Police in Hamburg use WATER CANNONS to disperse demonstrators against authorized anti-lockdown protest (VIDEO, PHOTOS)


24-05-20 11:02:00,

Police have deployed water cannons to break up a sparse crowd demonstrating against a sanctioned anti-lockdown rally in Hamburg, Germany, that saw dozens turn out while minding social distancing rules.

Police had to intervene after a small group of about 120 counter-protesters, many of them clad in black hoodies, repeatedly ignored police requests to stay clear of the ‘Vigil for the Basic Law’ rally against the lockdown measures on Saturday.

The counter-demonstrators, who showed up unannounced, lacking any permission from the authorities, argued that the anti-lockdown rally attracted many right-wing extremists. “Against conspiracy fantasies, anti-semites and the right-wing agenda,” one of the posters read.

Although both rallies ended without a major incident, scuffles broke out between police and counter-protesters. A bottle was hurled at the officers from the crowd, police said. One person was arrested but was released later.

The anti-lockdown gathering was greenlit to go ahead after organizers agreed to cap the number of its participants at 750 instead of some 3,500-4,000, as originally requested. The Hamburg Administrative Court ruled to limit the number of those who could join the rally so police would be able to enforce the social distancing guidelines, imposed to stem the coronavirus pandemic.

Less than 20 minutes after the meeting officially kicked off, at about 3:17 p.m. local time, the maximum allowed number of participants had already arrived, police said, noting that it had to block more people from coming.

The demonstrators stood several feet apart from each other, chanting slogans and holding anti-lockdown banners, some of which read: “The right to distance instead of a ban on contacts,”  “Free accessible tests for everybody instead of the quarantine for everybody” as well as “Stop the corona madness! Basic law now!”

The participants of the rally denounced the government’s response to the outbreak, which has seen some 177,850 testing positive for Covid-19, including 8,216 who have died as a result of the disease.

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One of the speakers at the rally argued that more people have died due to planned surgeries being postponed than from the virus itself.

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Montenegro police arrest 60 protesters after clashes over detention of Orthodox priests (VIDEO)


14-05-20 07:06:00,

Montenegro police used teargas against protesters demanding the release of Serbian Orthodox Church priests detained for violating Covid-19 restrictions. Demonstrators claim the arrests were part of a wider crackdown on the Church.

The people’s anger was caused by the arrest of Serbian Orthodox Church Bishop Joanikije and several priests who led a religious procession amid a ban on public gatherings in the town of Niksic on Tuesday. The protests broke out late on Wednesday in several cities in the small Balkan state, which split from Serbia in 2006.

Videos from the protests captured violent scenes, showing a group of around a dozen policemen in full riot gear attacking a single demonstrator with batons and the crowd fleeing from the tear gas. Law enforcement also used stun grenades against the demonstrators, In4s website reported.

Civil unrest in #Montenegro. State about to nationalize up to 650 churches! Yesterday we saw clashes on the streets after the arrest of Bishop Joanikije of Budva-Niksic and ten priests. People’s resistance is increasing and we are seeing the end of the dictatorship. #revolutionpic.twitter.com/2dbZVP7Fuf

— Stefan Bošnjak 🇪🇺 (@stefanbosnjak) May 14, 2020

Local media said that there were dozens of injured among the ranks of the protesters, including a seven-year-old child, who was reportedly injured as the police dispersed the crowd in Pljevlja.  

“The injustice has exceeded every measure,” Gojko Perovic, the rector of the Cetinje school of theology, stated as he blamed the Montenegrin authorities for excessive use of force. “We call on them to stop their violent behavior toward peaceful and nonviolent protests,” he said in a statement. 

Keep your eyes on #Montenegro. There have been several clashes between the country’s Serbian minority and the police. Some are saying that as the country slips into a debt crisis, the government is trying to refocus anger toward the Serbs. This could get nasty quickly. pic.twitter.com/yaZ6Ah2v1i

— Jake Hanrahan (@Jake_Hanrahan) May 14, 2020

The police insisted that it acted “professionally” and was able to swiftly restore order. Around 60 people were detained after the officers were “brutally attacked for no reason,” the statement read.

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Police Are Using Drones To Monitor The Homeless And Check People’s Temperatures – Activist Post


07-05-20 04:19:00,

By MassPrivateI

All across the country, law enforcement is using the pandemic as an excuse to use Chinese-made drones to monitor the public, which breaks EVERY promise law enforcement has ever made regarding the use of drones. (More on that later.)

A recent Miami Herald article revealed how police are using Chinese-made DJI drones to monitor the homeless and check a person’s temperature.

Last month, police departments in Daytona Beach and Connecticut unveiled what was initially touted as a potential new tool against a pandemic: drones capable of taking a person’s temperature from 300 feet in the air.

The article, written by Charles Rabin, said that both agencies stopped using thermal imaging drones after civil liberties groups warned that police drones have essentially become “Big Doctor” in the sky.

Monitoring a person’s health is protected under federal law thus posing the question,  “Are drone readings, even with sophisticated infrared sensors, a trustworthy way to protect public health without violating individual rights?”

But none of that matters to American law enforcement.

In Florida, the Daytona Police Department has found away to justify using drones to check a person’s health.

But after public backlash, Westport police killed the plan before it was activated. And police in Daytona Beach clarified that the technology hasn’t been used to seek out random fevers in public spaces. Daytona Beach Police spokesman Messod Bendayon conceded the drone had been used but not to search public spaces for random fevers.

The Daytona Police Departments’ justification for using drones is intentionally misleading. Either police are using thermal imaging drones on the public or they are not. Their is no middle ground when it comes to using drones to invade the public’s privacy.

An article in the Daytona Beach Journal revealed just how misleading the Daytona Police Department has been about using drones to monitor the marginalized.

“When the homeless do gather in groups, the police department’s drones have swooped in to ask them to disperse,” Buck James, executive director of Halifax Urban Ministries said.

A comment made by Tom Sherick, 

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WATCH: Police detain dozens protesting against coronavirus lockdown in The Hague


05-05-20 07:42:00,

Dozens of people have been arrested following scuffles with police during an unauthorized anti-lockdown protest in The Hague.

Reports suggest roughly 200 people gathered in the Dutch city of The Hague on Tuesday for a demonstration against measures taken by the government to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

The Dutch government banned public gatherings in mid-March, and the protest was not authorized but had not been banned outright either. However, Mayor Johan Remkes said the protest could continue in the Koekamp park once those involved maintained a distance of at least five feet from one another. When they failed to comply, the mayor reportedly ordered their arrest. 

Eyewitness footage from the scene showed police mounted on horseback and riot control officers brandishing shields attempting to corale the protestors, who grew increasingly agitated as the protest continued. Disgruntled protestors reportedly pelted mounted police with missiles. 

Photos taken at the scene show the scale of the protest, as well as several people being placed under arrest.

The Hague police confirmed that they were “detaining demonstrators that ignore the mayor’s order,” but they have yet to give a total number of detainees.

Buses from The Hague transport company HTM ferried the detainees to the central police station for processing.

According to local reports, however, at least 50 people were arrested for failing to obey the rules of the protest. 

The scuffles follow outbreaks of violence at protests against 5G and the coronavirus lockdown last week.

