U.S. Regime Has Killed 20-30 Million People Since World War II – Global Research


10-05-20 07:52:00,

Originally published on March 22, 2018.  May 8, 2020 commemorates the defeat of Nazi Germany, May 8, 1945, 75 years ago.


After the catastrophic attacks of September 11 2001 monumental sorrow and a feeling of desperate and understandable anger began to permeate the American psyche. A few people at that time attempted to promote a balanced perspective by pointing out that the United States had also been responsible for causing those same feelings in people in other nations, but they produced hardly a ripple. Although Americans understand in the abstract the wisdom of people around the world empathizing with the suffering of one another, such a reminder of wrongs committed by our nation got little hearing and was soon overshadowed by an accelerated “war on terrorism.”

But we must continue our efforts to develop understanding and compassion in the world. Hopefully, this article will assist in doing that by addressing the question “How many September 11ths has the United States caused in other nations since WWII?” This theme is developed in this report which contains an estimated numbers of such deaths in 37 nations as well as brief explanations of why the U.S. is considered culpable.

The causes of wars are complex. In some instances nations other than the U.S. may have been responsible for more deaths, but if the involvement of our nation appeared to have been a necessary cause of a war or conflict it was considered responsible for the deaths in it. In other words they probably would not have taken place if the U.S. had not used the heavy hand of its power. The military and economic power of the United States was crucial.

This study reveals that U.S. military forces were directly responsible for about 10 to 15 million deaths during the Korean and Vietnam Wars and the two Iraq Wars. The Korean War also includes Chinese deaths while the Vietnam War also includes fatalities in Cambodia and Laos.

The American public probably is not aware of these numbers and knows even less about the proxy wars for which the United States is also responsible. In the latter wars there were between nine and 14 million deaths in Afghanistan, Angola,

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Syrian ‘Regime Change’ Architect: William Roebuck, US Ambassador of Destruction – Global Research


06-05-20 08:13:00,

Since 2006, William Roebuck, a US Diplomat, has been working toward ‘regime change’ in Syria at any cost. The destruction of Syria, hundreds of thousands of deaths and injuries, and the migration of one-third of the population have been the price of the US policy under Roebuck’s tenure.  The ultimate goal of ‘regime change’ has never been about greater freedoms, democracy, or human rights for Syrians, but has been with the single target spelled out by Roebuck in 2006: to break the relationship between Iran and Syria. 

William Roebuck, US Ambassador ‘to the Kurds in Syria’

William Roebuck is a 27 year veteran of the US State Department, having served under Presidents Bush, Obama, and currently Trump.  His current title is Deputy Special Envoy to the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS. He is a former US Ambassador to Syria and Bahrain.  He has served in the US embassies in Iraq and chargé d’affaires in Libya under Obama. Seymour M. Hersh wrote about the US Embassy in Libya and its role in arming the terrorists used by the US in Syria.  For the past several years, he has been based in Northeast Syria and managing the Kurds.

Roebuck designed the 2011 “Arab Spring” in Syria

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange revealed a plan concocted by William Roebuck, the former US Ambassador to Syria.  Wikileaks published US diplomatic cables, and chapter 10 of “The Wikileaks Files” concerns Roebuck’s cable sent on December 13, 2006.  Ambassador Roebuck wrote that the US should take action to try to destabilize the Syrian government by provoking it to overreact, both internally and externally. That plan was put into action in March 2011 at Deraa, where armed terrorists were interspersed among unarmed civilians in street protests. The terrorists were provoking the police and security forces by shooting at them, as well as shooting unarmed civilians which were blamed on the security forces.

The cables prove that ‘regime change’ had been the goal of US policy in Syria since 2006 and that the US promoted sectarianism in support of its policy, which built the foundation for the sectarian conflict which resulted in massive bloodshed. Roebuck advocated for exploiting Syria’s relationship with Iran,

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Trump Regime Immunity Certificates for Mass Vaxxing and Population Control – Global Research


16-04-20 02:54:00,

Orwellian control over the lives and welfare of ordinary people would pose the greatest threat to free and open societies. 

They’d no longer exist if the worst of it was imposed, notably by manipulating the public mind to accept the unacceptable for our own good.

Its modus operandi would include mass deception, mass surveillance, tracking our movements, controlling the message, tolerating no dissent, mass subjection to toxic vaxxing, and instituting draconian totalitarian control as the new normal.

Truth-telling would become a criminal offensive, only state approved views permitted. Life as it once was no longer would exist.

Is all of the above where the US, the West overall, and other nations are heading?

Are so-called COVID-19 immunity certificates part of the scheme? Will they be mandated to travel and interact with others in public?

Will schools, airports, rail and bus terminals, stores, theaters, stadiums, other public places where people gather, even doctors’ offices, refuse entry to individuals without them?

Will harmful to human health toxic vaccinations, along with antibody testing be required to get one?

With the rarest of rare exceptions, no one elected or appointed to public office should be trusted as a guardian of our rights and welfare, notably not in the West.

Instead of serving public health and welfare, along with fostering free and open societies, policies of US-led Western officials are polar opposite — exploiting and otherwise harming ordinary people so privileged ones can benefit, no matter the human toll.

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) director Anthony Fauci is a front man for steering the US public to mass toxic vaccinations.

Last week he said the Trump regime is considering issuance of COVID-19 immunity certificates for individuals infected by and recovered from the virus.

“The proposal is contingent upon the widespread deployment of antibody tests which the National Institutes of Health and the Food and Drug Administration are in the process of validating in the US,” he said, adding:

“Although coronavirus testing thus far has been able to determine if an individual has an active infection, antibody tests report whether an asymptomatic person was previously infected but has since recovered (and immune),

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Trump Regime’s Annexation Scheme of the Century Unveiled – Global Research


30-01-20 08:58:00,

Nothing about the scheme surprised, an affront to millions of long-suffering Palestinians and international law — a document with no legitimacy.

One observer compared Trump’s unveiling to a wedding attended by the bride, not the groom.

Palestinians were excluded from drafting the scheme put together by the Trump and Netanyahu regimes — serving US/Israeli interests exclusively, ignoring fundamental Palestinian rights and the rule of law.

Their representatives were absent from Tuesday’s unveiling. No self-respecting Palestinians would touch a scheme that legitimizes permanent bondage of their people under Israel’s repressive boot.

The Trump/Netanyahu scheme recognizes illegal Israeli control over most of the Occupied Territories — including settlements, most Jordan Valley land, military bases, free-fire zones, commercial locations, tourist sites, nature reserves, no-go areas, Jews-only roads, checkpoints, the separation wall, and other exclusive Jewish areas — along with water, hydrocarbon reserves, and other resources rightfully belonging to Palestinians.

The scheme of the century recognizes Israeli land theft, dispossession of its indigenous occupants, loss of their possessions, and Jewish state control over historic Palestine’s borders and airspace.

It illegally legitimizes Israeli control over all valued parts of Judea and Samaria, including Jerusalem as an undivided Jewish state capital.

Palestine’s “capital” is to be located “east and north of the existing security barrier, including Kafr Aqab, the eastern part of Shuafat and Abu Dis, and could be named” whatever its officials wish — a capital in name only.

Democratically elected Hamas, Palestine’s legitimate government, is called “repressive.”

Illegal Israeli blockade of the Strip was unmentioned in the Trump/Netanyahu scheme, demanding it be demilitarized, defenseless against Israeli rapaciousness, and controlled by a Palestinian entity recognized by Israel.

Diaspora Palestinians are prohibited from returning to their homeland. No settlements will be uprooted. They’ll be mostly “incorporate(d) into contiguous Israeli territory (to) become part of the state of Israel” — in violation of international law, what the US and Israel disrespect and breach at their discretion.

A dubious Palestinian state in name only is conditional on its leadership’s subservience to Israeli demands.

They include renouncing the right of self-defense the US and Israel call terrorism, Jewish state aggression considered self-defense.

The scheme prevents regional peace and stability,

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Regime Change – die USA spielen in Iran einmal mehr mit dem Feuer


16-01-20 11:08:00,

Glaubt man Donald Trumps privatem „Mann für alle Fälle“, sind die Proteste, die Iran seit über einem Jahr erlebt, keine „spontane“ Entwicklung, sondern das Ergebnis der externen Einflussnahme der USA mit dem Ziel, einen Regime Change zu orchestrieren. Auch wenn man es nicht mit Sicherheit sagen kann, liegt die Vermutung nahe, dass Rudy Giuliani mit seiner Aussage Recht haben könnte. Trump selbst bestreitet zwar, dass die USA einen Regime Change in Iran anstreben, aber welchen Zweck sollen das von ihm angeordnete Attentat auf General Suleimani und die harsche Sanktionspolitik sonst verfolgen? Auf jeden Fall birgt die aggressive US-Politik unkalkulierbare Risiken und könnte einen weiteren Flächenbrand auslösen. Von Jens Berger.

