Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Moderna’s “Clinical Trial Results for Its Groundbreaking COVID Vaccine Could Not Be Much Worse” – Global Research


22-05-20 05:19:00,

The Warp Speed Timeline – is what Dr. Fauci, NIAID / NIH and Bill Gates called the Covid-19 vaccination program that should have started in a few weeks (‘should have’ – hopefully now it won’t).

The world should know about the type of fraud that is planned to being administered to Mother Earth’s 7 billion people.

If the trials’ side disastrous effects are any indication – the vaccination would cause considerable harm or injury – and possibly death – to people of Planet Earth 

This is what Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – JFK’s nephew – who is intimately involved in Children’s Protection from vaccines – had to say about it.

Peter Koenig, May 22, 2020


Moderna’s “Clinical Trial Results for Its Groundbreaking COVID Vaccine Could Not Be Much Worse”

by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

“Despite Moderna’s (pharmaceutical company created by the Bill Gates Foundation) cheery press release this morning (20 May 2020), the clinical trial results for its groundbreaking COVID vaccine could not be much worse.

The vaccine, developed and championed by Anthony Fauci and financed by Bill Gates, used an experimental mRNA technology that the two men hoped would allow rapid deployment to meet President Trump’s ambitions “warp speed” timeline.

Dr. Fauci was so confident of his shot’s safety that he waved ferret and primate studies (Moderna suspiciously reported no health data from its mouse studies).

That appears to have been a mistake. Three of the 15 human guinea pigs in the high dose cohort (250 mcg) suffered a “serious adverse event” within 43 days of receiving Moderna’s jab.

Moderna did not release its clinical trial study or raw data, but its press release, which was freighted with inconsistencies, acknowledged that three volunteers developed Grade 3 systemic events defined by the FDA as “Preventing daily activity and requiring medical intervention“.

Moderna allowed only exceptionally healthy volunteers to participate in the study.

A vaccine with those reaction rates could cause grave injuries in 1.5 billion humans if administered to “every person on earth”.

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Head of the Hydra: The Rise of Robert Kadlec


22-05-20 07:13:00,

WASHINGTON DC (The Last American Vagabond) — Last Friday, a group of Democratic Senators “demanded” that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) Robert Kadlec, “accurately disclose all his personal, financial and political ties in light of new reporting that he had failed to do so previously” after it was revealed that he had failed to note all “potential conflicts of interest” on his nomination paperwork.

The report in question, published last Monday by The Washington Post, detailed the ties of Kadlec to a man named Fuad El-Hibri, the founder of a “life sciences” company first known as BioPort and now called Emergent Biosolutions. Kadlec had previously disclosed his ties to El-Hibri and Emergent Biosolutions for a separate nomination years prior, but had failed to do so when nominated to head ASPR.

Though The Post does note Kadlec’s recent failure to disclose these connections, the article largely sanitizes Kadlec’s earlier yet crucial history and even obfuscates the full extent of his ties to the BioPort founder, among other glaring omissions. In reality, Kadlec has much more than his ties to El-Hibri looming large as “potential conflict of interests,” as his decades-long career in shaping U.S. “biodefense” policy was directly enabled by his deep ties to intelligence, Big Pharma, the Pentagon and a host of corrupt yet powerful characters.

Thanks to a long and deliberate process to introduce biodefense policy, driven by Robert Kadlec and his sponsors, $7 billion dollars-worth of federally-owned vaccines, antidotes and medicines – held in strategically arranged repositories across the country in case of a health emergency – are now in the hands of one single individual. Those repositories, which compose the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS), are the exclusive domain of HHS’ ASPR, a post created under Kadlec’s watchful eye and tailored over the years to meet his very specific requirements.

From this perch, Robert Kadlec has final say on where the stockpile’s contents are sourced, as well as how, when and where they are deployed. He is the sole source procurer of medical material and pharmaceuticals, making him the best friend of Big Pharma and other healthcare industry giants who have been in his ear every step of the way.

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. haalt opnieuw uit naar Bill Gates ‘‘God-achtige bereidheid om te experimenteren met het leven van mindere mensen’


11-04-20 10:40:00,

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. heeft opnieuw hard uitgehaald naar de miljardair-filantroop Bill Gates en zijn ‘messiaanse overtuiging dat hij aangewezen is om de wereld met technologie te redden’.

“Vaccins zijn voor Bill Gates een strategische filantropie die zijn vele vaccingerelateerde bedrijven voedt (waaronder de ambitie van Microsoft om een middels een wereldwijd vaccinatie ID bedrijf iedereen te controleren) en hem dictatoriale controle geeft over het wereldwijde gezondheidsbeleid – het speerpunt van het neo-imperialisme van bedrijven, ‘Schreef Kennedy Jr.

“Gates ‘obsessie met vaccins lijkt te worden gevoed door een messiaanse overtuiging dat hij is uitverkoren om de wereld te redden met technologie en een goddelijke bereidheid om te experimenteren met het leven van mindere mensen.”

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Wist u dat wij onlangs een nieuwe website hebben gelanceerd waar u gemakkelijk al het onafhankelijke nieuws kunt volgen van maar liefst 55 Nederlandse bronnen?