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The State of the Police State – #NewWorldNextWeek


24-04-20 08:04:00,

Welcome to the 405th episode of New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Here’s What You Need to Know About Australia’s Coronavirus Tracking App

Alberta’s “Bill 10” Is An Affront To The Rule Of Law

LGBT People In Japan Worry Getting Coronavirus May Result In Outing

Story #2: Neo-Nazis Nab 20,000 Leaked Email Addresses, Passwords From WHO and Gates Foundation

NWNW Flashback: Rita Katz Deserves An Oscar Nomination (Dec. 3, 2015)

Suspicious S.I.T.E. To Release Another ‘Bin Laden’ Tape (Nov. 27, 2007)

Microsoft Pulls Ad Featuring Marina Abramović Over Conspiracy Theory

Video: Deleted Microsoft Ad With Marina

NYC Mayor De Blasio’s Social Distancing Tip Line Flooded With Penis Photos, Hitler Memes

Russians Launch Mass Virtual Protests Using SatNav Application

Story #3: Colombia Mass-Producing Ventilators Using Open Source Techniques

Colombia Close to Having World’s First Open Source, Low-Cost Ventilator

Original Jerusalem Post Story: “US Department of Defense Give 1 Million Masks To IDF For Coronavirus Use”

Edited Jerusalem Post Story: “Israel Brings 1 Million Masks From China For IDF Soldiers”

Some Doctors Moving Away From Ventilators For Virus Patients

You can help support our independent and non-commercial work by visiting http://CorbettReport.com/Support & http://MediaMonarchy.com/Join. Thank You.

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Canadian Police Begin Making Home Visits To Check Quarantine Compliance


12-04-20 09:32:00,

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

Police in Canada will visit the homes of people under coronavirus quarantine to check they are in compliance, with those who flout the law facing a fine of up to $1 million dollars and three years in jail.

Under the law, Canadians who have returned from abroad or are at risk of having been infected with COVID-19 are mandated to remain at home for 14 days.

Police say they will visit the homes of those under quarantine and advise them of the “potential consequences of non-compliance,” adding that violators could face “significant penalties, including fines and imprisonment.”

“The maximum fine for failing to comply with the quarantine is $750,000 and up to six months in prison, but those who put others at risk through could face harsher penalties: up to a $1-million levy and three years imprisonment,” reports Global News.ca.

The RCMP said that the checks would be facilitated through authorities first contacting persons by phone, text or e-mail and then having officers perform a “physical verification with the individual while maintaining physical distancing.”

Police say arrests of people flouting the law would be a last resort but that officers could issue them with a summons requiring them to appear in court.

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Police App Encourages People To Report Neighbors Who Violate Stay-At-Home Orders


05-04-20 07:56:00,

Via MassPrivateI blog,

How do you encourage people to turn against each other during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The answer is not that complicated, especially if you live in the City of Bellevue, Washington.

Four years ago, when the city created the MyBellvue app, it was touted as being a quick and easy way to report things like downed street signs, potholes, street light issues and noise complaints.

Fast forward to 2020 and public fears of COVID-19 have encouraged law enforcement to turn neighbors into government snitches.

Geekwire revealed how the Bellevue Police Department has turned a public service app into a report on your neighbors app.  You can report these incidents through the MyBellevue app on your electronic device or the MyBellevue portal.

“Police in Bellevue, Wash., are asking residents to report violations of the state’s “stay home” order online in an effort to clear up 911 lines for emergencies.”

A recent Associated Press article revealed that people are all to happy to report on their neighbors.

“Snitches are emerging as enthusiastic allies as cities, states and countries work to enforce directives meant to limit person-to-person contact amid the virus pandemic that has claimed tens of thousands of lives worldwide. They’re phoning police and municipal hotlines, complaining to elected officials and shaming perceived scofflaws on social media.”

LA Mayor Offers Snitches Rewards For Reporting On Neighbors

According to a CBS LA4 article Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that the city would reward snitches.

Four businesses have been referred to the city attorney’s office for misdemeanor filings.

“You know the old expression about snitches, well in this case snitches get rewards,” Garcetti said. “We want to thank you for turning folks in and making sure we are all safe.”

When law enforcement encourages Americans to turn against each other we all lose. We become a nation controlled by fear.

“Suspected violations are tracked in the MyBellevue app and generate a heat map that shows where gatherings have been reported.

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Police, Military Begin Door to Door Searches to Hunt Down New Yorkers Seeking Refuge – Activist Post


28-03-20 05:08:00,

By Matt Agorist

Rhode Island — In perhaps the most unprecedented attack on the Constitution on which the Free Thought Project has ever has ever reported, the governor of Rhode Island has announced that the National Guard will begin conducting house-to-house searches to hunt down New Yorkers seeking refuge in their state.

Not only will cops be violating the 4th Amendment rights of citizens in their homes, the governor also announced that Rhode Island cops have already begun pulling over every vehicle they see with a New York license plate.

In a move that is reminiscent to that of Nazi Germany, the governor labeled an entire state a threat. Checkpoints have been set up along the interstate and vehicles with New York plates were being stopped without probable cause on Friday.

“Right now we have a pinpointed risk,” Governor Gina Raimondo said. “That risk is called New York City.”

It is no question that New York is the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak and their citizens should remain self-quarantined to prevent the spread of the virus. The state has over 46,000 reported cases and 450 deaths reported as of Saturday morning.

However, police officers and the National Guard have no idea if the person they are stopping or searching has been in the state for weeks or days.

As Bloomberg reports:

Rhode Island has just over 200, and it has begun an aggressive campaign to keep the virus out and New Yorkers contained, over objections from civil liberties advocates.

Raimondo, a Democrat, said she had consulted lawyers and said while she couldn’t close the border, she felt confident she could enforce a quarantine.

This draconian police state action comes in spite of the fact that many New Yorkers own summer houses in Rhode Island and have every right to be there. But the governor could not care less. According to Bloomberg, “many New Yorkers have summer houses in Rhode Island, especially in tony Newport, and the governor said the authorities would be checking there.”

“Yesterday I announced and today I reiterated: Anyone coming to Rhode Island in any way from New York must be quarantined,” the governor said.

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UK Police Force Creates Tool That Lets People Snitch On Others For Not “Social Distancing”


28-03-20 12:28:00,

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

A police force in the UK has created a tool that allows people to snitch on others for not engaging in proper “social distancing.”

Humberside Police have created an online portal that allows people to alert them to violations of lockdown measures introduced by the government this week to fight the spread of coronavirus.

“The force says the portal has been made in response to an increase in the number of calls to its non-emergency 101 number following the government’s announcement earlier this week around new police powers to disperse groups,” reports ITV.

According to rules implemented earlier this week, people are not allowed to congregate in groups of more than two unless it’s a family from the same household.

“We will not be able to deploy officers to every single report of social gatherings that contradict the Government’s advice and dependent on the information within the report will determine our response,” according to Humberside Police’s Chris Philpott.

“However it may be some of the reports are referred on to our partner agencies, our Local Authorities for example, who could take further action to stop gatherings in certain places.”

As we highlighted earlier, Derbyshire Police revealed that they had used a surveillance drone to track dog walkers in a remote part of the country and then searched their license plates to find out where they live.

Police in North Yorkshire, another remote region, have also revealed that they will start conducting road checkpoints to make sure people have a valid reason for being outside.