Die Äußerungen, die aus dem politischen Umfeld Trumps zum Thema „Regime Change“ verlautbart werden, erinnern ein wenig an das aus Hollywood-Filmen bekannte Spiel „Guter Bulle, böser Bulle“. Auf der einen Seite gibt es die vermeintlichen „Tauben“, die öffentlich verkünden, den USA ginge es nicht um einen Regime Change. Dazu gehörte beispielsweise Trumps ehemalige UN-Botschafterin Nikki Haley, die noch vor etwas mehr als einem Jahr Pläne für einen Regime Change kategorisch dementierte. Sonderlich glaubwürdig sind derartige Dementis jedoch nicht. Wenige Wochen nach ihrem Dementi trat Haley von ihrem Posten zurück. Auch US-Außenminister Mike Pompeo spricht öffentlich nicht direkt von einem Regime Change, versicherte jedoch erst vor wenigen Wochen der iranischen Diaspora in den USA die Unterstützung als „Freund“ gegen das „Regime“ – Worte, die man eigentlich nur als Aufruf zu einem Regime Change verstehen kann.

Rudy Giuliani und „unsere“ Volksmudschahedin

Auf der anderen Seite gibt es die „Falken“, die klar und abseits von diplomatischen Floskeln einen Regime Change fordern. Dazu gehört vor allem Trumps persönlicher Anwalt und „Schattendiplomat“ Rudy Giuliani, der kein Blatt vor den Mund nimmt, wenn er offen in Namen der USA einen Regime Change fordert. Giulianis Engagement ist sogar für Washingtoner Verhältnisse ungewöhnlich, zumal der ehemalige Bürgermeister von New York auf der Lohnliste einer obskuren exil-iranischen Lobbygruppe steht.

Die sogenannten „Volksmudschahedin“, auch bekannt unter dem englischen Akronym MEK, sind die wohl bedeutendste militante iranische Oppositionsbewegung. Früher vertrat diese Gruppe die Ideologie eines islamischen Sozialismus und kämpfte während der Revolution 1979 gegen den Schah. Im Laufe der „islamischen Revolution“ verlor die MEK jedoch den Machtkampf mit den theokratischen Kräften rund um die Ajatollahs Chomeini und Chamenei,

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Regime Change Red Flags Begin In Mexico Right After It Finds The “World’s Largest Lithium Deposit” – Activist Post


20-12-19 10:23:00,

By The Last American Vagabond

If your country has large mineral deposits, look out.

The United States has a history of taking very aggressive interest when these deposits are discovered, most notably in Afghanistan. Will we see the same “regime change” rhetoric be directed toward Mexico? The road has already been paved as the U.S. government has stated that the Mexican cartels are a foreign terrorist organization.  Additional political upheaval could provide even more opportunity for U.S. intervention.  Lastly, a Forbes headline offers yet another angle: “Mexico, with the largest lithium mine in the world; Chinese seek to exploit it.”

The Last American Vagabond takes a closer look at why these deposits are so important for the U.S. military.

This is an excerpt of The Daily Wrap Up 12/17.

Full Episode Can Be Seen Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ipdg…

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Trump Regime Breaching Mandated Judicial Procedures Against Assange – Global Research


16-12-19 08:09:00,

According to the London Daily Mail, the Trump regime intends to use secret evidence against Assange — undisclosed to him and his legal team, wanting them prevented from preparing a proper defense.

He faces 18 spurious charges under the long ago outdated 1917 Espionage Act, a WW I relic, pertaining solely to the war, used to persecute state victims for exposing dirty imperial secrets.

Assange is a journalist, WikiLeaks a publisher, phony charges against him all about wanting truth-telling that conflicts with the official narrative silenced — the hallmark of totalitarian rule.

According to a member of his defense team Gareth Peirce:

“The summary case which we have prepared is a dense document.”

“Mr. Assange has not been given what he must be given, and we are keen to go through this to the best of our abilities to keep with the requests of the court.”

“It is predicated on the underlying evidence that Mr. Assange has not reviewed.”

Britain in cahoots with the Trump regime wants Assange pronounced guilty by accusation.

A rigged process wants him imprisoned longterm, likely never to be free again for publishing uncomfortable hard truths.

What’s going on is a message to other investigative journalists that they risk a similar fate if reveal information the US wants suppressed.

In the US and elsewhere, pre-trial judicial proceedings afford all parties the right to as much information as possible – nothing kept secret except for constitutional protection from self-incrimination.

Defendants and their lawyers have the right to all relevant documents, witness depositions, questions and answers from interrogations, crime scene and other forensic evidence including toxicology results, police reports, “raw evidence,” arrest and search warrants, grand jury testimony, and other relevant data.

The purpose of what’s called “discovery” is to assure judicial fairness.

Prosecutors are prohibited from withholding relevant evidence and related materials from the defendant and counsel.

Unlike film-portrayed crime dramas, actual ones rarely include surprise evidence by any party during proceedings, especially anything introduced near their conclusion.

According to the law dictionary: “The theory of broad rights of discovery is that all parties will go to trial with as much knowledge as possible and that neither party should be able to keep secrets from the other” — to give one side an unfair advantage over the other.

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The Obama Regime’s Plan to Seize the Russian Naval Base in Crimera – PaulCraigRoberts.org


02-11-19 07:42:00,

The Obama Regime’s Plan to Seize the Russian Naval Base in Crimera

by Eric Zuesse

Clear and convincing evidence will be presented here that, under U.S. President Barack Obama, the U.S. Government had a detailed plan, which was already active in June 2013, to take over Russia’s main naval base, which is in Sevastopol in Crimea, and to turn it into a U.S. naval base. There can now be no question that the war in Ukraine started, and resulted from, the U.S. Government’s plan to take over all of Ukraine, and especially to take over that Russian naval base, in Crimea, which then was in Ukraine. 

The war in Ukraine didn’t start at the time when a lot of people think that it did, with the overthrow of Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych. It was already underway considerably before that time, because it started in Washington, as the folloowing masterful 11-minute documentary makes clear — it started as a subterranean war by Washington to take over Ukraine, before it became an overt war (a “civil war”) within Ukraine:


The CIA-edited and written Wikipedia claims that the war commenced in “a series of military actions that started in February 2014”; and, that, from the outset, it has been a “Russian military intervention in Ukraine (2014–present)” — not any sort of American intervention in Ukraine. However, to the extent that Russia has been involved in the Ukrainian war, that involvement came later, and was a reaction against what the U.S. Government and its agents had done to Ukraine (which nation is, of course, on Russia’s doorstep, and so Russia inevitably did respond). Therefore, the propagandistic function of Wikipedia must be acknowledged, even though Wikipedia is adequate for providing an introductory overview of some non-geostrategic subjects. 

The U.S. regime, under Barack Obama, had been planning, ever since June 2011, a takeover of Ukraine, in order to become enabled ultimately to place its nuclear missiles within less than five minutes flying-time to a first-strike blitz destruction of the Kremlin (thus preventing any effective Russian counter-attack). However, things didn’t work out quite according to the plan for the takeover of Ukraine, and here is how the war in Ukraine actually began:

We’ll open by describing the planning for the conquest of Russia’s key naval base,

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“Regime Change in the UK”: This Is an Anti-parliamentary Coup – and an Internationally Organised One – Global Research


02-09-19 08:12:00,

Around the world, coups are normally international events. Short of war they have been a preferred mechanism to achieve what has become known as ‘regime change’. And the last time there was a successful coup in this country in 1688 that too was an international affair, with Mary and William of Orange being installed as a monarchy. That was a coup by parliament against an over-bearing monarchy.

The current situation is quite different. We are living through a coup against parliament by a minority of parliamentarians, who have seized control of the Tory party from the right. They intend to impose their will against the majority of elected representatives and against the will of the public.

They are able to attempt this because this too is an international affair. Boris Johnson hopes to prolong his premiership by crashing this country out of the EU with a No Deal Brexit. But the key beneficiary of this project is Donald Trump and the interests he represents, and the project has his full backing.

Any significant agreement with the EU would necessarily include some degree of alignment with European rules and tariffs. They are not going to formulate an entirely new set of rules and tariffs simply to accommodate us – any more than the US will. For Trump, No Deal is imperative.

The effect of those US rules and tariffs are truly frightening. Contrary to the false promises and blatant untruths of the leaders of the Leave campaigns, we will not be entering a new golden age of peace and prosperity as a subordinate state to Trump’s MAGA project. This is not what the millions of decent Leave voters were told.

On trade, you only have recognise how he treats US allies, like Canada, Mexico, India and the EU, to understand how trade negotiations will go. It will be an imposition not a negotiation. Similarly, it is clear Trump will drag this country into new conflicts, with countries such as Iran and China. Some in the Tory party are only too eager to follow him.

Being Trump’s vassal will affect every part of our lives, from the Americanisation of the NHS, to the decimation of the car industry, the assault on British farming and much else besides.

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The Coming Regime Of The ECB: Radical Centrism


05-08-19 08:18:00,

Authored by Kristoffer Mousten Hansen via The Mises Institute,

There is a changing of the guard at the European Central Bank this year with two important new appointments.

Philip Lane, the governor of the Irish central bank, was appointed chief economist of the ECB back in June. And and the current head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, was recently nominated to succeed Mario Draghi as president of the ECB in November. By all accounts, she is a shoo-in: she is the ultimate insider, having served as French minister of finance before becoming director of the IMF, and she has cultivated excellent relations with the main players in European politics. She’s a favorite of the French and the Germans, seemingly well-liked by many of the smaller European governments. Even Yanis Varoufakis, the former finance minister of Greece who clashed with her over so-called austerity for Greece, testifies to great admiration for the future president of the ECB.

