Darknet: Reporter ohne Grenzen im Zwist mit Bundesregierung


20-07-19 05:26:00,

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RT France reporter hit by policeman while filming Yellow Vests protest


26-05-19 09:38:00,

A correspondent with RT France has been beaten with a baton by a police officer in the French city of Toulouse where he was filming a Yellow Vests protest. He was wearing press identification.

A video Federic Aigouy shared on Twitter shows a police officer wearing riot gear and holding a baton striking him at the moment when he was filming a protester’s arrest. The correspondent had a label on his clothes that clearly identified him as a member of the press, RT France said.

The journalist did not sustain any serious injuries as a result of the incident. He remained at the scene and continued to film the protest following the encounter.

On Saturday, Yellow Vests marched across France for the 28th straight weekend. The movement that started with a protest against a planned fuel tax hike in November 2018 later turned into a force opposing President Emmanuel Macron’s broader reform agenda.

READ MORE: Yellow Vest movement marks 6-month anniversary with marches, scuffles with police break out (VIDEOS)

The Yellow Vests’ numbers have dwindled in the months after the movement reached its height. Some 12,500 protesters took to the streets this time, according to police. An activist group monitoring the demonstrations put the number at some 35,000, though.

Despite the relatively small number of demonstrators, the protests ended up in clashes with police on several occasions. In Toulouse, police had to use tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowd. Several protesters were detained.

Tear gas was also used against protesters in the French capital of Paris.

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PressTV reporter tear gassed live at Yellow Vest protest | The Vineyard of the Saker


01-05-19 08:21:00,

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Der „Tag der Pressefreiheit“, die „Reporter Ohne Grenzen“ und die erschütternde Selbstsicht unserer Medien


29-04-19 02:05:00,

Der „Tag der Pressefreiheit“ naht und kürzlich haben „Reporter Ohne Grenzen“ erneut ihre umstrittene „Rangliste“ vorgelegt. Beide Ereignisse werfen ein Licht auf den Zustand der westlichen Medien und den dortigen Umgang mit Kritik. Das Schicksal einer der wichtigsten Quellen für kritischen Journalismus wird von vielen großen Medien derweil totgeschwiegen: das von Julian Assange. Von Tobias Riegel.

Rund um den „Tag der Pressefreiheit“ am 3. Mai erreicht das Maß der Selbstbeweihräucherung großer deutscher Medien alljährlich einen Höchststand. Kein Wunder – ist doch der (angebliche) Vorsprung auf dem Gebiet der freien Meinungsäußerung ein Pfund, mit dem vor allem die „westlichen Demokratien“ intensiv hausieren gehen. In dieser Sicht werden sie alljährlich bestärkt durch die „Rangliste der Pressefreiheit“ der Organisation „Reporter Ohne Grenzen“ (ROG).

Problematisch sind an dieser Selbstsicht zur herrschenden Meinungsfreiheit mehrere Aspekte: Die Meinungsvielfalt kann sich nicht allein durch die Freiheit bemessen, die Staaten privaten Medien gewähren. Zudem wurden in den letzten Jahren in westlichen Staaten zahlreiche, teils private, Zensur-Mechanismen eingeführt. Und die berechtigte Kritik an der Gleichförmigkeit der Berichterstattung (nicht nur) bei den Themen Russland, Rüstung oder Wirtschaftspolitik wird – um sie abzuschmettern – als „rechts“ diffamiert. Von ROG werden solche krassen inhaltlichen Defizite völlig unangemessen behandelt.

Es ist zudem kein Wunder, dass die (angebliche) Pressefreiheit besonders in den wirtschaftsliberal geprägten westlichen Staaten als „Alleinstellungsmerkmal“ betrachtet und gefeiert wird. Denn die Pressefreiheit nach Definition etwa von ROG bedeutet zu allererst eine Freiheit von staatlicher Einschränkung – eine Beschränkung der Meinungsvielfalt durch dominante private Medienkonzerne wird von ROG nicht angemessen als Gefahr identifiziert.

„Reporter Ohne Grenzen“ stützen Selbst-Betrug westlicher Medien

Doch dessen ungeachtet können die westlichen Demokratien laut ROG noch immer stolz sein auf ihre Medienlandschaften. So verkündet die initiative auch in diesem Jahr:

„Im weltweiten Vergleich stehen auf den oberen Plätzen der Rangliste der Pressefreiheit 2019 von Reporter ohne Grenzen (ROG) ausschließlich Länder mit demokratisch verfassten Regierungen, in denen die Gewaltenteilung funktioniert. In diesen Ländern sorgen unabhängige Gerichte dafür, dass Mindeststandards tatsächlich von Regierung und Parlamenten respektiert werden.“

Deutschland ist laut der Rangliste „um zwei Plätze nach oben auf Rang 13 gerückt“, was jedoch vor allem daran liege, dass „die Pressefreiheit in anderen Ländern stärker abnahm“.

