Russiagate is #1 threat to US national security – Stephen Cohen


31-05-19 04:26:00,

The systemwide US Russophobia that reached its nadir with Russiagate has created a “catastrophe” for both domestic politics and foreign relations that threatens the future of the American system, professor Stephen Cohen tells RT.

War with Russia could easily break out if the US insists on pursuing the policy of “demonization” that birthed Russiagate instead of returning to detente and cooperation, New York University professor emeritus of Russian history Stephen Cohen argues on Chris Hedges’ On Contact. While NATO deliberately antagonized post-Soviet Russia by expanding up to its borders, the US deployed missile defense systems along those borders after scrapping an arms treaty, leaving President Vladimir Putin devoid of “illusions” about the goodwill of the West – but armed with “nuclear missiles that can evade and elude any missile defense system.”

Now is the time for a serious, new arms control agreement. What do we get? Russiagate instead.”

Cohen believes the conspiracy theory – which remains front-page news in US media despite being thoroughly discredited, both by independent investigators and last month by special counsel Robert Mueller’s report – is the work of the CIA and its former director, John Brennan, who are dead set against any kind of cooperation with Russia. Attorney General William Barr, who is investigating the FBI over how the 2016 counterintelligence probe began, should take a look at Brennan and his agency, Cohen says.

If our intelligence services are off the reservation to the point that they can first try to destroy a presidential candidate and then a president…we need to know it,” Cohen says. “This is the worst scandal in American history. It’s the worst, at least, since the Civil War.” And the damage wrought by this “catastrophe” hasn’t stopped at the US border.

Also on
Pulling a Comey: How Mueller dog-whistled Democrats into impeachment of Trump

The idea that Trump is a Russian agent has been devastating to “our own institutions, to the presidency, to our electoral system, to Congress, to the American mainstream media,

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RussiaGate 2.0 and The Plan to Impeach President Trump – Global Research


05-05-19 09:38:00,

In the wake of RussiaGate 1.0, will there be a shift in US foreign policy involving a decisive change in US-Russia relations?

Is the Witch-hunt over? 

Or is RussiaGate 2.0 in the making? 


On March 3, Trump and Putin held a telephone conversation. They spoke for an hour and a half. The discussions were described by Trump as “positive”.

“Getting along with Russia and China, getting along with all of them is a very good thing, not a bad thing, it a good thing, it’s a positive thing,” (to reporters on May 3)

Trump confirmed that he was open to negotiations on reducing the stock of nuclear weapons with both Moscow and Beijing in the context of a trilateral deal (US-Russia-China). Indelibly, such an agreement could potentially destabilize Trump’s 1.2 trillion dollar nuclear weapons program. It could also have an impact on the movement of Aerospace and Defense (A & D) stocks, which experienced in 2018 a market bonanza.

The lifting of sanctions on North Korea, Ukraine and the crisis in Venezuela were also discussed.

The Trump-Putin telephone initiative was taken without prior consultation with John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, who have systematically blocked the restoration of normal dialogue and diplomatic exchange with Moscow.

Is this part of an unfolding internal battle between Trump and his national security advisers, not to mention Vice President Mike Pence? (image right).

Trump and Putin also discussed the “Russian Hoax”.

President Trump’s overture to the Kremlin visibly contradicts both Bolton and Pompeo who are threatening president Maduro,  pressuring him to leave Venezuela and hand over the presidency to Guaido.  According to Trump:

“He [Putin] is not looking at all to get involved in Venezuela other than he’d like to see something positive happen for Venezuela,”

Will Trump’s dialogue with Putin have a bearing on the Bolton-Pompeo threats directed against the Maduro government?

The presumption of the mainstream media is that Donald Trump should have sought the green-light from Bolton-Pompeo:

The conversation, which Trump went on to describe as “very positive,” appeared to be yet another example of Trump taking Putin’s claims at face value despite contrary evidence from his own government.

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RussiaGate Is Dead! Long Live Russiagate!


19-04-19 06:53:00,

Authored by Gerald Sussman via,

Now that Mueller’s $40 million Humpty Trumpty investigation is over and found wanting of its original purpose (to retire Trump), perhaps the ruling class can return without interruption to the business of destroying the world with ordnance, greenhouse gases, and regime changes. A few more CIA-organized blackouts in Venezuela (it’s a simple trick if one follows the Agency’s “Freedom Fighter’s Manual”), and the US will come to the rescue, Grenada style, and set up yet another neoliberal regime. There is a small solace that with Trump, Pompeo, and Bolton, there is at least a semblance of transparency in their reckless interventions. The assessed value of Guaido and Salman, they forthrightly admit, is in their countries’ oil reserves. And Russians better respect the Monroe Doctrine and manifest destiny if they know what’s good for them. Crude as they may be, Trump’s men tell it like it is. And when Bolton speaks of “the Western Hemisphere’s shared goals of democracy, security, and the rule of law,” he is of course referring to US-backed coups, military juntas, debt bondage, invasions, embargoes, assassinations, and other forms of gunboat diplomacy.