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Robert Kiyosaki 2019 – The Speech That Broke The Internet!!! KEEP THEM POOR! | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda


04-04-20 02:57:00,

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense Submitted Historic Case Against U.S. Government for Children Injured by Wireless Technology Radiation – Global Research


17-02-20 05:31:00,

CHD Chairman, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., will lead the legal team with seasoned telecommunications and administrative law attorney Scott McCollough.

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) is leading a historic legal action against the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) for its refusal to review their 25 year old guidelines, and to promulgate scientific, human evidence-based radio frequency emissions (“RF”) rules that adequately protect public health from wireless technology radiation. The Petition contends the agency’s actions are capricious and not evidence-based. The Petition was filed on 2/2/2020 in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

The Petitioners include parents of children injured by wireless devices, a mother whose son died from a brain tumor from cell tower exposure, physicians who see the epidemic of sickness in their clinics and Professor David Carpenter, a renowned scientist.

“This action represents the first time in 25 years that we finally can expose the FCC fecklessness in court, and give those who have been injured by the FCC’s disregard for human health a voice,” says Dafna Tachover, CHD’s Director of Stop 5G & Wireless Harms.

In 1996, the FCC, responsible for regulating the safety of wireless technology, adopted guidelines which only protect consumers from thermal levels of wireless harm, ignoring substantial evidence of profound harms from non-thermal levels. The FCC hasn’t reviewed its guidelines since, despite clear scientific evidence and growing rates of RF related sickness.

In 2012, the General Accountability Office published a report recommending that the FCC re-assess its guidelines. As a result, in 2013, the FCC opened docket 13-84 asking for public comment. Despite overwhelming evidence in support of new rules submitted by hundreds of individuals and scientists, the FCC did nothing. On December 4, 2019, the FCC closed the docket and affirmed the adequacy of its guidelines without proper assessment. CHD’s action challenges that FCC decision.

The FCC’s obsolete guidelines and the false sense of safety they provide enabled the uncontrolled proliferation of wireless technology and the ongoing deployment of 5G, which will exponentially increase exposure to this harmful radiation.

CHD is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending the epidemic of children’s chronic health conditions.

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Robert Kennedy, Jr. and Children’s Health Defense Sue FCC Over Wireless Radiation Exposure Health Guidelines – Activist Post


27-01-20 01:18:00,

By B.N. Frank

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) is not a health or environmental agency; however, they are supposed to protect the public by regulating the telecom industry.  They’ve been doing a lousy job since long before the Trump administration (see 1, 2).  It’s much worse now (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).  Several lawsuits have been filed against them over the last year or so regarding the forced widespread installation of 5G (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) which even telecom executives won’t say is safe.

Thanks to Robert Kennedy, Jr. and Children’s Health Defense for suing them for refusing to change wireless radiation exposure health guidelines.

Robert Kennedy, Jr., Chairman of Children’s Health Defense (CHD) has committed to be proactive on the concerns regarding excessive exposure of our children to 5G and wireless radiation. To fulfill this promise, CHD will be submitting a lawsuit on February 3rd against the FCC for its December 4, 2019 decision to decline to review its 1996 guidelines, and for its determination that the guidelines are protective of human health.

The Dec. 4 determination provides a rare opportunity to sue the FCC and expose its disregard for public health that has been causing so many injuries and deaths, including among children. We will be representing the many children who have been injured. This is the opportunity we have been waiting for; a successful lawsuit on this will be a game changer.

We need your help to raise $100,000 to fund this effort.

To have the best chances of succeeding, we have assembled an ideal team of Attorneys to lead this case! Each one brings different strengths to the case:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., CHD’s Chairman, is a leading Environmental Attorney who has been involved with many groundbreaking lawsuits including the recent successful cases against Monsanto. He was a senior attorney for the NRDC and now leading cases for the protection of children’s health rights.

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr: The Government Is Covering Up Vaccine Deaths


24-09-19 12:23:00,

The government is covering up vaccine deaths in order to protect pharmaceutical companies, according to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is continuing his personal crusade against Big Pharma and Big Government collusion, authoring a hard-hitting article explaining that the government are withholding information from the public about vaccines – and covering up vaccine deaths – in order to protect pharmaceutical companies.

RFK Jr. writes:

Vaccine scientists and the public health community cautiously and occasionally will admit that vaccines can cause adverse reactions just like “any other medication or biological product.” Although experts are less willing to openly disclose the fact that adverse reactions can and do include death, one has only to look at reports to the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) to see that mortality is a possible outcome.

From 1990 through 2010, for example, VAERS received 1,881 reports of infant deaths following vaccination, representing 4.8% of the adverse events reported for infants over the 20-year period.

Moreover, analysts acknowledge that VAERS, as a passive surveillance system, is subject to substantial underreporting. A federal government report from 2010 affirms that VAERS captures only about 1% of vaccine adverse reports.

On the international frontier, the public health community—with the World Health Organization (WHO) in the vanguard—previously used a six-category framework to investigate and categorize serious adverse events following immunization (AEFI), including death.