Earlier this week, police in London were dispatched to send people home who had congregated on a local green area.

It’s not a holiday, it’s a lockdown, which means you don’t just come here and sunbathe.” pic.twitter.com/vS2j8kex73

— Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) March 24, 2020

In Spain, where COVID-19 lockdown rules are even tighter, a neighbor snitched on another neighbor after seeing two brothers playing soccer in a back yard.

*  *  *

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Police in California Plan to Use Drones to Enforce Quarantine Lockdown – Activist Post


22-03-20 10:36:00,

By John Vibes

In the months since the CoViD-19 pandemic began, governments around the world have been utilizing a wide range of technological devices to enforce quarantines. Advanced surveillance and tracking have been made possible by cellphone data, CCTV cameras, and drones.

Surveillance drones were used during the lockdown in China to monitor neighborhoods to ensure that residents were staying indoors. Drones were also used to spray disinfectants during the outbreak as well.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has urged additional governments to use similar tactics to enforce quarantines. Police in Spain have been using drones to patrol the streets and order citizens to stay home during the lockdown.

Most Americans doubted that these types of measures would happen at home, but police in California have already announced a plan to use drones equipped with cameras and loudspeakers to enforce the recently imposed quarantine orders.

In Chula Vista, a town just outside of San Diego, police purchased at least two drones from the Chinese company DJI for $11,000 each.

Vern Sallee, one of the city’s police captains, told the Financial Times that the drones could be used to “disperse crowds” without the need for a human officer to be involved.

“We have not traditionally mounted speakers to our drones, but . . . if we need to cover a large area to get an announcement out, or if there were a crowd somewhere that we needed to disperse—we could do it without getting police officers involved,” Sallee said.

“The outbreak has changed my view of expanding the program as rapidly as I can,” he added.

Sallee also suggested that the drones could be used to give homeless people updates or orders about the pandemic, since many of them may not have access to the Internet and may be unaware of the current situation.

“We need to tell them we actually have resources for them—they are vulnerable right now. It might be impractical or unsafe for our officers to be put into those areas,” Sallee said.

Spencer Gore, chief executive of Impossible Aerospace, a California-based maker of high-performance drones used by first responders,

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Spanish Police Are Using Drones to Yell at Those Disobeying Quarantine – Activist Post


18-03-20 08:30:00,

By Aaron Kesel

Spanish police are taking a page out of China’s Orwellian playbook by using drones to patrol and yell at their civilians who are disobeying the CoViD-19 quarantine.

The country issued a state of emergency on Friday, and on Saturday the government ordered everyone in the country to stay home for all but the most crucial trips outdoors, according to Business Insider. Now, much like China did earlier this year, Spanish police are using drones to demand that citizens stay indoors without having to approach them and risk spreading the virus.

Police in Spain have been using drones to check the streets for anyone ignoring Spanish orders to stay home during the coronavirus outbreak

On Saturday, the country’s 47 million citizens were ordered to stay indoors except for necessary tripshttps://t.co/Yqcy5K9OLC pic.twitter.com/jmLlQfQYXc

— BBC News (World) (@BBCWorld) March 15, 2020

Video from the BBC shows police speaking into a radio and urging people walking through a Madrid park to go home. That message is then relayed into a drone utilizing a loudspeaker flying overhead demanding Spain’s citizens quarantine themselves inside their homes.

In Spain, all schools, restaurants, bars, sports venues, and cultural centers have been ordered closed, and social gatherings are also forbidden under declaration of a National Emergency. Spain has been one of Europe’s hardest hit countries, after Italy, with a death total of 509 deaths and 11,000 cases of infections according to the Johns Hopkins map at the time of this report.

Most of Spain’s cases have been recorded in the Madrid region, according to the Spanish Health Ministry.

“We won’t hesitate to use all the measures we have at our disposal to look out for your safety and everyone’s safety,” the city’s police department said on Twitter. “Although some of you will give us a hard time.”

Spain’s prime minister Pedro Sanchez called for unity and cooperation announcing the new measures to combat the CoViD-19 virus, the Independent reported.

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Police State US/UK v. Julian Assange – Global Research


26-02-20 03:02:00,

Tuesday was day two of Assange’s Orwellian extradition hearing — a scripted extrajudicial show trial.

Like virtually always in the modern era, Britain is in cahoots with the Trump regime to crucify Assange for the “crime” of truth-telling journalism — revealing US high crimes of war and against humanity both right wings of its war party want suppressed.

Last week, John Pilger stressed that “if there is any sense of justice left in the land of Magna Carta, the travesty that is the case against this heroic Australian must be thrown out. Or beware, all of us,” he added.

Of course, “in the land of” UK complicity with US high crimes, Assange has already been judged guilty as charged, evidence of innocence inadmissible.

Incarcerated since last April after being brutally dragged from Ecuador’s London embassy to maximum-security Belmarsh prison, Assange has been tortured and otherwise abused to kill him slowly — including on days one and two of his show trial only a despotic regime could love.

According to Sputnik News analyst/producer Walter Smolarek, Assange is being “treated terribly throughout this whole process.”

Separated from and unable to communicate with his legal team behind bulletproof glass in the courtroom, he’s also been “badly harassed by prison authorities inside of Belmarsh Prison” before and during extradition proceedings to “make him incapable of truly defending himself in court,” adding:

“This is an unbelievable abuse of a detainee – somebody who should have the presumption of innocence – but obviously that’s not being followed in this case.”

Pronounced guilty by accusation long before proceedings began,  there is no chance for Assange to receive due process and judicial fairness, no chance for abuse against him to cease, perhaps no chance that he’ll ever see the light of day again as a free man.

He’s being “psychologically abused and tortured, said UN special rapporteur on torture Nils Melzer.

If he dies in Britain, “he will effectively have been tortured to death,” said 117 doctors from 18 countries in an open letter.

According to his legal team, he was stripped naked twice, handcuffed 11 times, forced to stand isolated in court, and had his case files confiscated on day one of the extradition proceedings.

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London Police Implement Real-Time Facial Recognition Devices; U.S. Follows With First Fully Biometric Airport – Activist Post


25-01-20 10:45:00,

By Aaron Kesel

London police are set to deploy real-time facial recognition technology throughout the city; while the U.S. is also implementing the tech among other biometrics in the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta, making it the first in the U.S. to become fully biometric.

The Metropolitan Police announced that after testing facial recognition they have moved past the trial stage and are ready to permanently integrate the cameras into London. According to a report by the BBC, the cameras will be placed in locations popular with shoppers and tourists, like Stratford’s Westfield shopping center and the West End.

Each individual system will have its own “watch list” consisting of images of criminals wanted for serious and violent crimes.

Several human-rights groups have stated facial recognition is a worrying technology. One group, British human-rights group Liberty, called the move a “dangerous and sinister step.”

“This is a dangerous, oppressive and completely unjustified move,” Clare Collier, advocacy director at Liberty, said in a statement. “Facial-recognition technology gives the state unprecedented power to track and monitor any one of us, destroying our privacy and our free expression.”

This comes amid calls from politicians and campaigners in the UK to stop the police from using live facial recognition for public surveillance, BBC reported.