That the US is not already formally at war with Russia (even with NATO forces all along its borders) has only to do with the latter’s nuclear arsenal deterrent. Since World War II, a period some describe as a “a period of unprecedented peace,” the US war machine has wiped out some 20 million people, including more than 1 million in Iraq since 2003, engaged in regime change of at least 36 governments, intervened in at least 82 foreign elections, including Russia (1996), planned more than 50 assassinations of foreign leaders, and bombed over 30 countries. This is documented here and here.

Despite unending US and US-supported assaults on Africa and western and central Asia, the authors who see postwar unprecedented peace argue that it’s Russia and China, not the US, that represent the real threats to peace and deserve to be treated as “outcasts.” That NATO has warships plying the Black Sea and making port calls at the ethnically Russian Ukraine city of Odessa and is conducting war games from Latvia to Bulgaria and Ukraine represents unprecedented peace?

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Tagesdosis 5.4.2019 – Russiagate |

05-04-19 01:23:00,

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Ein Kommentar von Rainer Rupp.

Haben wir eine total verblödete Öffentlichkeit oder ist sie Opfer der Lügenpresse? Der vom Vorwurf, russischer Agent zu sein, entlastete Trump sinnt derweil auf Rache.

„Unsere amerikanische Demokratie hat sich in eine Idiokratie verwandelt. Unsere repräsentative Regierung ist zu einer Kleptokratie (Regierung der Diebe) und einer Kakistokratie (Regierung der schlimmst möglichen Leute) geworden“, klagte jüngst der US-Menschenrechtsanwalt John Whitehead über den Zerfall seines einst von der Welt bewunderten Landes.

„Wir sind in einem verrückten, allzu realen Land der Korruption, Brutalität und Lüge gefangen, in dem Freiheit, Gerechtigkeit und Integrität politischem Ehrgeiz, Profitgier und bürokratischer Tyrannei gewichen ist“, schrieb der Verfassungsrechtler Whitehead jetzt in seiner wöchentlichen Kolumne für das Rutherford Institute. „Das Leben im amerikanischen Polizeistaat“ sei „nicht nur brutaler, ungerechter und korrupter geworden, sondern von Tag zu Tag perverser, ausgefallener und idiotischer“.

Der Aussage Whiteheads kann man nur zustimmen, wenn man z. B. an die Hysterie um das so genannte „Russiagate“ denkt, das sich jetzt nicht nur als gigantischer Flop sondern auch zum GAU für die Demokratische Partei erwiesen hat. Noch vor wenigen Tagen hatten die Demokraten triumphiert und fest daran geglaubt, dass sie Präsident Trump unausweichlich in die Enge getrieben hatten, aus der er nur über den Umweg ins Gefängnis wieder herauskommen würde. Dieser feuchte Traum der selbsterklärten Retter der so genannten „liberalen Weltordnung“ hat sich mit der Veröffentlichung der Untersuchungsergebnisse des vor knapp zwei Jahren vom US-Kongress bestellten Sonderermittlers Mueller in heiße Luft aufgelöst.

Für die Demokraten ist „Russiagate“ zum Rohrkrepierer geworden. Allerdings ist die Geschichte so unglaublich verrückt, dass sie selbst für einen Hollywood Film der miesesten C-Klasse zu unglaubwürdig gewesen wäre. Und doch wurde sie Tag ein Tag aus von renommierten Politikern und Journalisten rund um die Welt verbreitet. Und Hunderte von Millionen Zuschauer und Leser haben den Irrsinn geglaubt.

Es fing alles damit an, dass führende Politiker der Demokraten über die Niederlage ihrer Präsidentschaftskandidatin Hillary Clinton derart entsetzt waren, dass sie den aus ihrer Sicht unqualifizierten und ungehobelten Donald Trump nicht als Präsident akzeptieren wollten und alles taten,

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The Real Costs of Russiagate


01-04-19 01:18:00,

Real Costs of Russiagate

Its perpetrators, not Putin or Trump,
“attacked American democracy.”

By Stephen F. Cohen

March 30, 2019 “Information
Clearing House

very few of us who publicly challenged and
deplored Russiagate allegations against
candidate and then President Donald Trump
from the time they first began to appear in
mid-2016 should not gloat or rejoice over
the US attorney general’s summary of Robert
S. Mueller’s

key finding
“The Special Counsel’s investigation did not
find that the Trump campaign or anyone
associated with it conspired or coordinated
with Russia in its efforts to influence the
2016 US presidential election.” (On the
other hand, those of us repeatedly slurred
as Trump and/or Putin “apologists” might
feel some vindication.)

what about the legions of high-ranking
intelligence officials, politicians,
editorial writers, television producers, and
other opinion-makers, and their eager media
outlets that perpetuated, inflated, and
prolonged this unprecedented political
scandal in American history—those who did
not stop short of accusing the president of
the United States of being a Kremlin
“agent,” “asset,” “puppet,” “Manchurian
candidate,” and who characterized his
conduct and policies as “treasonous”? (These
and other examples are cited in my book

War with Russia? From Putin and Ukraine to
Trump and Russiagate
and in

a recent piece by Paul Starobin

in City Journal.) Will they now
apologize, as decency requires, or, more
importantly, explain their motives so that
we might understand and avoid another such
national trauma?

