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21-03-19 01:19:00,

The owner of the demolished school building, Muhammad Alqam, insists that he issued all necessary permits at the Israeli Jerusalem Municipality before beginning construction.


A Palestinian-owned school building that was under construction, in the Shuafat refugee camp, in occupied East Jerusalem was demolished by Israeli forces’ bulldozers Tuesday.

Eyewitnesses recount dozens of Israeli occupation forces escorting the bulldozers into the refugee camp, while others closed off traffic at the checkpoint near the school.

The Israeli forces then, reportedly, surrounded the al-Razi School from rooftops of nearby buildings while students and faculty were evacuated prior to the demolition. According to multiple witnesses, there were drones observed flying above the two-story school building and rubber-coated steel bullets fired on locals in the camp.

The owner of the demolished school building, Muhammad Alqam, insists that he issued all necessary permits at the Israeli Jerusalem Municipality before beginning construction. Alqam was assured that the area belonged to the United Nations Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA).

There was no prior notice of the demolition before it took place, says Saleh Alqam, principal of the al-Razi school and an official reason for the demolition is yet to be confirmed.

Despite the requisite preparations being carried out, the demolition order was issued, in November, by Israeli authorities.

The United Nations has consistently condemned Israel for the practice of illegal demolition, since 2015.

The al-Razi School had registered about 400 kindergarten and elementary students for the upcoming school year for the new building.

From #Jerusalem, a little Palestinian girl is crying while seeing her home demolished by Israeli occupation when coming home back from school as usual.#IsraeliCrimes

— Aya Isleem 🇵🇸 #Gaza (@AyaIsleemEn) March 19, 2019

It is a common practice of Israeli authorities to demolish Palestinian-owned buildings under the pretext of missing permits. Permits in East Jerusalem are rarely issued to Palestinians, and the application process can last years and cost several thousands of dollars. The process burdens individual families in Palestinian neighborhoods, while projects for Jewish Israelis are funded and carried out by the Israeli government.

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‘No vaccine, no school’: Italy starts punishing parents who refuse to immunize their kids


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Italian parents are being warned not to send their kids to school without vaccinations, or face a €500 fine, while children under six can be turned away altogether.

Following months of debate over the issue of mandatory vaccines in Italy, the deadline has been reached for parents to prove their children have received mandatory immunisations before attending school. Parents must now show their kids have been inoculated against chickenpox, polio, measles, mumps and rubella or be subject to the fine or suspension.

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130 Italian families threaten to seek asylum in Austria over mandatory vaccinations – activist

The so-called ‘Lorenzin law’ requiring mandatory vaccinations was initially passed in 2017 following an outbreak of measles throughout Europe that got even worse the following year, but the deadline was suspended several times due to bureaucratic issues.

Authorities are striving to hit the World Health Organization’s recommended 95% inoculation rate for measles, with the current rate for children born since 2015 sitting just below the target at 94%.

Health Minister Giulia Grillo told La Repubblica newspaper that the repeated delays have given everyone plenty of time to “catch up,” reportedly resisting efforts by Prime Minister Matteo Salvini to further extend the deadline.

No vaccine, no school,” she stated bluntly. “There is an epidemic in progress.

Despite the strong words, Grillo also expressed the need to “convince citizens to do something positive for their health, not impose.

Nonetheless, the government has already taken action against families found not in compliance with the new order. In Bologna, authorities reportedly suspended some 300 children for failure to provide up-to-date vaccination records. Two parents were reported to the government for falsely claiming their children had been vaccinated.

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Italy’s ruling coalition government that came into power last May initially expressed skepticism over the mandatory vaccination rule, and even threatened to overturn the law altogether. They eventually, however, backed down on the issue following pressure by experts and pro-vaccine petitions.

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ASU Law School Pushes Cities Around The World To Use Facial Recognition


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Arizona State University (ASU) which spent $307 million to renovate Sun Devil Stadium has learned a lot about Smart City surveillance.

ASU used facial recognition to spy on alumni, students, faculty and families. And now they want to share what they learned by bringing it to a stadium or city near you.

An article in the Tech Republic revealed that Sun Devil Stadium and Croke Park in Ireland used facial recognition cameras to spy on fans.

“One of the technologies being tested in both Croke Park and at Sun Devil Stadium is facial recognition software, which will be used in conjunction with an additional 90 security cameras planned for ASUs stadium. Eventually the cameras will be 4K.”

Officials claim they are using facial recognition to see how fans react to standing in lines.

“The facial recognition technology will analyze data on how fans feel when they’re stuck in lines around the stadium, and how they feel overall, based on their facial expressions, said Chris Richardson, assistant vice president of IT development at ASU. “

This is the exact same thing that is happening in professional sports leagues. Last year, I warned everyone that sports teams are offering fans the option to use CLEAR’s facial biometric scanners so they can skip concession lines.

ASU law school profits from Smart City surveillance

Earlier this month the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University revealed their master plan to use Smart City surveillance technology to get rid of concession lines and traffic.

“Imagine a perfect day in metro Phoenix: no traffic congestion and autonomous vehicles glide commuters through the streets, hitting nothing but green lights. Sun Devil Stadium is packed with a roaring crowd, and the fans move efficiently through short lines at the concession stands and restrooms.”

You read that right, ASUs law school is profiting from turning stadiums and cities into a giant surveillance network.

“Collaboration is one of the key elements, and the institute has been working in partnership with ASU, the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, the Maricopa Association of Governments,

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