Since we can expect Ms. Lagarde to be appointed with a minimum of opposition, the question arises: what does this mean for future European monetary policy? The announcement of her appointment was greeted with euphoria on financial markets, as it is believed that the ECB will turn even more dovish under her leadership. There can be little doubt that she will follow in the footsteps of her immediate predecessor and “do whatever it takes” to keep the ECB going and European financial markets — and governments — afloat. Nor is there any doubt that she possesses the skill-set to navigate the institutional and international politics required of her new job, as a recent article in the Wall Street Journal makes clear. This does not answer the key question, however. Even the most mundane technocrat is always guided by an ideology, a worldview or set of ideas that shape how she thinks about what is possible and what is not. What we really need to know is: what ideas will guide Ms. Lagarde when she becomes chief of the ECB in November?

Her own background offers little clue, beyond the fact that she is obviously aligned with the mainstream of European politics. But she is a centrist through and through,

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Trump Regime Formally Requests Assange’s Extradition to the US – Global Research


12-06-19 04:27:00,

A total of 18 charges against Assange, with reportedly more to come, are all about wanting truth-telling journalism the way it should be on vital domestic and geopolitical issues silenced.

Trump regime hardliners want information about US wrongdoing suppressed. They want the official narrative alone to be reported.

Establishment media are complicit by sticking to it, operating as press agents for wealth, power and privilege — especially when the US goes to war, plans one, or wages it by other means against nations on its target list for regime change like Iran and Venezuela.

Speech, media, and academic freedoms in the US and West are threatened by Trump regime actions against Assange, what totalitarian rule is all about.

Reportedly last Thursday, the Trump regime’s Justice Department formally requested Assange’s extradition from the UK to the US.

On June 14, his first extradition hearing will be held in a London court, a likely protracted battle against it to follow.

His lawyers vowed to contest handing him over to US authorities on trumped up charges and virtual certainty of being judged guilty by accusation in rubber-stamp judicial proceedings.

What’s at stake goes way beyond his fate. It’s whether truth-telling journalism can be criminalized in the US and West.

It’s whether fundamental US constitutional rights are enforced or rendered null and void, especially First Amendment ones,  all others threatened if lost.

Assange attorney Jen Robinson said his legal team will be “contesting and fighting” extradition to the US. If unsuccessful in UK courts, his case will likely be appealed to the European Court of Human Rights and/or European Court of Justice, the highest EU court.

If extradited to the US, he’s doomed. He’ll likely face torture and abuse, mistreatment similar to what Chelsea Manning endured for nearly seven years, more of the same ongoing for invoking her constitutional rights to stay silent.

According to WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Kristinn Hrafnsson, Trump’s Justice Department will present its so-called evidence against Assange during his extradition hearing in London, the first of more sessions to come for weeks or months.

Hrafnsson called his case a “watershed moment…in the attack on journalism.” Charges against Assange are politically motivated.

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Immer noch „Regime Change“ in Syrien? Von Dr. Gerhard Fulda


05-06-19 03:32:00,

  • Beteiligte

    Schon regionalpolitisch sehen wir in Syrien ein Gewirr ausländischer Interventionsinteressen.

    Die Türkei möchte den nördlichen Landstreifen Syriens unter die eigene militärische Kontrolle bringen, denn dort leben Kurden. Die Kurden Ostanatoliens, in der Türkei benachteiligt und unterdrückt, sollen sich nicht in den Norden Syriens zurückziehen können oder von dort Unterstützung erhalten.

    Israel sagt zwar ganz selten, was es wirklich will. Aber es gibt Gründe für die Vermutung, eines seiner Ziele sei ein Zerfall des Nachbarlandes, weil dann keiner der kleinen Nachfolgestaaten die Golanhöhen wieder für sich beanspruchen könnte. Im Laufe der Kriegsjahre ist dieses Ziel später von dem Problem der Beziehungen zum Iran überlagert worden.

    Ähnliche Motivverschiebungen kennzeichnen auch die Haltung Saudi-Arabiens. Syrien war zunächst nur ein unwichtiger Nachbar, der aber als Republik im Verdacht stand, gegen die autokratischen Monarchien zu agieren. Die Saudis mochten die Assads nicht – die waren ihnen zu säkular. Sie mochten aber auch die Demonstranten des sogenannten arabischen Frühlings nicht, denn die waren ihnen zu demokratisch. Dann aber entdeckten reiche Saudis, dass man dort relativ einfach Al-Qaida unterstützen konnte. Später wurde schließlich eine angebliche Bedrohung durch Iran in den Vordergrund gestellt.

    Irans Rolle ist ebenfalls nicht eindeutig zu benennen. Die Demonstranten auf den Straßen in Syrien waren der Führung in Teheran genauso suspekt wie den Saudis. Es gibt dort drei Machtzentren, in dieser Reihenfolge: den „Obersten Führer“ und seinen Wächterrat, die Revolutionsgarden mit ihrer zum Teil außerbudgetären Finanzierung durch eigene Wirtschaftsbetriebe, und die Regierung unter einem vom Volk gewählten Präsidenten. Die Transparenz des ganzen Systems ist gering – umso erfolgreicher können Akteure anderer Länder die Deutungshoheit über die iranische Außenpolitik in ihrem Sinne beeinflussen. Als gesichert kann man festhalten, dass Iran in Syrien a) Präsident Assad militärisch unterstützt b) sunnitische Milizen bekämpft und c) Waffen an die Hisbollah liefert.

    Über dem regionalen Umfeld gibt es die Ebene der Großmächte mit entgegengesetzten politischen Zielen. Das wichtigste Ziel der USA war von Anfang an, Russland im Nahen Osten nicht mehr als Großmacht betrachten zu müssen. Russland, so hieß es, erwirtschafte doch nicht einmal so viel Sozialprodukt wie Kalifornien – was haben die also in Syrien zu suchen?

    Das war in Russland im Ergebnis ein Motivationsschub für Putin, der sich natürlich angestachelt fühlte, genau diese Frage in seinem Sinne zu beantworten.

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    Regime Change in Österreich


    01-06-19 08:10:00,

    Am 21. Mai dieses Jahres sollte in der Stiftskaserne des österreichischen Verteidigungsministeriums ein Treffen der russischen Valdai-Gruppe stattfinden. Das ist ein lockerer Gesprächskreis über außenpolitische Themen, ins Leben gerufen von Präsident Putin.

    Der bisherige Verteidigungsminister Mario Kunasek von der Freiheitlichen Partei Österreichs (FPÖ) hatte den Valdai-Kreis nach Wien eingeladen. Und nun standen die internationalen Gäste, an ihrer Spitze der russische Vizeaußenminister Alexander Gruschko, vor verschlossenen Türen. Einen Tag zuvor war Kunasek als Minister entlassen und durch den Militär Johann Luif ersetzt worden. Und der hatte die Gäste ohne jeden Zapfenstreich einfach rausgeschmissen.

    Die Koalition unter Bundeskanzler Sebastian Kurz von der Österreichischen Volkspartei (ÖVP) mit der FPÖ betrieb in der Innen- und Wirtschaftspolitik keine signifikant andere Politik als alle anderen EU-Länder. In der Außenpolitik jedoch gibt es durchaus Alleinstellungsmerkmale gegenüber, sagen wir mal: Deutschland.

    Österreich ist immer noch nicht in der NATO, nur bereits empfindlich an die NATO angenähert durch die Partnership for Peace. Österreich bekennt sich andererseits zum chinesischen Seidenstraßenprojekt. Und zu Russland pflegte Österreich bislang entspannte Beziehungen. Der Wertewesten schäumte, als Österreichs Außenministerin Karin Kneissl Russlands Putin zu ihrer Hochzeit einlud und Putin dabei sogar zu einem Tänzchen vor laufender Kamera aufforderte.

    Frau Kneissl ist unstreitig eine der fachkompetentesten Außenminister, die Europa je hatte. Fließend fünf Sprachen beherrschend, unter anderem Arabisch, bildet sie sich ein ganz eigenes Urteil, abseits der von einschlägigen Denkfabriken vorgegebenen Lösungs„vorschläge“. Den Migrationspakt lehnt sie ab. Den US-Marionettenpolitiker Juan Guaido aus Venezuela erkennt sie als legitimen Präsidenten nicht an. Das tat dann allerdings Kanzler Kurz an ihrer Stelle. Kurz ist nämlich Mitglied im transatlantischen European Council on Foreign Relations, der dereinst von Joschka Fischer mitgegründet wurde. Russische Diplomaten wegen der überaus windigen Skripal-Affäre auszuweisen kam für Österreich dennoch nicht in Frage.

    Ibizagate löste einen Putsch aus. Kanzler Kurz wurde gestürzt durch ein Misstrauensvotum, sämtliche FPÖ-Minister entlassen. An ihre Stelle treten so genannte „Experten“. Denn von jetzt an, bis zur Neuwahl, gibt es keine politischen Kontrolleure mehr an der Spitze der ehemals FPÖ-kontrollierten Ministerien. Ein verfassungsrechtlich durchaus sehr bedenklicher Vorgang.

