U.S. Presidential Partisan Divide Hits Record High


25-01-20 10:31:00,

With an 89 percent approval rating from Republicans and 7 percent approval rating from Democrats, President Trump has set a new high for partisan divide in 2019 with an 82-point gap between Republican and Democrat approval, according to Gallup.

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The new record in polarization beats Trump’s 2018 partisan approval gap by three points, with other scores from former President Obama’s 2012 and 2016 years and George W. Bush in 2004 rounding out the top five.

There’s no question Trump’s latest partisan divide is greatly influenced by his ongoing impeachment trial, which began in the Senate on Tuesday. Those in favor of impeaching Trump fall almost exactly in line with his approval ratings, with 89 percent of Democrats and only 8 percent of Republicans believing he should be removed from office, according to a recent CNN poll.

The approval rating divide highlights a decades-long trend in increasing polarization. George W. Bush and Bill Clinton each averaged approval ratings from the opposite party of 23 percent and 27 percent, respectively, which were both the first time in modern history a president had under 30 percent. Barack Obama averaged 13 percent among Republicans, making him the first to average under 20 percent. Now, Donald Trump has averaged just under 8 percent among Democrats in his first three years, which would make him the first president under 10 percent approval rating with the opposition party.

As Jonathan Turley notes, this leaves us in truly uncharted territory that defies conventional political analysis. Indeed, that may be the most lasting legacy of this president in reframing our political equations and understandings.

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Bolivia’s Presidential Election: Violence and Terror All Over the Country – Global Research


23-10-19 08:50:00,

People attacked and bleeding, public institutions burning. A government official hanging on the window not to die burned fell from the third floor of the Electoral Court. Carlos Mesa, President Evo Morales opponent, has been inciting violence. Shocking images all over Bolivia after Morales’ re-election, for the fourth time. The opposition across the country is promising much more. Increasing and frightful hate has taken the South American country in the last months, fueled by the mainstream media and obscure powers. Where does Bolivia go toward?

In Bolivia, truth does not matter so much, it does not come first especially to President Evo Morales’s opposition, the Washington regime-backed right-wing. Emotion comes first. Deep hate, in many cases an open sentiment by those who condemn in others, in many cases without proof, exactly what their leaders did once in power, and even does as opposition leaders.

Discrimination, manipulation, and corruption: their hallmark in the South American country. As elites everywhere in the now too effervescent region.

Currently in Santa Cruz de la Sierra city, this Brazilian reporter feels like being in the too hateful Brazil on the eve of the coup against then-President Dilma Rousseff in 2016, and during Michel Temer’s black years (2016-2018) which paved the way for fascist Jair Bolsonaro. Dialogue has been impossible in Bolivia, stuck in a hateful social division.

Lies are heard everywhere in Bolivia. Too intensively. One cannot trust anyone here when politics is the subject, much worse performance from the local opposition about it. But in general, both sides are lying.

What has been achieved under Morales

Bolivia has until recently achieved a relatively stable economy and politics, a more respected country all over the world; the current president has taken millions out of poverty and extreme poverty. All this, as the nation never lived before.

The Morales administration has pursued Latin American integration, Evo Morales has given minorities and indigenous people (historically forgotten and massacred) more rights, his administration has strongly opposed U.S. imperialism.

If there is hope for Bolivia, that means having Evo Morales in the Presidency.

The Historian and Journalist Carlos Mesa from the Citizen Community, Morales’ principal opponent, was vice-president during Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada‘s dark years: a pro-IMF President from 2002 to 2004 who massacred more than 70 peasants,

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2020 US Presidential candidates on the Assange prosecution – Defend WikiLeaks


10-09-19 04:28:00,

2020 US Presidential candidates on the Assange prosecution

The New York Times asked each 2020 US presidential candidate whether the charges against Julian Assange are constitutional and whether they would continue to prosecute him for publishing — most support a free press and several oppose use of the Espionage Act.

The Context

Prosecutors recently expanded a criminal case against Julian Assange to include accusations that he violated the Espionage Act by soliciting, obtaining, and publishing classified documents leaked in 2010 by Chelsea Manning, which could establish a precedent that such common journalistic activities (a separate question from whether Assange counts as a “journalist”) can be treated as a crime in America.

The Question

Are these charges constitutional? Would your administration continue the Espionage Act part of the case against Assange?

