put on probation. The soldiers’ commander is facing charges of failing to prevent the abuse of detainees by his subordinates.

The shocking case garnered much attention in Israel. TV presenter Oshrat Kotler said that young IDF soldiers become “human animals” after they return from the West Bank. “That’s the result of the occupation” of Palestinian lands, she said. The journalist’s comments were met with both backlash and support.

Also on
IDF soldiers get 6 months jail time over beating handcuffed & blindfolded Palestinians

The incident happened in January. Both captured Palestinians, a father and his teenage son, were suspected of helping to hide a fleeing terrorist who had previously shot up a bus stop outside an outpost near Ramallah in the West Bank, killing two Israeli soldiers. Media reports say that the Palestinian men were eventually indicted earlier this year.

The IDF has been repeatedly accused of mistreating Palestinians during arrests and while in custody. Last year, a 33-year-old man died hours after he was severely beaten during an arrest amid clashes in Jericho, in the West Bank. Footage from the scene showed the soldiers gun-butting him as he was lying on the ground.

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UK Labour Party Suffers Biggest Split In 38 Years Over Corbyn Anti-Semitisim, Brexit Bungle


18-02-19 03:51:00,

In what is the biggest split in Labour since the “gang of four” senior figures left the party in 1981 to form the Social Democratic party (SDP), seven Labour MPs, including Chuka Umunna and Luciana Berger, have resigned from the party over Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, saying they will sit as a new independent group.

In a press conference on Monday, the MPs – who also include Gavin Shuker, Angela Smith, Chris Leslie, Mike Gapes and Ann Coffey – said Corbyn’s Labour had radically departed from their values.

The main drivers behind the backbenchers decision to split seem to be:

1) the anti-semitism row within the Labour party and;

2) the lack of support for a second referendum (the awfully titled People’s Vote).

As The Guardian reports, Umunna, the former shadow cabinet minister, said the established parties “cannot be the change because they have become the problem”, and put party interests above the national interest.

He said it was “time we dumped this country’s old-fashioned politics” and created an alternative.

Berger, the MP for Liverpool Wavertree, said it had been a “difficult, painful but necessary decision” for them all, before criticising Labour for becoming “sickeningly institutionally racist”.

The Jewish MP, who is heavily pregnant and has been subject to antisemitic abuse, said she had become “embarrassed and ashamed” to be in the Labour party because of its failure to tackle antisemitism in its ranks.

“I am leaving behind a culture of bullying, bigotry and intimidation. I look forward to a future serving with colleagues who respect each other,” she said.

Leslie, the MP for Nottingham East and a former shadow chancellor, said Labour had been “hijacked by the machine politics of the hard left” and was no longer the party he and others had joined.

Gapes said he was “sickened that Labour is now a racist party” and he believed its leader was “on the wrong side on so many international issues” from Russia to Syria.

In response, Corbyn said he was “disappointed that these MPs have felt unable to continue to work together for the Labour policies that inspired millions at the last election and saw us increase our vote by the largest share since 1945”.

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Party on, Friedensbewegung!

Party on, Friedensbewegung!

26-07-18 09:45:00,

Diese Arbeit am Fundament und die Pflege einer Kultur des Friedens unterscheidet das Pax-Terra-Musica-Festival von anderen Festen in der Friedensbewegung. Man kann sich kennenlernen und vernetzen, so dass man erfährt, wer alles dazugehört und wie unterschiedlich Friedensarbeit aussehen kann. Doch außer Musik, Party und Tanz gibt es auch viele Vorträge und Workshops, in denen gezeigt und diskutiert wird, wie man Friedensfähigkeit auf unterschiedliche Weise erreichen kann. Sich treffen und gemeinsam mit Spaß und Freude eine Kultur des Friedens zu schaffen, finde ich dabei besonders interessant.

