September the Coldest Month in a Decade – Must be Global Warming | Armstrong Economics

September the Coldest Month in a Decade – Must be Global Warming | Armstrong Economics

05-10-18 04:52:00,

It is not looking very good for the winter ahead. A reader from Calgary sent this picture in about the early snowfall up there. Indeed, Calgary just experienced the Snowiest Day in More Than Three Decades. It Broke an October Snowfall Record. Of course, they will call this Global Warming as well. This is just a taste of this winter to come.

Already, the data is now in for September. The world just had the coldest September for a decade, according to the latest satellite measurements by the University of Alabama at Huntsville.  Naturally, mainstream media will not cover this story. They only like to report how we are destroying the planet and everything is all our fault.

Since the governments have handed out $1 billion for these people to create Global Warming forecasts to justify more taxes, there is not a cold day in hell why they would even give us $5 for a correlation study that shows the opposite. Why fund something that does not produce more taxes?

Well, besides growing food in your basement, perhaps you should buy a sewing machine to make long-underwear to sell to the neighbors when they realize it’s getting colder rather than warmer.

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September Breaks all Records for Snow Fall Because Obviously Canadians Don’t Pay Enough in Global Warming Taxes to Make a Difference | Armstrong Economics

September Breaks all Records for Snow Fall Because Obviously Canadians Don’t Pay Enough in Global Warming Taxes to Make a Difference | Armstrong Economics

23-09-18 07:32:00,

COMMENT #1: Mr. Armstrong; I met you here in Edmonton years ago. I think you are the only analyst to have ever bothered to come up this far. I still read you as to many here. I just wanted to tell you that the snow is early and in Alberta, it looks like we will have crop failures because of it. I suppose it’s time to start moving south. Just have to convince the wife. The kids are out the door.


COMMENT #2: Marty; you have a lot of readers here in Alberta. It has begun to snow here already and it has broken all records. I suppose Justin Trudeau will say it because the global warming tax is not high enough. That’s my bet for the excuse how taxes do not change anything.

All the best


REPLY: Well you have a point. When the medieval doctors would bleed you to get the disease out and you died, the excuse was always they were too late to bleed you, never that they took too much blood. Obviously, this is all your fault. You are just not paying enough in global warming taxes and you insist on heating your home and driving to work. How dare you! So, what do you expect? You are responsible for changing millions of years of weather if not billions. The answer is obvious. You should stop working, live by candlelight, and kill a bunch of animals to stay warm – lol.

Yes, it was snowing late into June and now you are breaking historical records for snow in September. I am not a fan of the cold. I will pay for Global Warming thank you. Trudeau wants to just tax you to pay for his pension for the money does not go to anything really for the environment.

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Chile, September 11, 1973: The Ingredients of a Military Coup. The Imposition of a Neoliberal Agenda – Global Research

Chile, September 11, 1973: The Ingredients of a Military Coup. The Imposition of a Neoliberal Agenda – Global Research

11-09-18 10:11:00,


Forty-five years ago on September 11, 1973, the Chilean military led by General Augusto Pinochet, crushed the democratically elected Unidad Popular government of Salvador Allende.

The objective was to replace a progressive, democratically elected government by a brutal military dictatorship.

The military coup was supported by the CIA. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger played a direct role in the military plot.

(Nixon and Kissinger, image right)

For details see:  and references below.

In the weeks leading up the coup, US Ambassador Nathaniel Davis and members of the CIA held meetings with Chile’s top military brass together with the leaders of the National Party and the ultra-right nationalist front Patria y Libertad.  While the undercover role of the Nixon administration is amply documented,  what is rarely mentioned in media reports is the fact that the military coup was also supported by a sector of the Christian Democratic Party.

Patricio Aylwin, who became Chile’s president in 1989,  became head of the DC party in the months leading up to the September 1973 military coup (March through September 1973). Aylwin was largely instrumental in the break down of the “Dialogue” between the Unidad Popular government and the Christian Democrats. His predecessor Renan Fuentealba, who represented the moderate wing of the Christian Democratic (PDC), was firmly against military intervention. Fuentealba favored a dialogue with Allende (la salida democratica). He was displaced from the leadership of the Party in May 1973 in favor of Patricio Aylwin.

The DC Party was split down the middle, between those who favored “the salida democratica”, and the dominant Aylwin-Frei faction, which favored “a military solution”.

See Interview with Renan Fuentealba, )

On 23 August 1973, the Chilean Camera de Diputados drafted a motion,  to the effect that the Allende government “sought to impose a totalitarian regime”. Patricio Aylwin was a member of the drafting team of this motion. Patricio Aylwin believed that a temporary military dictatorship was “the lesser of two evils.”