Shortly after Mikhail Gorbachev became
leader of the Soviet Union, in 1985, he
released a banned film,

that explored the underlying institutional,
ideological, and personal dynamics of
Stalinism. The film set off a nationwide
media trial and condemnation of that
murderous era. Though Russiagate has
generated in America some Soviet-like
practices and ruined a number of lives and

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Russiagate: A Conspiracy Theory : The Corbett Report


29-03-19 12:47:00,

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On November 8, 2016, Vladimir Putin won the US presidential election by getting his Manchurian Candidate, Доналд Трумп, into the White House as the crowning achievement of a decades-long plan to use pee tape kompromat and real estate deals that never happened to get a reality TV star installed in the Oval Office.

12-D chess master Putin then used that mind-controlled puppet to increase sanctions on Russia, expel dozens of Russian diplomats, sell arms to Ukraine, withdraw from the INF treaty, build up NATO troops on the Russian border, stage a coup in Venezuela, and generally make life worse for Russia as part of his grand scheme to enable the rise of a new Russian Empire.

Mind-controlling the US public with hundreds of dollars of Facebook Jesus memes, this modern-day Czar carefully rigged the election by (not) hacking into any voting systems and by (not) hacking into the DNC servers, revealing that the DNC had rigged the election against 27 Dollars and in favour of Why Aren’t I 50 Points Ahead, You Might Ask.

Luckily, the valiant US media was all over the case.

The intelligence agencies knew what to do.

And Saint Mueller was on the job commanding an army of 40 agents, 2,800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants, 500 witnesses 230 communication records and a partridge in a pear tree, so we all knew that the walls are closing in.

The media admitted that the story was mostly bullshit, but that’s OK because we’re living in a post-truth world and democracy dies in darkness.

The intelligence agencies admitted they meddle in other country’s elections, but that’s OK because  it’s “only for a good cause.”

The #Resistance spent years supporting disgraced attorneys,

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Russiagate: Am Ende nichts als heiße Luft – Ablenkung pur |

27-03-19 07:47:00,

Donald Trump - Bildquelle: Pixabay / Crazygoat; CC0 Creative CommonsDonald Trump - Bildquelle: Pixabay / Crazygoat; CC0 Creative Commons

Donald Trump – Bildquelle: Pixabay / Crazygoat; CC0 Creative Commons

Russiagate war von Anfang an darauf ausgelegt als Ablenkungsmanöver für die Massen zu dienen. Wie ich in zahlreichen Artikeln in den letzten zwei Jahren dargelegt habe, ging es nie um eine Amtsenthebung von Donald Trump. Trump wird nie ein sogenanntes Impeachment-Verfahren fürchten müssen, da die Bankereliten, die sein Kabinett durchdringen, Trump genau dort und genau zur jetzigen Zeit im Oval Office sitzen haben WOLLEN.

Sie benötigen einen Sündenbock für den bereits angelaufenen wirtschaftlichen Zusammenbruch, den sie Ende 2018 eingeläutet haben. Warum sollten sie also versuchen ihren besten “Bock im Stall” (um im Bild zu bleiben) aus dem Weißen Haus zu entfernen?

Russiagate diente neben seinem Potenzial als Ablenkungsmanövriermasse zudem als Radikalisierungsmoment, um die politische Linke gegen die konservativen Teil der US-Bevölkerung aufzubringen. Aktuell gehe ich nicht davon aus, dass sich die politische Linke aufgrund des “inhaltsleeren” Mueller Reports, der keinerlei Beweise für eine mögliche Zusammenarbeit Moskaus mit dem Trump-Wahlkampfteam liefern konnte, zurück ziehen wird. Die Tatsache, dass man sich trotz zahlreicher Hinweise (dass es eben eine solche Zusammenarbeit nicht gab) in den vergangen Monaten in dieses Thema Russiagate regelrecht verbissen hat, zeigt, dass die politische Linke in den USA mental und ideologisch “ausgerichtet” worden ist, um als Werkzeug im Sinne des Establishments zu fungieren.

Zweifelsohne werden wir in den nächsten Wochen eine kurze “Insichgekehrtheit” der politischen Linken erleben, bevor sie noch aggressiver die Amtsenthebung Trumps fordern werden.

Präsident Donald Trump, den der Sonderanwalt Robert Mueller von der Verschwörung mit Russland in den US-amerikanischen Wahlen 2016 entlastet hatte, hat am Montag bei seiner Untersuchung seinen Unmut geäußert und Ermittlungen gegen ungenannte politische Feinde angedroht, die “böse” und “verräterische Dinge” begangen haben.

Der republikanische Präsident und seine Verbündeten im Kongress gingen einen Tag nachdem eine Zusammenfassung des Berichts von Müller in die Offensive, was bzgl. seines Wiederwahlkampfs für 2020 einen politischen Sieg bedeutet hat, ohne dass am Ende nach einer fast zweijährigen Untersuchung Straftaten nachgewiesen werden konnten.

