Twitter Restores Assange Activism Account In Response To Backlash


19-07-19 07:56:00,

After a week of vocal protests from online supporters of Julian Assange, Twitter has reversed its unjust removal of the prominent pro-Assange activism account @Unity4J.

After the account was suspended without any explanation being presented to its operators, Assange supporters drew a clear line in the sand against internet censorship and began making a big noise that couldn’t be ignored. The account’s suspension drew condemnations from high-profile Assange supporters like Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, World Socialist Website, RT and Lee Camp, as well as a sustained social media campaign by grassroots supporters which included artwork, memes, and of course relentless “tagging” of Twitter Support and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Political dissidents in general, and Assange supporters in particular, can take this as a very positive sign. It cannot be denied that there is pressure being applied to new media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube to forcibly marginalize all perspectives which fall outside the ever-shrinking Overton window of approved political discourse, but it also cannot be denied that speaking out works. If enough people push back against internet censorship to make it too conspicuous and obvious, it can’t happen.

We know that @twitter can and does reinstate accounts after suspension in the wake of a public outcry: @caitoz was suspended only to be reinstated after multiple journalists spoke out against it. @twittersupport @jack reinstate @Unity4J, an account that never broke Twitter rules.

— Elizabeth Lea Vos (@ElizabethleaVos) July 12, 2019

Unity4J co-founder Elizabeth Lea Vos called this from the early hours of the account’s suspension, tweeting, “We know that Twitter can and does reinstate accounts after suspension in the wake of a public outcry: @caitoz was suspended only to be reinstated after multiple journalists spoke out against it.”

“@caitoz” is my account, which was indeed reinstated after I was suspended from Twitter for expressing political wrongthink last year. A bunch of high-profile journalists and activists helped voice objection to my unjust removal from the platform, not necessarily because they liked my work but because they understood that the direction the platform was headed posed a grave threat to all politically dissident speech.

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Ecuador Restores Julian Assange’s Internet, Phone And Visitation Privileges

Ecuador Restores Julian Assange’s Internet, Phone And Visitation Privileges

15-10-18 09:17:00,

Ecuador has partially restored Julian Assange’s communications in their London Embassy after UN officials met with Ecuador’s president, Lenin Moreno on Friday, reports the Belfast Telegraph

Assange, who has lived in the embassy for over six years, had his phone and internet access taken away in March over political statements he made in violation of “a written commitment made to the government at the end of 2017 not to issue messages that might interfere with other states.” His visitor access was also limited to members of his legal team. 

Ecuador rolls back @JulianAssange isolation after UN meets with president


— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) October 14, 2018

“Ecuador has told WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange that it will remove the isolation regime imposed on him following meetings between two senior UN officials and Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno on Friday,” WikiLeaks said in a statement. 

Kristinn Hrafnsson, WikiLeaks editor-in-chief, added: “It is positive that through UN intervention Ecuador has partly ended the isolation of Mr Assange although it is of grave concern that his freedom to express his opinions is still limited.

“The UN has already declared Mr Assange a victim of arbitrary detention. This unacceptable situation must end.

“The UK government must abide by the UN’s ruling and guarantee that he can leave the Ecuadorian embassy without the threat of extradition to the United States.” –Belfast Telegraph

Assange, having been granted political asylum by Ecuador, will not leave the embassy out of the belief that he will be arrested by UK authorities and extradited to the United States, where a Clinton-friendly DOJ awaits the arrival of the man Hillary once “joked” about murdering via drone strike. 

WikiLeaks’ statement said that the meetings which resulted in the partial restoration of Assange’s communications were held between President Moreno, the UN high commission for refugees, Filippo Grandi and UN special rapporteur for freedom of expression, David Kaye. 

“Concern over Mr Assange’s situation has also been raised by other UN bodies, as well as Human Rights Watch (who was refused access to him),

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Trump Restores Millions in Funding for Syria False Flags

Trump Restores Millions in Funding for Syria False Flags

15-06-18 06:57:00,

Trump has approved $6.6 million for world’s most famous acting troupe, the White Helmets

Expect more staged gas attacks / massacres of kittens / bombings of puppy shelters soon

According to the US State Department, President Trump has signed off on the release of $6.6 million for Syria’s White Helmets, an NGO that operates as a rescue group in certain rebel-held parts of the country.

The White Helmets falsely claims it gets no funding from the US government. In reality the organization gets about 1/3 of its funding from the State Department. This is important because the White Helmets are often the lone source of questionable allegations which support US government allegations against the Syrian government.

Their US funding was frozen in April

Funding for the White Helmets was part of $200 million the Trump Administration froze in April. In May, the State Department said the funding was under “active review.” The funding freeze was done amid President Trump’s talk of withdrawing from Syria.

The State Department announcement that they were unfreezing the $6.6 million came with a statement that they “strongly support” the White Helmets. Officials did not say what would happen to the rest of the $200 million.

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