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Political Collapse or War?

Can the Epstein Pedophile Case Be Covered Up A Second Time?  Or Will It Bring Down the American Political Establishment and that of the Western world, Or Will the Scandal Be Moved Aside By War With Iran?  Will Israel Finally Get A US-Iran War?

We seem to face these dire alternatives, because the underage sex ring was created by Epstein for blackmail purposes by an intelligence service. http://www.unz.com/pgiraldi/did-pedophile-jeffrey-epstein-work-for-mossad/  

How can the universal spying by the National Security Agency have failed to discover the pedophile ring and its espionage purpose?

Apparently, Acosta’s assigned role was to secure a conviction of Epstein while keeping the evidence out of court.

According to the Justice Integrity Project: 

“New York Times, Acosta Resigns as Labor Secretary Over Epstein Plea Deal, Annie Karni, July 12, 2019. President Trump said Friday morning that R. Alexander Acosta, his embattled secretary of labor, will resign following controversy over a lenient plea deal he made with Jeffrey Epstein when he was a prosecutor in Florida.

“Mr. Trump made the announcement as he left the White House for travel to Milwaukee and Cleveland. Mr. Trump said Mr. Acosta called him this morning and that it was Mr. Acosta’s decision to resign. Acosta was plagued by controversy over a plea deal he made with Jeffrey Epstein, who is accused of abusing dozens of underage girls.

“Under the Bush administration, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, Alexander Acosta, arranged a sweetheart plea deal for Epstein, who pleaded guilty to state charges of solicitation of prostitution and procurement of minors for prostitution. The billionaire pervert served merely 13 months of a nighttime-only sentence in a minimum-security wing of the Palm Beach County prison for his felony guilty plea of soliciting prostitution from a minor. The New York Post reported (Massage Maven out of prison) that Epstein was permitted to have a mistress whom Epstein had described as his “sex slave” visit him in jail 67 times.

“Most shocking, Epstein was spared from any further Florida or federal charges. The non-prosecution agreement was approved by Acosta in coordination with Epstein’s high-powered legal team, which included Florida attorneys Jack Goldberger and Roy Black,

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Latest Political Goings-on in Japan | New Eastern Outlook

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In recent months, Japan has borne witness to a series of various important events occurring with a greater frequency. And as they become increasingly staggered, processes within the nation’s political life begin to speed up as a result.

We could refer, for instance, to the issue (discussed on numerous occasions in the New Eastern Outlook) of relocating the US base, Futenma, in Okinawa. This situation has not been diffused, and instead it will, in all likelihood, transform from a relatively local conflict between the central government and the prefecture’s administration into one of national importance.

The problem of increasing labor shortages (stemming from long-standing issues of lower birth rates and an ageing population) also seems significant, and the government plans on resolving it by using migrant workers.

These and other issues have become subjects of lively debates at political forums, in administrative bodies and the National Diet. This war of words among supporters of various political factions will probably only intensify as the date, scheduled for July 2019, to re-elect half the members of the upper house in the House of Councillors approaches.

Since the last time we broached the topic of moving the Futenma base, several events have transpired that demonstrate the situation is really not ready for a resolution. And this, seemingly, is what the Japanese Central Government as well as the US military command (for now in the observer’s role) had been hoping for.

The new Governor of Okinawa, Denny Tamaki, supported by the Prefectural Assembly, has been increasingly active in trying to resolve this issue. Once his invitation, extended to US senators, to visit Okinawa was declined, he then went to the United States in the middle of December.

In the USA., Denny Tamaki proposed an initiative to stage three-way negotiations (i.e. in the format the US administration – Japanese government – Governor of Okinawa Prefecture) on revising the plans to relocate the Futenma base from Ginowan to the scarcely populated Henoko Bay area, also located on the Okinawa Island. Second-tier officials from the US Department of State met with the Governor and informed him that Washington was inclined to honor the agreements, reached on this issue with Tokyo.

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Ecuador’s Soft Coup and Political Persecution

21-11-18 11:21:00,

Ecuador’s Soft Coup and Political

By Rafael Correa

The destruction of the rule of

November 20, 2018
Clearing House

   Can you
imagine a “democracy” in which the president
handpicks a council that proceeds to dismiss
the Constitutional Court, the Judicial
Council which oversees the judiciary, the
National Electoral Council, the Attorney
General, the ombudsman, and all six major
regulators (superintendents)?

Unfortunately, that is the current
situation in Ecuador. Abusing participatory
democracy, and deceiving the public with the
complicity of a corrupt press, on February 4
of this year they called an unconstitutional

Several articles in our constitution
stipulate that the Constitutional Court must
rule on the legality of any referendum
questions, but, given the clear
unconstitutionality of several questions,
the government knew that a ruling would not
go its way and called the referendum by
decree. For the first time in its history,
Ecuador had a nationwide referendum without
a ruling from the Constitutional Court.

