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23-04-20 04:36:00,

What is happening in front of all our eyes at the moment is a huge scary dizziness. “Corona” is a geopolitical operation by the “global elite” and their “depopulation agenda” is real. Isolation imprisonment makes people sick and kills them. But most contemporaries are prevented from thinking and acting rationally by their sense of authority. This affects so-called “simple” people as well as intellectuals, doctors or politicians. There are hardly any real scientists left, only academics who are hiding. And the fellow citizens who have no possibility to obtain and acquire the necessary factual knowledge via alternative media are further manipulated via the mass media and kept in agonizing uncertainty. But if you try to take away the fear and panic of your fellow human beings and enlighten them, you will find that they are almost impossible to reach emotionally and intellectually. And this is because in this effort one naturally disagrees with the prevailing opinion of supposed authorities such as doctors and politicians. Many contemporaries seem to be impregnated by the sense of authority. They cannot or do not want to know anything about another opinion. But the human being is good, just irritated.

Roman Rolland’s Anti-war Novel “Clerambault”

The subject of Rolland’s book is not the First World War, although it overshadows it. His real subject is, as he says, “the sinking of the individual soul into the abyss of the mass soul”. This novel by the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature (1915) was published exactly 100 years ago. It is worthwhile to read about that time and compare it with the present day. (1) In the introduction Rolland writes:

“Free souls, strong characters – that is what the world needs most today! (…) Every human being, if he is a true human being, must learn to stand alone within all, to think alone for all – if necessary, even against all! To think sincerely means to think for all, even if one thinks against all. Mankind needs those who offer it chess out of love and rebel against it when necessary! Not by falsifying your conscience and your thoughts for the sake of mankind do you serve mankind, but by defending its inviolability against social abuse of power;

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Coronavirus is US psychological warfare operation: Ex-US military officer


12-03-20 04:26:00,

A former US military psychological warfare officer has said that the coronavirus is probably a fabricated psychological warfare operation launched by the United States to spread fear, panic and intimidation in the Chinese economic markets.

Since the novel coronavirus outbreak began in China last December, it has infected more than 90,000 people globally and killed more than 3,000. The majority of cases and deaths remain in mainland China.

The death toll from the coronavirus in Iran, which has one of the highest numbers outside China, stood at 107, Health Ministry spokesman Kianush Jahanpur said Thursday.

Scott Bennett said that “this is a fabricated psychological operation that has been coordinated with an actual physical sickness to spread fear, panic and intimidation in the Chinese economic markets with the purpose of isolating China and disrupting the Chinese-Russian-Iranian economic, military alliance that we’ve seen in their patrols in the Persian Gulf, and their solidarity in the defense of Syria from the… regimes of Recep Erdogan and Turkey, Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, and Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli Zionist state, and the purpose was to create a disruption that would fracture this alliance for Western exploitation.”

“The safest and best explanation is to see this as a exploited psychological operation designed to so panic intimidation and also open up doors for ‘aid and immune vaccination development,’ which may in fact lead to more harm than good. Remember the West and the (US) Deep State is inundated with a lot of these big pharmaceutical companies that generate vaccines that do nothing except cause more harm and more cancerous debilitation on the human body for the purposes of profit and exploitation,” he added.

“So the coronavirus I think, is developing into a lot of smoke but with no fire and the amount of people who die from traditional flus and sicknesses actually seed the coronavirus explanations,” he noted.

“So this is something that could be attempted to cause major economic and political uprising in the world, but in that sense it should be ignored largely and isolated and kept from causing political social disturbances in countries such as Iran, which are being targeted increasingly, with information warfare and psychological operations,” he observed.

“This is the time to of course treat the coronavirus like it could be an actual physical debilitating sickness and take all precautionary measures,

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‘His psychological torture is unabated’: John Pilger reveals Assange prison conditions


29-08-19 12:15:00,

Australian journalist and BAFTA award-winning documentary filmmaker John Pilger says the “psychological torture” of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange continues “unabated” while he remains in British custody.

Pilger tweeted that he recently spoke with Assange and said the journalist had lost even more weight than previously reported; he has also been denied a chance to speak to his parents on the phone.

I spoke to Julian #Assange at the weekend. His psychological torture is unabated. He remains isolated in his small cell, mostly 23 hours a day, denied proper exercise. He has lost more weight. Although ‘approved’, phone calls to his parents are still not possible. Britain 2019.