    FPÖ-Politiker sind jetzt bestrebt, möglichst USA-freundlich zu erscheinen. So zum Beispiel der FPÖ-Spitzenkandidat bei der Wahl zum Europaparlament, Harald Vilimsky. Pflichtschuldigst bekundete er in der TV-Gesprächsrunde nach der Wahl, er werde ein Kooperationsabkommen zwischen seiner Partei und der Putin nahestehenden Partei Einiges Russland nach Ablauf der Vertragsdauer nicht erneuern.

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    Trump Regime Heightens Middle East Tensions – Global Research


    25-05-19 06:22:00,

    Since WW II, the US waged wars of aggression against nations threatening no one, the highest of high crimes gone unpunished.

    From North Korea in the early 1950s to what’s ongoing endlessly post-9/11, the US attacked nations unwilling to subordinate their sovereign rights affirmed under international law to its interests.

    Longstanding US plans call for regime change in Iran and Syria for this reason, in a part of the world with around two-thirds known oil reserves — why it’s strategically important.

    US war on the Syrian Arab Republic rages in its ninth year with no prospect for near-term resolution. US hostility toward the Islamic Republic makes anything possible ahead, including unthinkable war against a nation able to hit back hard if attacked.

    In a Friday op-ed published by the Washington Post, Iran’s UN envoy Majid Takht-Ravanchi said Trump regime hardliners (meaning Pompeo, Bolton, and their subordinates) are pushing DJT for belligerence against the Islamic Republic based on “fake intelligence,” adding:

    “The recent dispatching of a US naval armada (and nuclear-capable B-52 bombers) to the Persian Gulf (region) is a response to the same fake intelligence, supported not by members of Congress or US allies.”

    “While Iran does not desire war in the region, neither with the United States nor with any other country, we will stand firmly against any act of aggression against our country.”

    On Friday, the Trump regime heightened regional tensions further. Acting war secretary Patrick Shanahan issued a statement, saying his department “approved the deployment of about 1,500 service members and additional capabilities to the Middle East to deter (nonexistent) Iranian efforts to destabilize the region (sic).”

    Sending more US troops and military hardware to a tinder box part of the world further destabilizes the region, heightening the risk of greater conflict.

    Trump regime assistant war secretary for international security affairs Katie Wheelbarger turned truth on its head, claiming the troop deployment is in response to “credible intelligence we have received that Iran continues to plan for attacks by itself and its proxies against the United States, its forces and its allies in the region” — a bald-faced Big Lie.

    No such intelligence exists!

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    How the US Regime Uses Sanctions to Soften a Country Up for Invasion


    21-05-19 10:04:00,

    On May 13th, Reuters headlined “Iran insists on ramping up oil sales to stay in nuclear pact” and reported that “EU officials … estimate Iran needs to sell 1.5 million bpd to keep its economy afloat. A drop below 1 million bpd could bring hardship and economic crisis.”

    Prior to US President Donald Trump’s cancellation of the nuclear deal with Iran and re-imposition of economic sanctions against Iran and against any companies that trade with Iran, Iran had been selling around 2 million bpd (barrels per day).


    Once Europe’s biggest supplier, Iran has seen its exports gradually cut off from European buyers.

    China – Iran’s largest oil customer with imports of 475,000 bpd in the first quarter of this year – has also stopped buying from Iran after Washington chose not to renew sanctions waivers.

    Therefore, companies both in Europe and in China are terminating trade with Iran. The likelihood is consequently that Iran will be forced back into its nuclear program, and that things will be like what they had been before Obama had struck his deal with Iran. Here’s what that was like:

    On 22 April 2010, the Congressional Research Service reported to Congress that:

    Iran’s economy is highly dependent on the production and export of crude oil to finance government spending, and consequently is vulnerable to fluctuations in international oil prices. Although Iran has vast petroleum reserves, the country lacks adequate refining capacity and imports gasoline to meet domestic energy needs. Iran is seeking foreign investment to develop its petroleum sector. While some deals have been finalized, reputational and financial risks may have limited other foreign companies’ willingness to finalize deals.

    Trump seems likely to exceed the hostility toward Iran that had been in effect during Obama’s and Bush’s Presidencies. If Trump is trying to force Iran to retaliate, then the goal is to use such retaliation from Iran as an excuse for the US military to move in — to invade.

    The Reuters article says “One year after Washington quit the deal, Iran announced on Wednesday steps to relax some restrictions on its nuclear program.”

    So: that is already restarting.

    OilPrice dot com bannered on 22 April 2019,

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    Trump Regime Escalates War on Whistleblowers – Global Research


    13-05-19 07:56:00,

    When governments criminalize truth-telling, on the phony pretext of protecting national security, tyranny replaces freedom.

    Revealing vital information in the public interest by whistleblowers and independent investigative journalists deserves high praise, not prosecution.

    The 1989 US Whistleblower Protection Act protects federal employees who report misconduct — crimes of war and against humanity the highest of high wrongdoing.

    By law, federal agencies (including the executive branch and Congress) are prohibited from retaliating against whistleblowers.

    They’re obligated to report law or regulatory violations, gross mismanagement, waste, fraud and/or abuse, as well as actions endangering public health or safety.

    The Office of Special Council is empowered to investigate whistleblower complaints. The Merit Systems Protection Board adjudicates them.

    The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit is the only judicial body authorized to hear whistleblower case appeals.

    Since the Whistleblower Protection Act’s 1994 revisions, it ruled on over 200 cases — only three times in favor of whistleblowers, the deck stacked against them, US law failing to protect them.

    The 2012 Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (WPEA) failed to protect government employees from reprisal for disclosing official misconduct, revealing it to co-workers or supervisors, or disclosing policy decision consequences — any or all of the above in relation to their jobs or duties.

    The Obama regime prosecuted more whistleblowers and leakers involved in exposing US wrongdoing than all his predecessors combined, reportedly nine targeted individuals.

    His Justice Department and the FBI illegally spied on reporters by monitoring their phone records and by other means, subpoenaing them and other reporters to reveal their sources and testify in criminal cases.

    Trump is heading toward matching or exceeding his war on truth-telling — notably by his actions against Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange.

    Former US air force/National Security intelligence officer Daniel Everett Hale is his regime’s latest target.

    On Thursday, he was wrongfully arrested, detained, and indicted on five counts, four under the long-ago outdated 1917 Espionage Act — for revealing secret information “to a reporter” about illegal (Pentagon/CIA) drone wars US authorities want suppressed, part of the US war OF terror, not on it.


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    “Regime Change is fashion” – Die Putschversuche als mediale Inszenierungen des Barrikadenhelden Juan Guaidó


    07-05-19 09:19:00,

    Ton und Rhythmus der einleitenden Musikuntermalung sind zugleich anregend und cool, sie verkünden spannende Handlung oder ein „geiles” Produkt. Die Kamera gleitet in Großaufnahme über sich faltende Hände eines behaarten Männerarms. Aus vernebelter Einstellung dringt nun mit Sekunden kurzer Tiefenschärfe das Antlitz des lächelnden Protagonisten in den Mittelpunkt. Eine Hand rückt ein schmuckvolles Armband auf seinem linken Arm zurecht, ein Fotograf geht mit seiner Kamera in Stellung. Von Frederico Füllgraf.

    Der zunächst hemdsärmelige Protagonist wird in verschiedenen Posen, nun aber mit sichtlich aufgesetztem Lächeln abgelichtet; er bindet eine Krawatte auf das schneeweiße, vermutlich gestärkte Hemd, er sitzt vor einem Beleuchtungs-Schirm, seine Arme schlüpfen in ein modegeschneidertes Sakko. Sein kritischer Blick prüft, ob es auch richtig sitzt.

    Sodann zeigt die Leinwand eines Notebooks das Zwischenprodukt: „Der Typ ist fotogen!”. Die nächsten Einstellungen sagen: „Der Typ ist ein Sieger!“. Die Schlusseinstellung mit dem nun sinnlich drein lächelnden Hauptdarsteller wagt gar, Frauenherzen zu verführen: „Seht ihn Euch an, den sexy Helden!“.

    Die Foto-Session des in Mexiko lebenden venezolanischen Fotografen Ram Martínez fand im zum improvisierten Studio umfunktionierten Büro der rechtsradikalen Partei Voluntad Popular (Volkswille) in Caracas‘ großbürgerlichem Bezirk Altamira statt. Sie bebilderte die Titelgeschichte der am vergangenen 29. April erschienenen Mexiko-Ausgabe des US-amerikanischen Herrenmagazins GQ (Gentlemen´s Quarterly).

    Apropos: Altamira ist jener begrünte Glitzerbezirk von Caracas‘ oberen Zehntausend, ihrer Einkaufszentren, ihrer Aufmärsche gegen den Chavismus, der Guarimbas (Straßensperren) und ihrer vermummten und bewaffneten Gewalttäter, von der Mehrheit der westlichen Medien „Zivilisten“ genannt. „Brave Citoyens“ wie jene, die in den vergangenen Jahren mehrere Regierungsanhänger mit Benzin übergossen und am lebendigen Leibe verbrannten oder am 30. April von einem gepanzerten Polizeiwagen überfahren wurden, nachdem dieser mit Molotow-Cocktails angriffen und anschließend in Brand gesteckt wurde.