Facial recognition technology has shown numerous issues over the years such as racial bias. Other problems notable by Fight For The Future, which ran a campaign against implementing the technology at music venues, cited “dangers to their fans in the form of police harassment including — misidentification, deportation, arrests for outstanding charges during an event and drug use during an event, discrimination at their concerts, and fans in a permanent government database,” all very valid concerns.

Last year, Activist Post consistently reported numerous studies finding that the technology’s accuracy isn’t all it’s marketed to be. Then Big Brother Watch, a watchdog observing UK Metropolitan Police trials, stated the technology misidentified members of the public as potential criminals, including a 14-year-old black child in a school uniform who was stopped and fingerprinted by police.

In eight trials in London between 2016 and 2018,

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Militarizing America’s Police: The Whole Damn System Is “Guilty as Hell”: Taking Control of Police – Global Research


25-11-19 08:34:00,

The entire system of policing in the United States is in crisis. Police murdering civilians has become a too common nightmare across the United States. The police murders of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, Eric Garner in New York City, Walter Scott in Charleston, SC, Tamar Rice in Cleveland OH, Freddie Gray in Baltimore, MD, Laquan McDonald in Chicago, IL and so many more have spurred a movement to transform policing.

The power relationship between police and the community is out of balance. Militarized policing of black and brown communities resembles an occupying force. While many police departments use the slogan “protect and serve,” in too many communities, people do not feel protected or served. They feel threatened, harassed and abused by police.

The relationship between police and the people needs to change. While there have been some positive reforms like police body cameras, special units to investigate police and increased prosecutions of police, these are insufficient. The most promising transformational change is to put in place community control of police through a democratically-elected police accountability board.

Screenshots showing the police conflict and killing of Eric Garner.

The Crisis

The constant police killings and shootings often caught on video and shared on social media have created a movement to transform policing. Associated Press described it, writing: “The videos — and the outrage that followed — helped ignite the most powerful civil rights movement since the 1960s.” The widespread police violence has become a national racial justice issue.

Police violence has been a reality in the United States from the start. The poster to the right could be carried today, but it is more than 50 years old. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., said in the I Have A Dream Speech, “We can never be satisfied as long as the Negro is the victim of the unspeakable horrors of police brutality.” Police violence has been part of centuries of oppression of Black people in the United States since they were first brought to the continent as slaves.

Slavery and racism are intertwined with policing, as Gary Potter Ph.D.

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French police use ‘weapons of war’ against protesters: Journalist tells RT how tear gas grenade exploded in his face


20-11-19 08:39:00,

A French journalist recalled the terrifying moment when an explosive tears-gas grenade hit him at the Yellow Vest protest, telling RT that there was no justification for police employing combat tools.

The weekend marked one year since the Yellow Vest protests picked up in France, with independent journalist Julien being among the many reporters, covering the anniversary rallies in Paris.

It started peacefully, but things quickly got out of hand as the protest apparently got hijacked by a group of demonstrators in black outfits. “It was a real riot. Some scenes resembled urban guerilla warfare,” Julien later recalled.

The rioters were blocking roads, building barricades and throwing bricks and Molotov cocktails at police. Julien remained in the crowd, filming the mayhem around him with a GoPro camera.

At some point, the reporter realized riot police have been whipped into a state of “panic.” They responded with a barrage of tear gas grenades and sting-ball ammunition, fired at the people almost indiscriminately.

What happened next felt like a slow-mo scene from a war movie. One gas grenade landed near Julien, than another went off some three to five meters away from him, releasing thick white smoke into the air.

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Tear gas & bonfires: Scuffles with police as Yellow Vests block roads in Paris ahead of 1st anniversary of protests (VIDEOS)

“Then, apparently I was hit in the face [with a grenade]. It exploded right in my gasmask and smashed through its protective plexiglass visor. It felt like a strong punch in the nose. And after that I heard the grenade exploding.”

The shock, the pain and the burning were almost unbearable. The reporter instinctively removed his camera and tried running away. But he couldn’t make it more than five meters, helplessly collapsing on the pavement.

Julien’s nose and upper lip were smashed by what he identified as a French-made GLI-F4 explosive tear gas grenade. “I watched this moment frame by frame later. There really was an explosion. The flash is clearly visible in my footage,” he recalled, confessing that the image of that flash is now haunting him and often reappears in front of his eyes.

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Actual PC police: British law enforcement allow convicted male rapists to identify as female


21-10-19 09:25:00,

At least six police forces across Britain allow convicted male rapists to be documented as female if they don’t identify as what they really are – male rapists. Because heaven forbid a rapist is mis-gendered?

Six departments, including the South Yorkshire and Thames Valley constabularies, were revealed to have adopted the mind-numbing practice, which allows violent sex offenders to be listed as female in a database used by the Home Office. Durham, Kent, Norfolk and Suffolk police forces, as well as the British Transport Police, are also believed to allow dangerous criminals to define their own gender – biology or facts be damned.

A women’s rights group, Fair Play for Women (FPW), discovered the bizarre policy after filing a Freedom of Information request.

Also on rt.com
Menstrual health under siege from trans community outraged that physiology isn’t inclusive

“You can’t get much more of a male crime than rape,” Nicola Williams, director of FPW, told the Sunday Times. “It would be highly offensive to a woman who was raped to have it written down that her attacker was a female when clearly that was a male with a penis.” But she’s probably just transphobic.

In Britain, the legal definition of rape states that the criminal act involves penetrating another person with a penis without their consent – not exactly something that a female could do. Women accused of sexual violence are charged with different crimes. In layman’s terms: Violent criminals who committed acts that only men can legally carry out can now identify as female, without issue, in several parts of Britain. Who knew that the PC police were a real thing?

Fearful of being labeled transphobic or not adequately “woke,” companies and governments have been pressured into acquiescing to the demands of fringe activists. Sanitary pad manufacturer ‘Always’ recently announced that it would no longer use the female Venus symbol on its packaging, following complaints that the image was somehow discriminatory.

Also on rt.com
I am a trans woman – but I think this woke world has gone too far

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Police State Ecuador Under Lenin Moreno – Global Research


13-10-19 05:27:00,

Moreno campaigned on a platform of continuing the progressive policies of his predecessor Rafael Correa.

Straightaway in office, he betrayed the public trust.  Ecuadorian legal scholar Oswaldo Ruiz-Chiriboga accused him of abandoning his pledges, implementing neoliberal policies demanded by US and internal special interests, purging Correa loyalists from his regime, operating extrajudicially.

Moreno sold Julian Assange to the US and UK for $4.2 billion in loan shark of last resort IMF blood money — requiring force-fed austerity, serving bankers and other corporate interests at the expense of the public welfare he abandoned.

Ruling anti-democratically, he waged war on independent journalists, human rights activists, and individuals criticizing his regime.

Mass protests in the capital Quito and other Ecuadorian cities since October 3 continue over Moreno’s elimination of longstanding fuel subsidies and other harsh neoliberal policies — in deference to IMF diktats.

Protesters want fuel subsidies reinstated, austerity ended, a return to progressive rule instituted by Correa, Moreno’s resignation, and snap elections to replace him.

After 10 days of public outrage, police and other security forces killed at least five protesters, injured countless others, and arrested around 1,000 individuals — what police state repression is all about.

The Moreno regime unleashed state-sponsored viciousness, refusing to reinstate the fuel subsidy or soften his hardline neoliberal agenda.