Der US-Generalstaatsanwalt William Barr veröffentlichte am Sonntag eine vierseitige Zusammenfassung der Untersuchungsergebnisse, die die Einmischung Russlands in die Wahlen von 2016 ausführlich darstellten.

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Russiagate Might Be Dead, But Big Tech Censorship Is Here To Stay


26-03-19 09:11:00,

Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

I have certain rules I live by. My first rule: I don’t believe anything the government tells me. Nothing. Zero.

– George Carlin

Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community and they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.

– Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in a 2017 interview on MSNBC

As someone whose website was slandered by the earliest manifestations of the hysterical Russiagate mob, I could go on and on now that’s the whole spectacle’s been disproven, but I’m not going to do that. Rather, I want to highlight how despite the whole thing blowing up, we’ll be living with severe direct consequences for years to come.

First, it’s important to point out that none of Russiagate’s most irresponsible grifters will face any serious repercussions for wasting the country’s time, money and energy on a fake story for the past two years. Russiagate was as much a business model as it was a conspiracy theory, and some of it’s most shameless peddlers made out like bandits over the past couple of years.

As Glenn Greenwald noted:

Rachel Maddow makes *$10 million a year.* Every month, more money is put into her bank account by a major corporation than most people make in a lifetime, literally. She went on the air for 2 straight years & fed millions of people conspiratorial garbage & benefited greatly.

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) March 24, 2019

All MSNBC hosts have millions upon millions in their bank accounts. It will buy massive third homes and boats, but it won’t erase the role they played in going on TV every day and manipulating people’s fears and disseminating a fake conspiracy theory that rewarded them greatly.

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) March 24, 2019

Let’s not forget Luke Harding, a guy who literally wrote a book titled “Collusion,” which naturally soared to the top of the New York Times bestseller list.

That this is @lukeharding1968’s pinned tweet is the perfect encapsulation of Russiagate: its media “experts”

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Russiagate Skeptics Rightly Boast About Being Proven 100% Correct


24-03-19 10:45:00,

There is nothing more epic than a Youtube video by Jimmy Dore immediately after he has been proven right about something. It’s thunderous. It’s unequivocal. And it happens a lot.

“Now, I’ve gotten Russiagate right here,” Dore said in a new video following revelations about the finalized Mueller report that there will be no further indictments, leaving the grand total of Americans charged with Russian conspiracy at exactly zero.

“I did that in my garage,” Dore added. “Those other stations didn’t do that. Not because they don’t have the resources I have. They did that ’cause they didn’t want to. They did that ’cause they weren’t interested in the truth. They did that because what they wanted to do was fuckin’ get Donald Trump so bad they were willing to turn off their critical thinking skills and just listen to their lizard brains. And they wrecked America in the process. And we stood up against it, and we got smeared for standing up against it, and we still get smeared.”

“Congratulations to everyone here, congratulations to our crew,” Dore said. “Congratulations to Ron and Steph and everybody, congratulations to Aaron Maté and Max Blumenthal and Kyle Kulinski, and whoever else got this right; it’s a small club, it’s a short list. And we took a lot of slings and arrows for it, and we’re still taking. People hate you when you out-left them. We out-lefted everybody, and we did it in the right way. And so congratulations to you guys, congratulations to myself, congratulations to this show, and thank God I didn’t try to get into journalism school but I tried to get into comedy first. Because if I was trying to get into that club, I would be just as shitty as the reporters at the Washington Post, the New York Times, MSNBC and CNN, and half the Youtubers, and we’re not. We did a much better job.”

Dore’s sentiments are being echoed around the small sphere of progressive political commentators who’ve been saying since the beginning that Russiagate was a pernicious lie advanced by secretive government agencies who’ve been plotting to shove Russia off the world stage since the fall of the Soviet Union,

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With RussiaGate Over Where’s Hillary?


24-03-19 10:40:00,

Authored by Tom Luongo,

During most of the RussiaGate investigation against Donald Trump I kept saying that all roads lead to Hillary Clinton.

Anyone with three working brain cells knew this, including ‘Miss’ Maddow, whose tears of disappointment are particularly delicious.

Robert Mueller’s investigation was designed from the beginning to create something out of nothing. It did this admirably.

It was so effective it paralyzed the country for more than two years, just like Europe has been held hostage by Brexit. And all of this because, in the end, the elites I call The Davos Crowd refused to accept that the people no longer believed their lies about the benefits of their neoliberal, globalist agenda.

Hillary Clinton’s ascension to the Presidency was to be their apotheosis along with the Brexit vote. These were meant to lay to rest, once and for all time, the vaguely libertarian notion that people should rule themselves and not be ruled by philosopher kings in some distant land.

