Russian statement regarding the extension of the New START Treaty


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We have not received an official response from the United States to our October 16 note with President Vladimir Putin’s proposal to extend the New START Treaty for one year. We have only seen comments made by US officials in the social media. Considering an ambiguous reaction to this situation, we believe it is necessary to clarify the matter.

Russia has proposed extending the New START for one year and is ready to assume a political obligation together with the United States to freeze the sides’ existing arsenals of nuclear warheads during this period. Our proposal can only and exclusively be implemented on the understanding that the United States will not advance any additional conditions with regard to freezing the arsenals. If this suits Washington, the time gained through the extension of the New START could be used to hold comprehensive bilateral talks on the future of nuclear missile control, with the mandatory discussion of all factors that can influence strategic stability.

We hope to receive an official response to our October 16 note.

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Russian MoD Exposes White Helmets Chemical Attack False Flag in Idlib


15-10-20 07:46:00, White Helmets Nusra Front al Qaeda Levant HTS NATOWhite Helmets: Al Qaeda’s Civil Defense and NATO’s propaganda arm

The Russian Ministry of Defense through its Coordination Center in Syria warned of preparations for a new false-flag psyop by the notorious al-Qaeda propaganda arm known as the White Helmets.

‘Three vehicles carrying terrorists of the White Helmets arrived at the town of Sufuhon in the northwestern countryside of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib province where barrels of poisonous chlorine were delivered earlier’ a statement issued by General Alexander Greenkiewicz, Head of the Russian Coordination Center in the Hmeimim military base in Syria, said.

General Greenkiewicz added in his statement that the terrorists are plotting to carry out an attack using poisonous chemical substances in Idlib’s southern countryside in order to assimilate a chemical attack against the civilians in order to accuse the Syrian Arab Army with it.

NATO member state Turkey sponsors a variety of al-Qaeda affiliates in their last stronghold in the province of Idlib, Turkish madman Erdogan and his head of ‘intelligence’ Hakkan Fidan are known for their use of false-flags to justify their criminal acts against the people of the region, a number of earlier plots were exposed, some very late and others just in time to thwart these attacks.

The Russian Ministry of Defense exposes such psyop preparations and informs their diplomats at the United Nations who in turn convey the information to other members of the UNSC, especially the NATO member states there in order to prevent the western fake humanitarian criminals at the UNSC from using such plots against the Syrian state and the Syrian people by burning their cards.

All previous claims issued by officials from NATO member states accusing the Syrian armed forces of using chemical attacks against civilians were exposed to be complete lies and fabrications by military experts as well as whistleblowers from the disgraced OPCW which refuses to carry out thorough investigations in the misconduct of a number of its own officials. NATO member states at the UNSC used similar false-flags earlier to wage unlawful bombing against Syria and to increase the inhumane blockade against the Syrian people.

Terrorists in Idlib are desperate now for further intervention by NATO as a Syrian military operation is imminent to clean the province from tens of thousands of al-Qaeda terrorists and free up to 3 million Syrian human beings living in horrible conditions there since al-Qaeda terrorists took over the province with the help of NATO forces through Turkey.

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Russian statement on the situation around Alexei Navalny


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In connection with the demarche undertaken by the Group of Seven on the ‘Alexei Navalny case’, the Foreign Ministry has issued the following statement. Russia insists that Germany provide data on Alexei Navalny’s medical examination, including the results of the biochemical tests, as per the official request for legal assistance submitted by the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation on August 27, 2020. Berlin has not been willing to respond to our repeated requests in a prompt and constructive manner.

Without the above-mentioned information, the Russian law enforcement agencies are unable to engage all the necessary procedural mechanisms in order to establish the circumstances of the incident. Meanwhile, the frenzy that is being stirred up around this case is only growing.

We note that Russian doctors proposed establishing close dialogue with their German colleagues in order to discuss the available data on Alexei Navalny’s health that is held in Russia and in Germany. Unfortunately, the German side has been thwarting this process.

