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27-06-19 04:26:00,

“Don’t criticize what you can’t understand.”– Bob Dylan

In his iconic anthem “The Times They Are A-Changin’” (1962), Minnesota’s Bob Dylan immortalized the totally logical imperative (“don’t criticize”) that admonishes those who want to express their thoughts about an issue to keep their mouths shut until they have done the thorough research into the available unbiased science or history that might make clear what their stance should be before they spout off or blog about it or vote for some politician who has spouted off on issues he doesn’t understand. (By unbiased I mean that the science and history has not been influenced or re-written by some profiteering corporation or by those that are under the influence of those corporations.)

This essay is only partially about the highly-profitable over-vaccination campaigns conducted by Big Pharma and Big Medicine that are highly promoted by the “vaccinology-illiterate”. Sadly most of those illiterates don’t realize that they aren’t even close to understanding the totality of the real science that they are criticizing.

In fact there are very few scientists on the planet that truly understand the entirety of what could be known about vaccinology – and I admit that I am not one of them. But I have spent hundreds of hours reading and studying many books on vaccinology (many of which are in my personal library). I have also studied a lot of the journal articles and testimony of many vaccinology experts, and I also know that the so-called investigative journalists and trolls that are writing about the subject are actually illiterate about real vaccine science. In the process of criticizing what they don’t understand (and accusing those serious researchers who understand a lot more than they do) they are embarrassingly exposing their ignorance.

The subject of how to recognize a vaccinology illiterate individual would take a book-length treatise, but here are a small handful of tip-offs:

1) “Vaccinology illiterates” never mention the fact that vaccine manufacturers, in their clinical trials that they are obligated to do before applying for FDA approval, never do any testing on the safety or efficacy of their new vaccines when they are intramuscularly injected simultaneously with other vaccines(!);

2) When corporate “vaccinology illiterates” want to stir up the demand for more over-vaccination efforts,

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