Guided by this tool, public health teams examined temporal criteria and possible alternative explanations to determine whether the relationship of an AEFI to vaccine administration was “very likely/certain,” “probable,” “possible,” “unlikely,” “unrelated,” or “unclassifiable.”

[Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Drops Vaccine Truth Bomb Live On TV]

In 2013, the WHO’s Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety discarded the prior tool, ostensibly because users “sometimes [found it] difficult to differentiate between ‘probable,’ ‘possible,’ and ‘unlikely’ categories.” The WHO enlisted vaccine experts to develop a “simpler” algorithm that would be more readily “applicable” to vaccines. The resulting four-category system now invites public health teams to classify an AEFI as either “consistent,” “inconsistent,” or “indeterminate” with a vaccine-related causal association or as “unclassifiable.”

Despite the patina of logic suggested by the use of an algorithm,

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Robert Habeck und der Schutz der Handelswege – von welchen deutschen Schiffen ist hier eigentlich die Rede?


06-08-19 07:43:00,

Am Wochenende stimmte nun auch der Grünen-Vorsitzende Robert Habeck in den bellizistischen Katzenjammer ein, dass Deutschland die Handelswege „seiner“ Schiffe im Persischen Golf im Zweifel auch militärisch sichern müsse. Ähnlich lautende Forderungen gab es zuvor auch vom BDI. Dies ist problematisch, da das internationale Seerecht eine solche „Schutzmission“ ohne völkerrechtliches Mandat gar nicht vorsieht. Hinzu kommt ein Punkt, den vor allem die deutschen Reeder gerne bagatellisieren – die „deutsche Schiffe“, um die es hier geht, sind völkerrechtlich gar nicht „deutsch“. Dies ist eine Folge der Ausflaggungspraxis. Wer die Flagge wechselt, um Steuern zu sparen und seine Mitarbeiter besser ausbeuten zu können, hat auch das Recht verspielt, diplomatischen oder gar militärischen Schutz zu verlangen. Robert Habeck scheint dies anders zu sehen. Von Jens Berger.

Die „deutsche Handelsflotte“ umfasst zur Zeit 2.051 Schiffe, von denen jedoch nur 305 auch wirklich unter deutscher Flagge fahren. 1.746 Schiffe deutscher Reeder fahren unter fremder Flagge. Besonders beliebt sind die Flaggen Antiguas und Liberias, die 554 bzw. 506 Schiffe deutscher Reeder schmücken. In Antigua oder Liberia muss übrigens kein deutscher Reeder vorstellig werden, um seine Schiffe auszuflaggen. Das Schifffahrtsregister Antiguas ist im niedersächsischen Oldenburg beheimatet, das liberianische Schifffahrtsregister residiert in Reston, im US-Staat Virginia. In Zeiten des Internets und global agierender Anwaltskanzleien gehört das Ausflaggen zum tagtäglichen Geschäft großer Reedereien. Dennoch ist dieser Trend vergleichsweise jung.

Der Hauptgrund für die Ausflaggung ist die im Seehandel oft komplizierte Ermittlung und Zuordnung der wirtschaftlichen Gewinne. Schiffe sind qua Gesetz Territorium des Staates, unter deren Flagge sie fahren und müssten zumindest theoretisch auch in diesem Staat Steuern auf die erzielten Gewinne abführen. In der Praxis verhinderten jedoch die deutschen Finanzämter lange diese „Scheingeschäfte“. Der Startschuss für das große Ausflaggen deutscher Handelsschiffe fiel im Jahre 1999. Damals gab die rot-grüne Bundesregierung den Lobbyforderungen der Reeder nach, indem sie die Tonnagesteuer einführte. Bei der Tonnagesteuer entfällt die Besteuerung auf die tatsächlichen Gewinne aus dem Reedereigeschäft und wird durch eine – lächerlich geringe – Pauschalsteuer ersetzt, die sich auf die Tonnage der Schiffe bezieht. De facto stellt dies eine massive Steuersubvention für die Reeder und vor allem für die vermögenden Investoren dar, die sich über geschlossene Fonds an Schiffen beteiligen und deren Gewinne dank der rot-grünen Steuerreform nahezu steuerfrei sind.

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Kanzler Robert Habeck für Militärmission


05-08-19 09:09:00,

Kanzler Robert Habeck für Militärmission

GRÜNE für Welt-Politik & deutsche Verantwortung

Robert-Habeck-Gruene-Shrek-Buendnis-90-Die Gruenen-Buendnisgruene-Kritisches-Netzwerk-Klientelpolitik-Oekodiktatur-Oekofaschisten-KriegsparteiEs grünt so grün: Seit Monaten bewegen sich die GRÜNEN in Wahlumfragen nur nach oben. Und nicht nur die deutschen Medien stellen die Kanzlerfrage. Auch die Umfragemaschinen plagen die Wähler mit der K-Frage. Kaum verblüffend kommt der “Deutschlandtrend”, der von Infratest Dimap im Auftrag von ARD-„Tagesthemen“ und WELT gefertigt wird, zu einer möglichen GRÜNE-CDU-Koalition: Bei einer Bundestagswahl könnten die beiden Parteien mit jeweils 26 Prozent der Stimmen rechnen. Das ergäbe zusammen eine satte Mehrheit, die sich im Bundestag nicht mal auf die Verlierer-SPD stützen müsste.

