WHO: “Sorry, het was maar een gewoon griepje”


08-10-20 01:13:00,

Hoe de WHO zichzelf opknoopt.

“WHO meldt: sterfte-rato bij corona en griep dezelfde”

Topfunctionaris Mike Ryan van de WHO heeft gezegd dat naar schatting 10 procent van de wereldbevolking, 750 miljoen mensen, besmet is geweest met Covid-19. Het dodental bedraagt op dit moment ongeveer 1 miljoen, oftewel een death rate van 0,13%. “We zitten dus op griepniveau.”


  • De virus-crisis is daarom voorbij, terug naar normaal.
  • Er zijn geen nieuwe IC-doden meer zegt RIVM.
  • Het pcr-testen is vals en zinloos zegt de uitvinder.
  • Artsen krijgen € 10,- extra voor elke corona-melding (!).
  • Griepcijfers zijn foetsie, dat werden corona-cijfers (!).
  • Mondkapjes zijn medisch nee en werden politiek ja (!)
  • De spoedwet en extra kosten/schade nu te stoppen.
  • De dwang tegen het volk (= u) kan worden beëindigd.
  • Zweden, Noorwegen en Denemarken zijn al bevrijd.


Bedankt, Suzanne!

Die laatste is wel aardig.

Ze kunnen economisch ook niet makkelijk worden gesloopt, omdat ze nog een eigen munt hebben.

Ondertussen in Nederland, de “Tweede Kamer golf”:

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Sorry, Ilhan, Jews HAVE Hypnotized the World


15-03-19 09:08:00,

Rep. Ilhan Omar equivocally-unequivocally apologized for tweeting that Zionist power was “all about the Benjamins.” A few weeks later, she didn’t apologize at all for suggesting that American congressional representatives shouldn’t have to swear loyalty oaths to Israel.

But Rep. Omar did in fact issue one genuinely unequivocal apology. It involved this 2012 tweet:

“It’s now apparent to me that I spent lots of energy putting my 2012 tweet in context and little energy is disavowing the anti-semitic trope I unknowingly used, which is unfortunate and offensive,” Omar tweeted on January 21 in response to an attack from New York Times op-ed writer Bari Weiss.

As I recently wrote, Ilhan Omar’s other two “anti-Semitic tropes”—that the US supports Israel due to Jewish-Zionist money power, and that Congress has a dual-loyalty problem—are all-too-obviously true. But what about Israel hypnotizing the world? Is that a fair statement? An exaggeration? A racist calumny?

Actually, in some ways it is an understatement. Jewish tribal power has been “hypnotizing the world” in various ways since long before the modern nation state (or settler colony of genocidal squatters, if you will) called “Israel” was founded in 1948.

I put the expression “hypnotize the world” in quotes not only because it was Omar who said it, but because it is obviously a figure of speech, not a literal statement. But as figures of speech go, this one is unusually accurate and revealing.

Literal hypnosis, of course, involves inducing a trance state during which the hypnotized subject becomes highly suggestible. The hypnotist can not only elicit amazing feats of rote obedience, but can also implant post-hypnotic suggestions in the subject’s mind which can influence, or even completely control, subsequent behavior.

An intergenerational Jewish tribal elite has spent the past 2500 years perfecting ways to bypass the rational faculties of their victims (the first of whom are non-elite Jews) while inculcating irrational beliefs and behaviors that bring wealth and power to that same elite. Many of their control techniques are reminiscent of hypnotism.

Laurent Guyénot’s magisterial From Yahweh to Zion “unveils the process by which Yahweh, through the voices of his priests,

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Sorry, Trump: Most ISIS Recruits in America Aren’t Immigrants, a New Study Suggests


24-12-18 03:27:00,

Ask someone to close their eyes and picture a typical homegrown, American recruit for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Chances are the image that springs to mind is of a brown-skinned person with an immigrant background, likely with ties to the Middle East, South Asia, or North Africa. That image of the average accused terrorist might be out of date, a new study published by the Rand Corporation suggests. In the study, “Trends in the Draw of Americans to Foreign Terrorist Organizations from 9/11 to Today,” which sought to explore why ISIS has relative successes recruiting in the U.S., researchers found that in recent years the most common demographic profile for an accused terrorist motivated by “radical Islam” has been a native-born American, either white or African-American.

As the nature of terrorism changes, the average “jihadi” in the United States is starting to look less like the type of person President Donald Trump wants to ban from the country.

As the nature of terrorism changes — both ideologically and under the influence of new technologies like social media — the average “jihadi” in the United States is starting to look less like the type of person President Donald Trump wants to ban from the country. The finding has serious implications for immigration policies like the so-called Muslim ban, which posit terrorism as something naturally emanating from immigrant communities, particularly of Middle Eastern extraction.

The Rand study identified 476 individuals implicated in cases of “jihadist terrorism” in the United States in the 16 years following the September 11 attacks. (The Intercept also maintains a running database of terrorism cases called “Trial and Terror,” which includes a broader scope of offenses.) Of the individuals in the Rand study, 206 were of Middle Eastern, North African, and/or South-Central Asian background, accounting for about 43 percent of the cases. The study, however, notes that this number is “somewhat surprisingly” trending downward over time, stating that “in percentage terms the number of individuals of Middle Eastern, North African, and/or South Central Asian descent has declined in recent years relative to other demographics.”

The main driver of this phenomenon appears to have been the rise of ISIS. In the years 2014 to 2016 — the peak years of ISIS recruitment in the U.S.

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