Hillary’s failure was enormous. And the RussiaGate gambit to destroy Trump served a laundry list of purposes to cover it:

  1. Undermine his legitimacy before he even takes office.

  2. Accuse him of what Hillary actually did: collude with Russians and Ukrainians to effect the outcome of the election

  3. Paralyze Trump on his foreign policy desires to scale back the Empire

  4. Give aid and comfort to hurting progressives and radicalize them further undermining our political system

  5. Polarize the electorate over the false choice of Trump’s guilt.

  6. Paralyze the Dept. of Justice and Congress so that they would not uncover the massive corruption in the intelligence agencies in the U.S. and the U.K.

  7. Isolate Trump and take away every ally or potential ally he could have by turning them against him through prosecutor overreach.

Hillary should have been thrown to the wolves after she failed. When you fail the people she failed and cost them the money she cost them, you lose more than just your funding. What this tells you is that Hillary has so much dirt on everyone involved,

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RussiaGate as Organised Distraction


17-03-19 09:24:00,

RussiaGate as Organised Distraction


For over two years RussiaGate has accounted for a substantial proportion of all mainstream US media political journalism and, because US media have significant agenda-setting propulsion, of global media coverage as well. The timing has been catastrophic. The Trump Administration has shredded environmental protections, jettisoned nuclear agreements, exacerbated tensions with US rivals, and pandered to the rich. In place of sustained media attention to the end of the human species from global warming, its even more imminent demise in nuclear warfare, or the further evisceration of democratic discourse in a society riven by historically unprecedented wealth inequalities and unbridled capitalistic greed, corporate media suffocate their publics with a puerile narrative of alleged collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia.

The RussiaGate discourse is profoundly mendacious and hypocritical. It presumes that the US is a State whose electoral system enjoys a high degree of public trust and security. Nothing could be further from the truth. The US democratic system is deeply entrenched in a dystopian two-party system dominated  by the rich and largely answerable to corporate oligopolies; it is ideologically beholden to the values of extreme capitalism and imperialist domination. Problems with the US electoral system and media are extensive and well documented.

US electoral procedures are profoundly compromised by an electoral college that detaches votes counted from votes that count. The composition of electoral districts have been gerrymandered to minimize the possibility of electoral surprises. Voting is dependent on easily hackable corporate-manufactured electronic voting systems. Right-wing administrations reach into a tool-box of voter-suppression tactics that run the gamut from minimizing available voting centers and voting machines through to excessive voter identification requirements and the elimination of swathes of the voting lists (e.g. groups such as people who have committed felonies or people whose names are similar to those of felons, or people who have not voted in previous elections). Even the results of campaigns are corrupted when outgoing regimes abuse their remaining weeks in power to push through regulations or legislation that will scuttle the efforts of their successors. Democratic theory presupposes the formal equivalence of voice in the battlefield of ideas.

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Russiagate Grand Wizard Deceives Audience About Assange


06-03-19 05:04:00,

When it was first revealed in November that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is under secret charges by the Trump administration, I spent the next few days being told by Russiagaters that this was proof that I have been wrong about their demented cold war cult all along, because #MuellerTime is fast approaching. At long last, they vehemently assured me, Assange was going to prison for working with Russia to deprive Queen Hillary of her rightful throne.

None of those people have come back to apologize or admit that they were wrong when subsequent evidence disproved their claims. None of them ever do.

As it turns out, whistleblower Chelsea Manning has been subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury in a secret case investigating Assange for his 2010 role in the WikiLeaks publication of military war logs and diplomatic cables. Manning served seven years in prison for leaking those documents to the transparency advocacy outlet before her sentence was commuted by President Obama, meaning, obviously, that this sealed case has nothing to do with the 2016 leaks Russiagaters have been fiendishly obsessing over. Indeed, the Washington Post reported yesterday that “U.S. officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of grand jury secrecy, say the case is based on [Assange’s] pre-2016 conduct, not the election hacks that drew the attention of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III.”

So there you have it. Democrats like Center for American Progress president Neera Tanden who have been cheering for Assange’s arrest have actually been cheering on the Trump administration’s prosecution of a journalist for publishing facts about Bush administration war crimes. They thought they were supporting the agenda to punish Assange for publishing leaks that hurt the Hillary campaign, but in reality they were defending two Republican administrations while helping to manufacture support for a prosecution that would set a devastating precedent for press freedoms throughout the entire world.

If you are unfamiliar with the work of Russiagate Grand Wizard Rachel Maddow, you might think she would report the revelation that an unfounded belief held by many of her acolytes has been completely and thoroughly disproven once and for all. If you are a bit more familiar with her,

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„Russiagate“: Medienzirkus und gezielte Eskalation


26-02-19 08:47:00,

Ein gescheitertes Abkommen mit der EU führte vor genau fünf Jahren zu den Maidan-Protesten in der Ukraine und Europa in eine der gefährlichsten Krisen der vergangenen Jahrzehnte. Mit dem internationalen Bestseller „Wir sind die Guten“ schauten Mathias Bröckers und Paul Schreyer hinter die Kulissen eines politischen Spiels, das tödlicher Ernst geworden ist. Denn seit der Westen sich im Kampf mit Putins Russland um die Ukraine wähnt, werden auch in Deutschland längst vergessene Kriegsängste wieder wach. Fünf Jahre später analysieren Bröckers und Schreyer in der komplett überarbeiteten und erweiterten Neuauflage „Wir sind immer die Guten“ den historischen Hintergrund des Ukraine-Konflikts, die Rolle der Geopolitik und gehen der Frage nach, wer die wirklichen Akteure in diesem tödlichen Spiel sind und welche Interessen sie verfolgen. Wir bringen zum Erscheinen des Buches einen Auszug zu diesem aktuellen wichtigen Thema.

