Spanish firm spying on Assange stole his son’s dirty diaper and BLACKMAILED Ecuadorian diplomat with NUDE PHOTOS – court papers

21-04-20 08:16:00,

Spanish security firm UC Global secretly obtained Julian Assange’s son’s dirty diapers and used “intimate photos” to blackmail a diplomat into continuing its surveillance contract on the Ecuadorian embassy, court documents show.

The bombshell revelations emerged on Tuesday in court documents from an ongoing criminal case against UC Global’s owner, David Morales, in the Spanish courts. Morales is accused of privacy violation, bribery, and money laundering. While his company was hired to provide security for the Ecuadorian embassy in London, he allegedly spied on Assange’s guests and the Ecuadorian staff on behalf of the US as well, traveling to the US with recordings from the embassy on a monthly basis.

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UC Global specifically targeted the WikiLeaks’ publisher’s family, according to the documents. An email Morales allegedly sent to his staff calls for “special attention on Stella Morris”, Assange’s fiancée, and refers to “a person fully dedicated” to trailing her mother, who was found to be living in Catalonia. “All this has to be considered top secret, so the dissemination will be limited,” the email continues. Former UC Global employees also turned over to the court hours of video of Assange’s young son Gabriel.

Morales was allegedly so obsessed with proving the child was Assange’s that he ordered a former employee to steal a used diaper in order to conduct a DNA test. That employee testified in court that he instead warned Morris about the plan, urging her to stop taking the boy to the embassy “because they planned to steal his diapers to prove that he was the son of Julian Assange.” Another ex-employee told El Pais earlier this week that Morales came up with a plan to steal the baby’s pacifier instead, after a laboratory told him DNA from a dirty diaper couldn’t be used for a paternity test.

When Morales suspected the Ecuadorian embassy wanted to end UC Global’s contract, he allegedly took the extraordinary measure of stealing “extremely private photos” of a female diplomat from her personal hard drive to use as blackmail against SENAIN,

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Spying for Israel is Consequence Free

09-07-19 10:16:00,

Back in the spring I wrote about coming across the name Arnon Milchan by chance on a movie credit while flying from Venice to Washington. Milchan, some might recall, is a Hollywood billionaire movie producer born in Israel, well known for such films as Pretty Woman and Bohemian Rhapsody. He is less well known for his role in arranging for the procurement and illegal transfer of U.S. technology that enabled the Jewish state to develop its own nuclear arsenal. Far from being ashamed of his betrayal of the adopted country that helped make him rich and famous, in 2011 he authorized and contributed to a ghost-written biography, which he boastfully entitled “Confidential: The Life of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon.” Parts of the book were in the first person with Milchan telling his story in his own words.

I had been aware of Milchan’s crimes for a number of years, just as I had also speculated on how a leading Israeli spy working actively and successfully against vital U.S. anti-nuclear proliferation interests had managed to continue to maintain a home and business in Los Angeles while also appearing regularly at the Oscar presentation ceremonies. I asked “Why is this scumbag still making movies in Hollywood? Why isn’t he in jail?” before concluding that the federal government clearly regards spying for Israel as a victimless crime, rarely arresting anyone and almost never prosecuting any of the numerous easily identifiable Israeli intelligence agents roaming the country.

Milchan was an active Israeli spy in the U.S., working for the Mossad technology theft division referred to as LEKEM. The Mossad frequently uses so-called sayanim in its espionage, which means diaspora Jews that it recruits on the basis of a shared religion or concern for the security of Israel. The threat coming from Israeli Embassy operatives inside the United States is such that the Department of Defense once warned that Jewish Americans in government would likely be the targets of their intelligence approaches.

President John F. Kennedy had tried to stop the Israeli nuclear weapons program but was assassinated before he could end it. By 1965, the Jewish state had nevertheless obtained the raw material for a bomb consisting of U.S. government owned highly enriched weapons grade uranium obtained from a company in Pennsylvania called NUMEC,

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‘Extensive spying operation’ against Wikileaks founder Assange revealed (WATCH LIVE)

10-04-19 12:14:00,

WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief Kristinn Hrafnsson has alleged that an extensive spying operation was conducted against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange during his time in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

During an explosive press conference, which is still underway, Hrafnsson alleges that the operation was designed to get Assange extradited. WikiLeaks claims that it was told that Assange’s extradition was imminent.

“We know that there was a request to hand over visitor’s logs from the embassy and video recordings from within the security cameras in the embassy,” Hrafnsson said, adding that he believes the information had been handed over to the administration of US President Donald Trump.

Cameras used within the embassy in the last year have the capacity to record audio meaning that every single meeting held by Julian Assange with his doctors and lawyers have been recorded, according to former Consul of Ecuador to London, Fidel Narvaez.

“Ecuador is not protecting Julian anymore,” Narvaez said at the news conference, adding that the Ecuadorian government is doing everything possible to end his asylum. Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno has repeatedly accused Assange of breaching the terms of his asylum.

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A trove of audio, video, and photographs from a medical examination and copies of Assange’s lawyer’s notes, among other, private legal documents allegedly emerged in Spain and were used by a group who attempted to extort €3 million from WikiLeaks, it was claimed.

“I am told that the ringleader has a prior conviction on similar charges… there is a possibility that this one person was not Spanish but Spanish-Speaking,” Hrafnsson said of the extortion conspirators.

Narvaez also alleged that Moreno is using the Assange crisis as a smokescreen to cover up a major corruption scandal that both he and his family are involved in. He claimed that, as a credible pretext to extradite Assange, the government is selling the idea that Assange has hacked President Moreno’s phone, despite Assange’s lack of internet access and with no evidence to substantiate the allegations, and no verification of the claims carried out.

Chelsea Manning, who leaked the sensitive documents which sparked Assange’s asylum saga,

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