With the approval of the tricky and
confusing question 3, they seized the
so-called Council of Citizen Participation [CPCCS
in the Spanish acronym], whose members were
selected through national competitions, and
which, according to the Constitution of
Ecuador, is responsible for overseeing
competitions that elect about 150 control
authorities. [1]The unconstitutional
referendum gave a “Transitory” CPCCS  (which
I’ll refer to as the CPCCS-T) the “power” to
evaluate and, if applicable, dismiss these
control authorities. The dismissal of
authorities is an exclusive constitutional
power of the National Assembly. The
Constitutional Court, which is not even
selected by the CPCCS , cannot be dismissed
by anyone else.

At present, Ecuador does not have a
Constitutional Court. The President’s
handpicked CPCCS-T  [after dismissing the
court] declared a two month absence of the
court which expire this week and will surely
be extended. Throughout this lapse,

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Our Political Nightmare | Armstrong Economics

06-11-18 11:00:00,

As we go into the elections tomorrow, this campaign has revealed the great political divide that once it has been exploited, there is no putting it back. A Democratic win in the House guarantees that this political divide will only get wider and deeper. They cannot actually pass anything without both the White House and the Senate, so what this would do would simply become more outrageous partisanship. That means NOTHING will actually take place that would be good for the nation for the real agenda will be to appear obstructive to win the presidency in 2020.

The Kavanaugh hearings have been a disgrace. Munro-Leighton, one of the false accusers, admitted she wrote the email after seeing the “Jane Doe” letter in news reports. She said she claimed to be Jane Doe so the letter would gain attention, “I was angry and I sent it out,” the woman told investigators. This reflects the problem. People willing to say whatever it takes to just defeat the other side. How has it come down to this?

The Democrats are warning that the midterm elections undermine the future of our democracy unless President Trump’s “authoritarian” instincts are curtailed. The only means of any authoritarian actions has always been the privilege to issue executive orders by a president. It was Franklin D. Roosevelt who confiscated gold with an executive order back in 1933. It was John F. Kennedy who removed silver from the coins with an executive order. Both were Democrats. Indeed, of the recent presidents, it was Bill Clinton who issued the highest number of non-Democratic authoritarian orders than any president in history.

  • George HW Bush 166
  • Bill Clinton 364
  • George W. Bush 291
  • Barack Obama 276

Then we have the Republicans who argue that the nation’s sovereignty is at risk if Democrats prevail. Both sides are focused on domestic power because the economy is doing well and there are no explosive international issues that are pressing. This has become an election of fear mongering. Either way, this is just part of the shift from Public to Private and in the mix of this is nothing but political corruption.

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Political Violence Surges in Brazil as Far-Right Strongman Jair Bolsonaro Inches Closer to the Presidency

16-10-18 10:33:00,

As Brazil’s far-right presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro steams ahead to what seems a likely victory on October 28, a climate of fear is spreading amid mounting reports of violence against non-supporters and journalists — including online intimidation, physical attacks, and even murder. His rival, Workers’ Party candidate Fernando Haddad, trails by 18 points in the latest polls.

In Salvador, the country’s capital of Afro-Brazilian culture, Paulo Sérgio Ferreira Santana was jailed last week for the killing of Moa do Katendê, a master of the Afro-Brazilian martial art capoeira, in a bar, hours after Bolsonaro narrowly missed winning the election in the first round of voting.

Eyewitnesses said the pair argued about politics and traded insults before Santana, a Bolsonaro supporter, paid his bill, left, returned with a knife, and stabbed the capoeira master, a Workers’ Party supporter, 12 times in the back.

“Some guy with one of my shirts commits an excess. What do I have to do with it? I lament it.”

At a rally last month, Bolsonaro grabbed a camera tripod and pretended to shoot it like a rifle, telling a crowd of enthusiastic supporters, “Let’s shoot the petralhada here,” using a derogatory term for Workers’ Party voters. It was hardly an isolated comment in his decades-long career of praising torture, hate crimes, and political violence. The candidate, however, denied any responsibility for Katendê’s death. “Some guy with one of my shirts commits an excess,” said Bolsonaro. “What do I have to do with it? I lament it.”

He pointed out that, in fact, he was a victim of electoral violence, referencing a recent incident where he was stabbed by a mentally ill attacker while on the campaign trail, which landed him in a hospital for three weeks. “I ask people not to do this,” he added. “I have no control over millions and millions of people who support me.”

Since September 30, more than 70 politically motivated attacks and threats have been documented across Brazil — at least 50 of which were perpetrated by Bolsonaro supporters and six against them, according to data from the Brasil.io data lab,

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