“Second wave” age composition


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Positive PCR tests per age group per week in Zurich (NZZ)

Published: October 2, 2020
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The above chart shows positive PCR tests per age group per week in the Canton of Zurich in Switzerland. The picture is similar in most of Europe: the increase in positive test results since late summer is mostly due to people of school and working age (20 to 40 and 40 to 60), not senior citizens and the elderly. Therefore, hospitalizations and deaths have remained low.

Moreover, according to antibody data, the first infection wave was at least ten times bigger than shown in the above PCR test diagram. To understand the full magnitude of this discrepancy between virus transmission speed and testing capacity, consider this impressive chart by the Economist.

However, the actual coronavirus season in the Northern hemisphere only really begins in December (lasting until May); thus, given still low antibody values (

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The COVID “Second Wave” Will Tear Our Communities Apart – Global Research


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When the new flu season arrives in autumn 2020, our western governments and mainstream news media are preparing to go into overdrive and declare (without evidence) that the 2nd wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is here. The fact is, they’re already pushing this narrative by declaring that there’s an uptick in COVID-19 cases and so governments around the world are now imposing mandatory mask laws on the population (see here and here) with added threats of national lock-downs!

The entire COVID-19 narrative has been hyped up beyond stupid and bulled through on the global population by national governments around the world without providing any credible evidence, and when actual data is provided by Investigative Journalists, doctors and professionals on social media for all to see, they are censored and removed by YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and major Internet search engines such as Google. The practice is Orwellian, as it censors free speech and is in collusion with the U.N. World Health Organization and its corporate financiers.

To make things worse, the fear driven COVID-19 narrative is being pushed by mainstream media that does not provide investigative journalism. Together, they are all working against the population of the world and our communities by silencing professionals and their data on COVID-19, a virus that has proven to be no worse than the seasonal flu.

In reality, there will be no second wave, however, there will be a continuing flu cycle with the beginning of the annual flu season set to kick off when schools reopen in late August or early September 2020…and classes will not be going back to normal as social distancing rules are already in place including half classes with half of the year at home and online. This whole COVID event has embedded fear, worry and panic within the minds of our children. What this amounts to is psychological terrorism on our children!

The fear mongering on COVID-19 has already sparked public panic and anger in many countries, but in particular, there has been, and will continue to be, a huge backlash on all the people who are protesting government over-reaction and media propagation of mandatory mask wearing, social distancing, vaccines and the lock-down of society.

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Is America’s Second Corona Wave a Political Hoax? | New Eastern Outlook


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For several weeks, just as most states across the United States began to reopen, following three months of lockdown to “flatten the curve”, several states including Texas and Florida began reporting record new numbers who tested positive for the coronavirus. At least that is what the world is being told. More careful investigation suggests what is unfolding as a huge manipulation of coronavirus tests that includes collusion by the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the same CDC who badly bungled initial rollout of the virus tests in March by distributing tests that were found to contain traces of the virus and other serious defects. The present scandal bears the earmarks of more than mismanagement. It looks like political collusion to influence the November election and far more.

It seems that today something is very, very rotten in the State of Texas. The same for Florida, California, Arizona and many other states who just after reopening, now have again imposed lockdown and the foolish and ineffective mask-wearing and social distancing. Yet if we look at the actual data for deaths attributed to the coronavirus, since around the middle of April, the daily deaths designated of COVID-19, whether “with” or “of”, has steadily dropped to a level some 90% below the peak.

Even the highly corrupt CDC has had to admit “Nationally, levels of influenza-like illness (ILI) are low overall…Changes in indicators that track COVID-19-like illness (CLI) and laboratory confirmed SARS-CoV-2 were inconsistent during the most recent week, with some increasing but others decreasing.” Then the weekly CDC report updated 17 July, makes the following statement: “Based on death certificate data, the percentage of deaths attributed to pneumonia, influenza or COVID-19 (PIC) decreased from 8.1% during week 27 to 6.4% during week 28, representing the twelfth week of a declining percentage of deaths due to PIC… Nationally, ILI activity remains below baseline for the thirteenth week but has increased for 5 weeks now.”

