Bernie Sanders’ Green New Deal is het meest ambitieuze klimaatplan van alle Democratische kandidaten | Uitpers


04-10-19 12:18:00,

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Presidentskandidaat Bernie Sanders moet rusten na een dringende hartoperatie. Of het bij een korte pauze blijft, zal in de komende dagen blijken. Hij heeft nog steeds grote ambities. Recent heeft hij zijn eigen plan gelanceerd om de klimaatcrisis aan te pakken. Geen enkele andere Democratische kandidaat benadert de ambities die hij in zijn Green New Deal vooropstelt.

Bernie Sanders wil met zijn voorstel niet alleen de klimaatcrisis aanpakken. Hij wil een groene economie die werkende mensen en kwetsbare gemeenschappen beschermt. Over een periode van 15 jaar wil hij daarvoor de enorme som van 16,3 trillion dollar begroten of 16.300 miljard (1 trillion is duizend maal één miljard, 1 triljoen in het Nederlands is één miljard keer één miljard).

Joe Biden, voormalig vice-president onder Obama, voorziet in zijn klimaatplan 1,7 trillion dollars, één tiende van het bedrag dat Sanders vooropstelt (Sanders lanceerde zijn plan symbolisch in het stadje Paradise in de staat California).

De New Deal in de titel van zijn plan verwijst naar de historische New Deal van Franklin Delano Roosevelt, president van 1933 tot 1945. Zijn New Deal was niet één plan maar een geheel van programma’s, projecten voor openbare werken, financiële hervormingen (zoals de splitsing van gewone banken en spaarbanken). Het was Roosevelts antwoord op de economische crisis van de Grote Depressie.

100 procent hernieuwbare energie en 20 miljoen banen
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Sanders’ plan gaat verder dan wat de IPCC, het klimaatpanel van wetenschappers van de VN, voorstellen. Zij willen 100 procent hernieuwbare energie tegen 2050. Sanders wil die deadline halen tegen 2030, te beginnen bij de op fossiele brandstoffen gebaseerde industrie, de transportsector en de energiesector.

Daarnaast wil hij terug toetreden tot het Klimaatakkoord van Parijs en 200 miljard dollar toezeggen voor steun aan de ontwikkelingslanden die lijden onder de gevolgen van de klimaatverandering.

Sanders verwerpt de ‘valse oplossingen’ van zijn Democratische concurrenten, zoals een verdere ontwikkeling van kernenergie, afvalverbranding en de ontwikkeling van nieuwe technieken om koolstof uit de lucht te halen (geo-engineering).

Zijn plan is voor een groot deel gelijk aan de Green New Deal die federaal parlementslid Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez samen met federaal senator Ed Markey als wetsvoorstel heeft ingediend in februari 2019.

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MSM Smears Sanders For Saying MSM Smears Sanders


14-08-19 10:52:00,

Mass media narrative managers have been throwing a fit ever since Senator Bernie Sanders criticized The Washington Post for providing unfair coverage of him at a New Hampshire town hall on Monday.

“Anybody here know how much Amazon paid in taxes last year?” Sanders asked the crowd.

“Nothing!” the crowd answered back.

“See, and I talk about that all of the time, and then I wonder why The Washington Post, which is owned by Jeff Bezos, who owns Amazon, doesn’t write particularly good articles about me. I don’t know why,” Sanders said.

The reaction has been swift and furious. Outlets ranging from NPR to CNN to Fox News have claimed that Sanders’ comments are “Trump-like” and “echoing Trump”. CNN’s segment on the story insinuated multiple times that there is no evidence for Sanders’ claims of biased coverage by WaPo.

“Sen. Sanders is a member of a large club of politicians — of every ideology — who complain about their coverage,” reads a statement by WaPo Executive Editor Marty Baron. “Contrary to the conspiracy theory the senator seems to favor, Jeff Bezos allows our newsroom to operate with full independence, as our reporters and editors can attest.”