Die Hoffnungen auf eine sich ihrer Schlüsselfunktion im Ost-West-Konflikt bewussten deutschen Diplomatie und eine europäische Friedenspolitik, wie wir sie im Sommer 2014 in der Erstausgabe von »Wir sind die Guten« äußerten, haben sich nicht erfüllt. Im Gegenteil haben sich Deutschland und Europa unter der Federführung der Vereinigten Staaten immer weiter in einen Kalten Krieg mit Russland hineinmanövriert: Nicht »Wandel durch Annäherung« lautet das Motto dieser Politik, sondern »Konfrontation durch Eskalation«. Sowohl in Form ökonomischer Sanktionen und militärischer Aufrüstung wie auch mit der Verschärfung des Informations- und Propagandakriegs.

Zumal die Kritik an Russland spätestens seit einem innenpolitischen Betriebsunfall in den USA – der Wahl Donald Trumps zum Präsidenten – in eine neue Dimension gesprungen ist. Weil sich Russland nicht nur der angeblichen »Invasion« der Ukraine schuldig gemacht hat, sondern auch der Manipulation und Beeinflussung der amerikanischen Präsidentschaftswahlen: »Russische Hacker« sollen diskreditierende E-Mails von Hillary Clinton und aus der Zentrale der Demokratischen Partei (DNC) gestohlen und veröffentlicht haben.

Mit »Russiagate« erhielt die Affäre schnell den an den Watergate-Skandal gemahnenden Titel, doch anders als die damals schnell ertappten Einbrecher, die in der Parteizentrale der Demokraten nach diskreditierendem Material gesucht hatten – was zum Rücktritt von Präsident Nixon führte –, sind die Täter auch nach Jahren noch völlig unbekannt und die Bezeichnung »russische Hacker« nicht mehr als eine Behauptung. Weder das FBI noch ein Gericht haben diese Datenlecks untersucht und justiziable Beweise auf die Täter und ihre Herkunft zu Tage fördern können – bis der Sonderermittler Robert Mueller im Februar 2018 eine erste Anklageschrift vorlegte.

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Washington’s Russiagate Conspiracy Theory on Life Support | New Eastern Outlook


22-12-18 08:42:00,


The latest bid to keep Washington’s desperate Russiagate conspiracy theory alive has energized distilled segments of the public still convinced of Moscow’s global omniscience and its role in manipulating and undermining virtually every aspect of their daily lives.

But recent “revelations” are simply the same accusations made against a Russian-based click-bait farm, repackaged and respun.

The Washington Post’s article, “New report on Russian disinformation, prepared for the Senate, shows the operation’s scale and sweep,” would in fact present no new report. Instead, it would present repackaged narratives involving “Russia’s disinformation campaign around the 2016 election.” 

The Washington Post would claim:

The report, obtained by The Washington Post before its official release Monday, is the first to study the millions of posts provided by major technology firms to the Senate Intelligence Committee, led by Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.), its chairman, and Sen. Mark Warner (Va.), its ranking Democrat. The bipartisan panel also released a second independent report studying the 2016 election Monday. Lawmakers said the findings “do not necessarily represent the views” of the panel or its members.

The two reports were put out by Oxford University’s Computational Propaganda Project and New Knowledge. No information is provided by the Washington Post as to what either of these organizations are, who runs them, or who funds them.

Both reports rehash allegations claiming the Russia-based Internet Research Agency (IRA) conducted an extensive influence campaign through social media during the 2016 US elections.

The total amount of money spent on such operations amounted to approximately $100,000 in Facebook ads. To put this amount in context, the very same Washington Post would report in April 2017 that the total amount spent on the 2016 elections amounted to $6.5 billion – in other words – the amount allegedly spent on Facebook ads by IRA was about 0.001% of total US campaign spending.

Both reports cited by the Washington Post and presented to US Congress did not dispute this. Instead, they attempted to claim the impact of IRA’s activities far exceeded this $100,000 in ads.

The New Knowledge report would claim:

The Instagram and Facebook engagement statistics belie the claim that this was a small operation — it was far more than only $100,000 of Facebook ads,

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Russiagate Is Like 9/11, Except It’s Made of Pure Narrative | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

Russiagate Is Like 9/11, Except It’s Made of Pure Narrative | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

23-07-18 07:15:00,

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The last few days have been truly amazing. I didn’t even write an article yesterday; I’ve just been staring transfixed by my social media feeds watching liberal Americans completely lose their minds. I can’t look away. It’s like watching a slow motion train wreck, and everyone on the train is being really homophobic.