Könnten die Bundeswähler ihren Kanzler direkt wählen, berichtet das RTL/n-tv “Trendbarometer”, würden 27 Prozent der Befragten für Robert Habeck, den GRÜNEN Kandidaten stimmen. Die Unions-Kandidatin Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (AKK) käme nur auf schlappe 17 Prozent. Längst basteln die Parteistrategen ihre Wahlkämpfe entsprechend der Umfragen. Dazu gehört auch der aussichtsreichste Kanzlerkandidat.

Natürlich wissen auch die GRÜNEN, dass Umfragen keine Wahlergebnisse sind. Und sie wissen auch, dass ein deutscher Kanzler seine Platzkarte für das Amt bei der NATO und den USA abstempeln lassen muss. Schon der grüne Herr Joschka Fischer konnte nur Außenminister der Bundesrepublik werden, nachdem er seine Treue gegenüber den westlichen Werten als deutscher Befürworter des Jugoslawienkrieges bewiesen hatte.

Was damals der Jugoslawienkrieg war, das ist heute der denkbare Krieg der USA gegen den Iran. Da hat die “Passauer Neue Presse” die Rolle des politischen Vorkosters übernommen und fragte den grünen Habeck: “Müsste Deutschland als eine führende Wirtschaftsnation nicht auch Verantwortung beim Schutz der Handelswege übernehmen und sich an einer Mission im Persischen Golf beteiligen?” Tja, wenn es um den deutschen Handel geht, dann kann sich der grüne Kanzlerkandidat schon vorstellen: “Sind aber alle diplomatischen Mittel ausgeschöpft, können wir uns eine Beteiligung Deutschlands an einer europäischen Mission vorstellen.“

Wo Mission draufsteht, ist selbstverständlich Krieg drin.

Zwar steht kein Krieg mit Russland vor der deutschen Haustür, und der NATO-Generalsekretär Jens Stoltenberg behauptet sogar: “Wir wollen keinen neuen Rüstungswettlauf“, droht aber gleichzeitig, dass Russland sein Verhalten ändern müsse, um den Wettlauf zu verhindern. So weist er die Schuld am neuen Rüstungsrennen dem NATO-Lieblingsfeind zu.

Robert-Habeck-Buendnis-90-Die-Gruenen-Gruene-Buendnisgruene-Kritisches-Netzwerk-kein-zweierlei-Deutsches-Volk-Staatsvolk-ethnische-ausschliessende-Kategorie-VolksverraeterDas Ende des INF-Abrüstungsvertrages, die einseitige Kündigung des Abkommens durch die USA,

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Robert Reich: Let’s Abolish Billionaires


04-07-19 12:27:00,

America now has more billionaires than at any time in history, while most Americans are struggling to make ends meet. With such staggering inequality, it’s fair to ask: should we abolish billionaires?

There are basically only four ways to accumulate a billion dollars – and none of them is a product of so-called free market capitalism.

Billionaires themselves aren’t the problem. The real failure is in how our economy is organized.

One way to make a billion is to exploit a monopoly.

Jeff Bezos is worth $150 billion. You might say he deserves this because he founded and built Amazon. But Amazon is a monopoly with nearly 50 percent of all e-commerce retail sales in America (and e-commerce is one of the largest sectors of all retail sales). Consumers have few alternatives.

Nor do many suppliers who sell through Amazon; for the first 25 years of its existence, Amazon wouldn’t let them sell at a lower price anywhere else. And Amazon’s business is protected by patents granted Amazon by the U.S. government and enforced by government.

If we had tough anti-monopoly laws, and if the government didn’t grant Amazon so many patents and trademarks, Bezos would be worth far less.

The same applies to people like George Lucas, Oprah Winfrey, or any other figure whose brands, ideas or creations depend on copyrights and trademarks, which are laws that have been dramatically extended in recent decades.

If these were shortened, these people would be worth far less, too.

A second way to make a billion is to get insider information unavailable to other investors.

The hedge-fund maven Steven A. Cohen is worth an estimated $12.8 billion. Now, how did he do it? According to a criminal complaint filed by the Justice Department, insider trading at Cohen’s SAC Capital was “substantial, pervasive, and on a scale without known precedent in the hedge fund industry.

Eight of Cohen’s present or former employees pleaded guilty or convicted for using insider information. Cohen got off with a fine, changed the name of the firm, and apparently is still at it.

