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On 18 December the Xinhua news agency publicized the state China’s Policy Paper on the European Union. We would like to highlight straightaway that this is not a unique document in the history of their official bilateral ties, established in 1975.

Similar policy papers were issued in 2003 and 2014. But the latest in this series of documents has generated heightened interest from experts. The reasons behind this are fairly simple as the document appeared at a time when there was a sudden acceleration in the deterioration of the world order, temporarily established at the end of the Cold War.

At times of such historic changes, key players on the world stage need to respond more quickly towards the rapidly changing environment. We would also like to point out that the time period from publication of the first policy to the second is nearly three times as long as the period separating the release of the second and third documents.

It is highly unlikely that anyone could have predicted in 2014 that in the following two years the existing tensions in the transatlantic relationship would transform into a fundamental rift right in front of our very eyes. Who could have foreseen that the long-term standard-bearer for globalization, the USA, would throw away this symbol, and that China, currently the United States’ key rival, would raise this discarded flag.

It was equally difficult to envision that the Sino-American multifaceted rivalry, which gradually manifested itself in the last decade on the world stage, would take such an unexpected turn for the worse in the last one and half years. In the sphere of trade and economy, the term “war” has already been used to describe the current state of affairs. And in this pre-war environment the issue of (even quasi) alliances becomes quite acute.

Commentators, who have been analyzing the contents of the 2018 policy as well as the reasons for its release, have first and foremost focused on the aspect of rapidly deteriorating relations between both world powers.

The New Eastern Outlook has reported, on more than one occasion, that China has long viewed the EU as a potential geopolitical ally,

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NATO Sends 50,000 Troops To Largest Exercise Since Cold War

NATO Sends 50,000 Troops To Largest Exercise Since Cold War

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Authored by Jason Ditz via,

US Marines are landing in Iceland and warplanes are flying overhead in Scandinavia, just days ahead of the kickoff of Trident Juncture. The annual exercise, focused on the Arctic Circle and Scandinavia, is set to be the largest operation since the Cold War.

31 countries are involved, 29 NATO members and Finland and Sweden. They will overall be sending 50,000 troops, 10,000 vehicles, 150 warplanes and 65 ships.

Starting Thursday, the exercise will last a month.

And while officials insist it’s not strictly along the Russian border, Russian military officials say it is close enough, and clearly targeted at growing Russian interests in the Arctic Circle, as warmer temperatures open up new route.

“All this talk from NATO about Russia not being the target of Trident Juncture doesn’t hold water,” Zaparenko said, according to RT, a Russian-government-funded TV station.

“Even if NATO says otherwise, Trident Juncture is really preparation for a large-scale armed conflict in regions bordering with the Russian Federation.”

NATO officials are being two-faced about this, however, on the one hand insisting this is just an annual exercise, and on the other hand presenting it as a “response to Russian aggression,” the same excuse for every massive exercise along the Russian frontier.

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In Surprising Turn, US Sends “Farewell Message” To Proxies In Syria’s South

In Surprising Turn, US Sends “Farewell Message” To Proxies In Syria’s South

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Hey, Jack –

Exactly who do you troll for?

I’ll just take the concept of the Golan as “stolen” along with the idea that Israel “started” the war. As the Arab forces massed their armies and air forces for an all-out invasion of Israel, they also announced their intentions to revoke the 1950 treaties to keep the Straights open to international navigation. This was an outright casus belli, an act of war, under international law.Nasser publicly announced it as just that – an open provocation to the Israelis to attack, so that the Arab nations could respond and wipe it from the Earth.

Let’s remember the buildup to the 6-Day war. Israel, vastly outnumbered and outmanned, made every possible outreach to prevent an invasion and war it did not feel it could possibly survive. It’s outreach was met with scorn, and promises of utter annihilation as soon as the Arab forces were ready to launch their invasion, starting years before.

Facing this massaive buildup, the rhetoric of genocide, the closing of the straights, and the elevation of troop status to absolute readiness for war, Israel responded, building its troop strength up, and when its final diplomatic attempts were swept away with scorn and derision, gave Nasser what he wanted, a preemptive attack to save itself from annihilation. Of course, the Arabs had no idea what they were in for. The Jews were not the paper tigers the anti-Semites like to call them. Fighting for the survival of their families and their nation, they utterly demolished the bloodthirsty forces massed against them.

Still, they begged Jordan not to join the assault. But, Jordanw was swept up, and attcked the West Bank. Israel pushed them back, taking the Golan. Had Jordan not attacked several days after the fighting began, under the false impression from Egyptian lies that Israel was being routed, the Golan would never have been taken.

So, stop your whiny bitch, little girl pussyman whining. The Arabs kept poking and taunting, and then massed for the coup de grace. They got their asses kicked, fair and square, by a tiny little country. Israel didn’t ask for or recieve any help from anyone, except for arms sales to counter the MASSIVE Russian sales to the Arabs.

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