The Stories are Beginning to Exceed even the Gullibility of Americans –

16-06-19 07:58:00,

The Stories are Beginning to Exceed even the Gullibility of Americans

Paul Craig Roberts

The past couple of days have seen interesting developments.  The US or Israel struck a Japanese ship with small rockets and tried to blame it on Iranian mines.  The Japanese ship owner put a halt to the false flag event.  He pointed out that the damage was above, not below the water line and that crew members observed objects approaching in the air.

In the New York Times, David Sanger, a generally unreliable reporter in my opinion, released what a person with my quarter century of experience in Washington would regard as sensitive national security information when he reported that Washington was puting malware into the Russian electrical grid.  Who leaked this sensitive national security information?  Why aren’t they being arrested and prosecuted for leaking to a reporter?  Why isn’t Sanger himself, like Julian Assange, arrested for trumped-up reasons?  It makes no sense to give to Russia the information in public disclosure as that allows Russia to find and eliminate the malware.  As it makes no sense, it raises the question whether Sanger’s story is correct or merely something handed to him by the NSA which wants to polish its image before it becomes a victim along with Brennan and Comey and Hillary in the attempted Russiagate frameup of President Trump. 

Sanger’s story loses all credibility when he repeats the disproven allegation that “Russia’s Internet Research Agency [is] the group at the heart of the hacking during the 2016 election in the United States. It was one of four operations his so-called Russia Small Group organized around the midterm elections. Officials have talked publicly about those, though they have provided few details.”

Ray McGovern, William Binney and other retired intelligence professionals have proven conclusively that there was no hacking.  The information revealed by Wikileaks was a leak from inside the Democratic National Committee.

How is it possible that David Sanger doesn’t know this?  How can his New York Times editor not know this?

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5 Important stories we’re paying attention to | Light On Conspiracies – Revealing the Agenda

25-03-19 08:30:00,

By Simon Black, Sovereign Man

Last week we started a new feature in Notes from the Field– a Friday roll-up of bizarre, often overlooked stories that my team and I think are worth following with great interest.

Based on the positive feedback we received from last week’s article, we thought we’d continue the trend. So here are a few important stories that we’re paying close attention to:

The City of Chicago Paid $113 million in police misconduct cases last year

Call me crazy, but this strikes me as a LOT of money to pay in settlements over police misconduct, which includes things like excessive force, brutality, etc.

In 2017 the Chicago police paid around $60 million in settlements… so the 2018 total of $113 million was almost DOUBLE that figure, nearly 100% growth in a single year.

What’s more – over the past decade, Chicago has paid out an average of one police misconduct lawsuit every two days.

That’s unbelievable. But perhaps the most unbelievable part is that the bill for these misconduct settlements are paid for by – you guessed it – the taxpayers.

And the first country to create a national DNA database is . . .

Rwanda — the African nation known for the 1994 genocide which killed up to a million members of a minority group — could become the first country to implement a national DNA database.

The proposal would require all 12 million citizens to submit DNA that will be stored by the government. The purpose is to crack down on rampant crime.

But the clear potential for abuse should be obvious… and sets an ominous standard for the rest of the world.

Amazon fever spreads as another business pulls out of NYC

Hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin was already getting publicly roasted over buying the most expensive apartment in NYC history for $238 million.

Just like the Amazon headquarters that had been planned for New York City, you would think residents would be happy to have that kind of capital injected into their economy. His property taxes alone would amount to millions of dollars each year.

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Two Stories From The Propaganda War

26-10-18 06:32:00,

Authored by Philip Giraldi via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Two recent stories about Russians have demonstrated how the news is selected and manipulated in the United States.

The first is about Maria Butina, who apparently sought to overthrow American democracy, such as it is, by obtaining a life membership in the National Rifle Association. Maria, a graduate student at American University, is now in detention in a federal prison, having been charged with collusion and failure to register as an agent of the Russian Federation. She has been in prison since July, for most of the time in solitary confinement, and has not been granted bail because, as a Russian citizen, she is considered to be a “flight risk.”

Maria, who has pleaded not guilty to all charges, is now seeking donations to help pay for her legal defense as the Russian government renews demands that she be released from jail or be tried on whatever charges the Justice Department can come up with, but her release is unlikely as she is really a political prisoner.

The media has been silent about Maria Butina because the case against her is falling apart. In early September prosecutors admitted that they had misunderstood text messages used to support claims that she had offered to trade sex for access to information. Demands that she consequently be released from prison were, however, rejected. Her lawyer observed that “The impact of this inflammatory allegation, which painted Ms. Butina as some type of Kremlin-trained seductress, or spy-novel honeypot character, trading sex for access and power, cannot be overstated.”

In an attempt to make the Butina embarrassment disappear from the news, the Justice Department has proposed an unprecedented gag order to prevent her attorney from appearing in the media in a way that could prejudice a jury should her case eventually come to trial.

Currently there is no court date and Maria remains in jail indefinitely, but the press could care less – she is just one more Russiagate casualty in an ongoing saga that has long since passed her by.

Given the Maria Butina story and the hysteria over all things Russian it was perhaps inevitable that the tale of Kremlin interference in American elections would be resurrected and repeated.

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