20 Years Since He Destroyed Yugoslavia and 16 Years Since He Destroyed Iraq, Tony Blair Remains a Menace to Peace – Global Research


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When it comes to the art of deception, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is a genius worthy of the worst nightmares of Eric Blair (known more commonly by his pen name George Orwell). But while Eric Blair once wrote that “war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength”, as a warning to future generations about how the manipulation of langue can be used to create a numbing of critical thinking among the masses, Tony Blair not only took the fiction of Eric Blair and turned it into real life, but he did so with even less resistance than that portrayed in the Orwell novel 1984.

At its fundamental core, Blairism is neither a coherent nor an intelligent ideology. It is merely an avaricious lust for power that is cloaked in liberal sloganeering designed to trick people throughout the world into thinking that Blair’s declaration of war was somehow a declaration of a new kind of peace. In spite of his infamous dishonesty, Blair was actually quite forthcoming about his own doctrine for world domination in a post Cold War era. At a time when the wider world knew little if anything about George W. Bush, Tony Blair spoke in Chicago in April of 1999 and outlined his vision for how the western powers could not just economically, but militarily and politically dominate the world as never before.

Like most of Blair’s rhetoric, in his Chicago speech there is more fluff than substance, there are contradictions disguised as linear thinking and there are more grandiose adjectives than in an American Super Bowl commercial. But if one is willing to take the journey through the heart of darkness that is Blair’s rhetoric, one can clearly see that in his famous Chicago speech, Britain’s then Prime Minister advocated a doctrine of hegemonic military domination that would have made the warriors of the Cold War blush – either with envy or with shock.

During Blair’s speech, in the section headed international security, Blair presents a typically pontificating argument in which he seems to outline both the pros and cons of military invasion (aka intervention) against a sovereign nation that had not threatened Blair’s own nation, nor the safety and security of Britain’s allies (the US in particular).

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The CIA Is Out of Control, Has Been Since the 50’s


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In this posting, I want to take a very brief look at the history of the founding of America’s Central Intelligence Agency and provide quotes from an American president regarding his views on the CIA and what should be done to control its seemingly unfettered powers.

The Central Intelligence Agency had evolved significantly over the decades up to its official designation as America’s foremost intelligence agency in 1947 as follows: 

1.) Office of the Coordinator of Information (COI) – Established July 11, 1941 – duration of 337 days.

 2.) Office of Strategic Services (OSS) – Established June 13, 1942 – duration of 3 years and 3 months.

 3.) Strategic Services Unit (SSU) – Established October 1, 1945 – duration of 1 year and 5 months.

 4.) Central Intelligence Group (CIG) – Established January 1946 – duration of 1 year and 6 months.

 5.) Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Established September 18, 1947 – duration 71 years.

 The CIA was created under the National Security Act of 1947which was signed into law on July 26, 1947 by President Harry Truman as shown here:

Under the Act, the CIA was responsible for the same functions as the CIG as follows:

1.) coordinating, planning, evaluating and disseminating intelligence.

2.) capability to clandestinely collect information.

3.) authority to conduct independent research and analysis.

In addition, the Act added the following broad tasks to the CIA’s “to do” list:

1.) advise the National Security Council (NSC) on matters related to national security.

2.) make recommendations to the NSC regarding the coordination of intelligence activities of the Department.

3.) correlate and evaluate intelligence and provide for its appropriate dissemination.

4.) perform such other functions as the NSC will from time to time direct.

By 1953, the Agency was an established element of Washington, making contributions in the areas of paramilitary warfare and political action.

With that background, I would like to change gears and look at some comments and concerns about the Central Intelligence Agency from a United States president.  These comments are particularly pertinent given the CIA’s involvement in geopolitical meddling around the globe over the past 71 years,

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US Has Spent $5,900,000,000,000 On War Since 2001


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Authored by Jason Ditz via AntiWar.com,

A new report from Brown University is aiming to provide a close estimate of the cost of the overall cost to the US government of its myriad post-9/11 wars and assorted global wars on terror. The estimate is that $5.933 trillion has been spent through fiscal year 2019.

This is, of course, vastly higher than official figures, owing to the Pentagon trying to oversimplify the costs into simply overseas contingency operations. It is only when one considers the cost of medical and disability care for soldiers, and future such costs, along with things like the interest on the extra money borrowed for the wars, that the true cost becomes clear.

That sort of vast expenditure is only the costs and obligations of the wars so far, and with little sign of them ending, they are only going to grow. In particular, a generation of wars is going to further add to the medical costs for veterans’ being consistently deployed abroad.

Starting in late 2001, the US has engaged in wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, and elsewhere around the world. Many of those wars have become more or less permanent operations, with no consideration of ending them under any circumstances.

Those wishing to read the report can find it here.

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For The First Time Since 1975, The Entire Swedish National Guard Was Just Mobilized

For The First Time Since 1975, The Entire Swedish National Guard Was Just Mobilized

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Authored by Daisy Luther via The Organic Prepper blog,

A few weeks back, the government of Sweden sent out a booklet to every household in the country urging citizens to prepare for war or other crises.

A few months back, they told citizens that they should be prepared to last for at least a week without any help from the government.

Last night, in the most unsettling move yet, they mobilized the entire Swedish Home Guard for an “unannounced preparedness exercise.” All 40 battalions have been activated, effective immediately.

The report is on the Försvarsmakten website, which is the official website of the Swedish Armed Forces. Here’s the English translation:

For the first time since 1975, the Armed Forces carry out an unannounced emergency preparedness control of the entire Hemvärnet. All staff around Sweden who are part of one of the 40 home war battalions and who have the opportunity to attend the evening of 5 June and during the national day will be in charge of service. The alarm is ordered by the Armed Forces and participation in the exercise is voluntary.

“We are committed to strengthening Sweden’s defense and increasing our operational capabilities. This is a way to do it. This exercise is great in several ways. We are testing the emergency chain for almost half our intervention organization, we have not done since 1975, says Micael Bydén, the commander.

Initially, staff – from north to south – will be contacted and invited to stand for service. Thereafter, relations will begin to solve tasks, such as protection, guarding and patrolling. During the national day, home care personnel will be seen in many places around the country, from ports and airports to streets and squares. Since it is a voluntary exercise, the Armed Forces can not force anyone to settle, but the chief commander shows great confidence in his staff. (source)

What this means

The Hemvärnet is the Swedish equivalent of the American National Guard.

The Home Guard – National Security Forces (Swedish: Hemvärnet – Nationella Skyddsstyrkorna) is a military reserve force of the Swedish Armed Forces.

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