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr Explains How Big Pharma Completely Owns Congress – Global Research


05-02-19 02:59:00,

Those of you who have been involved in the past in the battle to protect our children from poorly made vaccines or toxic chemicals in our food or in our water know the power of these industries and how they’ve undermined every institution in our democracy that is supposed to protect little children from powerful, greedy corporations. Even the pharmaceutical companies have been able to purchase congress. They’re the largest lobbying entity in Washington D.C.. They have more lobbyists in Washington D.C. than there are congressman and senators combined. They give twice to congress what the next largest lobbying entity is, which is oil and gas… Imagine the power they exercise over both republicans and democrats. They’ve captured them (our regulatory agencies) and turned them into sock puppets. They’ve compromised the press… and they destroy the publications that publish real science. (Robert F. Kennedy Jr, from the video below)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Children’s Health Defence (a worthy cause if you’re looking for one to donate to) has been fighting against big corporations that have taken over and undermined American government health regulatory agencies for a number of years. One of the most recent examples is when Robert F. Kennedy Jr represented Dewayne Johnson, a school groundskeeper who successfully brought forward a lawsuit alleging glyphosate caused his cancer. That’s right, he won!

There are currently thousands of cases pending against Monsanto, which is only one of multiple powerful companies influencing agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). And to think, these are the agencies providing us with ‘science’ in order to get the food, medications, and other products produced by these big corporations to be deemed safe. Not only that, but these agencies are providing educational resources to medical schools, which Big Pharma has completely taken over as well.

It’s truly unbelievable that, in this day and age, education has turned into brainwashing. Science is corrupted, altered, changed, ignored, and swept under the rug just because it threatens the interests of a few powerful people and the corporations they hide behind.

It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published,

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Ken je Dr. Robert Bowman, officier en 911-patriot..?


03-02-19 05:14:00,

Ken je Dr. Robert Bowman, officier en 911-patriot..?

2019 ©


Voor veel mensen is 911 nog steeds geen duidelijk verhaal. Ze blijven hun twijfels houden en houden derhalve (te) vaak vast aan de officiële theorie. Om in ieder geval iets vast te hebben en omdat iedereen dat immers doet.. En zo wordt het officiële narratief plotseling een soort ‘waarheid’ waartegen de werkelijke waarheid zich dient te bewijzen. Vreemd dat het mogelijk is, dat een leugen de plaats inneemt van de waarheid, totdat… Totdat het frame van ‘officiële waarheid’ wordt afgenomen van de leugen en gehangen om de werkelijke waarheid..

Het is voor andere mensen wel degelijk een mogelijkheid om te twijfelen. Dat wil zeggen dat de officiële waarheid wordt ontdaan van zijn ‘heilige huisjes’-imago, maar dat mensen zélf willen beslissen welke versie van de ware toedracht zij voor waarheid houden. Er is immers door het vertellen van leugens, veel te winnen voor degenen die achter de aanslagen van 911 -want daar gaat het in dit geval over- de masterminds vormen. Wij dragen graag bij om deze mensen te helpen hun afwegingen te maken.

Daartoe reiken we veel bewijsmateriaal aan, dat controversieel staat op de uitgangspunten/het fundament van de officiële theorie rondom deze verschrikkelijke aanslagen. Wat te denken van verklaringen van mensen van erudiete statuur en bewezen wijsheid..!? Zo geloven mensen dat er maar weinig officiële personen zijn, die wijzen op het karakter van een valse-vlag-operatie, dat in overvloed zichtbaar is bij deze aanslagen. Wat te denken van legerofficieren, brandweerlieden, verkeersvliegers (zie afbeelding), top-politici en vele anderen, die de officiële waarheid van 911 regelrecht naar de vuilnisbak verwijzen..!?

Robert Bowman is één van die dappere patriotten, die vragen om WAARHEID..!
Op de zustersite van kun je een hele lijst van deze mensen vinden. Kijk eens op de site van en zie een aantal van deze erudiete mensen, die de huidige theorie (wat meer is het niet!) van de aanslagen verwerpen.. Wanneer je deze geïllustreerde instructie volgt kun je bij de keuze, waar de felrode pijltjes staan, zien hoeveel officiële personen vragen om minimaal een nieuw onderzoek. Een uiterst diplomatieke manier om te zeggen, dat het officiële rapport niet deugt natuurlijk..!

Onder de genoemde personen,

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr: Vaccine Big Pharma has Total Legal Immunity | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda


08-01-19 01:30:00,

Source: Giza Death Star

by Joseph P. Farrell

January 3, 2019

There is no doubt that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had a good year last year. Indeed, the son of the infamously murdered Senator and former U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy Sr., has for some reason been emboldened to remark last year that he did not believe the official story of his father’s untimely murder shortly after winning the hotly-contested 1968 California Democratic Primary. Indeed, who does believe that story. It has more magic bullets flying around inside the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel than the murder of his uncle, former president John F. Kennedy.

RFK Jr also won a stunning victory in a lawsuit against Monsanto, and yet another stunning legal victory against the vaccine industry, opening up many documents that demonstrated an astonishing degree of malfeasance and inept, if not deliberately bad, science.

More recently, Mr. Kennedy spoke to Fox Network’s Tucker Carlson on the legal protections afforded to Big Pharma and the vaccine industry, and it’s a stunner(thanks to Mr. V.T for sharing this article):

Robert F. Kennedy Jr Drops Vaccine Truth Bomb Live On TV

It’s worth noting what he said to Carlson:

“The pharmaceutical industry is so powerful,” he explained. “They give $5.4 billion a year to the media. They’ve gotten rid of the lawyers, so there is no legal interest in those cases. They have really been able to control the debate and silence people like me.“

Asked how things could get this bad, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explained that Congress granted Big Pharma “blanket legal immunity” when it comes to vaccines.