Reportedly on Saturday, indigenous CONAIE leaders accepted his request to meet for direct talks — short of suggesting he’ll ease support for privileged interests exclusively at the expense of ordinary Ecuadorians.

He ordered a military-enforced curfew, starting at 3:00 PM Saturday, saying: “We’re going to restore order in all of Ecuador. We’re starting with the curfew in Quito” and surrounding areas.

Last Tuesday, he announced a curfew near government facilities, ports, bridges, and other so-called “strategic zones.”

Ecuador’s ombudsman Freddy Carrion slammed the curfew, calling it “a desperate attempt by (Moreno) that will only worsen the violence.”

Urging him to reinstate the fuel subsidy, he said “(i)t’s the only way to reduce violence” and curb public anger over his harsh agenda.

CONAIE official Leonidas Iza said conditions for talks include holding them publicly, broadcasting them on national television.

“We’re not going to talk behind closed doors,” he stressed.

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Police TEAR GAS Yellow Vest protesters in Toulouse during 48th week of mass demonstrations (VIDEOS)


12-10-19 09:47:00,

Police in the French city of Toulouse have deployed tear gas and water cannon as Yellow Vest protesters took to the streets for the 48th weekend of mass demonstrations across France.

The city in the south of France has routinely been the scene of large anti-government rallies for the political movement which is nearing its first birthday. 

It again saw large crowds gather on Saturday and tensions soon boiled over with police clamping down heavily by using tear gas and water cannon to disperse the gathering.

Demonstrators erected barricades to inhibit the movement of security forces and the makeshift impediments were soon set alight. Clashes broke out, and Rue d’Alsace-Lorraine and other smaller streets in the city center were soon soaked and filled with tear gas, La Depeche newspaper reported.

The Yellow Vest demonstrations began last November as a protest against a planned fuel tax hike, which was set to be introduced by the government of President Emmanuel Macron. The protests were successful in getting Macron to scrap the mooted tax but the movement has since evolved into a wider display of anger at the government’s policies.

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Paris police officers disarmed and suspended as department roots out radicalization in its own ranks – reports


11-10-19 05:49:00,

Two Paris police officers have reportedly been disarmed, with one suspended from duty. It comes after a radicalised police IT specialist slashed four colleagues to death on October, 3.

Mickaël Harpon, a police computer specialist who prosecutors say followed a “radical vision of Islam,” stabbed three officers and an administrator to death at Paris’ police headquarters last Thursday, before he was shot dead by a patrolman. Interior Minister Christophe Castaner described Harpon’s attack as a “serious failure” of the state to detect “signs of radicalization.”

Paris Police Chief Didier Lallement advised officers on Monday to “immediately report” signs of “possible radicalization of an agent,” Le Parisien reported. The newspaper described an atmosphere of “paranoia” spreading through the ranks.

Also on rt.com
Radical Islamist police officer who killed his Paris colleagues had TOP SECRET security clearance & info on UNDERCOVER COPS

Two officers have already been disciplined, the newspaper says. One, at Paris’ Villeneuve-la-Garenne police station, was disarmed. He earlier began praying in work, refused to shake hands with women, and proselytized to his colleagues. The officer had already been dismissed from the force last year for his behavior, but was later reinstated after filing an appeal.

The officer had been in the spotlight before, after he was photographed with a friend of the terrorist who plowed his vehicle into six soldiers in the city in 2017. He later told a terrorism investigation that appearing in the photograph was “a mistake.”

Also on rt.com
Paris police knifeman had ‘radical vision of Islam,’ anti-terrorism prosecutors say

Another officer, also based in Paris, has been disarmed and suspended for similar activity. In 2011, the officer was reported for refusing to contact female staff and for praying during work after marrying a Muslim. However he was not considered to have been a radicalized person at that point.

Paris’ police department is a venerable and sprawling institution, dating back to the 17th century and employing more than 34,000 people. The intelligence division which Harpon worked in operates autonomously from the national security agency,

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France’s Police Protest Movement: The Unspoken Truth is that their Demands are Similar to those of the Yellow Vests – Global Research


04-10-19 07:11:00,

Pour la version française de cet article

In early October, The French Police conducted La March de la colère, (The “March of Anger”) directed against President Macron’s deadly economic austerity measures. “The center of Paris was paralyzed by the largest rally of police officers in years; they say they are in total despair after being abandoned by the government.” We have no money, salaries are falling, our pension funds are threatened.

Police “activists” pointed to abysmal working conditions, poverty as well as suicide within their ranks. 

More than 20,000 police officers marched from Place la Bastille to Place de la République.

In a bitter irony, the “dirty economic medicine” which is hitting France’s population at large is also affecting the police officers whose mandate is to repress those who question the legitimacy of the government’s austerity measures. 

Screenshots from TV Report

Since last November, police repression against the Gilets Jaunes has been undertaken with utmost brutality leading to thousands of arbitrary arrests and detentions.

The leader of the Yellow Vests Eric Drouet was present on the sidelines of the police protest movement, while underscoring and condemning the acts of police violence directed against the Yellow Vest movement. (RT)

While actively repressing the Yellow Vests, the (legitimate) demands of the police protest movement are directed against the French government’s economic austerity measures. Ironically the demands of the police officers are in many regards similar to those of the Yellow Vests (see list) 

A contradictory process is unfolding. The French police are both the protagonists as well as the victims of the French government’s “dirty economic medicine”.

The police officers say that that they have been abandoned by the government. But so has everybody else. And the French government which is committed to neoliberal economic policies desperately needs the police to repress the legitimate demands of French citizens. Without the police state apparatus, the enforcement of these deadly economic reforms fall flat.

There are no doubt many police officers who are in favor of the demands of the Gilets Jaunes but who fear reprisals from their commanding officers.

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Paris police arrest 89 Yellow Vest protesters during ‘Act 43’


07-09-19 10:15:00,

Thousands of demonstrators marched throughout France on the 43rd consecutive weekend of Yellow Vest protests against the economic policies of President Emmanuel Macron.

Police detained 89 demonstrators in the capital Paris, saying on Twitter that their march was illegal.

French media reported the Yellow Vests were trying to protest near the iconic Champs Elysee which was banned by authorities in spring after it turned into a major hotspot for similar rallies.

Some 800 people were protesting in the capital in other locations. The biggest demonstration of the day was in the southern city of Montpellier where more than 2,000 people took to the streets. Police used tear gas to disperse some of the protesters who threw stones and Molotov cocktails. An empty police car was set on fire. In Normandy Rouen, 26 people were arrested and 100 received citations as they disobeyed the city’s ban on demonstrations downtown.

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Watch As Police Commissioner Is Arrested For Questioning City’s Use Of Facial Recognition


20-07-19 06:48:00,

By Jack Burns

Imagine a day when police can randomly, actively, and at lightning speeds search databases for active search warrants using only a camera and facial recognition technology. That day is here. And despite the objections of high-ranking members in policing circles, the very real threat of losing our 4th and 14th Amendment rights is upon us. And, as the following case illustrates, those who speak out against it — even from within the system — are subject to being silenced.

A Detroit police commissioner was arrested this week for disorderly conduct during a commissioner’s meeting in which several dozen protesters were present to voice their opposition to police using facial recognition technology.

“Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me! Get your hands off me!” Cried Commissioner Willie Burton as police officers removed him from the Durfee Information Center. Burton was taken out of the meeting, placed into a squad car, and taken to jail.