See ,

See also: El acuerdo que anticipó el golpe,

This motion was adopted almost unanimously by the opposition parties,

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September 11, 2001: The WTC Towers Were Brought Down by Controlled Demolition – Global Research

September 11, 2001: The WTC Towers Were Brought Down by Controlled Demolition – Global Research

11-09-18 09:56:00,

Interview with Richard Gage

Richard Gage  is founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11Truth.

AE911 Truth is a non-profit organization of architects, engineers, and affiliates dedicated to investigating the events of September 11, 2001.

This GRTV video interview, recorded for the 17th anniversary of 9/11, features Richard Gage addressing:

  • questions about the bottom line flaws in the official story of this ‘terrorist event’.
  • how different audiences are receiving the message, moving from awareness to practical action for justice,
  • and why 9/11 Truth matters almost two decades into the so-called ‘Global War on Terrorism.’

Richard Gage also mentions a 9/11 Justice for All Rally on Capitol Hill on the afternoon of September 11, 2018.

The event will be live-streamed and archived at the following link

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copyright owner.

For media inquiries: [email protected]

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Der elfte September. – Wir sitzen auf einem Pulverfass und die Verantwortlichen sind unberechenbar wie noch nie. –

Der elfte September. – Wir sitzen auf einem Pulverfass und die Verantwortlichen sind unberechenbar wie noch nie. –

11-09-18 08:06:00,

11. September 2018 um 9:00 Uhr | Verantwortlich:

Der elfte September. – Wir sitzen auf einem Pulverfass und die Verantwortlichen sind unberechenbar wie noch nie.

Veröffentlicht in: Aufrüstung, Gedenktage/Jahrestage, Militäreinsätze/Kriege, Neoliberalismus und Monetarismus, Terrorismus

Marco Wenzel – thailändischer Mitarbeiter der NachDenkSeiten – hat zusammengetragen, was sich alles schon an einem Tag wie heute, am 11. September, ereignet hat. Hier sein interessanter Rückblick. Albrecht Müller.

Teil 1: Chile

Der 11. September 1973 war ein Dienstag. An diesem Dienstagmorgen, dem Morgen des letzten Tages in seinem Leben, war Präsident Allende von einem Telefonanruf geweckt worden. Verrat lag in der Luft. Die Putschisten bewegten sich auf die Hauptstadt zu. Allende begab sich sofort zu seinem Amtssitz, um die Gefahr abzuwehren.

Gegen acht Uhr morgens melden sich die Putschgeneräle zum ersten Mal öffentlich über einen Radiosender. Sie fordern Salvador Allende, den Präsidenten Chiles und Hoffnungsträger der Armen, auf, sich zu ergeben. Ein Flugzeug stünde für ihn bereit, das Land zu verlassen. Allende lehnte ab. Er wolle keinen Verrat begehen wie seine Generäle, so seine Antwort. Er würde kämpfen. Daraufhin fuhren Panzer vor dem Amtssitz des Präsidenten auf und begannen, den Präsidentenpalast, die Moneda, zu beschießen. Gegen Mittag bombardierten Militärflugzeuge das Gebäude.

Allende kämpfte bis zur letzten Patrone, nur mit einem Gewehr bewaffnet. Er stellte es jedem seiner Getreuen und seiner Mitarbeiter frei, sich zu ergeben und das Haus zu verlassen. Dann koordiniert er die Verteidigung zusammen mit denen, die sich den Verrätern des Vaterlandes nicht ergeben wollen. „Allende ergibt sich nicht, mierda“, waren seine letzten Worte. Er stirbt als Held. Pablo Neruda, sein Freund, der Dichter, stirbt wenige Tage später, untröstlich, in einem Krankenhaus in Santiago. Ob er einem Krebsleiden erlag oder auch er einem heimtückischen Giftmord zum Opfer fiel, ist bis heute nicht geklärt.

Nach dem Putsch begann eine Welle von Mord und Totschlag, wie Chile sie vorher noch nicht erlebt hatte. Die Militärjunta ernannte General Augusto Pinochet zu ihrem Vorsitzenden. In diesem düsteren September des Jahres 1973 hat Chile seine Besten verloren. Sie wurden ermordet von einer Allianz aus Kapital, Armee und den USA.