I’ve been writing about Russiagate since it started, and I can honestly say this is the worst it’s ever been, by far. The most hysterical, the most shrill, the most emotional, the most cartoonishly over-the-top and hyperbolic. The fact that Trump met with Putin in private and then publicly expressed doubt about the establishment Russia narrative has sent some political factions of America into an emotional state that is indistinguishable from what you’d expect if Russia had bombed New York City. This despite the fact that the establishment Russia narrative consists of no actual, visible events whatsoever. It is made of pure narrative.

I don’t think the US media has ever been nuttier than they are right now. It would be comical if it wasn’t so dangerous. They are harming the national psyche in a profound way

— Michael Tracey (@mtracey) July 18, 2018

I don’t even know where to start. Everyone has been completely mad across the entire spectrum of what passes for America’s political “left” today, from the usual suspects like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and their indistinguishable Never-Trump Republican allies, all the way to supposedly progressive commentators like Cenk Uygur and Shaun King. Comparing this pure narrative non-event to Pearl Harbor is now commonplace and mainstream. I just watched a United States Senator named Richard Blumenthal stare right into the camera refer to the hypothetical possibility of future Russian cyber intrusions as “this 9/11 moment.”

“We are in a 9/11 national emergency because our country is under attack, literally,” Blumenthal told CNN while demanding a record of Trump’s meeting with Putin at the Helsinki summit. “That attack is ongoing and pervasive, verified by objective and verifiable evidence. Those words are, again, from the director of National Security. And this 9/11 moment demands that we do come together.”

Nothing about the establishment Russia narrative is in any way verifiable,

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Russiagate, the Comedy of Errors | New Eastern Outlook

Russiagate, the Comedy of Errors | New Eastern Outlook

21-07-18 07:11:00,


The 2018 Helsinki summit has left Americans puzzled, some terrified, others feign outrage but few have stood back and taken a breath. Always stand back, always take a breath, always keep the mouth shut and the hand off the keyboard.

A quick review of the facts, such as they are, such as we can assume them to be, is a place to begin. Donald Trump, despite his denials and obfuscation, really did side with Russia against America’s intelligence agencies.

Let’s take a breath, on one hand you have the CIA, NSA and 14 other agencies, all heavily politicized, all with long histories of abuses, of lying, of even drug trafficking, rigging elections, assassinations, this is the “one hand.”

On the other you have Russia President Vladimir Putin saying “I didn’t do it.”

Then you have Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller telling us he has evidence of Russian wrongdoing, evidence he got from the CIA, NSA and 14 other agencies.

Then again, I forgot to mention that these agencies generally get their intelligence from Israel, about half of it, a nation that is seldom an unbiased or disinterested party or from open source intelligence.

They see it on TV.

Then again, they have been accused, from time to time, of making it all up.

Add to this Donald Trump, a man who would lie about what day it was, he doesn’t seem to be able to help himself, the mouth opens and out they come, an endless stream of them, many of them bizarre and quite unnecessary. It is as though he is testing us.

There is a simple answer here. Based on reason, Trump may well have been quite correct in his assessment that Putin wasn’t lying. Putin was right there, Trump only told the audience what he was told, Trump wasn’t making that part up.

As you can note, we are now testing one or more hypotheses, hoping we might end up with something resembling truth, a lonely effort in the best of cases.

We can assume Robert Mueller was telling the truth also. He said, through indictments of Russian intelligence personnel, that he had “evidence” received from “intelligence sources” and “witnesses,” some of whom are already convicted criminals,

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Russiagate: A CIA Concocted Hoax. Trump Knows It. | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

Russiagate: A CIA Concocted Hoax. Trump Knows It. | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

18-07-18 06:33:00,

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No Russian interference in America’s political process occurred in 2016, earlier, or is being cooked up for the nation’s November midterm elections.

Trump knows it and said so in Helsinki. When asked if he holds Russia accountable for anything, he said:

“I hold both countries responsible (for dismal bilateral relations). I think that the United States has been foolish. I think we’ve all been foolish…And I think we’re all to blame.”

Regarding election meddling, he said:

“There was no collusion at all. Everybody knows it. And people are being brought out to the fore. So far that I know, virtually none of it related to the campaign. And they’re going to have to try really hard to find somebody that did relate to the campaign.”

“My people came to me and some others…(T)hey think it’s Russia…President Putin…said it’s not Russia. I will say this: I dont see any reason why it would be.”

“…President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today.”

Trump is wrong about most things, not this. No evidence, nothing, proves Russian meddling in the US political process.

If it existed, it would have been revealed long ago. It never was and never will be because there’s nothing credible to reveal, Big Lies alone.

Trump’s above remarks were in Helsinki. In response to a raging Russophobic firestorm of criticism back home, he backtracked from his above comments, saying he misspoke abroad.

He accepts the intelligence community’s claim about Russian US election meddling – knowing it didn’t occur.

Russiagate was cooked up by Obama’s thuggish Russophobic CIA director John Brennan, media keeping the Big Lie alive.