Cory Booker:

“Democracy cannot operate without a free press”

Steve Bullock:

“I support the important role of a free press investigating the actions of government and uncovering wrongdoing.”

Pete Buttigieg:

“The freedom of the press is one of the most important principles protected by the Constitution. By criminalizing behavior that closely resembles common journalistic practices, the most recent indictment of Julian Assange on Espionage Act charge…comes dangerously close to compromising this principle”

Tulsi Gabbard:

“No, this is a violation of freedom of speech – unconstitutional. No, my administration would drop this case.”

Amy Klobuchar:

“the role of journalists is critical to our nation’s democracy” … “[I would] restore former Attorney General Eric Holder’s guidance on protections for journalists so that they are not jailed for doing their jobs.”

Beto O’Rourke:

“it is essential that our government take no action and assert no policy that would impose a criminal penalty on legitimate journalistic activities”

Tim Ryan:

“Are these charges constitutional? No.”

Bernie Sanders:

“It is not up to the president to determine who is or is not a journalist. The actions of the Trump administration represent a disturbing attack on the First Amendment, and threaten to undermine the important work that investigative reporters conduct every day.”

Joe Sestak:

“this is a very slippery slope,

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Presidential hopeful Cory Booker & AIPAC president ‘text like teenagers’ – leaked audio


31-03-19 08:01:00,

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) and the president of the pro-Israel lobbying group text each other “like teenagers” and talk about unifying the Senate against boycotting Israel, his leaked speech at an AIPAC meeting reveals.

Audio of the closed-door meeting was obtained and published by the Intercept on Saturday. Booker spoke before the members of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) at the organization’s annual policy conference in Washington on Tuesday.

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Third rail no more? MoveOn asks 2020 Dems to boycott AIPAC

Booker was one of the few Democratic presidential hopefuls who appeared before AIPAC. Many skipped the event after Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) stirred up the party with criticism of the lobby group’s influence in US politics. 

The candidate thanked AIPAC President Mort Fridman for his “leadership and his friendship,” the audio reveals, and shared with participants details of their cozy relationship. Booker said they try to keep in touch and “text message back and forth like teenagers.”

He also voiced his strong rejection of anti-Semitism, saying it comes in different forms – particularly, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. BDS is a global movement focused on pressuring Israel to end its occupation of Palestinian territories and human rights violations. This pressure is unacceptable, Booker stated.

“Let me be clear. Anti-Semitism is un-American. It is anti-American. It violates, most deeply, our commonly held values, and we must take steps on the global stage against vicious acts that target hatred.”

“That is why I’m a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 720, the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, which opposes international efforts to encourage BDS while protecting First Amendment rights,” Booker added.

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House Dems ignore base, battle Trump for Israel’s approval with anti-boycott law as AIPAC looms

The controversial bill discourages US companies from joining any organizations involved in boycotting Israel. While it has received sizable support, human rights activists have raised concerns over the legislation, while others criticize it as an attempt by the Dems to win the pro-Israel lobby away from President Donald Trump.

Booker, however, stressed that bipartisan unity is important in supporting Israel. He also seemed to be offended by the remarks of Vice President Mike Pence,

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Former Presidential Candidate Gives Exclusive Interview To Geoengineering Watch


05-12-18 07:14:00,

Former Presidential Candidate Gives Exclusive Interview To Geoengineering Watch

Dane Wigington

Dr. Chuck Baldwin has a very long and impressive resume (also covered in Wikipedia), including being the 2008 presidential candidate for the Constitutional Party. In a world where preconception, ideology and bias increasingly rule the day, Dr. Baldwin has long since been a courageous outspoken voice of reason and fact based conclusions. Dr. Baldwin’s unyielding regard and respect for the unvarnished truth, no matter how much blowback he has had to endure for his outspokenness, is truly inspiring. In this candid and revealing 45 minute interview, conducted by Dane Wigington from GeoengineeringWatch.org, Dr. Baldwin passionately elaborates on his personal journey of investigation and discovery that shattered the foundations of what he and so much of our society had been taught as fact. Our most sincere apologies for technical difficulties that caused some background noise during the interview.

In our increasingly Owellian world, now, more than ever, voices like Chuck Baldwin’s need to be heard. If a larger percentage of society is not able to rise above their programming in order to honestly examine the front-line facts, we will have no chance of altering our current course of near term planetary omnicide. We must all make our voices heard in the critical battle to sound the alarm, the sand in the hourglass is rapidly running out.

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