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Summary: Ole Dammegård has examined lots of places where terrorist acts have been committed, but has never encountered anything that really indicates religiously motivated acts. According to Ole, this has always been about state-financed terrorism. He believes that fear is an age-old tool for gaining control of populations and that the result of terror is that fearful citizens ask for and accept increased control. End of summary. Ole Dammegård was originally a criminal reporter but has devoted his career to investigating various terrorist events. He goes out on a limb when he claims that terrorist acts are not what they seem to be. When it comes to this type of crime, it is more important to think about what is not said than what is actually said through established channels. He begins the program by explaining what is meant by the term “False Flag Operation”. According to Ole Dammegård, this is a concept that was already used by the ancient Romans to establish a moral right to carry out an attack. The result of the terror attacks is that people turn to authority and ask for protection, which means increased monitoring, bugging, scrutiny of bank accounts and other areas of ordinary people’s lives. He says that he has visited lots of places where terrorist acts have occurred to find facts about these events through analysis, testimonies, search of records etc.. In his opinion there is a lack of investigative journalists assigned to do this job. He has lived in Spain for more than 20 years where he fled after two of his colleagues in a private investigation of the murder of (Olof) Palme had been murdered. He has participated in more than 500 interviews on radio in different countries and has lectured in 13 countries about his conclusions regarding terror. According to Ole, fear is an age-old tool for gaining control of populations. The result of terror is that citizens demand and accept increased control so that a small number of people gain complete authority. One result of the terrorist attacks is that the banks and the US have been able to tighten control over money flow. Ole believes that this has been one of the aims of these events. Fear can also be generated about swine flu, ebola, zika virus and similar. It is often said that terrorist acts are connected to religion,

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Saturday is “Act Four”: Yellow Vests face off against 89,000 Macron army (Video)


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The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris take a quick look at how UK Prime Minister Theresa May has managed to unite pro-European Labour MPs and Brexiteer conservatives by refusing to release the full ‘legal advice’ provided by UK Attorney General Geoffrey Cox.

According to Zerohedge, May is stoking suspicions that she is trying to hide the fact that the Brexit deal, as it’s currently written, could result in the UK being stuck inside the EU customs union in perpetuity – a scenario that Brexiteers have warned would reduce the UK to a ‘vassal state’ of Europe.

Angry ministers have threatened everything from calling a vote of no confidence in the government to holding Cox in contempt if No. 10 Downing Street doesn’t authorize the release of the unabridged legal advice. But in an act of defiance, May on Monday released a 43-page summary of the AG’s advice that one reporter said appeared to leave out most of the AG’s most controversial findings.

As we noted earlier, a leaked analysis shows that May lied to lawmakers when she said there was no risk of the UK being trapped inside the customs union. As the Guardian explains, while the text of the withdrawal agreement clearly states that any end to the ‘backstop’ must happen by consensus (which, assuming the backstop is eventually triggered, would happen once a new trade deal has been reached) between the UK and the EU. So Brexiteers’ warnings have a clear basis in the text of the agreement. However, many MPs are suspicions that AG Cox was more negative about this in private than he has been in public.

Some Labour MPs have warned that, by refusing, May has risked sparking a constitutional crisis. This is because MPs voted last month to force the government to release the legal advice “in full”. But May has effectively ignored these demands and continued to withhold Cox’s unabridged advice. The controversy has prompted at least one conservative MP, Sam Gyimah, to quit his cabinet post in protest, saying that releasing the unabridged advice is vital to “restoring trust in politics,” according to the BBC.

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