The unconstructive approach by the German authorities is accompanied by groundless accusations against Russia. The massive misinformation campaign that has been unleashed clearly demonstrates that the primary objective pursued by its masterminds is to mobilise support for sanctions, rather than to care for Alexei Navalny’s health or establish the true reasons for his admission to hospital.

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This Russian device can detect Covid-19 and other dangerous pathogens IN THE AIR (VIDEO)


29-08-20 08:15:00,

Russia has unveiled a device said to be capable of detecting and analyzing airborne pathogens like bacteria, toxins and viruses – including Covid-19. It alerts of potential danger within seconds, and then pinpoints its source.

Dubbed “Detector Bio,” the device was showcased by the KMZ factory – best known as the manufacturer of Zenit cameras – during the military-industrial forum ‘Army 2020’ near Moscow on Friday. Its developer team includes the Gamaleya Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology in Moscow – the same institute that has produced the world’s first registered Covid-19 vaccine, Sputnik V.

Detector Bio is no pocket gadget, and looks somewhat like a refrigerator, owing its size to a ‘layer cake’ design which effectively contains a series of small laboratories, each performing its own tests.

The stack of mini-labs allows the device to detect coronavirus, or any other airborne danger floating by, running two cycles of analysis to deliver a clear result, according to its creators.

During the first phase it gathers samples of the surrounding air, and in ten to fifteen seconds can alert to any traces of a virus, bacteria or a toxin. At this stage in the process, it cannot yet name the specific pathogen detected. The device then runs a second, more detailed analysis of the air samples to determine what substance or microbe is present, which could take between one and two hours.

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Detector Bio is by no means the first device in the world claimed to accurately detect Covid-19, however after five years in the making, its developers have deemed its design a “crown jewel.” It is said to be primarily aimed at public spaces, including the metro, railway stations and airports.

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Russian Ghost Buk Haunts MH17 Court – Part II


26-08-20 07:28:00,

  By Eric van de Beek

Still from animation Dutch Safety Board (DSB). Buk missile approaches MH17.Still from animation Dutch Safety Board (DSB). Buk missile approaches MH17.

Malaysian flight MH17 was downed by a Buk missile delivered from Russia and fired from territory controlled by rebels in eastern Ukraine. This narrative was
propagated from day one by the Ukrainian secret service SBU. Most people take it for a fact now. But the MH17 trial has just started. It’s not even been established yet a Buk was fired; let alone
a Russian Buk.

Was it really a Buk that hit MH17? A Russian Buk? As we’ve seen in Part I of this article series no radar or satellite data was presented in court
showing a Buk or any other missile. Nor did any of the intercepted phone calls presented by the Dutch Public Prosecution Service convincingly demonstrate the involvement of the rebels in eastern
Ukraine. Two anonymous witnesses, pre-selected by Ukrainian secret service SBU, have stated they saw the launch of the fatal missile, but they will not testify in court. 

In the June 22 court session the lawyers of the defendant Oleg Pulatov declared that the experts are all of the same opinion: It’s “highly unlikely” a crew of a Buk
TELAR anti aircraft system would mistake a passenger plane such as MH17 for a military plane. The features of a passenger plane are very different, the lawyers argued – and a Buk TELAR has many
built in safety locks to
prevent the crew from wrongly identifying friendly objects for hostile targets. 

Still from animation Dutch Safety Board (DSB). Buk TELAR launches fatal missile.Still from animation Dutch Safety Board (DSB). Buk TELAR launches fatal missile.

The lawyers furthermore questioned the assumption of the Public Prosecution Service that the alleged Buk warhead had detonated before
hitting MH17 after its proximity fuse had detected the plane. According to the lawyers that’s what would happen with a fighter jet, but not with a target that cannot be missed, like a passenger
plane. In such case a Buk missile would have moved in a straight line for a direct hit with the plane by using its impact fuse instead of its proximity fuse. This would probably lead to a
different damage pattern than is seen on MH17.

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