Burton was taken into custody after repeatedly questioning board chairwoman Lisa Carter about what she would do differently in her new term as board chairperson. Carter found Burton to be “out of order” and asked police to remove him.

On Wednesday, Detroit Police Chief James Craig defended his officers’ arrest of Burton saying:

The arrest was legal, and I’m not criticizing my officers…But after weighing the totality of the circumstances, I thought it best to drop the charges, in order to maintain a harmonious relationship with the board and the people who elected (Burton).

Carter also weighed in on Burton’s arrest, denying she knew he had been arrested and encouraging decorum in future meetings. She said:

The board did not want him arrested in the first place…Hopefully in the future, we can all understand there’s a time when people can talk during meetings, and that we need decorum, so that we can have orderly meetings. That’s my only goal.

According to the Detroit News, “tensions are running high” as the police commissioner board is seeking to approve or ban the controversial use of facial recognition technology which allows for any citizen’s facial imagery to be used to solve crimes.

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Police Departments Begin Dumping Faulty Pre-Crime A.I. Programs


05-07-19 07:33:00,

By Nicholas West

Slowly but surely it seems the promises made by Big Tech that the answers to crime could be provided by mass surveillance and artificial intelligence have not delivered.

Until now, the only thing that has been stopping the rollout of this technology is raising awareness about how many of these programs have been kept completely secret from the public.

In the many articles that I’ve written about the various pre-crime systems, I’ve always included this key finding: “Predictive Algorithms Are No Better At Telling The Future Than A Crystal Ball.”

That title does not come from me or from other independent media “conspiracy theorists” — that comes from Uri Gal, Associate Professor in Business Information Systems, at the University of Sydney, Australia.  As an expert in the field who draws upon the findings and opinions of many other experts in artificial intelligence, he clearly states:

One of the fundamental flaws of predictive algorithms is their reliance on “inductive reasoning”. This is when we draw conclusions based on our knowledge of a small sample, and assume that those conclusions apply across the board.

He focuses on how this type of reasoning could gravely misinform business hiring practices, which is bad enough, but when we consider the even greater complexities of crime, conclusions become even more difficult to predict.

After many years of using predictive crime algorithms, some of the nation’s most enthusiastic supporters of “Policing in the 21st Century” are beginning to declare the mission a failure.

An admirably thorough article from The Los Angeles Times investigative reporter Mark Puente highlights the latest developments:

[T]he widely hailed tool the LAPD helped create has come under fire in the last 18 months, with numerous departments dumping the software because it did not help them reduce crime and essentially provided information already being gathered by officers patrolling the streets.

After three years, “we didn’t find it effective,” Palo Alto police spokeswoman Janine De la Vega said. “We didn’t get any value out of it. It didn’t help us solve crime.”


“We tested the software and eventually subscribed to the service for a few years,

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Police in India ‘urinated in journalist’s mouth’ & beat him (VIDEO)


12-06-19 01:08:00,

A journalist in India was violently beaten by railway police who, he said, also urinated in his mouth, in a shocking assault in western Uttar Pradesh that was highlighted on social media by his fellow media colleagues.

A video of the assault captures the moment News24 journalist Amit Sharma is hit by officers as he begs them to stop. He had been covering the derailment of a train in Shamli at the time.

“They were in plain clothes. One hit my camera and it fell down,” Sharma recalled, NDTV reports. “When I picked it up, they hit and abused me.”

#WATCH Shamli: GRP personnel thrash a journalist who was covering the goods train derailment near Dhimanpura tonight. He says, “They were in plain clothes. One hit my camera&it fell down. When I picked it up they hit&abused me. I was locked up, stripped&they urinated in my mouth” pic.twitter.com/nS4hiyFF1G

— ANI UP (@ANINewsUP) June 11, 2019

He was taken to a police station where he was placed in a cell, where he was reportedly stripped and police urinated in his mouth. A number of journalists went to the police station when they heard about the incident and filmed Sharma inside his cell as he recounted what had happened. They also shared footage of the cops beating him on social media and contacted senior officers at police headquarters.

“10 to 15 days ago, I had done a story on them. The mobile phone that they snatched from me had the footage of the story,” the journalist said, after his release on Wednesday morning. Sharma told another news channel he had exposed the police for making money from unauthorized vendors and that they had tried to bribe him, HW News reports.

Also on rt.com
Police officers among 6 found guilty of shocking rape and murder of 8yo girl in India

Uttar Pradesh Police tweeted that two of the officers involved were going to be suspended.

The state of Uttar Pradesh is already in the spotlight over the arrest of a journalist for allegedly  ‘defaming’ Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in a tweet.

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Police fine pedestrian £90 over facial recognition camera row


12-06-19 01:06:00,

Police fined a pedestrian £90 for disorderly behaviour after he tried to cover his face when he saw a controversial facial recognition camera on a street in London.

Officers set up the camera on a van in Romford, East London, which then cross-checked photos of faces of passers-by against a database of wanted criminals.

But one man was unimpressed about being filmed and covered his face with his hat and jacket, before being stopped by officers who took his picture anyway.

After being pulled aside, the man told police: ‘If I want to cover me face, I’ll cover me face. Don’t push me over when I’m walking down the street.’

It comes just weeks after it was claimed the new technology incorrectly identified members of the public in 96 per cent of matches made between 2016 and 2018. 

The cameras have been rolled out in a trial in parts of Britain, with the Met making its first arrest last December when shoppers in London’s West End were scanned.

But their use has sparked a privacy debate, with civil liberties group Big Brother Watch branding the move a ‘breach of fundamental rights to privacy and freedom of assembly’. Police argue they are necessary to crack down on spiralling crime.

Officers previously insisted people could decline to be scanned, before later clarifying that anyone trying to avoid scanners may be stopped and searched.  

It was first deployed by South Wales Police ahead of the Champions League final in Cardiff in 2007, but wrongly matched more than 2,000 people to possible criminals.

Police and security services worldwide are keen to use facial recognition technology to bolster their efforts to fight crime and identify suspects.

But they have been hampered by the unreliability of the software, with some trials failing to correctly identify a single person.

Silkie Carlo (left, in the yellow hat), director of Big Brother Watch, observed the technology in use – and asked an officer about the man they had taken aside: ‘What’s your suspicion?’

The technology made incorrect matches in every case during two deployments at Westfield shopping centre in Stratford last year, according to Big Brother Watch. It was also reportedly 96 per cent accurate in eight uses by the Met from 2016 to 2018.

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More Police Raids As War On Journalism Escalates Worldwide


05-06-19 03:37:00,

The Australian Federal Police have conducted two raids on journalists and seized documents in purportedly unrelated incidents in the span of just two days.

Yesterday the AFP raided the home of News Corp Australia journalist Annika Smethurst, seeking information related to her investigative report last year which exposed the fact that the Australian government has been discussing the possibility of giving itself unprecedented powers to spy on its own citizens. Today they raided the Sydney headquarters of the Australian Broadcasting Corp, seizing information related to a 2017 investigative report on possible war crimes committed by Australian forces in Afghanistan.

In a third, also ostensibly unrelated incident, another Australian reporter disclosed yesterday that the Department of Home Affairs has initiated an investigation of his reporting on a story about asylum seeker boats which could lead to an AFP criminal case, saying he’s being pressured to disclose his source.

