Pentagon Funded Nonprofit Covering Up SARS-CoV-2 Origin

07-01-21 11:17:00,

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  • EcoHealth Alliance, a nonprofit organization focused on pandemic prevention, has played a central role in the current pandemic. When SARS-CoV-2 first emerged in Wuhan, China, the EcoHealth Alliance was providing funding to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) to collect and study novel bat coronaviruses

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New Pentagon Top Adviser Wants US Troops Out Of Syria “Immediately”

13-11-20 09:47:00,

With Esper out the door, Trump’s newly in office acting Secretary of Defense is already making waves given who he’s just brought on board.

The new acting Pentagon chief, Christopher Miller, has just brought on as his senior adviser Ret. Army Col. Douglas Macgregor. Crucially Macgregor is on record as wanting American troops out of Syria immediately (gasp, the horror!), and further wants a rapid draw down in Afghanistan as well as in places like the Korean Peninsula. 

“President Trump’s newly installed acting Pentagon chief is bringing on a senior adviser in a sign the administration wants to accelerate the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the Middle East before the end of his presidency in January, three people familiar with the move told Axios,” Jonathan Swan writes. troops occupying Syria. AFP/Getty

It appears Trump has finally and much belatedly put someone at the helm whose own views reflect those of the 2016 Trump campaign trail. He had been the first Republican nominee in history to lambast Bush’s Iraq War as a huge “disaster” while running on a ‘bring the troops home’ non-interventionist message.

Of course critics then and now have mischaracterized the president as “isolationist” – which has long become a negative slur in establishment foreign policy circles. 

Currently it’s believed there’s anywhere from 800 to possibly up to 2,000 US personnel in northeast Syria, where according to past Trump statements they are there to “secure the oil” and ensure the permanent defeat of ISIS. Increasingly they’ve been bumping up against both Russian and Syrian Army patrols in a mission that doesn’t seem to have a defined end goal or exit strategy.

Macgregor has also said the U.S. needs to pull its troops out of Syria immediately and that America had no national interest there.

— Jonathan Swan (@jonathanvswan) November 11, 2020

Here’s how Axios presented the supposedly “worrisome” and “divisive” views of Macgregor

In a 2019 interview with Fox’s Tucker Carlson, Macgregor said he would advise the president to get out of Afghanistan “as soon as possible,” including removing the U.S. embassy from Kabul, and that talking to the Taliban was unnecessary.

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Pentagon will aus Deutschland abgezogene Brigade dauerhaft nahe Russlands Grenzen stationieren

21-10-20 12:54:00,


09:41 21.10.2020(aktualisiert 10:32 21.10.2020)

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Sputnik Deutschland


Die Vereinigten Staaten prüfen nach Angaben des Verteidigungsministers Mark Esper die Möglichkeit einer dauerhaften Präsenz des sogenannten 2. US-Kavallerieregiments in der unmittelbaren Nähe der russischen Grenzen. Der Verband soll in Zukunft aus Deutschland abgezogen werden.

Bei seinem Auftritt vor dem „Atlantic Council“, einer Denkfabrik mit dem Sitz in Washington, sagte Esper, er stehe kurz davor, Vereinbarungen mit Verteidigungsvertretern in mehreren osteuropäischen Ländern zu erzielen oder habe sogar solche Vereinbarungen in einigen  Fällen bereits geschlossen, auf dem Rotationsprinzip in Europa stationierte US-Streitkräfte zu beherbergen, während die Vereinigten Staaten daran arbeiteten, etwa 12.000 Soldaten aus Deutschland abzuziehen.

Im Juli kündigte der US-Verteidigungsminister den Plan an, Truppen aus Deutschland abzuziehen, und sagte, dass das 2. Kavallerie-Regiment – derzeit die einzige in Europa stetig stationierte US-Boden-Kampfformation in Brigadegröße – nun in die Vereinigten Staaten verlegt und dort stationiert werden sollte.

„Seit dieser Ankündigung und der Unterzeichnung des Abkommens über die Verteidigungszusammenarbeit mit Polen sowie in Anbetracht meiner jüngsten Treffen mit den Verteidigungsministern Rumäniens und Bulgariens und der aus den baltischen Staaten eingehenden Korrespondenz besteht nun die reale Chance, das 2. Kavallerie-Regiment in einigen dieser Länder auf einer dauerhaften Basis aufrechtzuerhalten“, betonte er am Dienstag.