Note the language very closely. The CDC defines ILI as “Influenza-like Illness.” So are we talking about tests for presence of a specific virus, SARS COV-2, that is blamed for the Wuhan outbreak that apparently has spread globally since the beginning of 2020? Or is it “influenza-like” illnesses,

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Second coming of coronavirus to kill 120,000 people in UK, twice as many as current one, British scientists warn


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The death toll from a second wave of Covid-19 could reach 120,000 in the UK, twice as many as the current outbreak has claimed so far, a group of 37 scientists from the British Academy of Medical Sciences warns.

The second wave might hit in winter, during a “normal” flu season, said the group which comprises experts in infectious diseases, public health, statistics, meteorology and primary care.

The virus reproduction rate has now lowered down to 0.8 but is expected to skyrocket up to 1.7 in September, reaching its peak in January and lasting until June.

Winters usually see a sharp increase in diseases such as asthma, heart attacks and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, even in the absence of coronavirus. With the Covid-19 second wave, Britain’s ailing healthcare system – the NHS – might collapse under their combined burden, the experts warn.

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£1k bounties for care homes to take Covid patients show BoJo can’t dodge blame for UK’s death toll

The scientists offered no new remedy to stop the coronavirus spread apart from already implemented ones, such as social distancing, wearing face masks and lockdowns.

The UK government is starting to tighten up anti-coronavirus measures again. Masks have already been made compulsory on public transport in England since mid-June. Starting July 24, a refusal to wear a mask in England’s supermarkets will be subject to hefty fines (£100).

Meanwhile, in Scotland the use of face coverings in shops has been mandatory since July 10. Shoppers in Wales and Northern Ireland are not currently required to wear them. However, in Wales the coverings will be mandatory on public transport from July 27.

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‘Absolutely absurd’: London Met Police slam UK govt’s Covid-19 face mask plans as ‘impossible’ to enforce

The UK has the highest mortality rate in the world (67.54 on 100,000), followed by the US, according to Johns Hopkins University. As of Monday, there have been more than 290,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK and 44,915 people have died, the figures show.

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There Is No Second Autopsy of George Floyd’s Death – PaulCraigRoberts.org


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There Is No Second Autopsy of George Floyd’s Death

Paul Craig Roberts

I have searched the Internet and cannot find the alleged second autopsy—the so-called “independent autopsy” hired by “George Floyd’s family.”  I have no difficulty finding the official medical examiner’s report, but there is no sign of a second autopsy.  Those of you who are convinced it exists please send me the URL. It will prove that you are a better Internet searcher than I am.

Based on the available information, the “second autopsy” consists of an assertion by CNN, a collection of liars that other presstitutes echo.  Thus, the presstitutes created a non-existent “second autopsy” just as they created Russiagate and Russian bounties to the Taliban to kill American troops in Afganistan that President Trump allegedly refuses to do anything about.  Precisely how does Trump do something about something that does not exist?  Try to imagine people so stupid that the morons think the Taliban has to be paid by Russia to kill the American troops who are trying to occupy Afghanistan. The Taliban have been killing the US occupying troops for two decades! Why suddenly are Russian bounties necessary for the Taliban to kill US troops? It is just more concocted anti-Trump propaganda.

Similarly, how can a second autopsy that allegedly concludes that officer Chauvin murdered Floyd be refuted when no such autopsy exists?

What does exist is a twice fired former medical examiner, first fired by New York City and then by Suffold County, who serves as a hired gun to give inflamatory statements to the media in support of civil lawsuits for money. His name is Michael Baden.

Baden did no second autopsy.  He viewed the video of officer Chauvin and gave his opinion that Chauvin killed Floyd by cutting off oxygen and blood to the brain.  In this rhetorical footwork, he was aided by the rightwing idiot Sean Hannity on Fox News. 

Nowhere in the media is there any mention of Floyd’s existing serious health conditions, his drug addiction, or the level of fentanyl in his blood that was in excess of a fatal dose. The medical examiner’s report has been ignored by the presstitute media and by public authorities including the prosecutor who indicted officer Chauvin.

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