    „Die Studio-Atmosphäre war heiter, denn dies war die Ausstrahlung Guaidós. Jeder von uns sehnte sich nach dieser wertvollen Gelegenheit, sodass wir jede Sekunde ausnutzten, um die Essenz, das Wesen des Präsidenten zu erfassen“, schrieb Martínez in einer GQ-Behind-The-Scenes-Chronik über die Guaidó-Fotos, die als Illustrationen für das von GQ bestellte Interview des venezolanischen Journalisten Luis Carlos Díaz dienten.

    Díaz, der hauptamtlich als oppositioneller Menschenrechts-Aktivist tätig ist, war Anfang März 2019 vorübergehend vom venezolanischen Geheimdienst Sebin inhaftiert worden, nachdem Diosdado Cabello, Präsident der Verfassungsgebenden Versammlung,

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    Trump Regime Anti-Government Paramilitary Plot Uncovered in Venezuela – Global Research


    25-03-19 11:14:00,

    On Saturday, Venezuelan President Maduro announced the capture of a Colombian paramilitary head of a (Trump regime) plot to oust him by brute force. More on this below.

    So far, everything Trump regime hardliners threw at Venezuela to topple its democratically elected government failed.

    It notably includes continued efforts to turn the country’s military against President Maduro and Bolivarian governance – by pressure, false promises, perhaps threats and bribes.

    It aims for gaining overwhelming popular opposition to Maduro, for acceptance of Guaido to replace him as interim president – despite nothing in Venezuela’s Constitution permitting the scheme.

    Two false flags failed – notably the February 23 Trojan horse “humanitarian aid” PR stunt, fooling no one but establishment media, portraying out-of-date/unsafe to use food and meds as Trump regime concern for the welfare of ordinary Venezuelans it doesn’t give a hoot about.

    The US March 7 cyberattack on the nation’s electricity grid, causing blackout in most of the country, failed to arouse public anger against Maduro as planned.

    Plan C apparently involves using armed anti-government mercenaries to stoke violence in Caracas and other parts of the country, including likely attempts to assassinate Maduro – a plot similar to the 1980s Contra war.

    Trump regime point man for transforming Venezuela into a US vassal state, Elliot Abrams, headed what went on in Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala – responsible for over 300,000 deaths, countless thousands more brutally tortured, and millions forced into exile.

    In June 1986, an International Tribunal on Genocide in Central America called the period a time of intense violence – made in the USA by Abrams and his co-conspirators, saying:

    Things “verg(ed) on a near total break-down of the state institutions and open warfare between state governments, competing rebel forces challenging state authorities and indigenous” peoples.

    “In the course of resurgent violence, acts of genocide and ethnocide (were) committed against indigenous groups.”

    Accusations “of state sponsored and rebel force sponsored genocide against indigenous peoples (were) repeatedly made throughout the course of …” the decade, including massacres, torture, forced military service, land seizures, arbitrary arrests and imprisonments, population relocations, and attacks amounting to genocide under the UN Convention.

    “That there is sufficient evidence to warrant the convening of a (genocide) tribunal goes without question.”

    Abrams was likely brought on by Trump regime hardliners for an encore – for something similar to what went on in the 1980s against Venezuela.

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    US Regime Change Blueprint Proposed Venezuelan Electricity Blackouts as ‘Watershed Event’


    18-03-19 12:00:00,

    The group that trained Juan Guaidó and his allies laid out plans for galvanizing public unrest in a 2010 memo, Max Blumenthal reports for Grayzone.

    By Max Blumenthal

    September 2010 memo by a U.S.-funded soft power organization that helped train Venezuelan coup leader Juan Guaidó and his allies identifies the potential collapse of the country’s electrical sector as “a watershed event” that “would likely have the impact of galvanizing public unrest in a way that no opposition group could ever hope to generate.”

    The memo has special relevance today as Guaidó moves to exploit nationwide blackouts caused by a major failure at the Simon Bolivar Hydroelectric Plant at Guri dam – a crisis that Venezuela’s government blames on U.S. sabotage.

    Srdja Popovic (CANVAS)Srdja Popovic (CANVAS)

    Srdja Popovic. (CANVAS)

    It was authored by Srdja Popovic of the Center for Applied Non-Violent Action and Strategies (CANVAS), a Belgrade-based “democracy promotion” organization funded by the U.S. that has trained thousands of U.S.-aligned youth activists in countries where the West seeks regime change. 

    This group reportedly hosted Guaidó and the key leaders of his Popular Will party for a series of training sessions, fashioning them into a “Generation 2007” determined to foment resistance to then-President Hugo Chavez and sabotage his plans to implement “21st century socialism” in Venezuela.

    In the 2010 memo, published by WikiLeaks, CANVAS’s Popovic declared, “A key to Chavez’s current weakness is the decline in the electricity sector.” Popovic explicitly identified the Simon Bolivar Hydroelectric Plant as a friction point, emphasizing that “water levels at the Guri dam are dropping, and Chavez has been unable to reduce consumption sufficiently to compensate for the deteriorating industry.” 

    Speculating on a “grave possibility that some 70 percent of the country’s electricity grid could go dark as soon as April 2010,” the CANVAS leader stated that “an opposition group would be best served to take advantage of the situation and spin it against Chavez and towards their needs.”

    Flash forward to March 2019,

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    US Regime Change Blueprint Proposed Venezuelan Electricity Blackouts as ‘Watershed Event’ for ‘Galvanizing Public Unrest’


    13-03-19 11:35:00,

    US Regime Change Blueprint Proposed Venezuelan Electricity Blackouts as ‘Watershed Event’ for ‘Galvanizing Public Unrest’


    September 2010 memo by a US-funded soft power organization that helped train Venezuelan coup leader Juan Guaido and his allies identifies the potential collapse of the country’s electrical sector as “a watershed event” that “would likely have the impact of galvanizing public unrest in a way that no opposition group could ever hope to generate.”

    The memo has special relevance today as Guaido moves to exploit nationwide blackouts caused by a major failure at the Simon Bolivar Hydroelectric Plant at Guri dam – a crisis that Venezuela’s government blames on US sabotage.

    It was authored by Srdja Popovic of the Center for Applied Non-Violent Action and Strategies (CANVAS), a Belgrade-based “democracy promotion” organization funded by the US government that has trained thousands of US-aligned youth activists in countries where the West seeks regime change.

    This group reportedly hosted Guaido and the key leaders of his Popular Will party for a series of training sessions, fashioning them into a “Generation 2007” determined to foment resistance to then-President Hugo Chavez and sabotage his plans to implement “21st century socialism” in Venezuela.

    In the 2010 memo, CANVAS’s Popovic declared, “A key to Chavez’s current weakness is the decline in the electricity sector.” Popovic explicitly identified the Simon Bolivar Hydroelectric Plant as a friction point, emphasizing that “water levels at the Guri dam are dropping, and Chavez has been unable to reduce consumption sufficiently to compensate for the deteriorating industry.”

    Speculating on a “grave possibility that some 70 percent of the country’s electricity grid could go dark as soon as April 2010,” the CANVAS leader stated that “an opposition group would be best served to take advantage of the situation and spin it against Chavez and towards their needs.”

    Flash forward to March 2019, and the scenario outlined by Popovic is playing out almost exactly as he had imagined.

    On March 7, just days after Guaido’s return from Colombia, where he participated in the failed and demonstrably violent February 23 attempt to ram a shipment of US aid across the Venezuelan border, the Simon Bolivar Hydroelectric Plant experienced a major and still unexplained collapse.

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    Trump Regime Electricity War in Venezuela More Serious Than First Believed


    11-03-19 02:33:00,

    Trump Regime Electricity War in Venezuela More Serious Than First Believed

    Stephen LENDMAN 

    On Thursday, Venezuela’s Guri dam hydroelectric power plant was cyberattacked at 5:00 PM during the late afternoon rush hour to cause maximum disruption.

    Up to 80% of the country was affected, damage done more severe than initially thought. Weeks or months of planning likely preceded what happened – US dark forces almost certainly behind it, considerable expertise needed to pull it off. 

    On Friday, another cyberattack occurred, followed by a third one on Saturday, affecting parts of the country where power was restored, further complicating resolution of the problem, Maduro saying:

    After power was restored to about 70% of the country, “we received another attack, of a cybernetic nature, at midday…that disturbed the reconnection process and knocked out everything that had been achieved until noon,” adding:

    “(O)ne of the sources of generation that was working perfectly” was sabotaged again…infiltrators…attacking the electric company from the inside.”

    Power is being restored “manually,” efforts continuing to learn precisely why computerized systems failed – things further complicated after a Bolivar state substation transformer exploded and burned, suggesting more sabotage.

    What’s happening in Venezuela is similar to infecting Iran’s Bushehr and Natanz nuclear power facilities with a Stuxnet malware computer virus in 2010, a likely joint US/Israeli intelligence operation. Edward Snowden blamed them for what happened.

    At the time, operations were halted indefinitely. Iran called the incident a hostile act. General Gholam-Reza Jalali said if the affected facilities went online infected, Iran’s entire electrical power grid could have been shut down. 

    It took months to fully resolve the problem. Following the summer 2010 attack, the malware continued to infect the facilities’ centrifuges, requiring their replacement.

    An Institute for Science and International Security analysis said “(a)ssuming Iran exercises caution, Stuxnet is unlikely to destroy more centrifuges at the (affected plants).” 

