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21-05-20 10:26:00,

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WIll Shake Up at IAEA Impact Iran? | New Eastern Outlook


30-07-19 09:38:00,


International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief Yukiya Amano’s passing has stirred up suspicion and further tensions amid US-Iranian tensions.

Amano was 72 years old and as of mid July 2019 had already begun preparing to step down due to poor health.

A July 18 AFP-JIJI article titled, “Japanese IAEA head Yukiya Amano to step down next year for health reasons: diplomatic sources,” reported:

The head of the U.N.’s nuclear watchdog, Yukiya Amano, will step down in March for health reasons, diplomatic sources said Wednesday, as the agency navigates verification of the increasingly fragile Iran nuclear deal.

However, in the wake of his death and because of his perceived opposition to US efforts to undermine the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) or “Iran Deal” – suspicions began circulating that the US or Israel – or both – may have played a role in his death.

Iran-based Tasnim News Agency in an article titled, “Sources Raise Possibility of Israeli Assassination of Amano,” would claim:

Informed sources have speculated that late chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Yukiya Amano was assassinated by Israel in collaboration with the US for refusing to give in to pressures to raise new fabricated allegations against Iran’s nuclear program.

Considering the foreign policy track records of either the US or Israel – an assassination targeting members of international institutions impeding Western interests certainly sounds plausible. However no evidence has been provided to suggest Amano was assassinated.

Furthermore – his death whatever the cause will likely have little impact on the IAEA’s policies or the general state of US-Iranian tensions – for several reasons.

International Institutions are the Sum of their Member States

International institutions reflect the vector sum of sponsoring nations’ interests. As the global balance of power shifts, so too does the proportion of influence of each member state represented by these institutions. In turn the agenda of these institutions changes accordingly.

The IAEA’s criticism of Washington’s undermining of the Iran Deal reflects not the IAEA’s independent assessment – but the collective interests of member nations the IAEA supposedly represents in all matters of nuclear technology.

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Will Trump Shake off the Chains of the Banksters? | New Eastern Outlook

Will Trump Shake off the Chains of the Banksters? | New Eastern Outlook

11-07-18 08:45:00,


Trump will come to Helsinki to meet Putin dragging the chains of a Russian policy few understand, none accept the origins of, a policy whose roots are suppressed as “conspiratorial” or, even more frightening, erased entirely from history.

American policy has always been driven by “the banks” but few if any know what or who “the banks” are or know the names, Schiff, Harriman, Kuhn, Loeb, Rothschild or Warburg.

Those are the chains that Trump will drag to Helsinki, the chains that will choke off détente or fall aside.

The current warlike stance NATO has taken against Russia will be a major issue between Presidents Putin and Trump when they meet for their first “one on one” sit-down.  America’s inexplicable direction toward Russia, renewed sanctions, bizarre actions in Syria and a massive military buildup aimed at Russia must be addressed.

Can Trump’s bellicosity be ended?  As Trump is surrounded by the same Bush/Neocon war adherents that surrounded both Bush presidents, men he openly despises, will Putin be able to reach Trump and give him needed guidance, assuming Trump’s public statements on desiring a bettering of relations with Russia are genuine?

Moreover, is their more than a century of historical momentum driving America and Russia, who might otherwise be allies as they were during World War II, toward conflict?  We will look at several eras, examine some suppressed history and test our theories.

The Poisoning of America

Media and academia move hand in hand, focused where the dollars send them, and dollars always support conflict, real or imagined.  As usual, it is the unasked question that defines where the truth abides, always hidden away, wai ting to expose itself.  It is this hidden truth that may well come out of the shadows during the upcoming Putin/Trump confab in Helsinki scheduled for mid-July 2018.  It may well change everything.

We begin with a startling admission, US-Russia relations have never been worse than under Trump.  Trump ordered attacks on Syria twice, based on what many if not most agree were staged WMD attacks America herself was likely behind.

On a daily basis, America’s media is flooded with stories about Russian aggression, each more lurid, each more imaginary than the last.

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