GRAPHIC: Photographer’s Hand Blown Off By Police Grenade During Yellow Vest Mayhem


09-02-19 07:39:00,

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A man’s hand was blown off by a police grenade in Paris on Saturday during the 13th straight week of Yellow Vest protests. 

Capturing the graphic aftermath of the incident was Ruptly – the video agency of Russia’s RT. 

The Ruptly crew who filmed the horrific aftermath of the blast injury say they rushed over after hearing an explosion, and found the injured protester surrounded by paramedics.

Police fired tear gas and flash grenades to deter protesters, while demonstrators threw the canisters back towards police and lobbed signs and pieces of boarding as projectiles.

An eyewitness told the AFP that the grenade which obliterated the protester’s hand was fired by police to disperse the crowd. –RT


#Update: Horrific photos of a man’s hand torn off by police fire at the #GiletsJaunes protests in #Paris today. #France, the #yellowvests endure this abhorrent treatment yet the global #media is silent. Had this been #Venezuela this would be all you’d

— Serial Tweeper (@serialTweeper) February 9, 2019

An eyewitness said that the injured man is a photographer for the Yellow Vests who was taking photos of people outside the National Assembly as several protesters tried to force their way inside. 

#URGENT : Le manifestant qui a eu la main arrachée a également été blessé à l’œil.#ActeXIII #Acte13 #GiletsJaunes

— Citoyen_français (@AnalysteI) February 9, 2019

PARIS – Tensions en cours. Des individus tentent de forcer un chantier pour rentrer dans l’Assemblée Nationale. Un blessé grave. #GiletsJaunes #ActeXIII #Acte13 #9fevrier #9fevrier2019

— Clément Lanot (@ClementLanot) February 9,

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