    “Iran likely cleaned the malware from its control systems. To prevent re-infection, Iran will have to exercise special caution since so many computers in Iran contain Stuxnet,” adding:

    “Although Stuxnet appears to be designed to destroy centrifuges at (Iranian nuclear facilities), destruction was by no means total.”

    “Stuxnet did not lower the production of low-enriched uranium (LEU) during 2010.

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    Venezuela: Regime Change nach US-Drehbuch wie in Chile?


    25-02-19 09:30:00,

    Die Vorgänge in und um Venezuela erinnern den erfahrenen Journalisten Horst Schäfer, der unter anderem Korrespondent im Weißen Haus war, an die US-Pläne für den Putsch in Chile 1973. Er macht auf Ähnlichkeiten aufmerksam, die aus seiner Sicht nicht zufällig sind.

    Das Vorgehen der USA gegen Venezuela erinnert Horst Schäfer an die Vorgänge in den frühen 1970er Jahren in Chile, bevor 1973 ein US-geführter Putsch Präsident Salvador Allende stürzte. In seinem Beitrag „US-Drehbuch für Venezuela?“ in der aktuellen Ausgabe der Zeitschrift „Ossietzky“ (4/2019) belegt er das mit Auszügen aus entsprechenden US-Geheimdienstdokumenten. Die wurden im Abschlussbericht des von US-Senator Frank Church geleiteten Untersuchungsausschusses 1975/76 über die CIA-Aktivitäten gegen andere Staaten und Staatschefs veröffentlicht. Schäfer hat unter anderem von 1975 bis 1987 als Korrespondent der DDR-Nachrichtenagentur ADN aus Washington berichtet.

    Die Ähnlichkeiten bei den damaligen Vorgängen in Chile und den entsprechenden US-Plänen zu dem Geschehen in und um Venezuela seien „nicht etwa zufällig, sondern sind systembedingt“, schreibt Schäfer. Er zitiert unter anderem aus Aufzeichnungen des damaligen CIA-Chefs Richard Helms von einer Runde am 15. September 1970 im Weißen Haus, fünf Wochen vor der Wahl von Allende. Dabei diskutierten US-Präsident Richard Nixon, dessen Sicherheitsberater Henry Kissinger und Justizminister John Mitchell mit Helms über Chile.

    Nixon habe zehn Millionen Dollar und mehr für Geheimdienstaktionen gegen Allende bereitgestellt, dazu einen „Vollzeitjob für die besten Männer, die wir haben“, angekündigt. Weitere Stichpunkte von Helms aus der Beratung waren laut Schäfer: „Keine Rücksicht auf Risiko (…), Ablaufplan – die Wirtschaft aufschreien lassen –, in 48 Stunden Aktionsplan vorlegen.“ Es handele sich bei den Notizen um „eine brutale und aufschlussreiche Anleitung für Terrorismus“. Helms habe vor dem Church-Ausschuss eingestanden: „Das war ein Befehl, der so ziemlich alles einschloss…“

    Aufforderung zum Putsch

    Einen Tag später habe der CIA-Chef dem Planungsstab des Geheimdienstes mitgeteilt, „dass ein Allende-Regime für die Vereinigten Staaten nicht akzeptabel sei. Der Präsident verlange von der CIA, die Amtseinsetzung Allendes zu verhindern oder aber ihn wieder zu stürzen.“ In zwei Telegrammen habe die Geheimdienstzentrale in Langley ihrer Station in Santiago de Chile das Startzeichen für die verdeckten Aktionen gegeben.

    „Allende an der Machtübernahme zu hindern“, wurde dabei laut Schäfer als eines der Ziele ausgegeben. Dazu habe auch eine „militärische Lösung“ gehört. Zu den Mitteln zählten danach, Abgeordnete zu bestechen sowie propagandistische und wirtschaftliche Störmaßnahmen durchzuführen.

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    Trump Regime Pursuing Nuclear Technology Sales to the Saudis – Global Research


    21-02-19 03:56:00,

    Saudi Arabia is a fascist dictatorship run in cahoots with religious extremists – the Middle East’s most dangerous regime after Israel. 

    Other than nations already with nukes, it’s likely the last regime on earth anti-war activists would want to be nuclearized with a potential military component.

    The possibility should terrify everyone, mass destruction regionally and beyond greatly heightened if the Saudis have this capability.

    A US House Oversight and Reform Committee report raised the issue, saying the following:

    “(M)ultiple whistleblowers came forward to warn about efforts inside the White House to rush the transfer of highly sensitive US nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia in potential violation of the Atomic Energy Act and without review by Congress as required by law—efforts that may be ongoing to this day,” adding:

    Trump regime relations with the Saudis are “shrouded in secrecy,” Jared Kushner involved with crown prince Mohammad bin Salman on what’s going on – MBS once saying he’s got Trump’s son-in-law “in his pocket.”

    Saudi Arabla is a highly valued US client state, the most important in the Arab world one because of its huge oil reserves and around $750 billion of its wealth invested in US assets.

    Trump has gone all-out to assure nothing interferes with US/Saudi business and political relations. He’s had longstanding business ties to the kingdom, including distress sales to royal family members when needing cash to meet debt obligations.

    Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal earlier said he bailed Trump out twice. Businessman Trump created and registered eight companies to do business in Saudi Arabia.

    During an August 2015 campaign rally, he said

    “Saudi Arabia, I get along great with all of them. They buy apartments from me. They spend $40 million, $50 million. Am I supposed to dislike them? I like them very much.”

    According to the Wall Street Journal in January 2017, the Washington-based Trump International Hotel was paid about $270,000 by the Saudi lobbying firm Qorvis MSLGroup – for lodging, catering, and related expenses – plus another $200,000 spent at the hotel.

    As president, Trump chose Saudi Arabia for his first foreign trip, sealing what he called a $110 billion arms deal,

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    Der Regime Change in den USA, in Großbritannien, in Frankreich, in Saudi-Arabien … ist dringend geboten.


    30-01-19 10:45:00,

    Zurzeit erleben wir ein grauenhaftes Schauspiel, eine echte Zumutung: Regierungen, die ihr Land schlecht bis miserabel regieren, beschäftigen sich – begleitet von massiver Propaganda – mit den Regierungen anderer Völker. Sie greifen wie im Falle Venezuelas direkt in die Innereien dieser Länder ein. (Siehe Hinweise von heute) Sie rechtfertigen das mit einer miserablen Bilanz der Regierung und mangelnder Wertorientierung. Aber wie sieht das denn bei ihnen zu Hause aus? Albrecht Müller.

    1. Die USA haben einen Präsidenten, der eine Mauer zum Nachbarland bauen will. Denken Sie mal an die Mauer in Berlin. Wollen wir mit Regierungen etwas zu tun haben, die Mauern zu den Nachbarn errichten, statt mit ihnen zusammenzuarbeiten? Die USA haben außerdem reihenweise Länder mit Kriegen überzogen. Millionen Tote, Zivilisten und Soldaten haben sie auf dem Kerbholz. Sie töten Menschen in anderen Teilen der Welt mittels Drohnen und ohne rechtliche Grundlage.

      Große Teile des eigenen Volkes leben unter schwierigen Bedingungen. Sie haben keine Krankenversicherung. Messbare Teile der Jugend sind Drogen verfallen. Hier nur die Info die ersten beiden Beiträge zum Thema bei Google:

      Die Drogen-Epidemie ist die neue Pest der USA – Politik …

      04.08.2017 – Ganze Regionen der USA werden von Opioiden überschwemmt. Und Präsident Trump ist kaum der richtige Mann, um die Krise zu lösen.

      Immer mehr Todesopfer: Drogenhölle USA – Ärzte Zeitung

      13.02.2017 – Die Zahl der Drogentoten in den Vereinigten Staaten ist in den vergangenen … Jahren in die Höhe geschnellt sind: von 2010 bis 2014 um 248 Prozent. … das Heroin, das unsere Jugendlichen vergiftet.” … Von den mehr als 27 Millionen Drogenabhängigen in Amerika ist nur ein Zehntel in Behandlung.

      Ein solches Land und sein Präsident spielen sich als Schiedsrichter über andere Völker auf. Und als Weltpolizisten. Wie lange wollen wir das noch hinnehmen? Warum sind so viele Deutsche absolut kritiklos gegenüber den USA? Klar, das ist die Folge einer jahrzehntelangen Propaganda nach dem Schema “gut und böse”.

      Die US-Amerikaner verdienen einen Regime Change.

    2. Die britische Regierung hat Großbritannien und das britische Volk in eine ausweglose Situation hineingefahren. Sie hat nichts getan, um den Schlamassel um den Brexit zu vermeiden. Sehr viele Menschen werden darunter zu leiden haben.

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    US Regime Change in Venezuela: The Documented Evidence – Global Research


    25-01-19 02:00:00,

    The Latin American nation of Venezuela faces dangerous destabilization with the United States and its allies having recognized opposition figure Juan Guaido as “president” and declaring actual Venezuelan president – Nicolas Maduro – no longer recognized.

    In response, President Maduro has demanded US diplomatic personnel to leave the country.

    Protests and counter-protests have reportedly taken to the streets as both sides attempt to seize the psychological and political initiative.

    Why Venezuela? 

    According to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo – the impetus for Washington’s sudden interest in Venezuela is the suffering of the Venezuelan people.