DNC/John Podesta emails were leaked, not hacked – an indisputable fact media scoundrels suppress to their disgrace.

Former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray earlier explained that

“(t)he source of these emails and leaks has nothing to do with Russia at all,” adding:

“I discovered what the source was when I attended the Sam Adam’s whistleblower award in Washington.”

“The source of these emails (came) from within official circles in Washington DC.

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The Russiagate witch hunt

The Russiagate witch hunt

20-12-17 09:56:00,

ingezonden door Magchiel Matthijssen

Amerika zit in een vreselijk diep dal. Er is sprake van een vreselijke en gevaarlijke politieke crisis waar Nederland nog praktisch niets van weet. Een nieuwe samenzwering van het Washingtonse anti-Trump cabal die stinks to heaven. Ditmaal de plot van de aanval op Donald Trump die onder geen enkele voorwaarde president mocht worden.
Die aanval werd nog voor de verkiezingen onder Obama ingezet (met smerige middelen) en werd na de verkiezing voortgezet (met het zgn. Russia-gate schandaal).

Mogelijk hoorden jullie onze minister van Binnenlandse Zaken op Jinek (maandagavond). Zij is geheel in de ban van het Rusland bashen en waarschuwt voor al dat fakenieuws. Zij sprak losjes over de inmenging in de verkiezingen in Frankrijk, Duitsland en Brexit en uiteraard in de Amerikaanse verkiezingen, alsof dat allemaal bewezen zaken zijn. Schandalig. (Bravo Baudet die tegenwicht bood!).
Maar is die reactie van Rusland niet enigszins begrijpelijk als je hem tegen de achtergrond ziet van het feit dat er na anderhalf jaar van beschuldigingen de verkiezingen in Amerika beïnvloed te hebben en de democratie te hebben ondergraven (vele beschuldigingen die ook weer teruggenomen moesten worden) in al die tijd nog geen enkel serieus bewijs naar voren is gekomen?
En het drama is dat het feit dat Rusland de Amerikaanse democratie zou ondermijnen als afleidingsmanoeuvre moet dienen voor het feit dat Amerika inderdaad zijn eigen ‘democratie’ bezig is om zeep te helpen. Beschuldig de ander van wat je zelf doet is hier de leuze.
Ondertussen zwijgt de Nederlandse pers over dit schandaal dat groter is dan Watergate. Waarom? Omdat de Nederlandse pers totaal afhankelijk is van wat de NYT en de Wahington Post schrijven. Pas als die erover berichten is onze pers geautoriseerd te volgen. Vrije pers? Treurig. Hier is in de Nederlandse mainstream pers dus nog niets over gepubliceerd, daarom zal het niet makkelijk zijn deze nieuwe (?) informatie allemaal te verwerken.

Vandaar onderstaand dit uitgebreide artikel van, dat een aantal dingen samenvat. De kern speelt zich rond de Democratische partij af. Obama zette de nieuwe regering al met zijn uitwijzing van Russische ambtenaren en zijn sancties voor een enorm blok. Dat gebeurde in de laatste weken van zijn presidentschap, maar In feite was daarmee de toon gezet en werd Trump klem gezet.

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Forget Russiagate, The REAL Scandal Is Israelgate : The Corbett Report

Forget Russiagate, The REAL Scandal Is Israelgate : The Corbett Report

17-12-17 05:05:00,

Almost exactly a year ago, just as the “Russia hacked the election!” delirium was taking shape, I pooh-poohed the idea that “Russiagate” (as it has come to be known) would persist for very long. Once the Trump administration started plowing ahead with its agenda, I argued, the Dems would toss Hillary aside and move on with politics as usual.

Russiagate fading away as Democrats come to terms with the 2016 election? Really, James?

Now I’ve made some inaccurate predictions before (OK, a lot of inaccurate predictions), but that one takes the cake in terms of how wrong I ended up being.

If you want a demonstration of this point, just type “russia collusion” or “russia interference” into your search engine of choice and feast on the millions and millions of nothingburgers that have been produced this past year chasing this non-story. It would almost be comical how stupid these stories are if it weren’t for the fact that they have real world consequences.

Remember when the evil Russkies hacked the Vermont electrical grid?! Of course you do. But do you remember when the MSM presstitutes immediately amended their fear porn story to admit that the grid had not, in fact, been hacked at all? Of course you don’t, because the headlines are reported breathlessly and the “corrections” are issued quietly.

And do you remember when the dastardly Russians hacked into the voting systems of 39 states before the 2016 presidential election? Yeah, that didn’t actually happen, either.

And remember when the Russians went international and took their well-known operation to control people’s minds through Facebook ads across the pond to England, where they successfully pulled off “Operation Brexit?” Well, the results are in, and the latest headlines tell of the startling breadth and scope of this mass mind-control experiment: “Facebook says Russian-linked accounts spent just 97 cents on ads over Brexit.”

And remember when ABC’s Brian Ross reported that candidate Trump directed Flynn to make contact with Moscow? One stock market crash later, the suspended Brian Ross would like you to know that he meant president-elect Trump.

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