Kaum jemand kennt in seiner Umgebung einen Menschen, der für Krieg ist. Dennoch ist es schwierig, sich gemeinsam mit vielen Menschen für Frieden zu engagieren. Die Friedensbewegung bekommt das ebenfalls zu spüren, denn sie unterliegt massiven Spaltungsversuchen. Pax Terra Musica startete im letzten Jahr das erste Mal und hat nicht nur begeisterte Friedensaktivisten angezogen, sondern auch Diffamierungen als „rechts“ und „überhaupt irgendwie unseriös“ erfahren. In diesem Jahr gingen die Verleumdungen zwar zurück, dennoch bin ich mehrfach persönlich oder in sozialen Medien angesprochen worden, ob ich tatsächlich für dieses Festival sprechen könne, schließlich sei die Frage, ob man dem trauen könne. Man höre da ja so Sachen. Diesen Versuchen, die Gruppe an Menschen, die sich für Frieden engagieren, in unterschiedliche Gruppen zu trennen und dann gegeneinander aufzubringen, möchte ich mit meiner Arbeit und mit meiner Unterstützung des Festivals entgegenwirken.

Ich schreibe diesen Artikel allerdings nicht nur, weil ich die Idee unterstütze oder weil ich selbst auf dem Festival sein und dort am Samstag einen politischen Achtsamkeitsworkshop anbieten werde. Ich halte Achtsamkeit für eine wichtige und hochpolitische Sache in der Friedensbewegung. Aufklärung über innere Spaltung, über Aggressionen und Empathieverlust im eigenen Innern schätze ich für ebenso relevant und mindestens genauso spannend wie Geostrategie ein. Wie kann man die Friedensbewegung von innen heraus stärken? Warum gibt es immer wieder Streit und Frustration in der Friedensbewegung, obwohl eigentlich alle das gleiche Ziel haben? Das sind Fragen, denen ich in meinem kleinen Institut für Sozial-Kulturelle Arbeit nachgehe.

Aus meiner langjährigen theoretischen und praktischen Arbeit heraus kann ich meine Erfahrungen teilen und sagen, dass ein tiefes Verständnis des Wesens von Konflikten und deren Dynamiken bewirken kann, friedlicher zu handeln und mehr Frieden in das eigene Innere und das eigene Umfeld zu bringen.

Mir ist auch wichtig zu zeigen, wieviel Spaß es machen kann,

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MANIFESTO of MeRA25 – the new party set up by DiEM25 in Greece to revive the spirit of the Greek Spring

MANIFESTO of MeRA25 – the new party set up by DiEM25 in Greece to revive the spirit of the Greek Spring

03-04-18 12:38:00,

The state of permanent debt bondage, which threatens Greece with desertification, is in the mind of every Greek. Imposing emigration on our young, and indignity to those who stay behind, it hangs over the country like a thick, dark cloud. Unable to discern any light in the long night of our Great Depression, the Greeks’ humiliation is reinforced every time they hear the powers-that-be tell them, gleefully, that the crisis will come to an end as a result of the enthusiastic implementation of the policies that caused it.
Their discontent rises to new heights as they witness the degeneration of our courts and the disgrace of our Parliament – with prosecutors unable to prosecute blatant corruption, government parliamentarians voting in favour of laws they disagree with (coerced to do so by Brussels and Frankfurt), and opposition MPs voting against, while promising to implement these same laws!
Nothing threatens a country, a people, more than the sense that there is no alternative to a path leading nowhere.
No hope can take root in a land where those who were elected to break away from a non-viable past are reproducing it daily.
No relief can be had from an opposition issuing promises whose delivery necessitates the rupture with the European Union that they are committed against!
Our long night has lasted long enough. This is why we are, now, inaugurating MeRA25 – the European Realistic Disobedience Front: We are stepping to the fore so that hope, and a feeling that realistic alternatives do exist, can return to Greece’s arid political landscape.

Why a front?

  • Because Greece is suffocating and in a process of desertification within a Europe that is rudderless and in a process of deconstruction.
  • Because, as long as countries like Greece are suffocating, Europe will remain rudderless – thus reinforcing our country’s suffocation.

Only a broad, unifying, paneuropean front against the dominant oligarchy-without-borders, which is responsible for our debt bondage, can allow Greece to breathe and return hope to its citizens.
This is precisely what MeRA25 represents: the Greek patriotic front of responsibly disobedient Europeanists – an indivisible part of DiEM25, the first in history transnational paneuropean movement to democratise Europe in general and each of our countries in particular.  » Lees verder