Big Pharma became a law unto themselves. They can put toxic ingredients in your vaccines, they can seriously injure your child – but you cannot sue them.

“What you have to understand is that the vaccine regimen changed dramatically around 1989.

Hmmmn…. 1989, wouldn’t that be during the administration of G.H.W. “Poppy” and “New World Order” Bush? But I digress… back to Mr. Kennedy:

The reason it changed, Tucker, is that Congress, drowning in pharmaceutical industry money, did something they have never done for any other industry – they gave blanket legal immunity to all the vaccine companies.

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Robert Reich: Amazon Is Everything That’s Wrong With America


12-11-18 06:29:00,

While America was fixated on the most tumultuous midterm election in modern history, Amazon reportedly decided that its much-vaunted “second headquarters” would be split between Long Island City in Queens, and Crystal City, across the Potomac from Washington, D.C.

What does Amazon’s decision have to do with America’s political tumult? Turns out, quite a lot.

Amazon’s main headquarters is in Seattle, one of the bluest cities in the bluest of states. New York and metropolitan Washington are true-blue, too.

Amazon could have decided to locate its second headquarters in, say,  Indianapolis, Indiana. Indianapolis vigorously courted the firm. Indianapolis is also a Republican city in a bright red state.

Amazon’s decision wasn’t based on political partisanship, but it reveals much about the real political and economic divide in America today.

Amazon’s business isn’t just selling stuff over the Internet. It’s getting consumers anything they want, faster and better. To do so, it depends on a continuous flow of great new ideas.

Like the other leading firms of the economy, Amazon needs talented people who interact with each other continuously and directly – keying off one another’s creativity, testing new concepts, quickly discarding those that don’t work, and building cumulative knowledge.

Technology isn’t a thing. It’s a process of group learning. And that learning goes way beyond the confines of any individual company. It happens in geographic clusters, now mostly along the coasts.

As the Times’ Emily Badger has reported, the digital economy has been great for places like Seattle, New York, metropolitan Washington, and the other big talent hubs like San Francisco, Boston, and LA. But it’s left behind much of the rest of the country.

The result is widening inequalities of place.

For most of the last century, wages in poorer parts of America rose faster than wages in richer places, as inventions were put to work in the hinterlands. After Henry Ford invented the Model T, for example, workers on assembly lines all over the Midwest built it.

Now it’s just the opposite. Bright young people from all over America, typically with college degrees, are streaming into the talent hubs of America – where the sum of their capacities is far greater than they’d be separately.

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Robert Steele: In Defense of Professor Kees van der Pijl


10-11-18 05:45:00,

I have no confidence in my message being delivered to the vice chancellor so I have published it and pointed The Guardian and others to the post.

Robert Steele: In Defense of Professor Kees van der Pijl, An Open Letter to the President of the University of Sussex, Professor Adam Tickell

On Sat, Nov 10, 2018 at 8:12 AM Robert Steele wrote:

I am a former US spy recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017, I urge you to take this messsage most seriously.

Kees van der Pijl your professor emeritus, is absolutely correct in his assertions with  respect to 9/11 and the role of the Zionists.  What he does not say is that 9/11 started as commercial insurance fraud in 1989 and was quickly converted by Dick Cheney, with the approval of George H. W. Bush, into a future false flag and terrorist event.

You can read the 28 memoranda delivered to President Trump and his varied intimates on 8 August 2018, at this URL: This is going to be an election issue in the USA in 2020.  The Zionists are panicking because I and others including the eminent Peter Dale Scott, David Ray Griffin, and Richard Gage have been very effective at marshalling the facts. Long URL if you fear tinyurls:

I urge you to use this material to refute the Zionist secret police campaign to pressure you.  This is what they have been doing with myths and false reports (to include hundreds of trolls reporting my distinguished web site as a pornography site in a vain attempt to get libraries and others to stop visiting — you can see the six ways in ninety days that I and Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney were attacked by the Zionists at I have a multi million dollars lawsuit against one of the six, have soundly defeated four of the others, and will deal with the last MeetUp, in 2019.  Long URL if you fear tinyurls:

You are being pressured by a group that labels any criticism of it to be hate.  This is not so. They are culpable for the genocide of the Palestinians and many attrocities world wide including the USS Liberty and 9/11.  » Lees verder

Robert Fisk: “I Traced Al-Qaeda Missile Casings in Syria Back to Their Original Sellers” | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

Robert Fisk: “I Traced Al-Qaeda Missile Casings in Syria Back to Their Original Sellers” | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

30-07-18 02:12:00,

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Finally, a journalist for a mainstream UK media outlet is methodically tracking weapons shipment serial numbers and English-language paperwork recovered from al-Qaeda groups in Syria, and he’s literally showing up at arms factories and questioning arms dealers, including officials at the Saudi Embassy in London, asking: why are your weapons in the hands of terrorists? 

