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07-11-19 03:04:00,

A comment by Florian Kirner.

The fight for the next US presidency will not be decided until November 2020. But, as is well known, the USA afford a candidate casting of epic proportions. And so the primary elections already three months before the beginning of the primary elections, in January in Iowa, increasingly dominate the media coverage.

This means: the Democratic primary elections are doing this. With the Republicans, there is not much to report in terms of primary elections. For them, incumbent Donald Trump will once again be running for office.

All the more crowded is the field of candidates among the Democrats. The first television debates therefore even had to be divided into two. Ten candidates filled a show, before the field cleared to some extent and it was possible to accommodate the twelve candidates, who then qualified for the debate, in a single format.

Among them are some old acquaintances.

First there is Joe Biden. He was the vice-president under Barack Obama and immediately took the lead in the polls thanks to his nationwide fame and a huge firework of support from the liberal media.

Biden’s main argument is his supposedly superior „eligibility“. He has the best chance of winning against Trump next autumn, say the Biden people about Biden. However, there are considerable doubts about this. A counterargument would be Joe Biden himself. He is notorious for his rhetorical slip-ups, his debates seem erratic and incoherent.

The political life achievement of Joseph Biden from Delaware is, after all, very coherent. This state is a stronghold of the credit card industry. The credit cards of Chase Manhattan Bank and Discover are issued in Delaware, Barclaycard’s US business is stationed here, and the Bank of America and Citi also maintain major credit card operations here. A good half of the US credit card business runs through Delaware, which only accommodates 0.3% of the US population.

And so it was Delaware’s Joe Biden who fought tenaciously for a law change that made it much more difficult for citizens to protect themselves from bankruptcy. Georg W. Bush then implemented Biden’s plan in 2005 – in time to contribute to the bankruptcy of tens of thousands of Americans in the global financial crisis that set in in 2007,

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