AFP: I’m still staggered by the power of this warrant. It allows the AFP to “add, copy, delete or alter” material in the ABC’s computers. All Australians, please think about that: as of this moment, the AFP has the power to delete material in the ABC’s computers. Australia 2019.

— John Lyons (@TheLyonsDen) June 5, 2019

“Why has AFP suddenly decided to carry out these two raids after the election?” tweeted Australian Sky News political editor David Speers during the Sydney raid. “Did new evidence really just emerge in both the Annika Smethurst and ABC stories?!”

Why indeed?

“If these raids unconnected, as AFP reportedly said, it’s an extraordinary coincidence,” tweeted The Conversation chief political correspondent Michelle Grattan. “AFP needs to explain ASAP the timing so long after the stories. It can’t be that inefficient! Must be some explanation – which makes the ‘unconnected’ claim even more odd.”

Odd indeed.

It is true that the AFP has formally denied that there was any connection between the two raids, and it is in fact difficult to imagine how the two could be connected apart from their sharing a common theme of exposing malfeasance that the government wanted kept secret. If it is true that they are unconnected,

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Police To Use TSA-Style Scanners To Spy On People In Public Places


02-06-19 09:21:00,

Via MassPrivateI blog,

TSA-style body scanners are coming to public spaces, and that should scare the hell out of everyone.

If you thought the NYPD’s Z-Backscatter vans and police mini-Z’s were intrusive, you have not seen anything yet.

Soon, nowhere will be safe from Big Brother’s prying eyes, as police prepare to use HEXWAVE to spy on people in public spaces.

Last week the Salt Lake Tribune revealed that the Utah Attorney General and law enforcement are partnering with Liberty Defense, a 3D image scanning company that makes its money from scanning the public in real-time. (3D means capturing rich information (size, shape, depth) about the detection space. It can detect any material that has a physical form.)

Let’s start with their name — calling yourself Liberty Defense is an affront to liberty-minded Americans who do not want to be secretly spied on by Big Brother. Their tag line “Protecting Communities And Preserving Peace of Mind” is the exact opposite of what this device does.

Any device that is used to spy on the public is just that: a surveillance device. It is not a Defense of our Liberty.

As Fox Now 13 reported, police will use Liberty Defense’s, HEXWAVE to spy on people at mass gatherings like concerts, malls and stadiums.

“HEXWAVE could be deployed at mass gatherings like concerts, malls, stadiums, public transit stops and government buildings” Bill Riker, Liberty Defense’s CEO, said.

Over the past two years, I have warned people that TSA-style body scanners were turning public transit into mirror images of our airports by watchlisting and flagging suspicious people. But I could never have imagined that law enforcement would be putting them in malls and places of worship.

If you do not believe Fox News, then perhaps you will believe Liberty Defense, which openly admits that they want governments and businesses to put their 3D scanners in every public venue.

“Their challenge: efficiently securing high traffic areas with multiple entry points,

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In France, police violence escalates to quell yellow vests protests · Global Voices


26-05-19 09:43:00,

Yellow Vests demonstration in Paris, France, March 16, 2019. Photo by the author, used with permission.

Des violences policières, il y en a tous les samedis. Les gens qui sont blessés et mutilés ne sont pas des casseurs, mais des manifestants.

Police violence is a regular Saturday occurrence. The guys who get hurt and injured aren’t hooligans, but protesters.

These are the words of David Dufresne, an independent journalist who is angry about the excessive use of force by French police since the start of the yellow vests (gilets jaunes) movement. Dufresne has kept a tally of the injured victims of police violence and he describes his motivation:

Je m’y suis intéressé, tout début décembre, quand j’ai vu que circulaient sur les réseaux sociaux des images épouvantables de mutilés. Parce que c’est bien de mutilés que l’on parle : je recense 23 personnes qui ont perdu un œil, cinq qui ont perdu une main.

I got involved, right at the start of December, when I saw these horrendous images of the maimed circulating on social media. And I mean maimed: I’ve counted 23 people who’ve lost an eye, five who’ve lost a hand.

To call out the violence, David Dufresne set up a website, in partnership with Mediapart, an independent newspaper. Ironically named “Hello Home Office, Justice Department” (referencing a Twitter expression to flag illegal or offensive content to the police), his platform itemizes casualties since the beginning of the yellow vest movement.

The site details injuries reported by category. Of the 550 reports cataloged, more than 222 concern head injuries, with at least 20 with cases of eye loss and five reported arm loss. Of the victims, 419 were demonstrators, 57 journalists, 37 minors, 19 bystanders and 18 medical personnel.

Yellow Vests protester with eye injury following one demonstration via @alloplacebeauveau (with their permission)

On Twitter, Dufresne shares photos of injuries sent by the victims.  At times extreme, images show grave injuries sustained at the hands of law enforcement officers during protests.

Violences policières: on est à au moins 260 signalements de @davduf.

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French police use tear gas, water cannons in Nantes as Yellow Vests march for 26th weekend in row


12-05-19 12:07:00,

The defiant Yellow Vests, though in dwindling numbers, have marched across France for the 26th straight weekend. In Nantes and Lyon the rallies ended up in clashes between the demonstrators and police.

A week after the lowest turnout since the movement began as a protest against a planned fuel tax hike in November, the Yellow Vests, who are now protesting President Emmanuel Macron’s broader reform agenda and supposed indifference towards the fate of the ordinary French people, once again took to the streets of the French cities.

Nantes and Lyon saw some major demonstrations on Saturday, as thousands of people joined the rallies organized by the protest movement in both cities.

In Lyon, 2,500 people hit the streets while in Nantes the police put the turnout at 2,200, according to the French media.

While the processions were largely peaceful, some clashes between the protesters and the police did erupt as some black-hooded demonstrators hurled bottles at the officers and smashed shop windows in Nantes. Police responded with tear gas and also used water cannons to disperse the crowd.

The angry demonstrators were particularly dissatisfied with the concessions the French government made under pressure from the protest movement following the so-called national debate launched by Macron.

“The ‘grand debate’ was a smokescreen. Today they’re smoking us out with tear gas,” a 43-year-old protester, who identified himself as Mickael, told Reuters. “But we won’t cave in. Yes, we’re fewer than at the start, but when the others come back, we’ll still be here and we’ll still be angry.”

In Lyon, the atmosphere at the rallies was tense as well. At some point, the protesters started pelting the officers with bottles, stones, and firecrackers. The police retaliated with the massive use of tear gas.

The situation spiraled into clashes between the Yellow Vests and the police, which left one officer and one protester injured.

In Paris, which has seen some of the worst street violence in its modern history during the Yellow Vest protests, the situation remained largely peaceful this time.

Hundreds of people marched in the rain through the streets of the French capital starting from the Jussieu University in solidarity with the teachers,

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Police State Britain: UK Police Forcibly Arrest Julian Assange – Global Research


11-04-19 09:09:00,

What’s going on is a developing story. Events are fast moving. Here’s what’s known so far.

Days earlier, WikiLeaks accused Ecuadorian embassy personnel in London of “extensive spying” on Assange, according to its editor-in-chief Kristinn Hrafnsson, saying:

It’s been going on as part of Ecuador’s complicity with the US and UK to arrest, detain, and extradite him to US authorities – for the crime of truth telling, journalism the way it’s supposed to be.