Veteran Middle East war correspondent Robert Fisk recently published a bombshell report entitled, I traced missile casings in Syria back to their original sellers, so it’s time for the west to reveal who they sell arms to. In it Fisk recalls a bit of detective sleuthing he’s lately been engaged in after stumbling upon a batch of missile casings and shipment paperwork last year hidden in what he describes as “the basement of a bombed-out Islamist base in eastern Aleppo” with the words “Hughes Aircraft Co/Guided Missile Surface Attack” emblazoned on the side of the spent tubes.

Of course, the Syrian government recaptured the area from Islamist insurgents including al-Nusra terrorists and their allies in December 2016, and has made rapid gains throughout the country’s east and south since; and Fisk has been trekking around the country to see what he can find.

His “detective story” as he calls it actually seems to solicit the help of the public, and begins as follows:

Readers, a small detective story. Note down this number: MFG BGM-71E-1B. And this number: STOCK NO 1410-01-300-0254. And this code: DAA A01 C-0292. I found all these numerals printed on the side of a spent missile casing lying in the basement of a bombed-out Islamist base in eastern Aleppo last year. At the top were the words “Hughes Aircraft Co”, founded in California back in the 1930s by the infamous Howard Hughes and sold in 1997 to Raytheon, the massive US defence contractor whose profits last year came to $23.35bn (£18bn). Shareholders include the Bank of America and Deutsche Bank. Raytheon’s Middle East offices can be found in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Egypt, Turkey and Kuwait.

There were dozens of other used-up identical missile casings in the same underground room in the ruins of eastern Aleppo, 

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5 juni 1968 Robert Kennedy vermoord..

5 juni 1968 Robert Kennedy vermoord..

04-06-18 03:30:00,

5 juni 1968: Robert Kennedy vermoord..

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Robert én John Kennedy waren de laatste staatslieden die weerstand boden tegen de krachten die reeds volop werkzaam waren in en achter de Amerikaanse regering

Het is 5 juni 1968, als Robert Kennedy, de broer van de in 1963 vermoorde president John F. Kennedy van de Verenigde Staten, zélf het slachtoffer wordt van een moordaanslag. Hij overleefd het niet. Al snel wordt de ‘eenzame gek’ Sirhan Sirhan opgepakt, zoals hij wordt betiteld. Hij zou in zijn eentje de aanslag op Robert Kennedy hebben beraamd. Maar vanzelfsprekend, zoals ook bij de moord op zijn broer in 1963, is ook de moord op Robert Kennedy in een véél groter perspectief te plaatsen. En is het méér dan logisch om te kijken naar de politieke vijanden, die baat hadden bij het uit de weg ruimen van deze presidentskandidaat.

De moord op Robert Kennedy, 2 maanden ná de moord op dominee Martin Luther King, lijkt te verlopen, langs dezelfde lijnen, waarmee ook zijn broers moord was omgeven. Net als het zwarte schaap Lee Harvey Oswald, is het hier Sirhan Sirhan, die al zijn leven lang -vanuit de gevangenis- verklaart dat hij ABSOLUUT onschuldig is. (HIER) De moord op Robert Kennedy in de keuken van het Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles zorgde ook voor het verloren gaan van essentieel bewijsmateriaal. En er waren CIA-agenten in de zaal rondom de aanwezigheid van Robert Kennedy, om redenen die nooit zijn onthuld.

De ‘verschrikkelijke moordenaar’ Sirhan Sirhan, vlak na zijn vastname, ná de moord op Robert Kennedy in 1968. Zie de wezenloze blik in zijn ogen; is het niet eerder verbazing dan haat..?

Kijken we naar de zittende president van dat moment, Lyndon B Johnson, dan is het voor velen duidelijk dat ook dit keer, deze Johnson weer een essentiële rol speelde. Johnson gaat door het leven als de man die door het militair-industrieel complex in de VS was uitverkoren, om hun belangen te dienen. And so he did..! Hij was de president die op gruwelijke wijze, de oorlog in Vietnam in alle hevigheid liet losbarsten. En Robert Kennedy..? Ja, die was volledig tégen deze oorlog en daardoor mateloos populair. Tijd om kennelijk afscheid van je leven te nemen..

Robert Kennedy had zojuist de voorverkiezingen van de Democratische Partij gewonnen en maakte een zéér goede kans om president te worden.

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Robert Fisk in Knack over de Koerden

Robert Fisk in Knack over de Koerden

02-04-18 06:34:00,

In het interview van Joanie de Rijke met Robert Fisk (Knack – 28 maart 2018) zegt deze op zeker ogenblik: “Om van Afrin naar de rest van de Koerdische regio te trekken, moeten de Turkse troepen ofwel via eigen land reizen, ofwel via een door de Syrische overheid gecontroleerd gebied.”

Dat klopt niet. De vlakbij Afrin gelegen Syrische stad Azaz is immers tijdens de operatie Schild van de Eufraat van 2016 in handen gevallen van Turkije en haar huurlingenleger. En zo kan het Turkse leger zonder problemen over eigen veroverd gebied Manbij bereiken.

