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27-02-19 09:11:00,

Russia’s top diplomat Sergei Lavrov strongly spoke out against the US’ so-called “Indo-Pacific” concept that’s recently become very popular among Indian strategists, remarking that it’s ”artificially imposed” and conditioned on containing China. 

From “Conspiracy Theory” To Strategic Fact

Routinely dismissed as a “conspiracy theory” by hyper-jingoist Indian commentators, none other than Russia’s top diplomat Sergei Lavrov just confirmed that it’s actually a strategic fact that the US’ so-called “Indo-Pacific Region” (IOR) concept that’s recently become very popular in New Delhi is “artificially imposed” and conditioned on “containing China”. His remarks were reported on by Russia’s publicly funded international media outlet TASS and made in connection with his words about another externally supported structure, the so-called “Middle East Strategic Alliance” (MESA), better known by many as the “Arab NATO” initiative. So as not to be accused of misportraying the Foreign Minister’s comments, here’s the entirety of TASS’ short article on his comments:

TASS’ Report

“The United States is trying to impose the creation of the so-called Arab NATO, the Middle East Strategic Alliance (MESA), despite serious doubts of its possible members, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Monday.

 The steps have been made to reshape geopolitical landscape in a way to obstruct the natural development of events and try to contain the formation of new growth centers, Lavrov told a conference dubbed International Cooperation in a Troubled World, organized by the Valdai International Discussion Club in partnership with the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam.

 “One of the examples is the Middle East Strategic Alliance, which now [US President Donald] Trump’s administration is trying to impose on the Persian Gulf states plus Jordan and Egypt while overcoming very serious doubts of potential members, and here Israel is also pursuing its interests around this initiative,” Lavrov said.

 Another artificially imposed concept is the Indo-Pacific Region, which Washington has started advancing together with Japan and Australia with an apparent goal of containing China and involving India in military and political and maritime processes, Lavrov said, noting that this concept undermines the role of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in the region.

“I want to compare natural processes integrating countries based on their coinciding interests and artificial processes,

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What Politics Regards us as the Great Unwashed & We the Subjects not People | Armstrong Economics

What Politics Regards us as the Great Unwashed & We the Subjects not People | Armstrong Economics

25-08-18 07:37:00,

Many questions have come in about connecting the dots. I want to explain a critical point. Both Democrats & Republicans have one thing in common. They do not consider us “We the People” but rather “We the Subjects” which is a significant difference for are also the Great Unwashed. Both John McCain & John Boehner had no problem abusing the power of the system against those who wanted the Drain the Swamp. This is why I see no difference. After each election, the new people coming to Washington are taken to a brief and instructed of HOW things are done on the Hill.

When the Tea Party showed up, more than 80 people were then in Congress and they refused to follow Boehner blindly. He could no longer cut deals and delivered a guaranteed vote. He started to compromise and relied on Democrats. The common bond was they were all against these new people who wanted to actually change things. I personally knew and had been to the office Congressman Walter Jones who Boehner targeted and directed money to have him lose his re-election all because he supported Ron Paul.

I get hate emails from Democrats who foam at the mouth against Trump. They are clueless about the fact they are regarded as stupid and mindless “subjects” there for the politicians to manipulate. They get everyone all worked up using the social issue but behind the curtain, they will drink together and even party together.

The count on the media to keep the “subjects” actually foaming at the mouth and that way they never use the brain to figure out that they are just mindless pawns in a political game. Even the nonsense over such fight for appointments to the Supreme Court is a joke. There are plenty of cases where two justices appointed by Republicans are on opposite sides. They will NEVER vote just because Obama or Trump appoint one justice. They have their own egos and that is more than party loyalty.

They are out to take down Trump at all costs. In the Cohen case, they subpoenaed Trump’s accountant and gave him immunity. They are looking to set up criminal charges and then will blackmail Trump to try to force him to resign.

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