All of these people are lying. During the hottest and most contentious point in the 2016 presidential primary, documented the fact that The Washington Post published no fewer than sixteen smear pieces about Sanders in the span of sixteen hours. This sixteen-hour window included Sanders’ debate with Hillary Clinton in the tightly contested state Michigan, where Sanders went on to score a narrow but hugely significant upset victory. To say that WaPo has a history of bias against Sanders is not conspiratorial, Trumpian or lacking in evidence, it’s an intellectually honest acknowledgement of an undeniable and well-documented fact.

As of this writing I have not yet seen a single one of the outlets decrying Sanders’ comments about The Washington Post make any reference at all to those sixteen WaPo smear pieces in sixteen hours. This is journalistic malpractice, as is the suggestion that there is no evidence of bias in WaPo’s reporting about Sanders.

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Sanders, Warren, Ocasio-Cortez, and Other Lawmakers Sign Pledge to End America’s “Forever Wars”


04-03-19 06:32:00,

Eight members of Congress have taken a pledge to work to bring ongoing U.S. global military conflicts to a “responsible and expedient” end, the result of a first-of-its kind lobbying effort by military veterans on Capitol Hill.

The pledge was written and organized by a group called Common Defense, made up of veterans and military families, which advocates for scaling back U.S. military commitments overseas. Common Defense boasts of more than 20,000 veteran members in all 50 states, and it threw its endorsement behind almost 30 candidates in the last midterm election cycle.

The group’s involvement in electoral politics and Capitol Hill lobbying makes it an oddity in anti-war circles, as peace groups have historically concentrated on mobilizing opposition to war through street protests and marches. Jose Vasquez, the group’s executive director, joined the Army in 1992 and was honorably discharged as a conscientious objector in 2007, having joined the anti-war movement while he was still serving. He said that most anti-war groups believe that “all the politicians are corrupt and we’re not going to make change that way,” a mindset that goes back to the protests against the Vietnam War.

“It’s kind of the same-old, same-old anti-war: standing up, doing vigils, standing outside and yelling at the buildings, coming on a Saturday to D.C. when nobody’s here. We’d much rather be here and talk to folks,” he said as he and other vets walked the halls of the Longworth House Office Building, on their way to a meeting with staff for Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn. “Protest is important; you’ve got to show your strength in numbers, but having a seat at the table is important as well.”

“Protest is important; you’ve got to show your strength in numbers, but having a seat at the table is important as well.”

All of the signatories so far are members of the Democratic caucus, and most of them are associated with the left wing of the party: Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren; Omar and other freshmen Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ro Khanna, and Rashida Tlaib; and Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chair Mark Pocan. Common Defense is also courting more moderate lawmakers, particularly those in swing districts and Democrats. So far, the group has also gotten the support of Montana Sen.

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Bernie Sanders Raised $6 Million In One Day After Launching Campaign


21-02-19 12:57:00,

Just one day after officially launching his campaign for the 2020 Democratic nomination during an interview on Vermont Public Radio, Bernie Sanders has already raised more than $6 million through more than 220,000 individual contributions, according to CNN.

Sanders, who consistently ranks near the top of most polls alongside former Vice President Joe Biden, saw the money pour in from donors in all 50 states. The average contribution was $27, which is roughly in line with the average contribution from Sanders 2016 upstart primary campaign against Hillary Clinton, in which he won a number of crucial primaries (all while actively working against the DNC). Confirming his outsize popularity in an increasingly crowded field, the self-described “Democratic Socialist”’s haul dwarfs the $300,000 raised by Elizabeth Warren during the 24 hours after her official campaign launch.


Of the $6 million raised, some 10% (about $600,000) came in the form of recurring donations, providing “a huge, dependable grassroots donor base that will afford the campaign a consistent budgeting baseline.”

During his last race, Sanders regularly touted the fact that his campaign was largely funded by small donations. And it appears this is already emerging as a central theme for the 2020 race.

“The only way we will win this election and create a government and economy that work for all is with a grassroots movement – the likes of which has never been seen in American history,” Sanders said in his message announcing his campaign. “They may have the money and power. We have the people.”

On top of that $6 million haul, Sanders is entering the race with more than $9 million left in his US Senate campaign committee: funds that he can transfer to his presidential campaign. That puts him behind only Warren ($11 million) and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand ($10.3 million).

That ought to give Sanders plenty of cushion to stick it to the “millionaihs and billionaihs”.

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