Ook het door hem omschreven door ISIS veroverd ‘dorpje’ – in wezen een voorstad van Damascus – ligt niet in Oost-Ghouta zoals hij oppert maar naast het Palestijnse vluchtelingenkamp Yarmoek kilometers daar vandaan. De fouten van Fisk wekken verbazing en tonen dat zijn expertise hier van een vrij laag niveau is.

En als Turkije de NAVO zou verlaten dan is dat de schuld van haar partners binnen die organisatie en van niemand anders. Rusland profiteert er gewoon van de agressie van de VS en de EU tegen Syrië, Irak, Iran en Turkije.

Het bewapenen van de PKK door de EU en de VS is immers een militaire interventie in de Turkse burgeroorlog tegen Turkije en aan de zijde van wat toch officieel een terreurorganisatie is. Het is ook niet verbazend dat bijvoorbeeld Saoedi-Arabië, bondgenoot van Israël en de NAVO, zich vorig jaar uitsprak voor een Koerdische staat en het opsplitsen van Turkije.

Het blauwe gebied is de door Turkije en haar huurlingenleger bezette regio met de steden Afrin en Azaz. De witte lijn vormt de grens tussen Turkije en Syrië. Het gele is wat nog op 18 maart 2018 in handen was van de YPG/PKK. Dat is sindsdien deels overgenomen door het Syrische leger en Russische eenheden. Zo werd de vlag van de YPG/PKK op overheidsgebouwen in de stad Tal Rifaat, de grootste in het gebied, vervangen door de Syrische. Rood is het door de Syrische overheid gecontroleerde gebied.

Als dat geen oorlogsverklaring is. Erdogan mag dan misschien veel fout gedaan hebben en doen maar hier staan praktisch alle Turken aan zijn zijde, ook veel Turkse Koerden trouwens. Misschien zelfs een meerderheid want niet iedereen daar lust de PKK.

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Robert Parry (1949-2018) was een authentieke onderzoeksjournalist

Robert Parry (1949-2018) was een authentieke onderzoeksjournalist

30-01-18 04:41:00,

Op 27 januari 2018 overleed Amerikaans journalist Robert Parry. Hij was een vastberaden onderzoeksjournalist die zijn eigen regering meermaals confronteerde met zijn illegale en amorele praktijken, zoals het Iran-Contraschandaal en het CIA-folterhandboek voor de Nicaraguaanse contra’s. In 1995 richtte hij zijn eigen onafhankelijke nieuwssite Consortiumnews.Com op.

Robert Parry werkte jarenlang als onderzoeksjournalist voor het persagentschap Associated Press. Hij werd meermaals gelauwerd voor zijn reportages. Daarin onthulde hij onder meer dat de Amerikaanse buitenlandse inlichtingendienst CIA trainingen gaf aan rechtse contrarebellen in Nicaragua in folter- en terreurpraktijken tegen de bevolking. Ook de praktijk van de Contra’s om cocaïne te smokkelen en te verkopen in de VS onder het toezicht van de CIA bracht hij uit. Dat geld gebruikten de Contra’s om hun wapens aan te kopen.

AP weigerde aanvankelijk zijn reportages over de Contra’s te publiceren, maar nadat zijn onthullingen door een verkeerde communicatie van de leiding van het persagentschap was gepubliceerd in de Spaanstalige media, kon het agentschap de reportage niet langer tegenhouden.

Toen Parry vernam dat de baas van AP hier voorafgaand overleg over had gepleegd met Oliver North, een lid van de Nationale Veiligheidsraad van president Reagan, vertrok hij naar het tijdschift Newsweek. Oliver North was verantwoordelijk voor de verkoop van wapens aan het Iraans leger, met de bedoeling daar een militaire staatsgreep tegen het regime van de ayatollahs uit te lokken. Die wapens financierde hij met het geld dat de Contra’s voor hun wapenaankopen betaalden. Op die manier kon hij die verkoop van wapens uit de officiële budgetten houden.


Ondanks meerdere prijzen voor zijn onderzoeksjournalistiek ondervond Robert Parry meer en meer hinder om zijn reportages in de Amerikaanse mainstreammedia gepubliceerd te krijgen. In 1995 richtte hij Consortiumnews op, een van de eerste non-profit onafhankelijke internetsites in de VS.

Parry publiceerde meerdere boeken tussen 1992 en 2012. vertaalde meerdere artikels van zijn hand of gebruikte zijn informatie voor eigen berichtgeving. Hij toonde zich steeds een journalist die de waan van de grote media doorprikte en hun slaafse volgzaamheid van de regering ontmaskerde.

Hij was een van de eersten om de hypocrisie van de Amerikaanse (en Europese steun) voor de opstand in Oekraïne aan te klagen (Zie Wanneer Henry Kissinger zinnige dingen zegt). Parry schreef ook uitgebreid over de steun van de Amerikaanse regeringen aan rechtse doodseskaders in Midden-Amerika (zie Medeplichtigheid VS bij genocide in Guatemala).

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