“We know that there was a request to hand over visitor’s logs from the embassy and video recordings from within the security cameras in the embassy,” Hrafnsson explained, information to be handed over to Trump regime officials to be used against Assange, she believes.

At a Thursday news conference, former Ecuadorian consul to London Fidel Narvaez said his country “is not protecting Julian anymore,” his asylum status illegally rescinded.

Hours earlier, UK metropolitan police entered Ecuador’s London embassy, forcibly arresting Assange, a statement saying:

“He has been taken into custody at a central London police station where he will remain, before being presented before Westminster Magistrates’ Court as soon as is possible,” adding:

It “had a duty (sic) to execute (an outstanding warrant against him, pertaining to fabricated rape and sexual abuse charges in Sweden later rescinded) on behalf of Westminster Magistrates’ Court, and was invited into the embassy by the ambassador, following the Ecuadorian government’s withdrawal of asylum.”

UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid tweeted the following:

“(N)early seven years after entering the Ecuadorean Embassy, I can confirm Julian Assange is now in police custody and rightly facing justice in the UK (sic).”

“I would like to thank Ecuador for its cooperation (sic) and the metropolitan police for its professionalism (sic). No one is above the law (sic).”

Last Friday, Ecuador’s Foreign Ministry denied what it called “rumors” about its government’s intention to rescind Assange’s asylum, expelling him from its London embassy, permitting his arrest by UK authorities ahead of extraditing him to the US.

Days earlier, WikiLeaks said Quito and London agreed on expelling Assange from Ecuador’s London embassy in “hours to days.”

Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno falsely accused him of “repeatedly violat(ing) the conditions of his asylum,” unjustifiably claiming he “hack(ed) private accounts (and) phones,” adding:

“In WikiLeaks we have seen evidence of spying,

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Heavy Police Presence, Supporters Gather Outside Embassy As Assange Expulsion Looms


05-04-19 01:22:00,

A heavy police presence could be seen outside the Ecuadorian embassy in London in the early hours of Friday after WikiLeaks issued an alert the evening prior saying Julian Assange “will be expelled” in a matter of “hours to days” from the place of his asylum and safe haven from authorities since 2012. WikiLeaks said it was tipped off by two “high level” Ecuadorian government sources who described the expulsion as imminent. 

Supporters as well as news crews also gathered across the street from the embassy, at a moment the Ecuadorian government seems to have run out of patience on the back of the so-called of the INA Papers scandal, involving key allegations that Ecuadorian president Lenín Moreno enriched himself from an offshore account in Panama, something he’s vehemently denied. 

Armed police arrive outside the Ecuadorian Embassy, in London, Friday, April 5, 2019. Image source: AP

WikiLeaks says Moreno is attempting to generate a “false pretext” for ending Assange’s asylum on the legal technicality that “conditions” have been broken. This follows Moreno telling The Guardian this week in an interview that “We should ensure Mr. Assange’s life is not at risk but he’s violated the agreement we have with him so many times.”

Well-known UK based journalist John Pilger immediately called for WikiLeaks supporters to “fill the street outside the embassy and protect him” as well as for the world to “show solidarity with a courageous man”.

Overnight a small group of supporters began holding a protest vigil in front of the embassy, with some placing LED lights reading “NO EXPULSION” on the sidewalk, before the display along with tents were dismantled by police. 

What it looks like outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London right now. #ProtectJulian #FreeAssange https://t.co/jFzuiRUaYo pic.twitter.com/wWM9eOW630

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) April 5, 2019

Both UK police and Ecuador’s foreign ministry have denied that there’s a move to expel Assange from the diplomatic compound. According to the AP

Police said in a statement there is an active warrant for Assange’s arrest and that the police are “obliged to execute that warrant should he leave the Embassy.”

Police withdrew the round-the-clock guard outside the embassy in October 2015 after more than three years in favor of what the service called a “covert” approach.

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UK Police ready 10,000 riot officers as fears Brexit tensions could worsen


04-04-19 09:38:00,

Thousands of police officers trained in quelling disorder during civil unrest are standing by to be deployed in the event tensions over Brexit overspill into violence on the streets of Britain, according to a top police chief.

The head of the National Police Chiefs Council, chief constable Charlie Hall, has revealed that at least 10,000 officers have been amassed, trained in tactics to stop looting. It’s a greater number than was deployed during the riots that blighted England in the summer of 2011.

Hall claims that reinforcements for local police could begin within an hour of a request and take up to eight hours to fully deliver, insisting “We would easily run at that pace for the first seven days.”

Also on rt.com
British police call railway sabotage attempts ‘Brexit-related’

It comes as concerns are being raised that rhetoric surrounding the Brexit debate could be contributing to inflaming tensions.

Martin Hewitt, chair of National Police Chiefs Council, has issued a warning that “prominent individuals” should avoid inciting anger given the “febrile” and “emotive” atmosphere currently enveloping Britain.

Up to 1,000 officers are being trained in case Northern Ireland requires reinforcements, with mainland police constables being taught specific tactics needed in the region.

Hall said 15 out of 43 police forces in England and Wales had placed some restrictions on leave. He revealed there had been 37 Brexit-related crimes in the last two weeks, half of which were malicious communication, with other offences including harassment and verbal abuse.

Also on rt.com
‘Laughing while country burns!’ Brits fume on Twitter as MPs laugh and joke during Brexit debate

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Police Testing “Non-Lethal” PepperBall Weapon Despite Calls For More Transparency and Accountability | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda


19-03-19 08:49:00,

By Joe Wright

Several police departments around the U.S. have a new weapon in their arsenal: a PepperBall gun that fires marble-sized munitions filled with high-test pepper spray (see video at end of article).

Police are insisting that this is a new less-than-lethal way of dealing with those who are armed with anything less than a gun and refuse to comply with police directives.  St. Paul, Minnesota is the latest police department considering implementation of the weapon, and they have embarked on a pilot program that officials believe will reduce incidents of excessive force.

As a report from Twin Cities Pioneer Press cites:

“We want to give officers as many options as possible to bring a resolution to a call without having to result in deadly force,” said Senior Cmdr. Kurt Hallstrom, who heads the special operations unit. “It’s not the magic tool that’s going to prevent bad things from happening, but it’s a useful tool with a pretty low level of force.”

However, unless St. Paul has more ethical and well-trained police than other departments, the results are likely not to be as non-lethal as one would hope.

As Twin Cities correctly notes, there already have been deaths associated with the use of PepperBall guns where they have been deployed, calling into question at least how they are being touted as non-lethal or the newer term “less than lethal.”

In New Mexico, an 88-year-old man died after deputies fired a PepperBall gun at him dozens of times.

And in Oklahoma, after jailers shot PepperBall at a 40-year-old man, he died of “agitated delirium due to acute methamphetamine intoxication” with “multiple pepper ball injuries” as a contributing factor, according to the Oklahoman newspaper.

Nevertheless, it appears that St. Paul is already predicting success not only in using the PepperBall gun in presumably unavoidable altercations with deranged or violent individuals, but potentially at protests.

Police use of PepperBall during demonstrations also has been the subject of national attention. But St. Paul police said they will not be using it at protests during the pilot project.

“It might be something we consider down the road,

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