Washington hatte im Juli den Abzug der US-Truppen aus Deutschland mit anschließender Stationierung in anderen europäischen Ländern bekannt gegeben. Das Pentagon prüfte nach eigenen Angaben die Möglichkeit, diese Truppen näher an die russischen Grenzen zu verlegen.


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Pentagon to dish out $600mn in contracts for ‘5G dual-use EXPERIMENTATION’ at 5 US military sites, including to ‘aid lethality’

09-10-20 09:01:00,

The US military has partnered with more than a dozen companies for “large-scale experimentation” with 5G technology, including efforts to enhance the “lethality” of certain systems, in what’s slated to be a $600 million project.

Dubbing 5G tech a “foundational enabler for all US defense modernization,” the Pentagon announced the massive research initiative on Thursday, which will hand hundreds of millions to 15 private contractors to conduct testing at five US military installations.

“Today, the Department of Defense announced $600 million in awards for 5G experimentation and testing at five US military test sites, representing the largest full-scale 5G tests for dual-use applications in the world,” the Pentagon said in a statement, adding that it would bring together experts from several industries and disciplines.

Projects will include piloting 5G-enabled augmented/virtual reality for mission planning and training, testing 5G-enabled Smart Warehouses, and evaluating 5G technologies to enhance distributed command and control.

The DOD has announced $600 million in awards to advance the DOD’s 5G capabilities. Experimentation will take place at five U.S. military testing sites, representing the largest full-scale 5G tests for dual-use applications in the world.

— Department of Defense 🇺🇸 (@DeptofDefense) October 8, 2020

Firms selected for the project include telecoms AT&T, Nokia and Ericsson, intelligence and infotech contractor Booz-Allen Hamilton, the research wing of General Electric, GE Research, and a subsidiary of aerospace giant General Dynamics.

One effort spearheaded by AT&T at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada will apply 5G to “distributed command and control” systems in order to “aid in Air, Space, and Cyberspace lethality,” enhancing communications for mobile command centers in combat scenarios.

At Washington state’s Joint Base Lewis-McChord, AT&T will also work alongside Booz-Allen and two other firms to develop 5G-enabled virtual reality technology for training, mission planning and even “operational use,” though the Pentagon provided no examples of the latter application.

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Swedish minister’s ‘Russian trolls’ fanning 5G fears turn out to be… anti-radiation activists led by local granny

The costly initiative will also see testing carried out at Hill Air Force Base in Utah, a Marine Corps logistics facility in Georgia and California’s Naval Base San Diego,

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Pentagon Looks To Replace Human Hackers With AI – Activist Post

15-09-20 08:57:00,

The Industrial/Military Complex is saturated with Technocrats who have algorithmic solutions for everything, including warfare. WWIII will be fought with AI-driven asymmetric tactics at the speed of light and far beyond human ability to understand what it is doing. ⁃ Technocracy News & Trends Editor Patrick Wood

By: Zachary Fryer-Biggs via Yahoo!

Secretive Pentagon research program looks to replace human hackers with AI

The Joint Operations Center inside Fort Meade in Maryland is a cathedral to cyber warfare. Part of a 380,000-square-foot, $520 million complex opened in 2018, the office is the nerve center for both the U.S. Cyber Command and the National Security Agency as they do cyber battle. Clusters of civilians and military troops work behind dozens of computer monitors beneath a bank of small chiclet windows dousing the room in light.Three 20-foot-tall screens are mounted on a wall below the windows. On most days, two of them are spitting out a constant feed from a secretive program known as “Project IKE.”The room looks no different than a standard government auditorium, but IKE represents a radical leap forward.If the Joint Operations Center is the physical embodiment of a new era in cyber warfare — the art of using computer code to attack and defend targets ranging from tanks to email servers — IKE is the brains. It tracks every keystroke made by the 200 fighters working on computers below the big screens and churns out predictions about the possibility of success on individual cyber missions. It can automatically run strings of programs and adjusts constantly as it absorbs information.

IKE is a far cry from the prior decade of cyber operations, a period of manual combat that involved the most mundane of tools.The hope for cyber warfare is that it won’t merely take control of an enemy’s planes and ships but will disable military operations by commandeering the computers that run the machinery, obviating the need for bloodshed. The concept has evolved since the infamous American and Israeli strike against Iran’s nuclear program with malware known as Stuxnet, which temporarily paralyzed uranium production starting in 2005.

Before IKE, cyber experts would draw up battle plans on massive whiteboards or human-sized paper sheets taped to walls. They would break up into teams to run individual programs on individual computers and deliver to a central desk slips of paper scrawled with handwritten notes,

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