Ein Blick zurück. Im Jahr 1953 hatten die USA bereits im Iran Präsident Mossadegh gestürzt und das Regime des Shah dort installiert,

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Syria September 8 and 9 SITREP | The Vineyard of the Saker

Syria September 8 and 9 SITREP | The Vineyard of the Saker

10-09-18 07:07:00,

SitRep by Scott Humor

Russian Ministry of Defense reported that “On September 8, 2019 two F-15 USAF airplanes delivered strikes on Hajin using white phosphorus incendiary munitions. The strikes resulted in severe fires. Casualty toll is being verified.

The Protocol to the 1949 Geneva Conventions prohibits use of  white phosphorous containing munitions.”

As to the history of the United States use of the prohibited methods of war against civilians see: The Legality Of The Use Of White Phosphorus By The United States Military During The 2004 Fallujah Assaults, By Roman Reyhani

“The use of white phosphorous in Fallujah violates the purposes and principles of the CWC, and the obligations the United States had as occupying power under Resolution 1483 and the Geneva Conventions. Although the United States was authorized to restore public order and safety, such measures could not involve the indiscriminate killing of civilians. Furthermore, the killings were a violation of Articles 27 and 29 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which require that civilians receive humane treatment and protection from violence. The authorization from the Iraqi Interim Government is irrelevant as such actions could never be authorized under the guise of law enforcement.

Furthermore, the types and quantities of the white phosphorus were not consistent with use for law enforcement purposes. Allegedly, white phosphorous was fired from mortar positions some distance from the target. It was used, not as a smokescreen for US Marines to evade enemy fire, but to force the enemy from their protected positions. The fact that the military had such large quantities of white phosphorus munitions available at its disposal may point to a pre-meditation on the part of the military as to the manner that white phosphorus would be used. Law enforcement cannot use mortars and explosives to restore public order.’79 As such, the types and quantities of white phosphorus were inconsistent with law enforcement purposes.

In summary, the use of white phosphorus smoke is use of a chemical weapon. It was used as a method of warfare during military operations in Fallujah. The lawful use of chemicals for law enforcement purposes does not apply in the Fallujah assault because of the methods and means of the engagement. The United States has violated the CWC by using a chemical weapon in Iraq.”

A Pentagon spokesman denied that U.S.

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1 en 2 september: The Bigger Picture Event in Rijen

1 en 2 september: The Bigger Picture Event in Rijen

25-08-18 07:30:00,

Een beetje gek, een beetje wild, wars van poeha, kritisch, maar niet al te zwaar op de hand en spiritueel van ondertoon, alhoewel er ook best gelachen mag worden. Oftewel het Bigger Picture Event van 1 en 2 september aanstaande in Rijen (tussen Tilurg en Breda).

Bigger Picture Event

Tenminste, dat is het mentale plaatje dat ik ervan gemaakt heb in de aanloop er naartoe. Het is wat ik verwacht daar aan te treffen, want ik heb nooit eerder aan een evenement deelgenomen met zo’n bonte verzameling van sprekers.

En je raadt het al, ik ben er één van.

Op zaterdag 1 september om 14:00 geef ik een lezing over mijnboek Hemel onder Vuur. Deze lezing is bedoeld voor mensen voor wie het onderwerp chemtrails nog vrij nieuw is.

Op zondag 2 september om dezelfde tijd volgt nog een lezing, maar dan gericht op bezoekers die bekend zijn met het fenomeen en die willen weten wat daarvan…. The Bigger Picture is.

Ik kan veel over dit Grotere Plaatje van de chemtrails vertellen, maar moet ook bekennen dat ik af en toe het gevoel heb dat ik – ondanks stevige research – nog geen 20% van het chemtrail-fenomeen in beeld heb. We weten al veel, maar veel weten we toch ook nog niet.

De onwetendheid bij het grote publiek is in elk geval groot, maar vlak ook de onwetendheid bij de experts niet uit. Voor een werkelijk Groter Plaatje moet er meer samenwerking komen tussen onderzoekers.

Samenkomsten als het Bigger Picture evenement kunnen daarbij behulpzaam zijn. Kijk maar naar de onderwerpen: buitenaards contact, ufo’s, graancirkels, de realiteit van andere dimenseies en van andere bewustzijnstoestanden. Allemaal thema’s die raken aan het Grotere Plaatje van de chemtrails.

En dan zijn er nog zoveel meer thema’s waarvoor hetzelfde geldt….. zoals economische, biologische, natuurkundige, meteorologische en informatietechnologische thema’s…

Maar eerst maar eens richting Rijen.

Nog zeven dagen, dan is het zover.

Tot daar!

Klik hier voor het programma van de beide dagen.
Klik hier voor de programmakrant (pdf)

PS: ik heb de boeken bij me en ik signeer voor wie daar prijs op stelt.

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