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05-12-18 01:47:00,

Having written about implementing the inter-Korean summit agreements on military aspects, we will now wait and see what effect this will have on the military cooperation between South Korea and the USA, either when it comes to staging joint military drills or reaching a new cost-sharing agreement for basing U.S. troops in South Korea.

Withdrawal of US armed forces from ROK 

At the moment, this topic is one of the most controversial issues, being stirred up by the Trump opponents with dire warnings as “everything is lost, the US forces are on the verge of being withdrawn, the nation is falling apart and DPRK is poised to take over it all”.  The US journalist Bob Woodward added fuel to the fire in his book “Fear: Trump in the White House” by writing that Donald Trump had intended to tweet about the withdrawal of 28.5 thousand US troops from South Korea. And only the US Secretary of Defense James Mattis managed to dissuade the US President from doing so, as North Korea could have interpreted such a statement as a declaration of war and a sign of an imminent strike, which could have led to an attack against South Korea and eventually nuclear war.

But in fact, during the meeting with Kim Jong-un on September 18, Moon Jae-in said that the issue of stationing US forces in South Korea depends on the decision made by ROK and the USA, irrespective of any declarations to end the war or peace agreements.

Then on September 26, in answering the question posed by the TV channel Fox News, Moon Jae-in stated that the presence of US armed forces on the Korean Peninsula would remain necessary even if North and South Koreas were to unite. When asked whether he wanted the US troops to leave the peninsula, the South Korean President replied that the presence of American forces in South Korea not only aided deterrence and containment of North Korea, but also played a crucial role in maintaining peace and stability in the whole Northeast Asian region. Even after the declaration to end the war is signed and the two Koreas are unified, the ROK President sees the need for a continued presence of US troops in Korea to ensure peace and stability there. 

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The Status of Kosovo and Metohija: Brussels Unites the Albanians and Divides the Serbs | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

The Status of Kosovo and Metohija: Brussels Unites the Albanians and Divides the Serbs | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

27-02-18 03:25:00,

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 (1999) guaranteeing sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia and the autonomy of Kosovo and Metohija within Serbia, is the highest binding legal document that obliges all UN members, including the member states of the EU, NATO, the OSCE, the OIC, the African Union.

Resolution 1244 is the only reliable basis and the framework for any negotiations concerning status. Owing to grave mistakes made by the former Serbian authorities, the UN system has produced certain damaging documents of advisory and non-binding character. It is vital that no similar or even greater mistakes are made either presently or in the future, which would make Serbia’s future position and prospects more difficult.

The single most important parameter is the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia. It is expected to be observed by all, and the relevant responsibility grows with the rising position of each of us in the society. Respect towards the country’s Constitution is the measure of the seriousness of the state, statesmen and citizens.

Trading’ Kosovo and Metohija for gaining EU membership is unacceptable, because the values concerned are not comparable. Membership is welcome, provided it is offered devoid of blackmails and ‘an exclusive membership fee’.

Having regard to all the experiences so far it is clear that any guarantees of the EU for any future agreements or solutions concerning Serbia could not be trustworthy.

The EU has been initiating agreements in which the rights of Serbia are but a bait, luring Serbia to consent and sign, whereas the true goal is to establish Serbia’s obligations in favour of the other side and, thus, gain foothold for endless blackmails using unique “argument”: ‘If you want EU membership!’ The only implemented provisions of the UNSC Resolution 1244 are those in the interest of the Kosovo Albanians, and none of those which guarantee the rights of the Serbs and of Serbia.

Serbia has fulfilled all of her obligations stemming from the EU sponsored Brussels Agreement of 2013, whereas the Albanians failed to observe the only one they pledged to – the establishment of the Community of the Serbian Municipalities. The EULEX was accepted as being ‘status-neutral’, but in reality this Mission was and remains the key instrument for the establishment of an illegitimate quasi-state on a part of the territory of Serbia.

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