    Reuters in their article titled, “Pompeo calls on Venezuela’s Maduro to step down, urges support from military,” would claim:

    In a statement, Pompeo said Washington would support opposition leader Juan Guaido as he establishes a transitional government and prepares the country for elections. 

    “The Venezuelan people have suffered long enough under Nicolas Maduro’s disastrous dictatorship,” Pompeo said. “We call on Maduro to step aside in favor of a legitimate leader reflecting the will of the Venezuelan people.”  

    In truth, Washington’s motivation is the fact that according to The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) – Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves on Earth – more than Saudi Arabia and accounting for nearly a quarter of all OPEC production.

    The US doesn’t necessarily need this oil in terms of energy – but in terms of maintaining a US-led unipolar international order – controlling or crippling nations with large amounts of hydrocarbons prevents the emergence of a multipolar world nations across the developing world seek, led by reemerging global power – Russia – and newly emerging global power – China.

    A Venezuela governed by a stable political order able to produce wealth from its massive oil reserves – and dedicated to a multipolar alternative to Washington’s current international order is intolerable for Wall Street and Washington and explains the vast amount of time, energy, money, and resources the US has invested in destabilizing and overthrowing first President Hugo Chavez – with a coup attempt in 2002 – and now President Maduro.

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    Regime Change in Venezuela: Trump, Almagro and Guaidó – The Troika of Insanity – Global Research


    24-01-19 08:17:00,

    As I write this comment events in Venezuela are still developing this January 23. The date marks the day Venezuelan dictator Marcos Perez Jimenez was overthrown 61 years ago. It is an important date for all Venezuelans. It is understandable that the government and its supporters want to celebrate it with their banner of “Marcha por la Paz y la Soberania” (March for Peace and Sovereignty). But so does the opposition in Venezuela although their goal is quite different. They seek a coup d’état for a regime change publicly called for today by the vice-president of the US government, Mike Pence, on his own video tweet.

    We have seen many different ways to achieve regime change when the US puts its mind to it, but this one today maybe the first, at least in my recollection (pending more research).

    As the government supporters march in some areas of Caracas, opposition groups are not only marching, they are actually committing the most outrageous, albeit expected, action: they observe as Juan Guaidó, recently declared president of the in-contempt National Assembly, declares himself interim president of Venezuela!

    US president Donald Trump and OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro, quickly, evidently already prepared, announced their recognition of their choice of president for Venezuela; not the one that was legitimately and democratically elected. It is to be expected that the Canadian government will follow suit.

    I am still trying to overcome my outrage as I write. Outrage at the stupidity of some humans when they have some power and they feel entitled to abuse it. That goes to Trump and Almagro. They have a total disregard for the international laws they are called to abide to, for the sovereignty of nations and for the will of 6.3 million Venezuelans who gave a majority vote to Maduro. Outrage at the level of blindness of some Venezuelans who do not recognize when they are being manipulated and become cheap political pawns in a dangerous game. Ambition? Greed? Inflated ego? Ignorance? Certainly it is not modesty and sanity.

    As events are still developing we have more questions than answers. We know the reaction of the US government and Luis Almagro, but what will the legitimate government of Venezuela do? If this is an overt case of treason and real usurpation of power by the opposition,

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    Trump Regime Arming and Training Ukrainian Forces for War. Should Donbass Join Russia? – Global Research


    10-12-18 07:17:00,

    The Ukraine Freedom Support Act (UFSA) of 2014 authorized US lethal and non-lethal aid to Kiev. 

    The US and other NATO countries supply its forces with heavy and other weapons, along with training to use them. The only external threats its regime faces are invented one. No real ones exist.

    A state of war initiated by Ukraine exists between the US-installed puppet regime and Donbass freedom fighters – breaking away from Kiev over wanting democratic governance, rejecting illegitimate fascist rule.

    In April 2014, less than two months after the Obama regime’s coup, replacing democratic governance with Nazi-infested putschists, Ukrainian forces attacked the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk (DPR and LPR) in Donbass.

    US orchestrated war continues intermittently. Washington and Kiev willfully undermined Minsk I and II conflict resolution agreements, wanting war, not peace, near Russia’s border.

    Full scale war could resume any time. Last week, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the Ukrainian Poroshenko regime is “ready to do anything, even unleash a new blitzkrieg in southeastern Ukraine” (the Donbass region), adding:

    “(W)e have been hearing about ongoing preparations for possible military actions by the Ukrainian armed forces in Donbass.”

    “(T)he Kiev regime is trying to use the cover of information noise to direct the international community’s attention to its own provocation in the Kerch Strait which it tries to pass off as aggressive actions taken by Russia.”

    “Substantial offensive forces are being redeployed in that region and dispersed along the contact line. (P)hotos of tank units redeployed to Mariupol were posted on social media.”

    “(A)irborne assault and mechanized brigades of the Ukrainian armed forces are being redeployed in the conflict zone. In November, the personnel of these brigades underwent training at the training ranges in the Zhytomyr and Lvov regions overseen by the US, Canadian and British instructors.”

    “(M)artial law is (a pretext), conceal(ing) plans to stage another provocation in Donbass,” portrayed as “Russian aggression.”

    The Trump and Theresa May regimes appear to be planning more aggression in Donbass by Ukrainian forces – to be launched whenever the US and Britain order their Kiev proxies to attack.

    Resumption of full-scale war could come any time,

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    Kiev Regime – A Western Frankenstein Creation


    10-12-18 08:37:00,

    Via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

    Russian President Vladimir Putin put it succinctly when he recently warned that prospects for peace in Ukraine were negligible as long as the current authorities in Kiev remain in power. Worse, given a new rash of provocations by the Kiev regime, the entire region is being threatened with conflict, and even all-out war.

    It seems clear – and criminally reprehensible – that the Kiev regime and its President Petro Poroshenko are intent on dragging the United States and the NATO military alliance into a war with Russia. The incendiary conduct of Ukrainian politicians and their military is that of a regime out of control, with no regard for maintaining international peace. But this Frankenstein creation is entirely the responsibility of the American and European governments which have enabled and condoned its reckless behavior.

    Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova got it right when she said that Russia is the party which is preventing Europe from sliding towards war by stoically containing the Kiev regime’s provocative conduct. Yet the regime turns reality on its head by claiming that it is “defending Europe” from “Russian aggression”.

    The recent Kerch Strait incident was a cynical and flagrant attempt by Poroshenko to incite a conflict with Russia. The three Ukrainian warships violated Russian maritime borders in a deliberately menacing maneuver. Moscow was within its legal right to apprehend the heavily armed vessels and 24 crew members some of whom were secret services.

    Absurdly, the Kiev regime is accusing Russia of “lawlessness”. More perplexing, the US and European governments appear to have bought into that perverse narrative and are also haranguing Russia over the incident. Poroshenko has been doing the US and European media rounds urging American and NATO military support.

    This week it was reported that the US Navy 6th Fleet is planning to send a warship into the Black Sea area “in response to Russian aggression”. US warplanes also reportedly this week flew over Ukrainian territory under the so-called Open Skies treaty, in a blatant show of force to Moscow.

    Following the Kerch Strait incident, the Kiev regime has gone several steps further in inflaming tensions with Russia.

    It is renewing the push for an historic schism in the Russian Orthodox Church.

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    Regime Change In Riyadh? The CIA Has Just Publicly Dumped MbS


    29-10-18 10:44:00,

    A fascinating FT article suggests Western intelligence agencies have now dumped Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman after he’s been personally accused by world leaders — foremost among them Turkey’s President Erdogan and US President Trump — for ordering the brutal murder and dismemberment of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Implicit in the article, rich with quotes from current and former US and Western intelligence officials, is the further suggestion that these very intel operatives appear to now be actively seeking MbS’ ouster. 

    But the other fascinating aspect to FT’s commentary is what it reveals about both the mainstream media and intelligence ‘deep state’ perspective on the kingdom and Middle East politics in general: a head of state is deemed good or bad insofar they are amenable to the goals of Western intelligence agencies. While this might be obvious to any student of the history of covert action in the 20th century, it is rare to see it acknowledged so out in the open in a mainstream publication. The FT article reads like a “bragging rights” competition over which crown prince could be better formed by US intelligence: MbS or his recently ousted cousin Mohammed bin Nayef (MbN)?

    For the intelligence officials interviewed, some named but most unnamed, the ultimate problem is not that a sadistic crown prince just ordered that a prominent journalist be literally hacked up while still breathing, but that the resulting PR nightmare has damaged CIA and MI6 inroads into Riyadh. 

    Saudi Arabia’s powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, via AFP

    According to FT

    The slow collapse in trust, played out in public, represents a dramatic departure from the close and covert relationship that the CIA and MI6 developed with his ousted cousin and rival for power, Mohammed bin Nayef.

    Essentially this translates to an absurd cry of “gone are the good ole days when the Saudi crown prince was a dutiful CIA asset!” Such CIA confessions to FT are astounding for their unabashed and barefaced frankness over just what US foreign policy actually values in an allied foreign leader. 

