Rebuilding Aleppo: Before & after PHOTOS show reconstruction of key Syrian sites


26-07-19 11:52:00,

Syria’s ancient city of Aleppo was filled with bustling markets and historical buildings before it was engulfed in the devastating conflict. Now, before and after photos show progress in rebuilding its war-torn sites.

The reconstruction challenge is stark: In December 2018, the UN cultural agency UNESCO said 10 percent of Aleppo’s historical buildings had been destroyed, and as much as 60 percent of the Old City, a World Heritage Site, was severely damaged.

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After Damascus regained control over the whole city in 2016, some restoration work began – however, significant progress has been hindered from outside. While allies like Russia, Iran, and China have made investments in the country, reconstruction efforts have been complicated by sanctions imposed on President Bashar Assad’s government by Western countries.

Some locals finally began to enjoy the fruits of their labor by the end of March, when an Armenian church, Forty Martyrs Cathedral, hosted its first mass. Restoration work on the 14th century church began more than a year prior to bring it back to its former glory after it was damaged in April 2015 during shelling. 

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Major progress can also be claimed by those involved in the effort to return the city’s incredible historical markets to their former glory. 

Severely damaged Great Mosque of Aleppo, UNESCO World Heritage site, is being restored to former splendour with Russian help – and the rest of Syria will be restored, too!

— Alexander Yakovenko (@Amb_Yakovenko) November 25, 2017

Citizens have also taken to the streets, quite literally, to lend a hand in efforts to rebuild and reconstruct their city.

Young men and women in Syria’s liberated Aleppo literally work day and night to restore the war-torn ancient city to its former state.

A continuing triumph over jihadist terrorism that mainstream media refuses to cover.

— Sarah Abdallah (@sahouraxo) October 4,

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Aleppo Rebuilding its Infrastructure, 1216 Projects Since Eliminating Terror


24-07-19 07:52:00,

Syria Rebuilding - Aleppo

As hundreds of thousands of Aleppo residents returning to their homes since the Syrian Arab Army and its allies cleaned it from US-sponsored terror, the infrastructure must be rehabilitated and whatever needs to be rebuilt must be completed at the earliest, Aleppo has managed to complete 1216 projects in this sector.

These projects to rehabilitate and rebuild the infrastructure of Aleppo include and not limited to the drinking water network, sewage system, buildings for public schools, clinics and health centers, and bakeries, the irrigation system, and road light poles which use alternative energy.

Meanwhile, over 3.3 million cubic meters of rubble and 5700 destroyed vehicles have been moved out of the neighborhoods. 47 roundabout, road crossing, and tunnel have been lightened, beautification of the roads and installing 4402 poles for lights in Aleppo city and its countryside.

The bridges of Al-Shaar and Al-Haj have also been rehabilitated, and over 1 million square meters of roads have been paved with asphalt.

248 projects of paving roads and rehabilitating buildings and industrial zones, traffic control systems in Aleppo were completed so far.

This helped more than 15000 industrial and handicraft facility to resume work after years of closure due to the years the area was under terrorist control and the destruction the terrorists left behind them. The government-support of the industrial sector in Aleppo saw the restoration of 7 public industrial facilities. 565 facilities are now in production in Sheikh Najjar Industrial Zone. 112 projects were executed in this zone alone which included rehabilitating and maintenance for the water, electric power, sewage, and roads infrastructure.

A government report by the special ministerial committee assigned to rebuild Aleppo’s infrastructure stated the above and added that it has established a special center to cater for the families of the martyrs killed and those wounded by the terrorist attacks and to deliver special services to help them in their needs.

The committee established a center for local development assigned responsible for arranging finance for small projects in Aleppo’s countryside in coordination with the Syrian Development Trust.

76 public and private bakeries were completed and are in the production phase already,

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