37 people in Denmark seek compensation over coronavirus vaccination side effects

15-04-21 06:18:00,

Some 37 people in Denmark are requesting compensation over adverse effects they say were suffered after getting a Covid-19 jab. Most of the cases are related to AstraZeneca’s vaccine, which the country has stopped using.

A total of 29 people have applied for compensation for side effects believed to be linked to the Swedish-British jab – which was renamed Vaxzevria last month – the Danish Patient Compensation Association said in a statement on Thursday. A further eight people applied for compensation in connection with the coronavirus jab made by Pfizer.

The side effects cited in the applications range from mild fever and discomfort to such extreme conditions as paralysis, blood clots, miscarriage, and even death. In Denmark, patients are eligible for state-sponsored compensations if they suffer rare or severe adverse effects of any medicines. The relatives of patients who have died can also receive compensation.

“There are almost no drugs without side effects. That is why we have a safety net in Denmark that picks up the patients who are so unfortunate as to be affected by rare and serious side effects,” the director of Patient Compensation, Karen-Inger Bast, stated.

Also on rt.com Denmark becomes 1st European country to completely halt use of AstraZeneca jab over ‘real risk of severe side effects’

The director also urged other people who might have suffered side effects to come forward with their complaints as well. She warned, though, that the health troubles must be serious in order to receive compensation.

“It is important to say that you do not receive compensation for mild and transient symptoms such as a little fever or pain in the arm. But if you have had a serious side effect and there is a temporal connection with the vaccination, then I would encourage you to seeks compensation from us,” Bast stated.

The association’s announcement comes a day after Denmark became the first European country to completely discontinue use of AstraZeneca vaccine, citing “a possible link between very rare cases of unusual blood clots, bleeding, low blood platelets counts” and the shot by the drug maker.

“Our overall assessment is there is a real risk of severe side effects associated with using the Covid-19 vaccine from AstraZeneca,” Danish Health Authority Director General Soeren Brostroem said.

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What People Do Not Understand About Cryptocurrency | Armstrong Economics

17-03-21 07:37:00,

There seems to be a HUGE gap in what people think about cryptocurrency. The European Central Bank (ECB) is working on a scheme to launch “digital euro central bank money” as soon as possible. Many economists praise the project as an “innovation,” as an important and indispensable step in an increasingly digitized world. But economists typically always advocate socialism without ever actually contemplating what is its final destination. The socialist press which has engulfed most of the mainstream is also obvious to what is the final destination.

The ECB has made its intentions known, as has the Federal Reserve, that in declaring a digital currency, both have stated it will be a currency accessible for everyone, robust, secure, efficient, and compliant with the new agenda. What is overlooked is this is to be a central bank currency and they have been quietly suggesting that they will even take direct depositions from non-banks. Nobody seems to really understand what that means. As usual, they simply glass over the statements. In truth, it is circumventing the banking system for they are also not about to bail out the banks in this new world because they are also contemplating the end of government debt. If the government does not borrow, then who needs the bakers?

Mainstream media also refuses to address privacy concerns. To be very clear, the path to digital currency is also one to total surveillance by a state regime that will accelerate considerably in this world where they can pick your face out of a crowd of a thousand.

Anyone who thinks a digital euro is somehow better because it is not fiat money, well it is simply fiat money on steroids. The ECB will not surrender its monopoly of euro production. However, what is being talked about behind the curtain is that a digital euro can either be “account-based” meaning you will keep it in an account held with the ECB directly, or it can be “token-based” where banks receive a “token” that can be transferred from smartphone to smartphone via an app.

The ECB says the digital euro is a “compliment” to cash and bank balances. Clearly, that is like saying the lockdown will be just three weeks when they never had any such intention.

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80,000 People Sign “Stop Clinical Trials of Corona Vaccines” Petition –European Medicines Agency (EMA) Silent – Global Research

21-12-20 06:37:00,

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, pulmonologist and former head of a public health department, and Dr. Michael Yeadon, ex-Pfizer research director for respiratory diseases, petitioned the EMA, the European Medicines Agency, on December 1, 2020, to immediately stop clinical trials of the Corona vaccines.

The petition has been supported by at least 80,000 people and can be further supported.

The flood of emails from concerned supporters was so high so that during the peaks the EMA’s server was temporarily unavailable. Nevertheless, as of December 11, 2020, there has been no response, no comment from the EMA on the petitioners’ submission.

In response to the petitioner’s email, Ms. Irene Bachmann ([email protected]), acting as Mr. Enzmann’s absentee deputy, responded, stating in substance that it was assumed that the EMA would get back to the petitioners on this matter.

As 2020News has learned, the petition has not yet been brought to the attention of the relevant staff of the entities responsible for deciding on vaccine approval at the national level – in Germany, for example, the Paul Ehrlich Institute. It is unclear why the EMA has not sought dialogue regarding the concerns raised with the institutes of the EU member states.

Dr. Wordarg and Dr. Yeadon see major vaccine threats to the population.

They point to the extremely short period of clinical trials: vaccines are supposed to be emergency licensed after a few months of human clinical trials, whereas in the normal course it takes five to ten years for a vaccine to undergo all safety testing.

There are significant concerns about the possible occurrence of an exuberant immune response, which, for example, had led to the death of all cats in a Corona vaccine under development for cats.

In addition, there are fears that the vaccine could render women infertile because it can trigger antibodies that can then attack not only the Corona viruses but also special proteins that are structurally very similar to the viruses and essential for the formation of a placenta. These dangers cannot be ruled out due to the extremely shortened observation period, which, the petitioners told 2020News, is not compatible with the European precautionary principle.

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People Need to Reclaim the Internet – Global Research

19-10-20 07:15:00,

No matter how much you dislike Trump, only a fool can fail to see the implications for public access to information of the massive suppression on the internet of the Hunter Biden leaks.

This blog has been suffering a ratcheting of social media suppression for years, which reached its apogee in my coverage of the Julian Assange trial. As I reported on 24 September:

Even my blog has never been so systematically subject to shadowbanning from Twitter and Facebook as now. Normally about 50% of my blog readers arrive from Twitter and 40% from Facebook. During the trial it has been 3% from Twitter and 9% from Facebook. That is a fall from 90% to 12%. In the February hearings Facebook and Twitter were between them sending me over 200,000 readers a day. Now they are between them sending me 3,000 readers a day. To be plain that is very much less than my normal daily traffic from them just in ordinary times. It is the insidious nature of this censorship that is especially sinister – people believe they have successfully shared my articles on Twitter and Facebook, while those corporations hide from them that in fact it went into nobody’s timeline. My own family have not been getting their notifications of my posts on either platform.

It was not just me: everyone reporting the Assange trial on social media suffered the same effect. Wikileaks, which has 5.6 million Twitter followers, were obtaining about the same number of Twitter “impressions” of their tweets (ie number who saw them) as I was. I spoke with several of the major US independent news sites and they all reported the same.

I have written before about the great danger to internet freedom from the fact that a few massively dominant social media corporations – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – have become in effect the “gatekeepers” to internet traffic. In the Assange hearing and Hunter Biden cases we see perhaps the first overt use of that coordinated power to control public information worldwide.

The way the power of the “gatekeepers” is used normally is insidious. It is quite deliberately disguised. “Shadow banning” is a term for a technique which has many variations. The net result is always that the post is not ostensibly banned.

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