    Now that MbS has quickly fallen out of favor with the “global community,”

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    To The US Media, A “Regime” Is Any Government At Odds With The US Empire

    To The US Media, A “Regime” Is Any Government At Odds With The US Empire

    22-08-18 07:05:00,

    Authored by Gregory Shupak via ‘Fariness & Accuracy In Reporting’,

    In the aftermath of the assassination attempt against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, an article in the Miami Herald (8/5/18) reported that “a clandestine group formed by Venezuelan military members opposed to the regime of Nicolás Maduro claimed responsibility.” A New York Times op-ed (8/10/18) mused, “No one knows whether the Maduro regime will last decades or days.” AFP(8/12/18) reported that “Trump has harshly criticized Maduro’s leftist regime.”

    The word “regime” implies that the government to which the label is applied is undemocratic, even tyrannical, so it’s peculiar that the term is used in Venezuela’s case, since the country’s leftist government has repeatedly won free and fair elections (London Review of Books, 6/29/17).

    One could argue that, strictly speaking, “regime” can simply mean a system, and in some specific, infrequent contexts, that may be how it’s used. But broadly the word “regime” suggests a government that is unrepresentative, repressive,  corrupt, aggressive—without the need to offer any evidence of these traits.

    Interestingly, the US itself meets many of the criteria for being a “regime”: It can be seen as an oligarchy rather than a democracy, imprisons people at a higher rate than any other country, has grotesque levels of inequality and bombs another country every 12 minutes. Yet there’s no widespread tendency for the corporate media to describe the US state as a “regime.”

    The function of “regime” is to construct the ideological scaffolding for the United States and its partners to attack whatever country has a government described in this manner.

    According to the mainstream media, the democratically elected government of Nicaragua is a “regime” (Washington Post, 7/11/18). Cuba also has a “regime” (Washington Post, 7/25/18). Iraq and Libya used to have “regimes”—before the United States implemented “regime change.” North Korea most definitely has one (New York Times, 7/26/18), as do China (Washington Post, 

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    US Regime Change and its Armies of “Garbage” | New Eastern Outlook

    US Regime Change and its Armies of “Garbage” | New Eastern Outlook

    05-06-18 08:18:00,


    America’s “color revolutions” are polished by the Western media to portray opposition as daring heroes. However, the truth is far less flattering, and even compromising.

    Had James Buchanan – writing for the Guardian in his article, “‘This country has no freedom!’: how Thailand’s punks are railing against the junta” – told the truth about who Kitikea ‘Pure Punk’ Kanpim was and the subculture of substance abuse and woman-beating he represented – the article likely would never have been published. 

    But telling the truth is not the business the Guardian is in – telling narratives that buttress the US-European corporate-driven agenda is. And the agenda for Thailand is regime change.

    Just as the Western media sold the world tales of brutal terrorists representing “freedom” and “democracy” in nations like Libya and Syria in 2011 or right wing Neo-Nazis in Ukraine in 2014 – the Western media is rummaging through the lowest common denominator in Thai society to portray a fringe anti-government movement as a “popular uprising.”To that end, Buchanan’s article portrays drug-addled woman-beaters like Kanpim as disingenuously as he does Thailand’s political crisis.His article claims:

    Anger at repression is quelled under the military dictatorship – but the country’s punk scene is turning the protest volume back up again.

    It continued:

    The provocative slogan, directed at junta leader Prayuth Chan-ocha, helped the event’s Facebook page go viral, piquing the interest of pro-democracy activists and putting the small underground scene in the national spotlight.

    Despite Prayuth Chan-ocha being Prime Minister of Thailand – the Western media has repeatedly used the slur “junta leader” to depict both the prime minister himself and the nation’s government as a backwards 3rd world dictatorship.

    Yet no mention is made of what precipitated the 2014 military coup in Thailand that brought both to power – not by Buchanan in the Guardian – and not anywhere else across the Western media.

     Western Media’s Contempt for Context

    The previous government was headed by US-backed billionaire ex-prime minister, mass murderer, and now fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra via his own sister who openly ran as his proxy during 2011 elections. After coming to power in 2011,

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    Why the U.S. Regime Hates Vladimir Putin | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

    Why the U.S. Regime Hates Vladimir Putin | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

    29-04-18 07:53:00,

    Here is Putin in extemporaneous discussion and interview (translated into English): See this and this.

    The second of those videos shows Putin offering Russia’s billionaires the choice between being dispossessed of their companies by the Government, or else signing an agreement with the Government, promising that they will henceforth place the welfare of their workers and of the people of Russia, above their own personal welfare and wealth, and only one billionaire there, Oleg Deripaska, hesitated, at which point Putin treated him contemptuously and Deripaska promptly signed.

    Here is how Britain’s Express newspaper, on 7 October 2015, described that second  video (below):

    It shows the 63-year-old [Putin], who has launched a blitz of more than 50 airstrikes against the terror regime [Syria’s ISIS] in recent days, directly confronting Russian oligarchs and ranting at them that they are good for nothing COCKROACHES.

    In the incredible footage, Putin humiliates Oleg Deripaska, one of the world’s richest men with a fortune of $6m [Deripaska’s fortune in 2009 was actually $3.5 billion], and treats him like his personal lapdog.

    It was filmed on a tour of Pikalevo, a struggling factory town where families had been venting their anger over job losses and unpaid wages.

    Back when the Putin-Deripaska encounter happened, the right-wing British newspaper Telegraph had bannered, on 4 June 2009, “Vladimir Putin takes Oleg Deripaska to task”, and it placed their hostile slant on the event by sub-heading: “Vladimir Putin, the Russian prime minister, publicly criticised his most faithful oligarch on Thursday in an attempt to deflect growing social discontent on to the country’s unpopular super-rich.” (Of course, the U.S. regime would ignore why Russia’s super-rich were “unpopular,” much less the fact that America’s super-rich were involved in these heists from Russia that had caused so much of Russia’s post-Soviet depression.)

    Image below right: Putin and Deripaska

    Image result for Oleg Deripaska

    On 27 April 2018, Deripaska ceded control over the world’s second-largest aluminum-producer, Russal, and he did it because the United States regime had recently placed him and his corporations under new economic sanctions,

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    Auf dem Weg zum Regime Change in Russland wäre ein Teil-Boykott der Fußballweltmeisterschaft ein weiterer Schritt. Campact hilft dabei. Ein Einordnungsversuch. – www.NachDenkSeiten.de

    Auf dem Weg zum Regime Change in Russland wäre ein Teil-Boykott der Fußballweltmeisterschaft ein weiterer Schritt. Campact hilft dabei. Ein Einordnungsversuch. – www.NachDenkSeiten.de

    13-04-18 08:28:00,

    13. April 2018 um 16:59 Uhr | Verantwortlich:

    Auf dem Weg zum Regime Change in Russland wäre ein Teil-Boykott der Fußballweltmeisterschaft ein weiterer Schritt. Campact hilft dabei. Ein Einordnungsversuch.

    Veröffentlicht in: Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik, Audio-Podcast, Kampagnen / Tarnworte / Neusprech, Strategien der Meinungsmache

    Albrecht Müller

    Was um uns herum vorgeht – von immer neuen Meldungen und Aktionen im Falle Skripal über die Attacken auf Nordstream 2, die neuen Sanktionen der USA gegen Russland und die Meldungen zu Syrien – erscheint sehr verwirrend. Irrsinnig könnte man es auch nennen. Die folgenden Anmerkungen sind ein Versuch zur Einordnung verschiedener rätselhafter Vorgänge. Rätselhaft ist vor allem die Tatsache, dass Russland sowohl bei der Affäre Skripal als auch im Falle Syriens auf die Anklagebank zu sitzen kam, obwohl seine Verantwortung und Schuld ausgesprochen zweifelhaft sind. Bei diesem Einordnungsversuch ist die Erkenntnis, dass wir es vor allem mit Meinungsmache und mit einer Propagandaschlacht zu tun haben, von großer Bedeutung. Die Meinungsmache dient der Durchsetzung der westlichen Interessen und notfalls der Kriegvorbereitung durch einseitige Schuldzuweisung. Albrecht Müller.

    Dieser Beitrag ist auch als Audio-Podcast verfügbar.

    Podcast: Play in new window | Download

    Meinungsmache und Propaganda werden von Entscheidungen und Schachzügen verschiedener Personen und Einrichtungen gestützt.

    Dazu gehört auch ein kleiner Schachzug, der letzte Woche auf den Tisch kam: eine Campact-Petition für den Boykott der Fußballweltmeisterschaft in Russland. Man muss kein Fußball-Fan sein und schon gar kein Fan von Meisterschaften, um zu verstehen, dass der Boykott der Weltmeisterschaft durch eine nennenswerte Zahl von westlichen Staaten ein herber Schlag für Russland und die russische Führung sein würde. Damit würde die Konfrontation zwischen West und Ost weiter verschärft. Das passt ins Bild, das mit uns viele Leser der NachDenkSeiten und ehemalige Förderer von Campact von dieser Organisation haben. Dies nur als Vorbemerkung aus aktuellem Anlass. Und jetzt der Einordnungsversuch:

    Im Westen hat sich die Linie der Konfrontation durchgesetzt. Diese wird angetrieben von der Vorstellung, es müsse unbedingt eine monopolare Welt, geführt von den USA und begleitet von der NATO, geben.

    Diese Vorstellung von einer imperialen Weltordnung ist gepaart mit der neoliberalen Ideologie und im Kern auch von der Vorstellung,

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