Eine der zahlreichen Schwächen bei der Ermittlung der ROG-Liste offenbart dieser distanzierende Satz: “Die Rangliste ist kein Indikator für die Qualität der Berichterstattung in den jeweiligen Ländern.” In diesem Zusammenhang müsste ROG jedoch erklären,

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Reporter Quits NBC Citing Network’s Support For Endless War


04-01-19 09:12:00,

Submitted by Caitlin Johnstone

A journalist with NBC has resigned from the network with a statement which highlights the immense resistance that ostensibly liberal mass media outlets have to antiwar narratives, skepticism of US military agendas, and any movement in the opposite direction of endless military expansionism.

“January 4 is my last day at NBC News and I’d like to say goodbye to my friends, hopefully not for good,” begins an email titled ‘My goodbye letter to NBC’ sent to various contacts by William M Arkin, an award-winning journalist who has been associated with the network for 30 years.

“This isn’t the first time I’ve left NBC, but this time the parting is more bittersweet, the world and the state of journalism in tandem crisis,” the email continues. “My expertise, though seeming to be all the more central to the challenges and dangers we face, also seems to be less valued at the moment. And I find myself completely out of synch with the network, being neither a day-to-day reporter nor interested in the Trump circus.”

The lengthy email covers details about Arkin’s relationship with NBC and its staff, his opinions about the mainstream media’s refusal to adequately scrutinize and criticize the US war machine’s spectacular failures in the Middle East, how he “argued endlessly with MSNBC about all things national security for years”, the fact that his position as a civilian military analyst was unusual and “peculiar” in a media environment where that role is normally dominated by “THE GENERALS and former government officials,” and how he was “one of the few to report that there weren’t any WMD in Iraq” and remembers “fondly presenting that conclusion to an incredulous NBC editorial board.”

“A scholar at heart, I also found myself an often lone voice that was anti-nuclear and even anti-military, anti-military for me meaning opinionated but also highly knowledgeable, somewhat akin to a movie critic, loving my subject but also not shy about making judgements regarding the flops and the losers,” he writes.

Arkin makes clear that NBC is in no way the sole mass media offender in its refusal to question or criticize the normalization of endless warfare,

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Undercover Reporter at Amazon Warehouse Found Abusive Conditions

Undercover Reporter at Amazon Warehouse Found Abusive Conditions

05-09-18 05:19:00,

Politics & Elections

Neoliberal Fascism and the Twilight of the Social

Prisons & Policing

The Prison Strike Challenges Ableism and Defends Disability Rights

Environment & Health

UCLA’s Patent War in India Prevents Access to Prostate Cancer Treatment

Politics & Elections

New Midterm Election Polls Have Bad News for Trump and the GOP

Environment & Health

Texas Lawsuit Could Mean Life or Death for the Affordable Care Act

Education & Youth

Back to School and Straight to the Picket Line

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders has targeted Amazon for its role in widening the wage gap in the United States, and this week he is expected to unveil legislation requiring large employers like Amazon to cover the cost of federal assistance received by their employees. We speak with journalist James Bloodworth, who spent a month working undercover as a “picker” in an Amazon order fulfillment center and found workers were urinating in bottles because they were discouraged from taking bathroom breaks. His new book is Hired: Six Months Undercover in Low-Wage Britain.


AMY GOODMAN: And just as we watch that report, independent Senator Bernie Sanders has targeted Amazon for its role in widening the wage gap in the United States. Senator Sanders spoke Monday at an AFL–CIO Labor Day breakfast and called out Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos by name.

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS: I am not comfortable when one person, wealthiest guy in the world, Jeff Bezos, is today seeing his wealth increase, today, $250 million every single day, but there are thousands of workers who are employed by him who are earning wages so low, they are on food stamps, Medicaid and subsidized housing.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Amazon responded to ongoing criticism from Sanders last week in a blog post, saying, quote, “Amazon is proud to have created over 130,000 new jobs last year alone. In the U.S., the average hourly wage for a full-time associate in our fulfillment centers, including cash, stock, and incentive bonuses, is over $15/hour before overtime. … We encourage anyone to compare our pay and benefits to other retailers.”

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