— John Pilger (@johnpilger) August 28, 2019

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“Britain 2019,” Pilger concluded. 

The journalist has been a staunch defender of Assange since his showdown with Western governments began following WikiLeaks’ publication of sensitive US documents exposing potential war crimes in Iraq. 

Assange, 48, has been serving a 50-week prison sentence since his arrest outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London on April 11, ostensibly for skipping bail, though many of his supporters argue it’s just a holding period before his eventual extradition to the US to stand trial for the alleged possession and dissemination of classified information. If convicted, he could be sentenced to 175 years in prison. 

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How Psychological Vulnerabilities Are Exploited to Control Us – Global Research


27-05-19 06:47:00,

Dr Lissa Johnson is a clinical psychologist and columnist for the Australian news website New Matilda, with a background in media studies and sociology, and a PhD in the psychology of manipulating reality-perception. In an exclusive (electronic) interview with Eresh Omar Jamal of The Daily Star, Dr Johnson talks about a recent investigative series she wrote on the US government’s hunt for Julian Assange, how propaganda works, and the psychology that divides people and allows them to commit atrocities against “outgroup” members.


Eresh Omar Jamal: You recently wrote a detailed, five-part investigative series titled “the psychology of getting Julian Assange”. What inspired you to write it?

Dr Lissa Johnson: I began thinking about the series after attending a rally in Sydney in June 2018. A few months earlier, Ecuador had cut Assange off from the outside world and silenced him.

I expected to find large crowds at the rally, as Julian was in the news at the time, and a very well-known Australian journalist, John Pilger, was going to be speaking there. What I found when I arrived, however, was just a small gathering.

At the rally, Pilger gave a very powerful speech, in which he criticised the Australian media’s complicity in a long and vicious smear campaign against Assange. Afterwards, I was curious to see how the Australian media would report on Pilger’s speech, so I looked through mainstream publications for coverage of the rally. I expected to find biased and negative coverage, but what I found surprised me even more. I found nothing.

It was little wonder, then, that so few people attended. The Australian public didn’t even know that the rally had taken place.

This near-total media blackout struck me as extraordinarily co-ordinated and comprehensive. While making sense of this, I was also absorbing something that Pilger had said during the rally. He had placed the smear campaign against Assange in the context of a leaked 2008 document from the Cyber Counterintelligence Assessments branch of the US Defence Department. The document, Pilger explained, had outlined a plan to destroy the “trust” at WikiLeaks’ “centre of gravity”, all those years ago.

I came away thinking that a mission to destroy “trust” is a very psychological project for the Defence Department.

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The Psychological Warfare Behind Economic Collapse | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda


25-12-18 10:02:00,

By Brandon Smith

The concept of using the economy as a weapon is not an alien one to most people. Generally, we understand the nature of feudalism and how various groups can be herded onto centralized plantations to be exploited for their labor. Some people see this as a consequence of “capitalism,” and others see it as an extension of socialism/communism. Sadly, many people wrongly assume that one is a solution to the other — meaning they think that crony capitalism is a solution to communist centralization or that communism is a solution to the corruption of crony capitalism. The reality is that this is just another false paradigm.

What is most disturbing is that the majority of the public have no grasp whatsoever of the true solution to the problem of corrupt or totalitarian economies: free markets.

Free markets have not existed within the global economy on a large scale for at least the past 100 years. The rise of central banking has eroded all vestiges of freedom in production and trade. Crony capitalism with its focus on corporate power and monopoly has nothing to do with free markets, despite the arguments of rather naive socialists who blame “free markets” for the problems of the world. If you ever hear anyone making this claim, I suggest you remind them that corporations and their advantages are a creation of governments.

The protections of corporate personhood, limited liability, unfair taxation of small business competition and legislation shielding corporations from civil lawsuits are all generated by government. Therefore, corporations and crony capitalism are much more a product of socialist-style systems, not free markets. In a true free market devoid of constant government interference and favoritism, corporations could not exist and would be obliterated over time by the competitive environment. And without limited liability, business moguls that violate the rule of law and harm others would be subject to personal prosecution and jail time instead of simply paying a fine. The cost/benefit ratio for corrupt business would disappear and thus corrupt businesses would flounder.

Coup d’etat in Slowmotion
by Ole Dammegard

For almost 30 years investigator Ole Dammegård has been on a quest to find the truth behind some of the worst conspiracies in the history of world – such as the murders US President John F.

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